Skye Animal Crossing: New Horizons | A Complete Guide

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out just over three years ago, but its relevance still keeps up today. There are endless possibilities as to how your island can look and which combination of villagers you can have that give the game its replayability. However, Skye Animal Crossing New Horizons is one villager we just don’t talk about enough.

Whether it’s the blue aesthetic she possesses or her personality, it seems like a lot of players want Skye. She may not be one of the most popular ACNH villagers, but Skye is still a great addition to any player’s village.

This guide will help you figure out whether Skye is a good match for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, provide a quick description and tell you how to get her. Let’s get into it, airmail!

Skye Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Quick Introduction


Skye is a wolf villager and one of two blue wolf-type villagers appearing in the game other than Wolfgang. Of course, she’s the lighter variant between the two. She also has white highlights over her forehead, nose, arms, legs, and tail with light pink outlines around them.


Skye is a normal villager, meaning she has a normal type personality. Normal villagers are also known as sweet villagers, and only female villagers can have this personality type. As a normal villager, Skye is very sweet, friendly, and caring toward the player. However, she will also ask you for a lot of favors, so be ready to help her out if you’re looking to get Skye on your island!

Skye Animal Crossing New Horizons
Source: Leiel

Her catchphrase in New Horizons is “airmail”, possibly because her name has a lot to do with the sky and clouds, also resembling her appearance. However, in Japanese, her catchphrase is “fuwafuwa”. This is because Skye’s name in the Japanese and Korean versions of the game is Lily. “Fuwafuwa” may sound like “flower”, which makes sense with her name.

In New Horizons, Skye’s hobby is Music. This means you’ll often find her singing or dancing around. Paired with her normal personality, Skye is also likely to have interests in reading and cooking, too.

In terms of her relationships with other villagers, Skye will get along with mostly everyone. It’s rare to see her angry and she will always be polite to the other villagers. This is a big advantage when it comes to normal villagers, especially if you have cranky and snooty neighbors. However, it’s not impossible to make Skye angry. She will get along best with the peppy villagers on your island.

How to Get Skye In Animal Crossing

There are four ways to invite Skye to live on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Keep in mind that just because you invite her doesn’t mean she’ll accept, and you should give her gifts to increase the chances of getting her to accept!

It’s also important to note that you should always have an empty plot on your island before going villager hunting. This way, you’ll make sure they can move to your island with no issues.

Mystery Island Tours

Purchasing Nook Miles Tickets lets you take Mystery Island Tours. These are islands you can only visit once and you can’t come back to them once you’re done. Other than finding villagers, you can also get a lot of great materials from these islands. Make the most out of your Mystery Island Tours for a better overall gameplay experience!

You can buy Nook Miles Tickets for 2,000 Miles at the Nook Stop. After that, all you have to do is talk to Orville and be on your way. However, it can take quite a few trips around Mystery Islands to find the villager you need, and Skye is no different. The game uses RNG to determine the species and personality of the villager you’ll encounter.

With this method, all you need is a bunch of Nook Miles Tickets and even more patience!


Once you’ve opened up your Campsite by starting The K Project which eventually brings KK Slider to your village. In an effort to attract more visitors and increase the population of your island, you need to build a Campsite.

Skye Animal Crossing New Horizons
Source: Leiel

Once you have the Campsite and you’ve already accepted the mandatory smug villager that puts up camp, your chances to get another villager increase by the day. More specifically, the chances look like this:

  • Day 1 after the last visitor: 0%
  • Day 2: 0%
  • Day 3: 5%
  • Day 4: 10%
  • Day 5: 15%
  • Day 6+: 20%

All you have to do is wait for Skye to pop up at your Campsite and you can invite her to move there permanently!

Another Player

In Animal Crossing communities on Reddit, you’ll often find players posting about their villagers “in boxes”. This means they want to move out of that player’s island and it’s a perfect chance to invite them to yours.

Skye is no different. Just make sure to be careful when inviting other players to your ACNH village or going to theirs. You should also be clear about what you want from them as well as what they want from you.

This is where the unity and wholesomeness of the Animal Crossing community really shine. Players will often give their villagers for free since they’re moving out anyway.

Amiibo Cards

It’s also possible to invite Skye to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island by scanning her Amiibo card on the NFC touchpoint on your Nintendo Switch.

With this, you can invite Skye to your campsite where you can ask her to move to your island. Other than that, you can also use this to take pictures with Skye at Photopia, unlock a special poster, invite her for a cup of coffee at the Roost, or design her vacation home in Happy Home Paradise.

You can also use the Amiibo cards in other Animal Crossing games, although their function is different.

What To Gift To Skye

If you want to increase your chances of Skye moving to your ACNH island, you can give her gifts when encountering her. Make sure to wrap them in wrapping paper for even more friendship points!

The easiest gift to go with is clothing. All you have to do is match it to their favorite color(s) or style. If it’s not already obvious, Skye’s favorite colors are blue and white, and her favorite style is cute. Here are a few examples of clothing that fits the bill:

  • Alpinist dress
  • Embroidered tank
  • Dollhouse dress
  • Fairy-tale dress
  • Sailor-collar dress
  • Snowy knit cap
  • Snowflake sweater
  • Terry-cloth nightgown
  • Zen hair clip

And that’s how you get Skye in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Now you may want to give her a friend, and Drago is the perfect option!

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