How and where to find Tonsil Stone Bloodborne

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If you’re an avid Bloodborne player, chances are you’ve dabbled a bit in Arianna’s quest line. If you have, you’ll know it’s one of the harder quests in the game. However, don’t get discouraged, as you have more troubles yet to come. Finding the Tonsil Stone Bloodborne is just one of them. 

The elusive Tonsil Stone is a Key item in Bloodborne that grants you access to a certain location after obtaining it. We’ll cover more of that later on.

It’s important to point out how tedious the search for items can get in this game. This is especially true when you’re fighting off enemies at every corner and basically struggling to survive. Or maybe you’re just good and you’ve been breezing through the game, trying to finish it as fast as possible so you can brag to your friends and replay it. 

Either way, you’ll want to instantly know where the Tonsil Stone is located so you can make a beeline for it. Thanks to our guide, you’ll be able to do so in no time!

Do you need the Tonsil Stone in Bloodborne?

All things considered, you definitely will need the Tonsil Stone Bloodborne. If you’re looking to advance the plot of the game by defeating Vicar Amelia, you’ll never get there without the Tonsil Stone. At least not in one piece, anyway.

Basically, you need the Tonsil Stone Bloodborne to get to the Nightmare Frontier. The whole area is teeming with creepy crawlies, but it’s a necessary one for the progression of the story, as we’ve said.

To get to the Nightmare Frontier, you’ll first need to be in the church located at the end of the path left of the Grand Cathedral. Once there, the Lesser Amygdala in the church will grab the Tonsil Stone and let you pass through into the Nightmare Frontier.

How and where do you get the Tonsil Stone?

However, getting the Tonsil Stone is the tricky part. Oh, who are we kidding? It’s Bloodborne. Everything is the tricky part.

You’ll have to defeat Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward. Once you’ve gotten that done, you can visit the Forbidden Woods and open the passage. After entering the Forbidden Woods, you’ll need to talk to the first red lantern NPC who will give you the Tonsil Stone immediately. 

However, this isn’t the only Tonsil Stone you can get in the Forbidden Woods. If you go up to the dog cages that are close to the edge of the hamlet, you’ll see a house on the hill. If you enter it, you’ll see another NPC who offers you the Tonsil Stone. He also gives you a set of barely understandable instructions.

You can also find a Tonsil Stone by talking to two red lanterns in the Cathedral Ward. Once you get there, you’ll need to go right instead of going left. If you go left, you’ll end up in Hemwick.

Still, if you do go to Hemwick, Charnel Lane is also a red lantern location. If you go to the house between the first light post and the elevator, this NPC will also give you a Tonsil Stone.

Gilbert in Central Yharnam will also give you a Tonsil Stone. He’s standing at the first light post in Central Yharnam and just talking to him will do the job. Before getting to the large bonfire, you’ll have to find the red lantern door located right next to a wagon. Once there, you’ll need to take the first railing skip, where you’ll see a small fountain, along with a red lantern and a door.

As you can see, red lantern locations are the main source of the Tonsil Stone Bloodborne. However, if you’ve already been to these locations and sent the NPCs from these locations to a safe place, which you can do with Arianna, Yharnam Girl, Lonely Old Woman, and Skeptical Man, you won’t find the Tonsil Stones there.

Where do you use the Tonsil Stone

Now that you’ve acquired the Tonsil Stone (or several), all that’s left to do is to figure out what to do with it. But look no further, because we’ll tell you what to do with your hard-earned Tonsil Stone!

With a Tonsil Stone in your pocket, you need to get to the Grand Cathedral. Once you’re there, turn to the right and follow the road. You’ll find a building at the end of the road. Enter it and find a large room with a door. Once there, you can approach the door and unlock it. Behind the door is a portal that will transport you to the Lecture Hall. This means you can get there without all the hassle of going all the way around.

The Tonsil Stone is not a terribly significant item in the game. However, it can definitely make matters easier for you.

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