Reboot Meso Farming Tips – Experience Maplestory

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Mesos are an important part of MapleStory that helps you advance your character through the game. You need them to star force enhance all of your equipment as well as purchase cubes. Both of these two things are useful for increasing your damage. They become even more important when playing in the Reboot World.

If you aren’t familiar yet, the Reboot World has some gameplay adjustments that encourage self-sufficiency. Basically, in these worlds, characters cannot trade amongst themselves. This means you’ll have to earn all your Mesos on your own. By doing this, this world shuns pay-to-win playstyles. 

Additionally, mesos replace the function of NX, Nexon’s virtual currency. Traditionally, players will use NX to buy upgrades such as Red and Black cubes that increase your damage.

So, you may be stuck in a Reboot World in MapleStory and wondering how to get some Mesos. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to help you breeze through the entire process much faster. Continue reading to find out more!

General Reboot Meso Farming Tips

These Meso farming tips may apply to other worlds as well, but we did collect them with the Reboot World in mind. Take note of that as you keep reading the article!

It’s important to know that you’re at an advantage just by playing on Reboot. While monsters have more HP, they also drop more Mesos when you kill them. You’ll also get more EXP from killing them, but that’s not really the important part here.

Because you can’t simply trade your way to having more Mesos, pretty much the only way to get them is to farm them. As with any other type of farming in video games, though, there are more efficient ways to get them than simply going around and killing monsters.

Reboot Meso Farming

Stat Buffs

Pay attention to the following four factors:

  • Equipment
  • Legion Grid
  • Inner Ability
  • Buffs

If you manage to get all the potential lines between all your pieces of equipment, you’ll get a +100% bonus increase in Mesos obtained. The Legion Grid will give you a +5% bonus in Mesos obtained, and your Inner Ability will give you +20% Mesos obtained. Finally, certain passive buffs and boosts can give you up to +125% bonus in Mesos obtained. All these factors combined together give you a +250% bonus in Mesos obtained.

Be careful, though, as there is a maximum cap on the Mesos obtained bonus. Remember that you can’t exceed +300% Mesos obtained no matter what. Make sure to plan your Meso farming method accordingly!


Pets are a big help when it comes to farming Mesos. However, on Reboot it’s basically impossible to farm the optimal amount of Mesos without a pet. Luckily, every player on the Reboot Server gets a pet Snail, so you don’t have to worry about getting one. All you have to do is open the Mysterious Cryptic Gift Box in your inventory. 

If you don’t like the Snail and would prefer to get a Vac pet, you can purchase NX with the Mesos you’ve farmed so far. They cost 99,000 NX per pet, so you’ll be farming for a while if you want one. The cool thing about Vac pets is the fact that they last 90 days and they pull in all the drops around them like a vacuum which helps your looting efficiency.

The road to these first 99,000 NX is tough and you may not have the proper materials for efficiency. If you want to speed it up, you can team up with a stronger player or get a pet from Hard Hilla to hold you over.


If you’re wondering which class to pick up in order to farm Mesos most efficiently, wonder no longer. The class you currently have is just perfect as you want to get into it as fast and as strong as possible.

You may wonder why we’re not mentioning the Kanna class, the one many players lauded for its efficiency in farming. Well, simply put, it’s not as good any more thanks to the developers removing the Kishin skill. If you really want to know which class is the best to pick up for farming, you should look into getting a Shadower as they have projectiles that automatically attack enemies on the map.

Other than that, the only important thing is that your character is at a high level. You’ll need a lot of damage to be able to one-shot mobs and go through your rotation of mobs quickly.


Once you’ve gotten the rest down, you need to practice. Make sure to analyze your current strategy using the battle analysis tool. Use it to swap out maps, equipment, buffs, and more. When you figure out what works best for you according to your playstyle, take it and run!

How to Increase Mesos Obtained

Increasing the Mesos obtained stat is important if you’re serious about Reboot Meso farming. If the stat is higher, you get more Mesos, and if it’s lower you get fewer Mesos.

We’ve already explained the several factors that go into increasing your Mesos obtained stat, but we’ll reiterate them here:

  • Equipment – max 100%
  • Legion Grid – max 5%
  • Inner Ability – max 20%
  • Buffs – max 125%


If you’re looking to increase this stat through equipment, focus on:

  • Pendants – Dominator Pendant
  • Face Accessories – Sweetwater Tattoo
  • Eye Accessories – Sweetwater Glasses
  • Earrings – Superior Gollux Earring
  • Rings – Gollux Ring

Make sure to get these items even if it means you’ll spend all your money. You’ll be using them for a long time in the game.

As for all your other equipment, you should ideally be shooting for legendary items level 151 and above. These levels, along with giving you the highest amount of Mesos obtained, also sport better general stats. If you can’t get this level, then try getting at least level 71 and above as that is the minimum level requirement to get the +20% Mesos obtained boost.

Reboot Meso Farming

If you already have the +100% bonus from equipment, don’t bother improving the rest of your gear. Focus on the other aspects that increase your Mesos obtained.

Legion Grid

The Legion System can be a big help when it comes to boosting your Mesos obtained stat. The Legion System is a feature in MapleStory that allows you to put your characters in a Legion. These characters will then boost the stats and buff all characters on the same server. If you have stronger characters, the stat boosts are stronger. If you’re still not sure how the Legion System works, checking out a guide is a good idea.

To get the +5% increase, all you have to do is place a Phantom piece on the Legion Grid. Depending on the Phantom’s rank, which ranges from B to SSS, you can get anywhere from +1% to +5% Mesos obtained.

Inner Ability

The amount of bonus Mesos obtained you get depends on the rarity of your Inner ability. Here is the chart:

  • Rare – 5%
  • Epic – 10%
  • Unique – 15%
  • Legendary – 20%

You can keep rerolling your Inner ability until you get a satisfactory rarity. However, if you want to rank your Inner ability up to Legendary, the process is a bit more complicated.

All you need to do is Honor up your Inner ability to Unique with your Honor EXP. You can get Honor EXP by collecting Medals of Honor, which you get by killing bosses, completing quests, and leveling up. From there, the safest way to get to Legendary is to buy and use the Miracle Circulator.

How much time you decide to spend on improving your Inner ability is up to you. In the long run, it may just be simpler to reroll until you get an Epic Inner ability as it saves you a lot of time and Mesos. Worse comes to worst, you can just get a Unique or Legendary Inner ability later on down the line when you’re done Reboot Meso farming and have more Mesos to spend.


Here are the buffs you should be looking for to increase your Mesos obtained:

  • Legion Wealth Buffs – +50% increase | Buy them with Legion Coins from the Legion Shop
  • Wealth Acquisition Points – +20% increase | Craft them using Alchemy
  • Event Buffs – up to +100% increase | Check the current event to see if it offers an Event Buff as they are not necessarily a part of the event

Which Map to Use for Reboot Meso Farming

If your character is over level 200, head over to the Arcane River. Your Mesos obtained stat needs to be as high as possible and you need to have a pet as well as other items that boost your Mesos per hour rate.

Any map from Arcane River is a good map for boosting your Mesos, but you should aim for Last Horizon 6 or Labyrinth of Suffering Core 6.

If these maps are getting too repetitive for your farming journey, you can always switch it up. Just head to the following maps:

  • Arcana: Deep in the Cavern – Lower Path 1
  • Arcana: Deep in the Cavern – Upper Path 1
  • Limina: End of the World 1-5
  • Limina: End of the World 2-5

Overall, these maps will maximize your Mesos obtained, especially if you’re level 230 or above. Make sure to level your character before going to these areas as you won’t be able to kill any enemies otherwise.

Farm Bosses to Obtain Meso

When it comes to farming bosses to obtain Mesos, there are lots of different bosses you can kill. Some of them respawn daily while others will respawn weekly. It goes without saying that killing these bosses will give you more Mesos than defeating regular enemies. If you want to cut down your Meso farming time, make sure to farm bosses!

You can also get Intense Power Crystals, equipment, potions, and other items that you can sell for more Mesos. Well, that’s only if you don’t really care about the items you got from the drop. If you find something worth your while, consider keeping it and selling the item it will replace. 

Reboot Meso Farming

Keep in mind that when it comes to Power Crystals, you can only sell them to the Collector in the Free Market. You can also only sell up to 60 Intense Power Crystals per week. The price of these crystals depends on the boss you’re defeating.

Bosses to Farm

Below is a list of all bosses, how often they respawn, and their Intense Power Crystal price. The list is in alphabetical order.

  • Akechi Mitsuhide | Weekly | 86,400,000 Mesos
  • Arkarium | Daily | 7,560,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Crimson Queen | Weekly | 48,600,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Gloom | Weekly | 277,350,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Horntail | Daily | 4,056,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Papulatus | Weekly | 79,350,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Pierre | Weekly | 48,600,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Pink Bean | Weekly | 38,400,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Vellum | Weekly | 63,037,500 Mesos
  • Chaos Von Bon | Weekly | 48,600,000 Mesos
  • Chaos Zakum | Weekly | 48,600,000 Mesos
  • Crimson Queen | Daily | 2,904,000 Mesos
  • Cygnus | Weekly | 43,350,000 Mesos
  • Damien | Weekly | 101,400,000 Mesos
  • Easy Arkarium | Daily | 3,456,000 Mesos
  • Easy Cygnus | Weekly | 27,337,500 Mesos
  • Easy Horntail | Daily | 2,646,000 Mesos
  • Easy Lucid | Weekly | 105,337,500 Mesos
  • Easy Magnus | Daily | 2,166,000 Mesos
  • Easy Papulatus | Daily | 2,053,500 Mesos
  • Easy Von Leon | Daily | 3,174,000 Mesos
  • Easy Zakum | Daily | 600,000 Mesos
  • Gloom | Weekly | 148,837,500 Mesos
  • Guard Captain Darknell | Weekly | 158,837,500 Mesos
  • Hard Black Mage | Monthly | 1,500,000,000 Mesos
  • Hard Damien | Weekly | 210,937,500 Mesos
  • Hard Guard Captain Darknell | Weekly | 294,000,000 Mesos
  • Hard Hilla | Weekly | 331,350,000 Mesos
  • Hard Lotus | Weekly | 222,337,500 Mesos
  • Hard Lucid | Weekly | 240,000,000 Mesos
  • Hard Magnus | Weekly | 57,037,500 Mesos
  • Hard Ranmaru | Daily | 7,993,500 Mesos
  • Hard Von Leon | Daily | 7,350,000 Mesos
  • Hard Will | Weekly | 264,600,000 Mesos
  • Hilla | Daily | 2,400,000 Mesos
  • Horntail | Daily | 3,037,500 Mesos
  • Lotus | Weekly | 97,537,500 Mesos
  • Lucid | Weekly | 121,837,500 Mesos
  • Magnus | Daily | 7,776,000 Mesos
  • OMNI-CLN | Daily | 3,750,000 Mesos
  • Papulatus | Daily | 7,993,500 Mesos
  • Pierre | Daily | 2,904,000 Mesos
  • Pink Bean | Daily | 4,213,500 Mesos
  • Princess No | Weekly | 48,600,000 Mesos
  • Ranmaru | Daily | 2,521,500 Mesos
  • Vellum | Daily | 2,904,000 Mesos
  • Von Bon | Daily | 2,904,000 Mesos
  • Von Leon | Daily | 4,374,000 Mesos
  • Will | Weekly | 139,537,500 Mesos
  • Zakum | Daily | 1,837,500 Mesos

It goes without saying that the best way to gain lots of Mesos is to sell their Intense Power Crystals to the Collector. Although this method caps you to 60 crystals per week, it’s a worthwhile investment when you look at the prices.

While soloing is the best way to defeat bosses, not every player can do that. For that reason, it helps to farm bosses with a group of friends or other random players who are there to farm as well.

You can also head to the Dimensional Mirror to challenge Ursus, the raid boss. This queues you up for a battle against him in a party of 18 players, including you.

The goal is to deal as much damage as you can to Ursus. This is because the amount of Mesos you earn is directly proportional to the amount of damage you deal to him. You’re best off doing this challenge with a high-level character who you know deals a lot of damage in a small amount of time. 


Reboot Meso farming is not an easy task. Reboot Worlds lack the trading system and make it harder for players to progress through the game. However, these servers also have an advantage over the regular servers as they eliminate the pay-to-win aspect of MapleStory.

The best Reboot Meso farming strategy is maximizing your Mesos obtained stat and damage output. With this, you can one-shot most enemies and don’t have to spend too much time killing off each enemy. It’s also important to take a Vac pet with you as they will make farming Mesos a much easier task.

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun while playing the Reboot World in MapleStory!

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