Terraria Mechanical Worm – How Do You Get One?

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Now that you’ve crafted the Soul of Night and Soul of Light in Terraria, you’re probably wondering which challenge you can tackle next. You may be thinking of obscure quests you can complete, how to expand your base, or what new enemies and biomes you can discover. Well, we’ve got a good suggestion for you, and that’s trying to craft the Terraria mechanical worm.

This Hardmode item is crucial for triggering an important event in Terraria. Luckily, if you’ve spent your time farming the Soul of Night, you won’t have too many issues with figuring out how to get the Terraria mechanical worm. 

But why do you need a mechanical worm? What can you even do with it? And what is its purpose? Find out in our Terraria Hardmode guide for the mechanical worm.

How to Craft and Get a Terraria Mechanical Worm?

We’ve already mentioned the Soul of Night, so you might have gleaned that this is one of the crafting materials you require for the mechanical worm. And you’d be right.

To craft the Terraria mechanical worm, you need 6 Souls of Night. If you don’t have any in your inventory, it would be a good time to visit the Underground Corruption or the Underground Crimson to stock up on this crafting material.

After you’ve acquired 6 Souls of Night, you can couple them up with 5 iron bars of any variety and either 6 rotten chunks or vertebrae. Now you’re all set to craft a Terraria mechanical worm!

However, take note that you need to be in Hardmode to even craft this item. If you haven’t already used the mechanical worm, there is a 0.04% chance of all enemies in the Hardmode world dropping the item all on its own. That way, you can skip the whole crafting part of the deal, it’s way easier.

But that’s exactly why the chances are so low of obtaining one. After all, it wouldn’t be Terraria if you didn’t have to put in a lot of hard work, now would it?

terraria mechanical worm

What can you do with the Mechanical Worm?

The purpose of the Terraria mechanical worm is to summon The Destroyer in Terraria. You can only use the mechanical worm at night. If you try to use the item during the day, nothing will happen. You won’t summon The Destroyer and the item won’t be used, either. Probably to prevent a misclick from ruining hours of hard work.

You can also bring the mechanical worm to pre-Hardmode worlds and try to summon The Destroyer there. Surprisingly enough, it’ll work!

Now, on to the fruits of the mechanical worm’s labor. We’ve already said that using the mechanical worm unleashes The Destroyer. But what exactly is The Destroyer?

The Destroyer is a mechanical boss available in Hardmode. It’s supposed to represent a Hardmode version of the Eater of Worlds. However, unlike the Eater of Worlds, The Destroyer does not consist of smaller segments. It’s simply one large, very gross-looking mechanical worm. There are no billions of health pools to deplete before you can defeat it.

So how do you defeat it?

The Destroyer Terraria Boss Battle Guide

Beating The Destroyer in Terraria Hardmode is not all that gruesome when everything is in the right place.


The first step is preparation. This means gathering equipment and weapons that can withstand The Destroyer’s damage. The best idea is to gather Titanium or Adamantite Armor as well as Titanium Tridents or an Adamantite Glaive. 

If you’re not into melee combat, you can instead use an Onyx Blaster, Dart Pistol, or Dart Rifle. These are only some of the suggestions when it comes to weapons you can use for The Destroyer.

Once you’ve acquired all this equipment, you’re ready to begin the fight. Use your Terraria mechanical worm to spawn in The Destroyer and start the boss fight!

The Fight

You’ll notice that when you spawn The Destroyer, you won’t see him in the beginning at all. That’s because he spawns off-screen. Be wary of where you first see him, as each move is crucial.

It’ll take some time to learn the behavior of The Destroyer, but it gets easier once you get in some practice. Usually, he will try to surprise attack the player from underground by zipping up at an angle. Try to avoid this attack if possible. It will also try to surround you to do damage. Make sure to not get too close to the ground to avoid this happening.

The rest is up to your battle prowess and skill. Make sure to have enough healing potions to withstand the worm’s relentless attacks! Remember, you only have to take off 80,000 HP to defeat The Destroyer.

You should also be aware that The Destroyer can despawn if you die or if dawn comes. Once it despawns, you’ll have to use another Terraria mechanical worm to summon it back.

Good luck, and remember to have fun!

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