Is Stardew Valley Mayonnaise worth it? + Duck, Dino & Void Mayo

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Among the many things you can do in Stardew Valley, such as farming and fishing, there is one that stands out the most. Of course, we mean taking care of cute and cuddly animals, petting them, feeding them, and collecting their produce as you reap the benefits of doing the tasks. However, one animal product stands out, and that’s the Stardew Valley mayonnaise.

Naturally there are other, potentially more profitable, animal products. Of course, none of these products could match up to the potential moneymaking profits of wine. However, you’d be impressed to learn about the uses of this artisan good in the game, although it depends on the type of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise.

It’s very surprising to say that mayonnaise can stand out in a video game, but you’ll see what we mean shortly. Today we’ll be providing you with a complete mayonnaise guide, as well as whether farming it or not is worth it. Let’s begin with the simplest form: plain old mayonnaise!

What is Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, mayonnaise is an artisan good. To make Mayonnaise, you need a Mayonnaise Machine.

Crafting the Mayonnaise Machine is quite simple. You only need to reach Farming Level 2 to get the recipe. Once you’ve crossed that off the list, you need 15 Wood, 15 Stone, 1 Earth Crystal, and 1 Copper Bar to make a Mayonnaise Machine. Note that you can make any kind of Mayonnaise with this device.

Second, you’ll need chickens to lay the eggs. You can either purchase the chickens from Marnie at her ranch or hatch them from an egg. However, obtaining the egg first will be difficult, unless you somehow manage to make it to the Feast of the Winter Star without any chickens. If you get Marnie as your secret friend, she may gift you 12 chicken eggs. She’s basically giving them to you for free!

Upon getting a Mayonnaise Machine and some chickens, you need to deposit eggs into the machine. After 3 hours, you’ll have your Stardew Valley Mayonnaise. Both White and Brown chicken eggs will suffice to make Stardew Valley Mayonnaise. The quality of the eggs does not matter, either.

What really matters, however, is the size of the eggs. While normal-sized eggs will give you regular quality Mayonnaise, large eggs will give you gold quality Mayonnaise. Additionally, Golden Eggs will give you 3 gold quality Mayonnaise jars at once.

However, you should note that obtaining silver and iridium quality Mayonnaise requires Ostrich Eggs of the same quality. This is the only way to get these qualities of Mayonnaise.

Do Villagers like getting Mayo as a gift?

Most villagers like getting regular Mayonnaise! You’ll only have to be careful around Caroline, who dislikes Mayonnaise. You’ll also have to be extra careful around Jas, Sam, Sebastian, and Vincent, who all hate Mayonnaise.

Other than that, you shouldn’t worry too much if you accidentally gift a villager some Mayonnaise, which has happened to us more times than we would like to admit.

How much does Mayo cost/sell for?

As always, the amount of money you will get for Mayonnaise depends on its quality. It also depends on the professions you chose after reaching levels 5 and 10 of the Farming skill.

We’ll start with the base prices of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise. One regular jar of Mayonnaise will bring in 190g. Up that to silver quality, and you’ll get 237g for it. Gold quality nets you 285g, and iridium quality yields 380g.

If you’ve already reached level 5 of the Farming skill and chosen the rancher profession, which gives you a 20% increase in price for animal products, things will start to look a little different. Here, the prices should be:

  • Normal quality: 228g
  • Silver quality: 284g
  • Gold quality: 342g
  •  Iridium quality: 456g

You might be a bit disappointed if you’ve already chosen the Tiller profession. However, you can still turn a profit! All you need to do is select the Artisan profession at level 10, which makes artisan goods worth 40% more.

Once you choose that, the prices will start to look like this:

  • Normal quality: 266g
  • Silver quality: 331g
  • Gold quality: 399g
  • Iridium quality: 532g

Overall, it seems like the Artisan profession pays off a little bit more between the two, especially when you compare it to the base price.

What is Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley?

Is “farming” Mayo worth it?

The answer to this question depends on how you look at it. On the profit aspect of things, farming Stardew Valley Mayonnaise is worth it! If you have 4 chickens laying eggs every day, that’s a 760g profit at a minimum. Once you factor in the egg size and profession bonuses, you could be looking at a 1956g profit every single day.

Of course, this is what it would look like if things were ideal. And while 1956g seems like a great deal, you also have to consider the effort it takes to get those 4 eggs.

For your chickens to lay eggs, they need to be happy. For them to be happy, you need to feed them every day. Missing even one day means you’ll be left without eggs to make Mayonnaise for the next day. Additionally, the size of the eggs depends on your friendship with the chicken. Not to mention the fact that it’ll take a while before you can get the Artisan profession to help with the price.

It’s safe to say that the gold you get from farming Mayonnaise isn’t really that worth it in the long run. You’re better off looking for different sources of profit.

What recipes can you make using Mayo?

There aren’t that many cooking recipes that require you to use Stardew Valley Mayonnaise. In fact, there are only two recipes you need Mayonnaise for.

The first recipe is obtainable from The Queen of Sauce during your first year, the Coleslaw. To make it, you need 1 Red Cabbage, 1 Vinegar, and 1 jar of Mayonnaise. It’s a great choice for restoring your energy, as it gives you 213 energy points and 95 health points.

The second recipe is the Fish Taco, which you can only get after reaching 7 hearts with Linus. He’ll mail you a recipe that requires 1 Tuna, 1 Tortilla, 1 Red Cabbage, and 1 jar of Mayonnaise. While this recipe is not as effective as the Coleslaw for your energy, it gives you +2 Fishing! This is a great buff for catching the Legendary fish.

What recipes can you make using Mayo?

Is Mayo used in any Quests?

If you happen to have a Fish Pond, you’ll notice that sometimes the fish will make requests. In that case, your Blobfish, Catfish, and Spook Fish may sometimes ask you to toss in a jar of Mayonnaise.

There are no other quests that require you to obtain Mayonnaise. 

Can you use Stardew Valley Mayo in Tailoring?

If you’ve unlocked tailoring through acquiring Cloth, you’ll find that putting in many random things gives you an unexpected outcome. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that you can also use Mayonnaise in tailoring as well as when you’re working with dye.

If you put the jar of Mayonnaise in the spool of the Sewing Machine, you’ll get a Light Blue Shirt. However, if you put a dyeable clothing item in the feed, the jar of Mayonnaise will instead act as a white dye. Very useful!

What is Void Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley?

Regular Mayonnaise isn’t the only kind of mayonnaise you can obtain in Stardew Valley. Because there are different egg-laying animals out there in the game, it only makes sense that there are different kinds of mayonnaise made from those different kinds of eggs. One such example is the Void Mayonnaise.

This particular type of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise comes from a Void Egg. Note that it will still take three hours for the Mayonnaise Machine to produce Void Mayonnaise.

Void Mayonnaise isn’t just special because of its appearance. It’s also interesting because you can fish it out of the Witch’s Swamp, although under specific circumstances. This is the only kind of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise you can obtain through sources other than the Mayonnaise Machine.

This mayonnaise only comes in normal quality, regardless of the quality of the Void Egg. However, you shouldn’t feel bad about turning your iridium quality Void Eggs into normal quality Void Mayonnaise. Its price basically skyrockets once you do.

Do Villagers like getting Void Mayo as a gift?

Krobus fans will be delighted to learn that he loves receiving mayonnaise as a gift. Alongside the Void Egg, it’s one of his absolute favorite gifts! You can’t go wrong with giving him Void Mayonnaise.

But one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. That’s why you should completely avoid giving the Void Mayonnaise to anyone else. They’ll hate it. We’re guessing this has something to do with the description stating it’s “a thick, black paste that smells like burnt hair”. It doesn’t sound very appetizing to us, either.

How much does Void Mayo cost/sell for?

We’ve already mentioned that Void Mayonnaise only comes in one, regular quality. This means you don’t have to bother with all the varying prices that come with regular Mayonnaise. Just pop it in the Mayonnaise Machine, sell it, and get on with your day. No hassle required.

Its base price is 275g. The Rancher profession puts the price at 330g, and the Artisan profession puts the price at 385g. Considering there’s only one quality, it’s a pretty good deal when you compare it to regular Mayonnaise.

Is “farming” Void Mayo worth it?

To determine the profitability of Void Mayonnaise, we’ll have to go straight to the source: the Void Chicken.

The Void Chicken will produce a Void Egg every day as long as you feed it. Additionally, the Void Chicken always produces the same egg size. You don’t need to worry about raising your friendship level to make the whole operation more profitable. All you have to do is feed the chickens, collect the eggs, and place them into the Mayonnaise Machine.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to obtain the Void Chicken from the Void Egg, which is difficult to do by itself. You’ll likely have to progress quite far into the game to be able to get a Void Chicken. Despite the promise of decent profit, by that time you’ll probably already have better sources of income than Mayonnaise of any kind.

What recipes can you make using Void Mayo?

Although consuming the Void Mayonnaise by itself can only take away from your energy, you’ll find that you can use it in a recipe. That recipe is the Strange Bun, which you can acquire by befriending Shane.

The recipe calls for 1 Wheat Flour, 1 Periwinkle, and 1 jar of Void Mayonnaise. Consuming it gives you 100 extra energy points and an additional 45 HP. There are, however, better foods out there to boost your energy and even give you some bonuses, unlike the Strange Bun.

Is Void Mayo used in any Quests?

Although Void Mayonnaise isn’t all that impressive in its nutritional and money-making properties, it does boast one advantage. That advantage is its use in a certain quest.

After you finish the Community Center or Joja Warehouse tasks, you’ll get the Dark Talisman quest, provided by the Wizard. He wants you to retrieve the magic ink from his ex-wife’s house, which requires the titular talisman. You’ll have to talk to Krobus to get it.

After getting the talisman, you’ll start the Goblin Problem quest. You’ll need to give the goblin standing in front of the Witch’s Hut a jar of Void Mayonnaise to proceed into the hut and obtain the Magic Ink! This will give you some great buildings that allow you to fast travel between different locations on the map.

Can you use Stardew Valley Void Mayo in Tailoring?

Putting a jar of Void Mayonnaise in the spool of the Sewing Machine will give you a cute, dyeable Polka Dot Shirt. If you place a dyeable item into the feed, you can use the Void Mayonnaise as a red dye.

What is Duck Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley Mayonnaise?

Next on our list is Duck Mayonnaise. As the name suggests, you can obtain Duck Mayonnaise by putting Duck Eggs into the Mayonnaise Machine.

You can purchase ducks from Marnie for 1200g each. If you happen to already have a Duck Egg, all you have to do is place it into an Incubator. After 5 days, 16 hours, and 40 minutes, you should have your very first duck! Note that the Coopmaster profession significantly lowers the time it takes to incubate an egg, cutting it down to only 2 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes!

Once your duck lays eggs, you can place those into the Incubator to hatch more ducks, and so on.

Once again, after placing the Duck Egg into the Mayonnaise Machine, the process should take around 3 hours before you can get your Duck Mayonnaise. This Stardew Valley Mayonnaise also has only one quality, which is the normal quality. 

Do Villagers like getting Duck Mayo as a gift?

The Duck Mayonnaise is a well-liked gift among the Stardew Valley villagers. You’ll find that most of them will have a positive reaction towards receiving Duck Mayonnaise, though it may not be their most favorite gift of all time. Caroline, on the other hand, won’t be too happy about it.

Finally, Jas, Sam, Sebastian, and Vincent continue with their Mayonnaise hating ways. They’ll have an extremely negative reaction if you give them the Duck Mayonnaise as a gift. Therefore, you should avoid them at all costs.

How much does Duck Mayo cost/sell for?

Much like the Void Mayonnaise, Duck Mayonnaise is another type of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise that only has one quality.

The base selling price for one jar of Duck Mayonnaise is 375g. With the Rancher profession, this price rises to 450g, and the Artisan profession pumps it up to 525g. This is a great number considering ducks aren’t as hard to handle as chickens.

Is “farming” Duck Mayo worth it?

Again, it’s important to return to the roots when deciding the worth of Duck Mayonnaise, and that’s the ducks themselves.

Ducks take 5 days to mature as opposed to the 3 days it takes for chickens to mature. Not only that, but a duck also produces an egg every 2 days, as opposed to the chicken’s every day. In addition, a duck may also give you a Duck Feather instead of an egg. These Duck Feathers aren’t worth much and you can’t really make them into something better.

Even though ducks are easier to handle than chickens with their eggs always staying the same size, the inconsistency of the ducks makes making Duck Mayonnaise very inconvenient.

Overall, this makes ducks possibly the worst choice in your Stardew Valley Mayonnaise farming journey. You’re even better off getting Mayonnaise from chickens and selling it every day, despite the amount of time you put into it.

What recipes can you make using Duck Mayo?

Unlike the Mayonnaise and the Void Mayonnaise, no recipe in the game requires Duck Mayonnaise to make it. This renders the Duck Mayonnaise useless in yet another area of the game.

Is Duck Mayo used in any Quests?

Same as with the cooking recipes, there are no quests in the game that require Duck Mayonnaise. This is another reason to not invest in the Duck Mayo.

However, there is a secret statue you can unlock with the help of Duck Mayonnaise. By playing the Duck Mayo into the purple box in the back room of the Stardrop Saloon, you’ll receive a Pinky Lemon statue. However, the statue itself brings no bonuses. It’s purely decorative, so unless you really like the aesthetic, it’s hard to imagine going through all that trouble to get it to be worth it.

This isn’t the only statue you can find this way. There are countless other secret statues that you can also unlock through other fun ways in the game.

Can you use Stardew Valley Duck Mayo in Tailoring?

Finally, the only reason why you would ever want to introduce ducks and Duck Mayonnaise onto your farm.

If you’re looking to craft every clothing item in the game, you’ll need the Duck Mayonnaise. Placing a jar of Duck Mayonnaise in the spool of the Sewing Machine will produce an Aquamarine Shirt.

Once you place a dyeable clothing item into the feed, you can use the Duck Mayonnaise to dye the item white. You can already use regular Mayonnaise for it, though, so you don’t really need to make Duck Mayonnaise for that purpose yet again.

What is Dinosaur Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley Mayonnaise?

At last, we get to cover the final type of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise, which is Dinosaur Mayonnaise. You can get Dinosaur Mayonnaise by placing a Dinosaur Egg into the Mayonnaise Machine, which also takes 3 hours.

You can get a Dinosaur Egg in several ways. The first and most obvious one is to collect it from a mature and fed dinosaur. They’ll produce one every 7 days if you keep taking care of them. Of course, you’ll need the first egg from which you can hatch the dinosaur in 12 days (or 6 days with the Coopmaster profession). However, this is a very slow method of gathering Dinosaur Eggs.

Some other methods include digging them up from Artifact Spots, Fishing Treasure Chests once you’ve reached Fishing Level 2, defeating a Pepper Rex, foraging them from Prehistoric Floors in the Skull Cavern, or winning them in the Crane Game at the Movie Theater.

Although none of these methods will guarantee you a Dinosaur Egg the way a dinosaur will, it’s more diverse and could be faster if luck is on your side.

Do Villagers like getting Dinosaur Mayo as a gift?

The only two villagers that’ll react positively to receiving Dinosaur Mayo as a gift are Dwarf and Penny. But while the other villagers dislike the Dinosaur Mayonnaise, no one really hates it. Therefore, you can’t do too much damage by giving them one by accident.

How much does Dinosaur Mayo cost/sell for?

The base Dinosaur Mayonnaise selling price is 800g. With the Rancher profession, you can rack up 960g, and the Artisan profession gives you 1,120g for this Stardew Valley Mayonnaise.

Much like the Duck Mayo and Void Mayo, Dinosaur Mayo also has only one quality level and therefore a simpler pricing list than the regular Mayo. Out of all the different types of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise, it has the highest selling price.

Is “farming” Dinosaur Mayo worth it?

We’ve already said that the Dinosaur Mayonnaise has the highest selling price at any level out of all the types of Stardew Valley Mayonnaise. The price of 1,120g is just too tempting when you’re only looking at the numbers.

However, the mere fact that a Dinosaur Egg takes 7 days to produce makes the Dinosaur Mayonnaise very inefficient to produce. Not to mention that Dinosaur Eggs are very hard to come by in the first place, unlike the Duck Eggs.

Your payout will be slow, although all it really requires is just petting and feeding the dinosaur. Even if you choose not to make mayonnaise out of it, the egg itself can sell for at least 350g up to a maximum of 700g. As long as you don’t make it your primary source of income, it’s some good side money. 

What recipes can you make using Dinosaur Mayo?

When it comes to cooking recipes, Dinosaur Mayonnaise would probably feel a bit out of place there. We can’t imagine eating it would be too tasty.

Is Dinosaur Mayo used in any Quests?

Dinosaur Mayonnaise is not a requirement for any quests in Stardew Valley. However, you can put Dinosaur Mayonnaise into the Missing Bundle in the abandoned JojaMart.

Don’t confuse this with the Community Center, as the two buildings offer different bundles. In fact, the Abandoned JojaMart only offers the Missing Bundle.

The Dinosaur Mayonnaise is one of the easiest items to collect for the Missing Bundle. If you forgo the Dinosaur Mayonnaise, you’ll have to procure a Prismatic Shard. As any veteran Stardew Valley player will have you know, this is one of the hardest items to obtain in Stardew Valley, no matter how experienced you are.

Once you finish the Missing Bundle, a Movie Theater will open in place of the JojaMart. There are more quests and fun to be had in this building, so make sure to get that Dinosaur Mayonnaise as soon as possible!

Can you use Stardew Valley Dinosaur Mayo in Tailoring?

This Stardew Valley Mayonnaise is probably the most on-point one out of all four types of mayonnaise. Putting a jar of Dinosaur Mayonnaise in the spool of the Sewing Machine will create the Dinosaur Pants.

While they’re not a mandatory item, these pants make for a very cute accessory for the player throughout the game. If you’re already making Dinosaur Mayonnaise for whatever reason, you might as well save some to get these pants!

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