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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Locations of all Lucky Dice in Drowned Abyss

Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands‘ Drowned Abyss region are crucial for achieving 100% completion in the Abyss area of Gearbox Software’s latest video game. These collectible Lucky Dice, like others found in Dice Chests, offer extra loot and experience points. Therefore, it’s advisable to make it a priority to find all of them while exploring this area. Finding each can be done during your first exploration of the area.

In Drowned Abyss, there are a total of 20 Lucky Dice Chests to open. In this guide, we will lead you through the precise locations of all of them in order. This can serve as a perfect guide for collecting all of them or checking for some you may have missed.

Where to Find the Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice

To ensure our guide is as helpful as possible, let’s begin with a map of the Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice Chests’ locations, highlighting all collectibles in this region. As you can notice on the minimap, the Abyss region is very diverse and has many nooks scattered around. Some Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice are in smaller areas accessible through side quests. while others are located out in the open. 

It’s recommended to start your search for the Drowned Abyss Dice Chests after completing all side-quests in the region. This will grant you access to all sub-areas. Players should focus on the Curse and Claw side quest first and then proceed to the rest. Once all side-quests are finished, you can proceed to collect all Lucky Dice Chests in Drowned Abyss, following the order presented here. It is important to note that it is very helpful to also finish the main quest in Drowned Abyss before starting. Of course, you can simultaneously search for other collectibles in the region or change up the order as you like.

It is important to note that these collectibles look like floating, yellow, and glowing D20s. By intersecting with one you will roll anywhere from 1-20 and depending on your roll your loot will be better or worse. Each Lucky Dice can only be used once per account meaning that only one of your characters may use them. To make up for this once you have collected all of the Loot Dice in this area and the other locations you get a special bonus. This bonus is a 35% increase in overall loot luck account-wide. When you consider that you need to find 260 dice in total the increased chances are well worth it.

Now that you are familiar with the Lucky Dice and their importance let’s take a look at where all Lucky Dice are in the Abyss area.

Lucky Dice 1 – On a Coral Hill

The first Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice is located near the Untrodden Depths fast travel point. It can be found right behind a large coral near a small waterfall. You should notice it as you follow the linear path of the area.

Lucky Dice 2 – Behind Some Vines In A Cave

Just a bit away from the previous collectible you will spot a hidden cave on the left side. All you have to do is follow this hidden cave until you reach a wall of vines. Once here simply smash the vines and you will find the second Lucky Dice inside.

Lucky Dice 3 – Behind A Stone Pillar

As you progress through the area you will reach the first altar. In this area look to the left ant pay attention to the stone pillars scattered about. Behind one of these, you will find the third Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice Chest. This shouldn’t be difficult if you look out for the golden glow of the Dice.

Lucky Dice 4 – Near A Brazier

Your journey will eventually take you to the Temple of the Slithersong. This area is essential during the side-quest named Of Curse and Claw. As you explore this area yo uwill come across a balcony with a lit brazier. The Lucky Dice will be located right behind the brazier on the right side.

Lucky Dice 5 – On Top Of A Large Coral

Taking a step back into the Untrodden Depths, you can find the rest of the Lucky Dice in it. The easiest to spot sits on top of a coral right next to the suspended ship. To get this collectible you will have to climb your way up. This can be done from the ground by jumping from coral to coral on the hill.

Lucky Dice 6 – In a Cargo Hold

After you have collected the previous Lucky Dice take a look at the suspended ship. Look for a spot with a hanging anchor and shoot its chain. This will cause the anchor to fall to the ground and will also unlock the cargo hold. From here make your way up into the shop and enter the now-opened cargo hold to get your Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice 7 – Balcony Of The Suspended Ship

Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice

From the previous collectible use the pink jump pad right outside of the cargo hold. This will take you to another part of the suspended ship. From here keep an eye out for painted ledges that will take you to the other side. They will lead you to the back of the ship onto a small balcony where the Lucky Dice will be.

Lucky Dice 8 – In the Hull Of The Ship

As you explore the shop you will reach the Dry’l’s Gallery fast-travel station. This is where you will find your next Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice, in the hull. To reach the hull simply jump across and you will see the Lucky Dice out in the open.

Lucky Dice 9 – At The Lava Pond

As you keep pushing through the tunnel, you will come across a large lava lake. In one of the parts that is near the path, you will see a pool with a Lucky Dice in the center. To reach it simply walk through the lave until you reach the collectible. However, it is important to be quick as the lava will damage you as long as you are in it. 

Lucky Dice 10 – Behind A Stone Pillar

The next Lucky Dice is found in the area where you fight the first boss. It will be located on the southern side of the arena behind a stone pillar. This pillar is easily recognizable as it is the only one leaning on a stone platform. 

Lucky Dice 11 – At The End Of The Cave

Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice

To reach this Lucky Dice simply follow the map toward the dead end in the cave. Here you will find an entrance to a tunnel with vines. Simply melee the vines to destroy them and enter the cave with the collectible waiting for you. This Lucky Dice will be easy to find as it is the centerpiece of the final part of the cave.

Lucky Dice 12  – Near A Poison Trap

This is one of the easiest Lucky Dice in this area as it is out in the open and in a recognizable spot. The location is where you first encounter a Poison Trap. From the trap look to the right and you will see the Lucky Dice up after a small incline. 

Lucky Dice 13 – Inside A Small Shipwreck

This Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice is located inside a small shipwreck found after the Poison Trap. To reach this area simply jump from wreck to wreck looking for the wreck with a sail to the right. Once you reach it, your collectible will be shining in the window of the wooden wreck. 

Lucky Dice 14 – Under A Waterfall

Right next to the previous Lucky Dice, you will spot a large waterfall. Head to its bank and you will see a Lucky dice sitting above the water to the right.

Lucky Dice 15 – Near A Edge Of A Cliff

For this Lucky Dice, you will have to travel to the most northern part of the middle map. Here you will locate an edge looking towards city ruins. You should spot the Lucky Dice right behind a large rock pillar on this cliff.

Lucky Dice 16 – Behind A Large Rock

Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice

After entering the Temple of Sacrifice, you can find a Lucky Dice that is quite easy to miss. This collectible is located right at the upper section behind a large rock. To easily find this area keep an eye out for a cluster of purple coral. 

Lucky Dice 17 – Ancient Obelist Room

In the area where you get the Ancient Obelisk head to the northern side of the room. At the edge here you will find a Lucky Dice sitting right near the cliff. However, you will have to complete the challenge to reach this collectible.

Lucky Dice 18 – Behind Vines In A Tunnel

This Lucky Dice is located in a tunnel hidden by some vines. You can find this tunnel by crossing Oncewet Court. While inside look for a waterfall, as the Lucky Dice will be found on top of it. To reach it simply follow the ledges on the right side as you jump towards the top.

Lucky Dice 19 – On A Shipwreck

From the previous collectible head west till you reach a large shipwreck. Once you locate the wreck you will see the collectible on top of it out in the open. Simply climb the hull to reach it and also gain a large chest for your efforts.

Lucky Dice 20 – On Top Of The Temple

The final Drowned Abyss Lucky Dice is located on the roof of the Temple. Surprisingly it is quite easy to reach this area as you just need to hop on a pink jump pad. You should see the Lucky Dice immediately upon landing from the jump.

With this, you have collected all of the Lucky Dice in Drowned Abyss and gotten one step closer to the luck increase.

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