Reap What You Solo – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Challenges and Minikits

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Reap What You Solo is the second story mission in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Here we have prepared a complete guide on how to complete Reap What You Solo and all its challenges. Learn everything from how to complete the three Reap What You Solo challenges, collect all five Minikits, and even achieve the True Jedi Rank by reaching 100% completion of the level.

To reach this rank you must complete many different tasks during the level some of which may not be so obvious. Here we have prepared a list of everything you must complete to 100% of the Reap What You Solo mission. These are all of the tasks listed off in order of difficulty: 

  • Level Challenges:

#1: Rathtar Ruse – Defeat the second blocking Rathtar instead of bypassing it

#2: Turret Takeover – Take over the turret from below

#3: The High Ground – Find a route to the vantage point

  • Collect all 5 Minikits
  • Earn True Jedi Rank by collecting 60000 studs

Each of these can be completed during your first playthrough of the game, as long as you pay attention to what you are doing.

Reap What You Solo Story Walkthrough

Reap What You Solo challenges

Here are all the tasks you need to achieve 100% on the Reap What You Solo story mission in order. Just remember that it is best to do them as you come across them to make the process much easier to track.

Opening Sequence

Finn, Rey, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and BB-8 are all on the ship but separated into two different parts. This mission is very unique as you switch through the two parties periodically. The first party consists of Finn and Rey while the other has Han Solo, BB-8, and Chewbacca. This mechanic makes the mission very fun, especially in some later segments.

Challenge #1: Rathtar Ruse

You start the mission as Rey and Finn and you have to open the door in front of you. After the door is open your perspective changes to Han Solo, Chewbacca, and BB-8. With them run away from the Rathtar until it gets stuck in a doorway. Once this happens to your right you will have a scoundrel prompt which will be sent a box to Rey and Finn. Once the box is delivered switch back to Rey and Finn and push the movable box to the plug in front of the conveyor belt. To the left is another box you must connect to the conveyor belt. Once all is ready push the button to activate the conveyor belt, which sends the box back up to Han’s party.

By switching back to Han’s party you can push the button on the box to blow up the Rathtar. This will end the lockdown and unlock doors for everyone on the ship. Now you can as Rey and Finn push the button on the elevator to go up to the next floor. After a few turns a Rathatar will burst from the floor blocking the way. While you can get around it you need to defeat it to earn the challenge Rathtar Ruse. To do this Rey uses her Breaker Blaster Scavenger Tool to pierce the cracked ceiling above the creature. This will cause the rubble to fall which will defeat the monster and complete the challenge.

Challenge #2: Turret Takeover

Moving forward past the creature you will fall into a hole to the lower levels. You can simply follow the hallways for a little while to an open room with more enemies. Defeat everything and locate a box that can be pulled with a grapple point. Use this box to reveal buildable pieces that can be used to create a chair on the turret. To complete this challenge simply take control of the turret and start defeating every enemy in the room above.

Challenge #3: The High Ground

This challenge requires you to find a route to the vantage point. You will need to switch to Han’s party and move through the newly unlocked door. As soon as you get into the next room you will see an Astromech Droid console in the hallway. Interact with it to open a side path where you can follow the ramps to reach a balcony. This balcony is the vantage point and is the spot where you complete the challenge once you reach it.

Minikit 1

In the room adjacent to the balcony defeat any enemies left then use Han Solo and Chewbacca to shoot the purple prompt. Which will cause some boxes to move and unlock the path for Rey and Finn. Once you switch back to Rey and Finn head through the unlocked door and plug the power cell into the corresponding slot. Now press the button to open the Astormech Droid console for Han’s party. Upstairs use BB-8 on the Astromech Droid console to pen up the way forward for both parties.

Continuing with this party go to the next room and open up containment boxes that are along the walls. The box that sits on the bottom right will reveal a moving vehicle you will need. Keep opening until you reach the top left box where the first Minikit is located. To reach the Minikit you must push the moving vehicle onto the yellow and black area which will allow you to jump up to it.

True Jedi Rank

If you have been actively collecting studs you should have about 60000 by this point. If not there are still a few segments of the mission in which you can collect the remaining studs to achieve a True Jedi Rank at Reap What You Solo.

Minikit 2

To progress forward after collecting the first minikit turn the lever until the top right box is open. Then just like with the Minikit position the vehicle so you can jump up and head through the box. Now drop down into the next room where you will find boxes to destroy for studs. Keep progressing and exit through the room on the right until you reach the Millennium Falcon. Defeat the enemies and explore the area. Once complete switch to Rey and Finn with whom you will collect the second Minikit. It will be located in a small box with a little opening perfect for BB-8. Simply switch to the droid and push him down the bo to grab the second Minikit.

Now you are very close to the end of the mission and have collected everything before free play. To complete the mission swap back to Rey and Finn and leave the turret room. Utilize Rey’s Net Launcher to create a climbable surface for both of you to abandon the area. As you enter the next area Finn will be captured by a Rathtar so you will have to save him. To do this you must chase the creature through a few hallways until you reach a box near a plug. Here you must break the box to reveal a power cell that must be plugged into the outlet. This will free Finn and yo can continue down the hallways to reach Han’s party.

With everyone in one place, you can make your escape as soon as you open the hangar doors. By using BB-8 on the Astromech Droid console you can cause the crane to start moving. From here grapple up and jump across the boxes to reach and activate the button. Do the same with the second and activate it. As soon as this is complete the mission will be complete.

Reap What You Solo Free Play Walkthrough

Reap What You Solo challenges

For this free play segment, you will have three missing of the five Minikits to collect. To do this and reach 100% on the Boarding Party mission you will need a few character types. The character types required are Stormtropper, Bounty Hunter, and Scoundrel.

Minikit 3

The third Minikit is located down Rey and Finn’s path around the second Rathtar. Just pass the creature and before dropping down take note of the silver door in front of you. If yo use a stormtrooper here you can blast the door with a grenade. Once done jump over the gap and grab the third Minikit from inside.

Minikit 4

Continuing down this party’s path you enter the lower turret room where you must deal with the creatures. You must find the box with colored buttons on it. By pushing each of these they will change color and this requires you to enter a code. The code for this puzzle is green, purple, and finally yellow. Once this code is entered the box will open and reveal a second golden box. To open it swap to a Bounty Hunter and blast it open to grab the fourth Minikit.

Minikit 5

Finally, the last Minikit of Reap What You Solo is down Han’s path when you enter the upper turret room. Upon dealing with the enemies use a Scoundrel character to shift the boxes. Once moved switch to a stormtrooper to blow up the final box. From inside you can grab the last Minikit. With this, you have completed Reap What You Solo with the True Jedi Rank.

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