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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Locations of all Scrolls in Karnok’s Wall

Scrolls in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are a fun collectible that must be collected to reach 100% in the newest installment in the Borderlands series. Karnoks Wall scrolls alongside Lucky Dice are the things you must collect to 100% an area. Compared to Lucky Dice these collectibles are quite similar as they are also hidden. Furthermore, just like Lucky Dice, you can’t see them on the map making them not easy to collect.

Luckily, in Karnoks Wall, there are only four scrolls to collect. This can be done quite quickly especially if you follow our guide. Without further ado let’s take a look at what these Scrolls are and where you can find each of them. 

Where to find Karnok’s Wall Scrolls And What Are They?

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To ensure our guide is as helpful as possible let’s first take a look at some steps to complete before starting your journey. Before you start looking you have already completed the main quest for this area and all side-quests. This is advised because of the areas you unlock through them. Of the four Scrolls in Karnok’s Wall three are quite close to each other while one is separated. Do not worry as we will guide you in detail towards each scroll. 

Before we get into the locations of all four scrolls in Karnok’s Wall, let’s first learn a bit about this collectible. Scrolls in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are collectibles that tell stories from people who live in the Wonderlands. In total, there are 57 scrolls that can be found as you play through the game. They replace the usual audio files from other games in the Borderlands series and can be found all around the world. Upon activating the scroll, a short audio clip will play out highlighting the story of its narrator.

Now that you know what these collectibles are and what they do let’s get into where you can find each.

Scroll 1 – On A Wooden Ledge

The very first of the four Karnoks Wall Scrolls can be very hard to spot if you don’t know where to go. To start the hunt head over to The Ribs fast travel station. From here move north towards The Dreadspine, taking note of the mountains. Once you reach Dreadspine you will have to ascend to the top of The Dreadspine. On your way towards the top, you will come across a cave that looks like a pit. Proceed inside and head west until you reach a destructible vine wall. Behind it, you will see a balcony with some loot, as you exit turn left and you will see the Cinder Scroll.

This scroll belongs to Wastard, a resident of the area looking for a soul mate.

Scroll 2 – Under A Bridge

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To get the second Karnok’s Wall scroll, you must head back to The Ribs fast travel station. Unlike the last time you have to head south until you reach a set of wooden bridges. After you cross the second one, pay attention to the right side of the ledge. You should see a large bone with a scroll sitting on top of it. 

This bone is a bit lower than the bridge and very difficult to see if you don’t pay attention. Once you locate this bone you will see the second scroll the History of Kwartz and be able to collect it. This scroll belongs to a Kwartzorian as he explained how Kwartz was discovered. 

Scroll 3 – On A Stone Ledge

Right after the previous collectible keep moving south until you reach Fort Calcium. Once you arrive you’ll want to reach the other side, where you will find a lot of Coiled. The area you are specifically looking for is one with a large platform with a crystal in the middle. You should spot it quite easily since the bright purple crystal stands out. 

Hop onto the platform and shoot the crystal to move it, then shoot the crystal again. By doing this repeatedly the platform will reach the top. From here you can jump on the wooden platform nearby and then onto the white stone edge. The third Karnok’s Wall Scroll will be right next to the chest here. This scroll is named the Miner Dispute and belongs to Vincus and Boney Bill. 

Scroll 4 – On A Pedestal

The final Karnok’s Wall scroll is luckily the easiest one to find as it is the most accessible of the four. It does come with a challenge as you have to deal with the Son of Witch or Wastard boss in the area. Upon defeating the boss simply head towards the transition point when you reach the skeleton head monument. Directly to the right of the skull, you will see the Scroll on a small pedestal. 

This final scroll is named Bitter and Happy and belongs to the Rude Relic. With that, you have collected each of the scrolls in Karnoks Wall and can move on to the next area.

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