RimWorld – How to Get and Make Components

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RimWorld is an incredibly unique title that many colony management fans enjoy playing. The Indie game was developed by Laden Studios and is one of their best projects to date. With the many systems set in the game, a tutorial is almost needed to learn quickly. Because of this many players come to a point where they wonder how to make components in RimWorld. Every first playthrough reminds players of their first Minecraft playthrough and the recipes attached to it.

This resource is very important for the progression of a playthrough and the survival of your colony. Especially, once the game’s pace picks up and you face challenges such as war, diseases, and even alien attacks. The best way to approach these circumstances is through advanced technology and devices. Although, nearly all high-tech items require components in their crafting recipes. This makes components a highly sought-after material that players will need a lot of. Some items that can be made with components include weapons, tools, and most importantly machines. All of these will keep your colonists safe and healthy as you progress through your game.

How to get RimWorld Components – Tips and Tricks

how to make components RimWorld

Many players will know how to get a few components in RimWorld but not how to farm them efficiently. The easiest method and the first you should try in a playthrough should be mining. To find where to mine, look at your map and locate a Compacted Machinery node. These are easily located unless you are located in an extreme biome like the ice sheet or flat desert. Compacted Machinery nodes are easy to spot since they are usually from 3 to 6 tiles in size and boast a dark yellow color. 

Any colonist can mine these nodes quickly and bring home the components. If you find yourself not being able to locate a Compacted Machinery node out in the wild there is one tip you should know. This tip is to set colonists to hollow out larger hills and mountains in search of the nodes. If you opt for this option just make sure to often swap out your miners if you have the ability to do so. Otherwise, just allow the miner to take a break in order to prevent their mood from decaying.

Tips on How to Get More Components

While mining can provide you an ample amount of components there are other ways to get them in the game. Once you finish up the early game you may have already cleaned out all of the Compacted Machinery nodes. This means you will have to move on to one of the other methods of acquiring components. We recommend that you start out with deconstructing Ship Chunks. This makes great use of the large nodes that fall onto the map as a random event. Each chunk will yield not only 5-6 components but also grant you about 20 steel once deconstructed.

Furthermore, you should look out for components when encountering passing traders. While a very expensive way to acquire components it can be a lifesaver if you have no other option. But in our opinion, your funds should be better used to purchase rare items and some of the best weapons. It is important to note that once you gain access to the Comms Console you will also have the option to buy components from trade ships in orbit at all times.

Craft Your Own Components

how to make components RimWorld

The last and best option answer for how to make components in RimWorld is none other than crafting. Players can do this once they have set up a Fabrication Bench. From here you will only need a colonist with the crafting skill at level 8 or above. To get to here you will need to complete a good chunk of the tech tree but it is well worth it. Furthermore, the recipe is not too expensive and makes this the best components farm in RimWorld. As such the requirements for the crafting recipe are:

  • 12 Steel
  • Colonist with Crafting at 8 or above

Obtaining Advanced Components for High-End Equipment

From all your acquired components you can craft the late-game crafting material used for the best items in the game. These are also necessary to build the ship and escape the planet, the ultimate goal of the game. Furthermore, advanced components are used to get the best rifles and armor. Advanced components can be crafted at the Fabrication bench once the player has researched them. To craft them players will need to follow the following recipe:

  • 1 Component
  • 20 Steel
  • 10 Plasteel
  • 3 Gold
  • Colonist with Crafting at 8 or above

To craft each advanced component the player will have to wait about 3 minutes. As they are an incredibly useful and necessary item you should try to get them as quickly as possible. If you are lucky you may get some early by destroying crashed ship parts or purchasing them from traders. It is important to note that you can only buy them from orbital traders, outlanders, and the Empire. The last way to get Advanced components is from Ancient shrines, these however are very dangerous especially if you are not well equipped. With that, we conclude our guide on how to make components in RimWorld and wish you luck with your colony.

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