Punika Adventure Tome Guide: A Comprehensive Overview

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Lost Ark is one of the biggest MMOs out there even though it has only been operating since 2019. With around 700 hours or more you can sink into the game you can almost never get bored if you truly love the game.

With that being said, Adventurer’s Tomes are probably the most time-consuming thing you can do in the game. Like with many other MMOs, there are lots of continents and maps and regions within those maps to explore. Getting the Adventurer’s Tomes done in each of them can take quite a bit of time. For reference, there are 14 continents to explore in Lost Ark:

  • Rethramis
  • Yudia
  • West Luterra
  • East Luterra
  • Tortoyk
  • Anikka
  • Arthetine
  • North Vern
  • Shushire
  • Rohendel
  • Yorn
  • Feiton
  • Punka
  • South Vern

These regions all have monsters, stories, hidden stories, collectibles, cooking, vistas, and Mokoko seeds to discover. They also each have one or two bosses to fight. Spread over 14 continents with varying numbers, you can tell the point we’re trying to make here already.

Knowing this, it makes sense adventurers are trying to complete them as efficiently as possible. Others have posted guides and detailed their own methods of completing the Punika Adventure Tome painlessly.

We’ve also compiled a comprehensive overview that should help you get the Punika Adventure Tome done as fast as possible. Without further ado, let’s get adventuring!

Punika Adventure Tome Rewards

Lost Ark gameplay

Any experienced Lost Ark player will know that completing the Adventurer’s Tomes is very much worthwhile considering all the rewards you can get.

The following are all the Punika Adventure Tome Rewards you can get for completing the area!

  • 10% – Phoenix Plume x20
  • 20% – Stat Increase Potion
  • 30% – Oreha Viewing Stone
  • 40% – Masterpiece #43
  • 50% – Song of Harmony
  • 60% – Secret Map
  • 70% – Invitation From The Lailai’s Merchant’s Association
  • 80% – Greater Skill Point Potion
  • 90% – Structure: Albion Statue
  • 100% – Ignea Token: Punika

Each reward has a different benefit. The Ignea Token: Punika is purely decorative and cannot be sold, dismantled, or destroyed. However, it’s a great reminder of how hard you worked to finish up that Adventurer’s Tome. It feels pretty darn good, doesn’t it!?


There are 15 Monsters to discover and defeat in Punika:

  • Lava Scorpion
  • Ruthless Tacutuca
  • Lunatic Slaughterer
  • Elite Moguro Swordfighter
  • Sea Barnacle
  • Volcanic Ash Monkey
  • Lunatic Gladiator
  • Deadly Flesh
  • Arrogant Monkey
  • Sleek Harpy
  • Raging Tree Elemental
  • Sand Mantis
  • Forest Watcher
  • Mad Woopir
  • Suspicious Music Box

Below you can find detailed guides on how to defeat each monster!

Lava Scorpion

In Tideshelf Path, head down to the Ashen Volcanic Area, where you will proceed to the southeast half of the area. This is where you’ll find the Lava Scorpion.

You can find multiple Lava Scorpions at this location, so you should come prepared. They aren’t too dangerous, but you should still have adequate gear to fight them. 

If your character is an Artillerist, you can use a simple Flamethrower ability to dispatch the Lava Scorpions within 4 seconds.

Ruthless Tacutuca

Right after you’re done with the Lava Scorpion, you can head to the Forest of Life. This area is also located in Tideshelf Path. From here, head to the southwest part which is a little sectioned off from the others by crossing through a waterfall.

Here, you can find the Ruthless Tacutuca standing in the middle of the area. It’s not too hard to dispose of, but be careful as it can also deal quite a bit of damage to you.

Lunatic Slaughterer

To find the Lunatic Slaughterer, you need to go to Starsand Beach. More specifically, you need to get to the Tedonvard Excavation Site. Just a little bit northeast of the middle of the area, which is also close to the middle of the map, is where you’ll find him.

Be careful when going to defeat the Lunatic Slaughterer. He is surrounded by his tribe and they can quickly deplete your health if you don’t watch out.

Elite Moguro Swordfighter

You can find the Elite Moguro Swordfighter in Starsand Beach as well. He is located in the eastern portion of the map, close to Inath Beach. 

This enemy will spawn in large groups which you can defeat fairly easily. They don’t deal too much damage, but be careful not to get overwhelmed.

Sea Barnacle

Our fifth monster, the Sea Barnacle, rests in the northern part of the Starsand Beach map. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you reach Inath Cliff. 

Here, you will encounter a few Sea Barnacles. They aren’t as hefty in numbers as the Elite Moguro Swordfighters, so you don’t have to worry about dying. They’re not too hard to dispatch, either.

Volcanic Ash Monkey

The Volcanic Ash Monkey differs from the enemies we’ve hunted down so far in our hunt to complete the Punika Adventure Tome. You can only find the Volcanic Ash Monkey in the Naruna Hot Springs dungeon. Luckily, you don’t have to get through too much of the dungeon to find the monkey, kill it, and get out.

In the Starsand Beach map, head west of where you found the Sea Barnacles, over to the area labeled as Tikatika Hot Bath. In the far western corner, you’ll find the Naruna Hot Springs dungeon.

The Volcanic Ash Monkey is the only enemy in the area, so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed. Just keep attacking and you’ll get rid of him eventually.

Lunatic Gladiator and Deadly Flesh

The Lunatic Gladiator and Deadly Flesh reside in Tikatika Colony in the northern part of the map where Promise Hill is. 

We’ve placed them together because you encounter them at the same time. Effectively, you can get rid of 2 monsters on your list for the price of one. That’s a steal if we’ve ever heard of one!

If you don’t find the Deadly Flesh with the Lunatic Gladiator, you can also look for it near the center of the map where Aira Pond is.

Arrogant Monkey

The Arrogant Monkey is also in Tikatika Colony, so you might as well get rid of it while you’re here. Head to the southwest area of the map labeled Monkey Alley. A short distance after you enter this area should be where the Arrogant Monkey roams.

There’s only one Arrogant Monkey in the area. Get rid of it quickly and you can move on to finding the next monster.

Sleek Harpy

After you’re done with Monkey Alley, start heading toward the northern part of the Tikatika Colony map. Once you’ve gone past the Dark Flower Garden, you should be able to find a Sleek Harpy nearby.

Note that there are multiple Sleek Harpies in the area. It’s not an overwhelming amount but you should still be careful because of the damage they deal.

Raging Tree Elemental

After exiting back where you came from killing the Sleek Harpy in Tiktika Colony take a right. Right before the entrance to the Ancient Ruins, there should be a Raging Tree Elemental in the vicinity.

Well, two Raging Tree Elementals, to be exact. There are also a few other enemies around, so you should be on your guard and try not to get defeated by them!

Sand Mantis

Finally, we move on to the Secret Forest. In the very center of the map, you can find the Sand Mantis enemy you need to complete your Punika Adventure Tome.

The Sand Mantis is hard to miss because of its size and color, so don’t worry about not seeing it. However, there are a few other enemies to deal with, too, so make sure to come prepared.

Forest Watcher

Right after defeating the Sand Mantis, head west towards the Beast’s Garden where you’ll find the Forest Watcher.

These blue, flying enemies are also hard to miss because of their color. Well, that and the fact that they group up on you to try and take you down. Of course, you have much more damage than them, so you don’t have to worry about dying at their hands!

Mad Woopir

The Mad Woopir is part of the Oreha’s Well dungeon. You can find this dungeon in the far northern part of the Secret Forest area, next to the Ancient Ruins.

The Mad Woopir himself is somewhat at the beginning of the dungeon. You’ll have to fight through a few groups of mobs to get to him, first. There are two in this area, so don’t worry if you miss one. They surely won’t miss you.

Suspicious Music Box

You’ll find the Suspicious Music Box in the very same Oreha’s Well dungeon. All you have to do is progress the dungeon a little bit further after you kill the Mad Woopirs. 

You’ll find the Suspicious Music Box spinning next to a tree. After defeating it, you should get a small message in the bottom half of the screen that reads:

[Adventurer’s Tome]: You defeated all Monsters in Punika.



punika adventure tome guide

However, that doesn’t mean it’s over for everyone. If you’re missing more parts of the Punika Adventure Tome to complete, just continue with the guide to solve it as quickly as possible!

There are 10 vistas to find in Punka:

  • Someone’s Room
  • Surfing Area
  • Village Panorama
  • Albion Altar
  • Inath Cliff
  • Hot Springs
  • Flower Garden
  • Giant Statue
  • Swamp
  • Ancient Ruins

Below are detailed guides on how to find each vista!

Someone’s Room

The first vista can be found in the Lailai Living Quarters, near the southeast tip of the map. Enter the room to the right of the half-circle and head out onto the balcony. 

Once there, press the corresponding button to take a brief look around the vista. After a few seconds, you’ll get a cutscene showing you the nice view. You can then move on to the next vista.

Surfing Area

For this vista, exit the room and head north to Ivory Beach in Tideshelf Path. Stand in the middle of the beach and you’ll find the vista right before the entrance to the water, near two palm trees.

Once again, press the corresponding button to take a brief look around. Take a look at the beautiful view the game shows you and move on to your next vista.

Village Panorama

To get the Village Panorama vista, you’ll need to head over to Nia V village. Here, you should make your way to the Goods Market located on the south end of the map.

To add another vista entry to your Punika Adventurer Tome, just walk up to the floating spyglass to take a look around. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Nia Village before moving on to hunting down your next vista.

Albion Altar

The Albion Altar vista is also located in Nia Village. After finishing up at the Goods Market, head over to Western Garden, where you’ll stand right in the middle of the area. 

Walk up to the big altar with a few pillars around it until you find the exact vista point. Press the corresponding button and watch as the game shows you the impressive Albion Altar. You can now move on to the next one.

Inath Cliff

Your next vista is located in Starsand Beach, quite possibly the best part of the Punika continent. Once you get there, head slightly north from the center of the map, right underneath Inath Cliff. The vista spot will stand near the left part of a big stone archway. 

Press the corresponding button and admire the Inath Cliff for a few seconds. Once you’ve finished that, you can safely move on to finding the next vista.

Hot Springs

Also located in Starsand Beach, the Hot Springs vista is west of the previous one, near Geyser Basin. Just head down to the area underneath and you’ll find yourself standing where the vista is.

The specific vista spot is located to the right of some structures rising from the ground with a glowing stone resting against them. You’ll know how to find it because of the spyglass. Press the vista button to take a look and admire the hot springs. You may now move on to Tikatika Colony.

Flower Garden

You can find the Flower Garden vista near the Militia Residence, just before entering that area.

The flower garden vista will be on the left side near the cliff. The spyglass is right next to a tall bird totem that is pretty hard to miss. Take a brief look around to see the beautiful flower garden sprawling out in the distance. After this, you can move on to the next vista.

Giant Statue

Moving on to Tikatika Colony, you’ll have to travel all the way to the entrance of the Ancient Ruins to find the Giant Statue vista.

Once you get there, you’ll find the spyglass between two palm trees, though it is closer to the right tree. Upon taking a brief look around, you’ll see the impressive giant statue which is otherwise hard to see. Enjoy the sights and head off to the next one!


Once you’re done with Tikatika Colony, you can head off to the Secret Forest. After passing through the Milita Camp, you’ll have to stop right before you enter the Forlorn Swamps. This is where you’ll find your vista.

The spyglass will be right there for you to interact with, and it’ll show you a pretty decent overview of the swamp you’re about to enter if you go further.

Ancient Ruins

Our vista tour ends in the Secret Forest, although you do have to travel a bit farther than where you’ve already been. Make your way toward the northwest corner of the map and move like you’re about to head to the Altar of the Beast. Once you get to that secluded area, take the first right and you’ll find yourself at the vista.

You’ll recognize it by the weird sort of flowery altar that you have to go up to. The spyglass is a telltale sign you’ve gone in the right direction. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get a great view of the Ancient Ruins. 

You’ve now completed all the vistas for the Punika Adventure Tome guide. Enjoy!



Of course, if you haven’t yet finished your Punika Adventure Tome, feel free to keep reading. Now we’ll tackle the cooking part of finishing the tome.

There are 7 cooking recipes to finish up here:

  • Starsand Cocktail
  • Kaloa Boar BBQ
  • Wild Banana Bread
  • Flower Salad
  • Steamed Papu Crab
  • Meat Bug
  • Punika Festival’s Dish

Let’s get cooking!

Starsand Cocktail

To craft the Starsand Cocktail, you only need two ingredients:

  • Sweet Mojito – 3x
  • Punika Gin – 3x

There are 3 possible locations for each ingredient. For the Sweet Mojito, you need to get to the Mellow Beach on the Tideshelf Path map.

To get the Punika Gin, go to the southwest part of Ivory Beach which is also on the Tideshelf Path map. Alternatively, you can also head a little bit northwest from there to find the third spawn point.

Once you’ve gathered them, head over to the cook Gali where you can craft the recipe. Gali can be found in the Floral Scent Tavern in the Nia Village.

Kaloa Boar BBQ

To make the Kaloa Boar BBQ, you need the following ingredients:

  • Raw Boar Meat – 10x
  • Banana Leaf – 50x

You can purchase the Raw Boar Meat you need from Rayni, the Wandering Merchant of Punika. There are four possible locations Rayni can spawn in and she only appears during specific hours. The hours shown are in server time:

  • Between 2:30 and 2:55 AM and PM
  • Between 5:30 and 5:55 AM and PM
  • Between 6:30 and 6:55 AM and PM
  • Between 8:30 and 8:55 AM and PM
  • Between 9:30 and 9:55 AM and PM
  • Between 12:30 and 12:55 AM and PM

These are the locations she spawns in:

  • Tideshelf Path, westmost middle part of the map
  • Starsand Beach, west of the center of the map
  • Tikatika Colony, on the east side of the map before proceeding to Nia Village
  • Secret Forest, in the area just west of the Forlorn Swamps

The easiest way to find Rayni is to communicate with other players. Usually, someone will send a message to other players in the area to let them know Rayni has appeared.

To obtain 50x Banana Leaf, you just have to kill Monkeys.

Once you’ve gotten both ingredients, head back to Gali in Nia Village to craft the recipe.

Wild Banana Bread

You only need 10 Ripe Bananas as a starting ingredient to craft the Wild Banana Bread recipe. You can obtain it from Anxous Orangutan Captain in Tikatika Colony. 

Once you’ve got the Ripe Bananas, you need to craft Roasted Banana Powder at the cook. When you consume it, you’ll get Ripening Banana Bread Dough. After waiting 12 real-life hours, you’ll have Well-fermented dough.

When you get the Well-fermented dough, go to the cook to craft Wild Banana Bread.

Flower Salad

The following ingredients are needed for the Flower Salad:

  • Savory-looking Flower – 30x
  • Sour-looking Flower – 30x
  • Sweet-looking Flower – 5x

To get the Savory-looking Flower, you’ll need to kill Taka Peaks. For the Sour-looking Flower, you have to kill Taka Blossoms. Finally, for the Sweet-looking Flower, you need to kill Takataka monsters.

They have 7 spawn locations across Tikatika Colony. Three of them are in the central part of the map. Head northwest to find three more. The final spawn point is at the northmost end of the map.

Once you have them, go to the cook and craft the Flower Salad.

Steamed Papu Crab

The Steamed Papu Crab only requires you to obtain 3 Papu Crabs. The unfortunate part of this news is that you need to kill Punika’s field boss, Moake, to acquire them.

To defeat Moake, you need a minimum item level of 1415. You can find Moake in Tikatika Colony. The best way to go about this is to find a large group of players on the hunt for Moake and team up with them.

Unfortunately, the Papu Crab’s spawn rate is very low, so you’ll probably have to defeat Moake several times before getting the Papu Crab. 

Once you’ve got it, head back to Gali and craft the recipe!

Meat Bug

You’ll need to head to the Secret Forest to get a chance at obtaining the Meat Bug. This is an RNG pick-up item that you can get from hanging around the central part of the Secret Forest map. You’ll have to investigate certain areas of the map to find the Meat Bug.

Once you’ve got it, there’s nothing else you need to do. You got the Meat Bug!

Punika Festival’s Dish

The final cooking recipe of the Punika Adventure Tome is the Punika Festival’s Dish. These are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Tunia Herb – 1000x 
  • Wine Bottle Hidden by Someone – 500x
  • Sweet Tropical Fruit – 700x 
  • Thick Lean Meat – 500x

This is the most demanding recipe out of all the ones we’ve crafted so far. Luckily, the locations  for each ingredient are not too hard to find!

You can obtain 1000 Tunia Herbs from Takaka, Taka Blossom, Taka Peak, or Taka Pod enemies. To get the Wine Bottle Hidden by Someone, you can kill a variety of Moguro monsters. Acquire the Sweet Tropical Fruit from Violent Monkey or Angry Orangutan enemies. Finally, for the Thick Lean Meat, kill Swamp Bug or Swamp Alligator enemies.

Head back to Gali and craft the recipe.

Congratulations, you’ve completed all the cooking in the Punika Adventure Tome!

Hidden Stories

punika adventure tome guide

There are 7 hidden stories to find all across Punika to complete the Punika Adventure Tome:

  • Welcome to the Lailai Festival!
  • Lost Item: The Parcel
  • Dairy Washed Ashore
  • Flower of the Festival
  • Fantastic Duo
  • What Awakened in the Forest
  • On the Origins of Punika

These hidden stories require you to find all the parts in order and to find each part within 20 real-life minutes. Overall, it’s not a hard task, but it’s tricky when you don’t know all the locations.

Keep reading to find the locations of the hidden stories!

Welcome to the Lailai Festival!

All parts of this hidden story are located in the Nia Village.

Part 1

To find the first part, go to the Festival Plaza. Once you get to the center of this area, you’ll find something to investigate to the right of the stairs. Press the corresponding button and you’ll find the first part of the hidden story.

Part 2

Once you’ve found the first part, the second one is easy. Just go south from where you just discovered part one. Approach the camera on the tripod and press the investigate button. You’ve found the second part of the hidden story!

Part 3

After finding the second part, head up the stairs onto the plaza past the dancers and take the steps down to end up on the other side. From here, continue straight until you get to the table with five chairs and a parasol. You’ll get the option to investigate. This is the third part of the hidden story.

Part 4

The fourth part is a little tricky to find as it’s not in the same area as the first three. You’ll have to head east of the Festival Plaza to the big part of the map that’s joined by three bridges. Once you’ve made it onto the platform in the middle, go up to the lower right bridge. Right next to the entrance, you’ll find the option to investigate which denotes the fourth part of the hidden story.

Part 5

The final part of the hidden story is located a little bit northwest of the Western Garden, in the small area that extends from it. When you get to the big Guardian standing in the middle of the area, you’ll see the option to investigate. Once you do, you’ll find out the final part of this hidden story.

Lost Item: The Parcel

This hidden story also takes place mostly in the Nia Village. However, you’ll have to briefly visit Starsand Beach to get the fifth part of the story. 

Part 1

To discover the first part of this hidden story, head to Sweet Pharmacy. Once there, you’ll find a small block, a package, on the lower left of the circle area where everyone is gathered. There, you’ll be able to interact and investigate, which gives you the first part of the hidden story.

Part 2

Part two will take you back to the Festival Plaza, which is not too far from where you found the first part. Once again, head to the center of this area to find another package you can interact with. Doing so gives you the second part of the hidden story.

Part 3

The third part of the hidden story is found in the Matriarch’s Office in the northwest part of the map. Enter the office and find another package sitting to the right of Kala. Investigate the package to get the third part of this hidden story.

Part 4

Exit the Matriarch’s Office and go left until you get to Windhaven, the small area of the map that extends out. You’ll find another package sitting to the left of Shana. Once you investigate it, you’ll get the fourth part of the hidden story.

Part 5

The fifth part of the hidden story takes you out of the Nia Village, although not too far from it. You’ll have to get to Starsand Beach and stand right at the entrance to Nia Village. The package you need to find isn’t all that easy to spot, but it definitely stands out from the surroundings. Investigate it to find the fifth part of the hidden story.

Part 6

The final part is the one that takes the least effort. It automatically unlocks after you visit the Dreamland Bookstore. Now you’ve got all the parts to this hidden story!

Dairy Washed Ashore

punika adventure tome guide

Part 1

The first part of this hidden story is located just north of Inath Beach. You’ll find a shipwreck on the beach broken in half. Upon entering the shipwreck, you’ll get the option to investigate. After doing so, you’ll get the first part of this hidden story.

Part 2

The second part takes us back to the Nia Village. Head all the way over to the Floral Scent Tavern, although the location of the part itself is a little bit southeast of the Tavern itself. To the right of the hut, you’ll find a red and green surfboard and a small alcove to the right of the surfboard. Enter it and you’ll get an option to investigate. Do so to find the second part of the hidden story.

Flower of the Festival

Part 1

You’ll find the first part in Tideshelf Path, near the entrance to Nia Village in the top left corner of the map. Once you get there, head up to the logs of wood messily stacked on top of each other, where you’ll see a letter and get the option to investigate. Read the first entry of the story and look for the next part in the Starsand Beach area.

Part 2

When you get to Starsand Beach, you’ll want to head towards Serene Cliff, but stay on the side closer to the Tropical Fruit Orchard. Investigate the letter on the ground to the left of where Melika is standing. This will give you the second part of the story and instruct you to head to Nia Village, next.

Part 3

In Nia Village, get to the area where Sweet Pharmacy is situated, and down the path to Goods Market near the fruit basket and tree stump. Here, you’ll find another letter containing the third and final part of the story.

Fantastic Duo

Part 1

The first part is located in the Tideshelf Path area between the Punika Kleanoi and Lailai Port. To the left of Nicole and her fruit basket, you’ll notice a letter. Investigate it to get the first part of this Hidden Story and see a cute picture of the fantastic duo.

Part 2

In the same area, you’ll want to head toward the southwest portion of the map, close to the Ashen Volcanic Area. In the little ‘hallway’ between the two wider parts of this portion of the map, you’ll find another letter. Investigate it to see another cute but sad picture.

Part 3

Nia Village is where you’ll find the third part of this Hidden Story. Go to the Festival Plaza in the southwest portion of the map where you’ll see a gathering of cute animals. To the right of Bremen the Bear, you’ll notice a letter that gives you the third picture of this story. 

Part 4

To find the last part, go to Starsand Beach. Here, make your way to the portion of the map labeled Inath Beach. Look around the area until you find a lone palm tree with a letter lying close to it. This gives you the final, happy conclusion to this Hidden Story!

What Awakened in the Forest

Part 1

In Tideshelf Path, go to the Lailai Living Quarters. In the stairway leading up to the structure, you’ll see what appears to be an old book that gives you the option to investigate. Upon investigating, the text implies the next part is hidden near a different statue.

Part 2

The statue in question is located in Tideshelf Path as well, though it’s in the Ashen Volcanic Area. Find the dragon statue surrounded by some pillars. The next book and part of the Hidden Story is lying near the pillar directly above the statue. This one directs you to the road near Inath Cliff.

Part 3

Investigate the area at the beginning of the path to Inath Cliff near the first cliff you encounter. Make sure to be thorough, as this book is easy to miss and blends in with the surroundings well. The note instructs you to look near Oreha’s Well for further reading material.

Part 4

To find the last part, get to Oreha’s Well in the Secret Forest area, where you’ll find a waterfall. Just under the branches of the tree to your right, you’ll find the next book. It helps if you wander a bit around the area to get the option to investigate. This will give you the final part of this story.

On the Origins of Punika

Part 1

Go back to Tideshelf Path to discover the first part of this Hidden Story. In the center of the map, you’ll find an old document on the floor. Upon investigating, you’ll get the first part of the story and the instructions to go to the ruins to find the other documents. 

Part 2

This part takes us to the Tikatika Colony, specifically the Ancient Ruins. If you’re coming from the Secret Forest entrance, you’ll only have to walk a little bit until you find the document. You can see them near the bottom of the map. It will look the same as the first documents in Tideshelf Path. Investigate the document to get the second part of the story and a hint to find a geyser.

Part 3

Of course, the geyser from part 2 should remind you of the Naruna Hot Spring in the Starsand Beach area. In this dungeon, you should get to the first boss area where the deck is. The documents, or diary pages in this case, can be found next to two chairs and a bunch of flowers. Reading them gives you the third part of the story and the next hint: locate the Seed of Harmony. 

Part 4

Go to Oreha’s Well and complete the dungeon until you reach the area where you fight Albion, the last boss. Near the top of the platform is where you should find the documents that give you the final part to this Hidden Story.

Another Story

punika adventure tome guide

Very Old Story

To find the Very Old Story, you need to have already done the ‘Serena Cliff’ World Quest. If you haven’t done this already, go back and finish it up, otherwise, this story won’t spawn. However, if you’ve already met the prerequisites, keep reading.

Head to Starsand Beach and find the Grim Lady between the Tedonvard Excavation Site and the Tropical Fruit Orchard. You’ll want to accept the Star Horsetail quest from her. Follow the quest until you get to Inath Cliff, where you’ll accept the Flowers for You quest. 

After completing it, head to Tikatika Hot Bath where you’ll accept the Inath Cliff quest. Follow this quest until you finally end up back at Inath Cliff, in the same place where you accepted the Flowers for You quest. You’ll get the Very Old Story quest, which you must complete for the game to consider this story finished.

Chaos is Lifting

To complete this Another Story, you need to have completed Una’s Task: Pond of Purification seven times and the follow-up Una’s Task: Madness Piles at the Alter fourteen times. You also need to have completed the ‘Festival Adventure’ World Quest. 

After completing these prerequisites, you’ll find the Chaos is Lifting quest with Militia Mahana in the Small Garden of Tikatika Colony.

Mokoko Seed

There are 11 Mokoko Seeds to find in Punika, all of which are in the Secret Forest area. Use the list we provided below to collect them all.

  • #1: Milita Camp | You can find this one in the town. Bring some Punika Gin to be able to access the house with the flamingo outside of it.
  • #2: Forlorn Swamps | Find the tree with a large root. The Mokoko Seed will be just in front of the large tree root.
  • #3: Forlorn Swamps | The eastmost part of the area’s map. It’s tucked away in a bush, guarded by some mobs you’ll have to defeat.
  • #4: Between Forlorn Swamps and Beast’s Garden | It’s in the dead center of the area’s map, hidden among some yellow flowers.
  • #5: Beast’s Garden | In the westmost part of Beast’s Garden, find the water. The seed will be on the edge of the water.
  • #6: Between Beast’s Garden and Ancient Ruins | The westmost part of the entire map. Get on the platform and find the seed on the pointy part of the platform.
  • #7: Between Ancient Ruins and Altar of the Beast | Find the monkey statues in this area and play the Song of Harmony to get rid of them. The seeds will appear.
  • #8 and #9: Between Ancient Ruins and Altar of the Beast | A little ways ahead of #7, you’ll find seeds 8 and 9. You need 350 Charisma to access them.
  • #10: Altar of the Beast | Find two snakelike statues at the end of the path. The seed will be between the statues.
  • #11: Oreha’s Well | The seed is located right outside the entrance.


There are 7 collectibles to find to be able to complete the Punika Adventure Tome. There are three ways to find them:

  • Random boss/monster drop,
  • Possible quest reward,
  • Auction House purchase

You need the following collectibles to complete the Punika Adventure Tome:

  • Moguro Mask
  • Punika Specialty Catalog
  • Starlight Conch Shell Journal
  • Wishlight
  • Hal Ruins Research Journal
  • Nia Tribe Dreamcatcher
  • Song Inscribed Stone

Your acquisition method will depend on your luck, RNG, and patience. It may also depend on your wealth, as you can simply buy them at the Auction House. Good luck!


The Field Boss for Punika is Moake, a big chameleon. He spawns according to the Procyon’s Compass which you can find at the bottom of your mini-map. 

To beat Moake, you need an item level of 1415 and a large group of players. However, the latter shouldn’t prove much of an issue, as there is an abundance of players also looking to finish their Punika Adventure Tome. 

Still, be careful as Moake has a lot of crowd-control abilities and damage to fight back with.

Good luck finishing up your Punika Adventure Tome!

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