The Strength to Do it – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Challenges and Minikits

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The Strength to Do It is the seventh story mission in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Here we have prepared a complete guide on how to complete The Strength to Do It and all its challenges. Learn everything from how to complete the three Level Challenges, collect all five Minikits, and even achieve the True Jedi Rank by reaching 100% completion of the level.

To reach this rank you must complete many different tasks during the level some of which may not be so obvious. Here we have prepared a list of everything you must complete to 100% of the The Strength to Do It mission. These are all of the tasks listed off in order of difficulty: 

  • Level Challenges:

#1: Shocking!

#2: Dark Lord of the Surf

#3: Golden Opportunity

  • Collect all 5 Minikits
  • Earn True Jedi Rank by collecting 75000 studs

Each of these can be completed during your first playthrough of the game, as long as you pay attention to what you are doing.

The Strength to Do It Story Walkthrough

The Strength to Do It

Here are all the tasks you need to achieve 100% on the The Strength to Do It story mission in order. Just remember that it is best to do them as you come across them to make the process much easier to track.

Minikit #1

At the start of the level, you face off against Kylo Ren and defeat him. Upon defeating him the the mission starts. You can immediately get a Minikit by slicing through a wall on the right with your lightsaber. Head through the sliced door down the stairs and you will see the Minikit floating between two pieces of rock. Simply jump up and collect the minikit to move on.

True Jedi Rank

You should remember to keep an eye out for any destructible environment to collect studs. Because the level requires 75000 studs for the True Jedi Rank it is quite easily attainable considering how many breakable objects there are. Just in the beginning rooms, you can gather a considerable amount if you take the time to break everything.

Minikit 2

To find the second Minikit head up the slanted piece of debris located in the large open room, here follow the hallway. Just drop down to the bottom and parkour from pole to pole. Once you reach the swinging section, get across the platforms and you can grab the Minikit from above.

Minikit 3

The third Minikit requires you to kill the 3 wondering creatures throughout the opening section of the level. The first creature can be found behind a piece of debris after Rey wall runs at the very beginning of the level. The second creature is found down on the floor in the large room where the previous Minikit was located. While the third and final creature can be found naturally as you progress through the mission The Strenght to Do It. Specifically, it is located in the section with the poisonous gas, where BB-8 can assist you in killing the monster.

Minikit 4

The fourth Minikit is located close to the hole used to exit outside to fight Kylo Ren a second time. Just before it, you will see a small tunnel for BB-8 to pass through. You will have to switch to BB-8 and navigate the tunnel until you spot the Minikit directly in front of you, here simply collect it and that’s that.

Challenge #1

While you are fighting Kyle outside you will have to switch to BB-8 and interact with a grapple point to create an electrical hazard. Once you switch back to Rey you can lure Kylo Ren into the electricity. Once you do this successfully you will complete the challenge. A great tip, if you are struggling, is to enter the electricity yourself and wait for Kylo Ren to come.

Minikit 5

The final Minikit is located outside where you fight Kylo Ren for the second time. Whilst outside switch to BB-8 and locate the 3 cone-shaped breakables spread around the bridge. To collect the final Minikit you will need to destroy all 3. Doing this will not only bring you closer to 100% of The Strenght to Do It mission but also unlock Kylo Ren’s TIE Whisper.

Challenge #2

The second challenge in The Strenght to Do It requires you to lure Kylo Ren into the incoming waves. These are indicated by the red hazard zones that appear around the battlefield every so often. Again just like with the electrical flooring, it is best to just walk into the zone and wait for Kylo Ren to come to you. Just remember to try your best to get out of the red zone whilst leaving Kylo inside but even if you don’t it isn’t much of a setback. Once you have done this you can defeat Kylo and complete the Mission. With the mission complete you regroup with the crew to head out for potentially the final battle.

The Strenght to Do It Free Play Walkthrough

The Strenght To Do It challenges

For this free play segment, you will have Minikits and Supercountes to collect. To do this and reach 100% on the The Strenght to Do It mission you will need a few character types. The only character type required is a Bounty Hunter character.

Challenge #3

The final challenge in The Strength to Do It is located right after the poisonous gas section. Immediately after crossing the gas, you can spot a plethora of golden LEGO coins. Here you must switch to a Bounty Hunter character and shoot the pole until it overheats. Once destroyed you can grapple up onto the bar and get into the hidden room. Doing so will complete the challenge and grant you a fine amount of studs. With this, you have completed The Strength to Do It with the True Jedi Rank and 100% completion.

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