Realm Royale: Mounts

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Realm Royale Mounts is a game where your movement speed is important. The faster you move, the more items you can potentially find in the beginning. 

This guide will tell you all about Realm Royale mounts. How to get a horse? How to summon it? How to ride and what are the restrictions? 

You will get answers to all these questions. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Getting a Mount

Some players think that it’s necessary to buy a horse before you can summon it. But that’s a mistake. Every player has a mount right from the beginning. The purchase is not required. You don’t need to do something special to get it.

Summoning a Horse Realm Royale Mounts

When you are in the game, press and hold  “Z” for several seconds. Your character will summon a mount, and you will be able to ride. Here are some very important things you need to keep in mind while riding:

  • It’s impossible to use mounts inside buildings. You can’t summon it while you are inside. If you ride into the building your horse will disappear.
  • As you know there is no fall damage in the game. But when you fall from a high spot the horse will disappear and you will have to continue running on foot.
  • The fog doesn’t affect your mount. When you are in the fog you can ride. Nothing will happen to your horse.  
  • When you are riding and an enemy player damages you, you will be dismounted automatically.
  • Pressing a fire button will instantly put you on foot. It’s the fastest way to dismount.
Realm Royale: Mounts


As I said earlier, you don’t need to buy a mount, because every player has it right from the start. But you can purchase a new skin for it. Right now, there are no separate skins in the cash shop but you can buy an Alpha Pack which includes Kaleidoscope Mount.

Be aware of the fact that all the items in the cash shop are cosmetic. Kaleidoscope Mount doesn’t move faster and it doesn’t have extra abilities or powers. It’s just a new cosmetic skin. Don’t purchase it if you expect some sort of speed boost.

Will new mounts be available? Developers will definitely add new skins and probably new types of mounts. Not so long ago, one of the game fans found extra skins in the game files using data mining. 

It will be great if they also add vehicles in the game.

The entire list of all available and known mounts is in the table below:

Basic HorseEvery player gets it by default. 
KaleidoscopeComes in Alpha Pack.
Cobalt ChargerA reward in a Primal Awakening Battle Pass. You receive it at 33rd level.
RaptorA reward in a Primal Awakening Battle Pass. You receive it at the 53rd level.
Apex RaptorA reward in a Primal Awakening Battle Pass. You receive it at the  65th level.

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