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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Locations of all Lucky Dice in Mount Craw

A Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands‘ Mount Craw region are crucial for achieving 100% completion in the Mountain area of Gearbox Software’s latest video game. These collectible Lucky Dice, like others found in Dice Chests, offer extra loot and experience points. Therefore, it’s advisable to make it a priority to find all of them while exploring this area. Finding each can be done during your first exploration of the area.

In Mount Craw, there are a total of 19 Lucky Dice Chests to open. In this guide, we will lead you through the precise locations of all of them in order. This can serve as a perfect guide for collecting all of them or checking for some you may have missed.

Where to Find the Mount Craw Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

mount craw lucky dice

To ensure our guide is as helpful as possible, let’s begin with a map of the Mount Craw Lucky Dice Chests’ locations, highlighting all collectibles in this region. As you can notice on the minimap, the Mountain region is very diverse and has many nooks scattered around. Some Mount Craw Lucky Dice are in smaller areas accessible through side quests, while others are located out in the open. 

It’s recommended to start your search for the Mount Craw Dice Chests after completing all side-quests in the region. This will grant you access to all sub-areas. Players should focus on the Non-Violent Offender side quest first and then proceed to the rest. Once all side-quests are finished, you can proceed to collect all Lucky Dice Chests in Mount Craw, following the order presented here. It is important to note that it is very helpful to also finish the main quest in Mount Craw before starting. Of course, you can simultaneously search for other collectibles in the region or change up the order as you like.

It is important to note that these collectibles look like floating, yellow, and glowing D20s. By intersecting with one you will roll anywhere from 1-20 and depending on your roll your loot will be better or worse. Each Lucky Dice can only be used once per account meaning that only one of your characters may use them. To make up for this once you have collected all of the Loot Dice in Tangledrift and the other locations you get a special bonus. This bonus is a 35% increase in overall loot luck account-wide. When you consider that you need to find 260 dice in total the increased chances are well worth it.

Now that you are familiar with the Lucky Dice and their importance let’s take a look at where all Lucky Dice are in Sunfang Oasis.

Lucky Dice 1 – Behind A Tree

The first Lucky Dice you can find in Mount Craw is right in the place you enter this area. Simply head a bit towards as you explore up until you reach a large mountain wall after a long bridge. Here kloof for a decayed tree that is right below a Wyvern nest. The Lucky Dice will be located right behind the decayed tree.

Lucky Dice 2 – Near A Green Crystal

Upon entering Vorcanar’s Vicissitude, a large mine with Green Crystals, you can find the second Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Mount Craw Lucky Dice. Look for it on the second level of the cave, near a green glowing Crystal. Use the nearby ledge to climb to the upper section and collect it, to know you are in the right place look out for flame barrels.

Lucky Dice 3 – On A Balcony

After you exit the previous cave where you found the second Lucky Dice, you’ll enter The Shimmering Loch, the large central area in the Mount Craw region. Here you’ll want to locate a set of structures above the frozen lake. The Lucky Dice will be sitting on a balcony that you can reach using the ladder nearby. You can easily spot the Dice from afar as it is out in the open.

Lucky Dice 4 – Above Claptrap’s Furnace

The next Lucky Dice collectible is in Hootfoot Quarry, an area you can access by playing Claptrap’s Forgery side-quest. This Lucky Dice is above the main gate (where you meet Claptrap), and you can get it by climbing the ladder on the other side. The easiest way to know you are in the right space is to look for an active furnace.

Lucky Dice 5 – At The End Of A Tunnel

After getting the previous Mount Craw Lucky Chest, head inside the quarry and check the tunnel on the right side. As you follow the tracks keep an eye out on the right side. After a short stroll you will see the Lucky Dice in an indent.

Lucky Dice 6 – On The Edge Of The Mountain

Two additional Mount Craw Lucky Dice Chests are in The Cave of Dave, an area you’ll unlock by playing through the Non-Violent Offender side-quest. After you get to the cave, cross the broken bridge, then on the right side, you’ll see a ledge painted in yellow right below a hole in the wall.  Ascend the mountain’s wall from the ground and follow the path ahead to get to the Lucky Chest waiting for you at the edge near some candles. 

Lucky Dice 7 – On A Stone Pillar

Once you have collected the previous Lucky dice simply jump down and cross the bridge again. Here you will spot another Lucky Dice on top of a stone pillar. The pillar is located on the left side of the bridge, to reach it simply jump to it.

Lucky Dice 8 – In A Basement

Next up you have to go to the wooden house where you found one of the Mount Craw Scrolls. The Lucky Dice is located on the left side of the road on your way towards the mill in the distance. This collectible is quite easy to miss so make sure to keep an eye out.

Lucky Dice 9 – On A Dock

mount craw lucky dice

The 9th Lucky Dice is located near the middle of the map. To find if locate a bridge near Baaldaar’s Lair. The collectible will be at the end of a large wooden dock. This dock is located on the right side of the yard if you are looking at the mill.

Lucky Dice 10 – In A Shack

The next Lucky Dice is located in the camp, at the very end of it. Make your way through this area and cross the yard looking for a wooden shack. You will spot the shack on the edge of this area right next to a large ice pillar.

Lucky Dice 11 – Inside A Frozen Cave

The Lucky Dice is linked to another side quest that you must complete before collecting it. The quest in question is the Forgery side quest. During or after the quest you will be in a frozen cave, where you will find the Dice. To access the collectible simply smash the icicles at the entrance and turn to the left where it will be found in the corner.

Lucky Dice 12 – Inside A Goblin House

Found in the deepest part of the Furious Gorge area is the 12th Lucky Dice. This one can be found inside a goblin house right after you cross a bridge. You will recognize the area of the cave by its distinct goblin huts and a few chests in front of the house.

Lucky Dice 13 – Behind A Goblin Hut

Heading deeper into the mines you will find an area overrun by goblins. Clear the are first and then set your sights on a hole right next to a goblin watchtower. The Lucky Dice will be located right behind it and near a cliff.

Lucky Dice 14 – On A Wooden Platform

From here you must head up to the upper platform as you would while naturally progressing. The LKucky Dice cannot be seen directly from the ground so its a bit tricky. Essentially, it is directly above the previous one, you just have to get there.

To get to the top platform simply follow the ladder on the other side of the camp where the previous Dice was. Here you will also find a Mount Craw Rune Switch, keep going after it until you see a ledge painted in yellow. This will tell you that you are on the right track so keep moving forward over a wooden bridge. Immediately after crossing it drop to the lower platform near the two air vents, dodge them and you will spot the Lucky Dice in the corner.

Lucky Dice 15 – Next To A Goblin Shack

mount craw lucky dice

From this area jump to the one below it and head back to the Rune Switch. Once you reach the Rune Switch take a look around until you spot a lower platform with a goblin shack. Go there and you will spot the 15th Lucky Dice nearby.

Lucky Dice 16 – In A Watchtower

During your natural progression into the mines toward the Mount Craw boss you will spot the next Lucky Dice on a tower. You will know you are in the right area when you spot a staircase-like set of watchtowers under a large wooden bridge. The Lucky Dice will be on the highest watchtower of the three.

To collect this Dice make your way up by climbing a small ladder on the left heading up towards the tower. From here jump to the next wooden platform and climb another ladder until you reach the tower with the Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice 17 – On The Porch Of A House

This Lucky Dice is possibly the hardest to collect in Mount Craw as it is hidden on a porch. The porch is part of a house outside of the mines but is only accessible through the bridges inside the caves. To reach this Lucky Dice you must navigate the many bridges until you reach the area above it. From here, drop down and go around the house to find the Lucky Dice in the corner near the ledge.

Lucky Dice 18 – Behind A Stone Pillar

From here keep going towards the boss, and on your way there you will come across the next Lucky Dice. Right before you cross the bridge before the forge take a look behind the large stone pillar to the left. Behind here you will spot the Lucky Dice and a loot chest to collect.

Lucky Dice 19 – Next To A Goblin Hut

Finally, to collect the last Mount Craw Lucky Dice head to the area named the Tribute Way. In this area simply locate the sole goblin hut and take a look behind it. Follow the path heading to the house and you will spot the Lucky Dice to the right ready for collection.

With this, you have collected all of the Lucky Dice in Mount Craw and gotten one step closer to the luck increase.

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