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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Locations of all Lucky Dice in Sunfang Oasis

Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands‘ Sunfang Oasis region are crucial for achieving 100% completion in the Oasis area of Gearbox Software’s latest video game. These collectible Lucky Dice, like others found in Dice Chests, offer extra loot and experience points. Therefore, it’s advisable to make it a priority to find all of them while exploring this area. Finding each can be done during your first exploration of the area.

In Sunfang Oasis, there are a total of 20 Lucky Dice Chests to open. In this guide, we will lead you through the precise locations of all of them in order. This can serve as a perfect guide for collecting all of them or checking for some you may have missed.

Where to Find the Sunfang Oasis Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

sunfang oasis lucky dice

To ensure our guide is as helpful as possible, let’s begin with a map of the Sunfang Oasis Lucky Dice Chests’ locations, highlighting all collectibles in this region. As you can notice on the minimap, the Flowering Tower region is very diverse and has many nooks scattered around. Some Sunfang Oasis Lucky Dice are in smaller areas accessible through side quests. while others are located out in the open. 

It’s recommended to start your search for the Sunfang Oasis Dice Chests after completing all side-quests in the region. This will grant you access to all sub-areas. Players should focus on the Little Boys Blue side quest first and then proceed to the rest. Once all side-quests are finished, you can proceed to collect all Lucky Dice Chests in Sunfang Oasis, following the order presented here. It is important to note that it is very helpful to also finish the main quest in Sunfang Oasis before starting. Of course, you can simultaneously search for other collectibles in the region or change up the order as you like.

It is important to note that these collectibles look like floating, yellow, and glowing D20s. By intersecting with one you will roll anywhere from 1-20 and depending on your roll your loot will be better or worse. Each Lucky Dice can only be used once per account meaning that only one of your characters may use them. To make up for this once you have collected all of the Loot Dice in Tangledrift and the other locations you get a special bonus. This bonus is a 35% increase in overall loot luck account-wide. When you consider that you need to find 260 dice in total the increased chances are well worth it.

Now that you are familiar with the Lucky Dice and their importance let’s take a look at where all Lucky Dice are in Sunfang Oasis.

Lucky Dice 1 – On A Balcony

The first Lucky Die is relatively easy to find, sitting on a balcony in the upper section of the Oasis. It is easy to spot as it is in the middle of the structure.

Lucky Dice 2 – Near A New-U Station

For the second Lucky Die, enter a temple and follow the first door on the left side, leading to the Ascension Point area. Climb the hill to find the Sunfang Lucky Dice at the bottom of some stairs, near a New-U station. This Lucky Dice is located right next to three support pillars.

Lucky Dice 3 – Inside Shrine Of The Goddesses

The third Sunfang Oasis Lucky Dice Chest is inside the Shrine Of The Goddesses, accessible during one of the quests in this area. Cross the room and turn right to see the chest on a balcony. Jump on the ledges marked with yellow paint to reach it safely.

Lucky Dice 4 – On A Wall

After obtaining the previous Lucky Die, jump into the tunnel inside the Shrine Of The Goddesses, leading to a small area with floating platforms. Start climbing them as you would to progress naturally. After a few jumps you’ll find the next Dice Chest on a wall behind a statue. 

Lucky Dice 5 – Inside A Room

For the fifth Lucky Dice Chest, fast-travel to Chestward Locks and head north. You’ll find it inside a small room in front of three traps as you climb the hill. The lever to disable the traps is on the left side wall as you enter. So make sure to pull it to stay safe and make recovering this Sunfang Oasis Lucky dice easy.

Lucky Dice 6 – Near A Waterfall

sunfang oasis lucky dice

After the previous Lucky Dice, continue up the hill to Sallissa’s Eternal Wellspring. Head left then outside, and then turn left again to find the Lucky Dice collectible in front of a waterfall. This Lucky Dice is quite easy to spot as it is out in the open.

Lucky Dice 7 – At The Edge Of The Mountain

After unlocking the Everfrost Icetomb area, look for the next Sunfang Oasis Lucky Chest behind an ice block at the edge of the mountain. You will know you are in the right area if you see mossy stairs to your right.

Lucky Dice 8 – On Rooftops

Once you obtain the previous Lucky Dice, head down the stairs and find a small town. Exit the temple, turn right, and you’ll see a circular house with a yellow roof. Climb the crates, then the roof, and head east to find the next Lucky Dice. The collectible will be located directly next to the railing on the bridge.

Lucky Dice 9 – On The Edge Of The Mountain

From the previous location, keep moving east, and you’ll discover another Lucky Dice on the edge of the mountain. Keep an eye out for a house with round stairs as the Lucky Dice will be directly under it.

Lucky Dice 10 – Between Some Houses

As you cross the town while moving north, you’ll find another Sunfang Oasis Lucky Chest between some houses. This one is relatively easy to reach by going around the houses. You will know you are on the right track once you can see the waterfall in the distance and vines connecting the houses.

Lucky Dice 11 – Inside A Ruined House

sunfang oasis lucky dice

The 11th collectible can be found inside a damaged house with a bridge on the roof. Simply, drop down from the bridge and turn around to see the Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice 12 – Inside Some Ruins

Another Lucky Chest is in the area known as Vizier’s Watch. Located in the northern part of this area it is quite hidden. You will know you are in the right area if you see ruins in front of a round base.

Lucky Dice 13 – Inside The Labyrinth Temple

Upon entering The Labyrinth of No Escape and Also Endless Torment, you’ll find another Lucky Dice on the left side of the upper section as you enter the temple. Be cautious, as there are numerous traps here. If possible disable them first before getting this collectible.

Lucky Dice 14 – Behind The Vending Machines

Before entering the Bogged and Clogged area, you’ll come across vending machines. The Lucky Die is located on a hill behind them. Simply go up the hill and you will notice the Lucky Dice on a ledge to your right.

Lucky Dice 15 – On A Terrace

The last Sunfang Oasis Lucky Dice Chest is situated on the terrace of the Bogged and Clogged temple. To acquire it, complete a side-quest and assist the Cyclops in the area. Once the quest is complete the Cyclops will open up the temple for you to enter. Inside you will reach a terrace with the Lucky Dice on the left side.

With this, you have collected all of the Lucky Dice in Sunfang Oasis and gotten one step closer to the luck increase.

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