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Terraria is probably one of the best sandbox games ever made. But no matter how fun it is, it still can get a bit hard to figure out at times. Getting and crafting recipes, gathering materials, trying to figure out how to trigger certain events, and fighting certain bosses. The Terraria Soul of Night is a perfect example of this. Sometimes, figuring it out is all the fun of the game. However, there are times when it gets a bit too frustrating. When that happens, it’s the perfect time to look up a guide. Luckily, we’ve made searching for the Terraria Soul of Night and Terraria Souls of Light easy with our comprehensive guide. Keep reading to find all the answers you need!

What are souls in Terraria?

To put it simply, souls are crafting materials. You can only get these crafting materials in Hardmode. 

Players use these souls to craft all kinds of different materials and items you can use to progress through the game, such as the Mechanical Worm.

What are all the types of Souls that exist in Terraria?

There are six types of souls in Terraria. However, if you’re playing on old-gen consoles, Windows phones, or the 3DS, there is one more additional type of soul.

The seven types of souls are:

  • Soul of Flight
  • Soul of Light
  • Soul of Night
  • Soul of Might
  • Soul of Sight
  • Soul of Fright
  • Soul of Blight

Of course, it’s hard not to notice the amusing fact that all these names rhyme with each other. It’s also worth mentioning that their names are pretty much self-explanatory. For example, you can obtain the Soul of Flight by defeating Wyverns and Arch Wyverns, powerful flying creatures.

But how does one exactly obtain the Terraria Soul of Night and Terraria Souls of Light? Let’s find out!

How to obtain Underground souls:

Although they’re both Underground souls, the Soul of Night and Soul of Light are found in different places. The enemies you must kill are on different maps. As such, equating them to be the same thing would be a pretty big mistake.

Let’s see what the differences are!

Terraria Soul of Night

To obtain the Terraria Soul of Night, you must visit the Underground Corruption or Underground Crimson. More specifically, you need to get to the stone layer of these biomes to find the enemies you’re looking for.

Here, any enemy you kill has a chance of dropping the Terraria Soul of Night. However, keep in mind that the enemy you kill must be in the vicinity of 200 Ebonstone Blocks or Crimstone Blocks to be able to drop the Soul of Night.

Once this requirement is fulfilled, there is still the RNG factor that plays into whether the enemy will drop a Soul of Night or not. Usually, enemies have a 1/5 (20%) chance to drop the Terraria Soul of Night. In Expert mode, the odds increase to a 9/25 (35%) chance of getting the crafting material from enemies.

With that in mind, all you have to do is get to the Underground Corruption or Underground Crimson, find some enemies, and hack away at them. You’ll farm up a decent amount of Souls of Night in no time!

Terraria Soul of Light

The Terraria Soul of Light works similarly. However, you must visit the Underground Hallow as one of the requirements to obtain the Soul of Light.

Another requirement is to have at least 146 blocks of Pearlstone on the screen for the enemies to begin dropping the Soul of Light. 

After you’re sure that all of these requirements are fulfilled, you can expect to farm some Souls of Light. However, the drop rate works a bit differently from the Soul of Night.

The Soul of Light’s drop rate is 1/5 (20%) in normal modes of the game. However, in Expert mode, this chance decreases to 1/3 (33%)! This means that the Terraria Souls of Light is a bit harder to farm than the Soul of Night. 

However, to make up for it, there exists a small exploit you can make with the Souls of Light and Night. If you’re in a world that does not naturally spawn the Hallow, Corruption, or Crimson biome, it’s possible to create it artificially.

You can do this by placing at least 146 blocks of Ebonstone, Crimstone, or Pearlstone blocks within close vicinity. It’s also possible to transform Ebonstone and Crimstone blocks into Pearlstone blocks using Holy Water. 

Once again, you must be able to see them all on the screen. After you do this, all the enemies you kill under these conditions will drop these souls, depending on which blocks you placed.

If you placed Ebonstone or Crimstone blocks, the enemies will drop Souls of Night. On the other hand, if you placed Pearlstone blocks, the enemies will drop Souls of Light. 

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