Which is the best Witcher Sword in Witcher 3? Our top 15 countdown

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As a franchise, The Witcher has had a long and successful history. It started out as books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, moving on to movies, television series, comic books, finally landing on several video games. Throughout all these ventures into different media, the adventures of Geralt of Rivia with a Witcher sword in hand have never failed to garner attention.

However, it’s important to note that the video game adaptations are actually a completely separate universe. Andrzej Sapkowski, the creator of the original series, had nothing to do with the Geralt that CD Projekt Red created!

That’s why, before we get into ranking the best swords in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we’ll learn a little bit more about the video game series.

The Whimsical World of Witcher 3

We already know that the Witcher games’ story is set across three different video games. Different adventures outline each game, released in 2007, 2011, and 2015, respectively.

Although the first two games have attracted positive reviews, it’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that caused a boom in the gaming world.

The main premise of the game is Geralt searching for Ciri, who has recently reappeared after going missing for a long time. 

Even though the main point of the game is the vast amount of choices you can make (which yield different endings), the game has received praise for its combat system, as well!

From different abilities to certain weapons and armor you can craft, these choices can also make Geralt perform better in battle. One of the more important choices among these is the Witcher swords you have at your disposal.

If you’re wondering which Witcher sword gives you the best stats in the game, check out our countdown of the best swords in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! We’ll be including all Witcher swords obtainable in the base game as well as the DLCs.

Witcher sword

Top 15 Witcher swords

#15: Tah’rel

Coming in last, but not least, in our list is the Tah’rel silver sword. While you do need to have the Blood and Wine expansion to get this sword, it’s still a great choice for those who love using Aard. This is because Tah’rel gives the Aard sign an additional 28% intensity, doing more damage as you stun your enemies. 

It also packs a great crit punch, giving you a damage bonus of 95%! While there are other advantages to using this sword, the ones we just mentioned are the most important.

However, you can only craft this Witcher sword in the game. You can find the diagram while doing the “What Was This About Again?” treasure hunt quest.

Once you’ve gotten the diagram, all you need is 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, some emerald dust, and powdered monster tissue. Combine those and you’ve got yourself a great relic sword!

#14: Manticore Silver Sword

Here we have our first entry from the Witcher schools’ gear series, the Manticore silver sword! Equipping this sword gives you an additional 250 Armor piercing and a 50% critical hit damage bonus, among other things.

Of course, you need to start the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear to find the diagram for this sword. However, once you obtain it, the rest is relatively easy. You only need 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, 1 ruby, and 1 monster brain to craft the sword.

It’s worth noting that the Manticore gear is the only Witcher school gear that has no tiers below grandmaster. That’s why you shouldn’t worry if it seems like you’re missing the lower tiers!

#13: Toussaint Steel Sword (Crafted)

While you can find two versions of the Toussaint steel sword, crafted and magic, you should be heading for the crafted version instead. This is because the crafted version gives you better stats.

As opposed to the magic version’s additional 250 Armor piercing, 5% Igni sign intensity, and 10% critical hit damage bonus, the crafted version focuses a bit more on the crit side of things.

In addition to the 250 Armor piercing, equipping this Witcher 3 blade gives you a +75% critical hit damage bonus, +15% critical hit chance, +15% chance to cause burning, and +15% chance to cause bleeding! 

With all these stats, you can be sure the crafted Toussaint steel sword packs a hefty punch. You can loot the diagram or purchase it. The crafting recipe requires 1 leather scrap, 2 dark steel ingots, 1 ruby, 2 pieces of amber, and 2 vials of monster saliva.

#12: Harpy Relic Silver Sword

If you’re lucky enough to loot the Harpy sword instead of crafting it, you’re in for a treat. Although this silver sword only gives you an additional 14% chance to cause bleeding, you’ll be impressed with the damage stats.

At 95-105 base damage, you also gain an additional 10 damage per level. This could make the sword extremely powerful late game, if you manage to find it through looting.

#11: Griffin Steel Sword (Mastercrafted)

The Griffin school gear is one of the most popular sets of gear purely because you’re most likely to come across it during early game. While that doesn’t mean it’s the worst gear you can get, it’s also worth mentioning that it comes in tiers. The mastercrafted tier is the one you want to get for the best results.

Specifically, the Griffin steel sword gives you a 20% Sign intensity increase, 25% critical hit damage bonus, 5% critical hit chance, and 5% bonus experience from humans and nonhumans. This makes it the best choice out of all Griffin steel swords.

However, to craft it, you must go through all of the tiers, as you require a Superior Griffin steel sword for the recipe. Once you have that, you only need 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, 1 monster egg, and 1 piece of siren vocal cords.

#10: Longclaw Relic Steel Sword

Longclaw is another steel sword that you can find in different versions: crafted, relic, and common. The one we’re interested in is the relic steel sword.

You can loot the sword during the “Contract: Missing Son” quest from an NPC whose name is Morvudd. If not, you can also find it in the reward chest for the treasure hunt quest “Unlucky’s Treasure”.

Upon acquiring this Witcher sword for Geralt, you’ll find that it gives you +13-50 Armor piercing, +5-10% Yrden Sign intensity, +1-2% chance to dismember, and +2-5% bonus experience from humans and nonhumans.

#9: Feline Steel Sword (Mastercrafted)

While the Witcher school swords are handy, you’ll learn that they’re a pain to craft. As we’ve mentioned before, you need to go through all the tiers and craft those swords before getting to the mastercrafted tier. 

However, this pain definitely pays off in the case of some swords. As far as the Feline steel sword goes, you get an additional 10% critical hit chance, 15% chance to cause bleeding, and 5% bonus experience from humans and nonhumans.

Apart from the Superior Feline steel sword, you’ll need 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, a flawless ruby, and a monster bone. Once you’ve gotten those, you’re free to enjoy these amazing stats!

#8: Gesheft Silver Sword

So far, we haven’t shown any Witcher silver swords any love yet. However, you’ll realize this is because most of them are at the top of our list. One such example is the Gesheft silver sword.

A part of the Blood and Wine expansion, you can either craft the Gesheft or loot it from the Cloud Giant’s castle during the “Beyond Hill and Dale…” quest.

Another cool thing about this Witcher sword is the fact that it serves as a Dark Souls easter egg, making it the prime choice for fans of the From Software games. To obtain the sword, Geralt kneels in front of a campfire, which is reminiscent to the Dark Souls videogames.

#7: Ursine Steel Sword (Mastercrafted)

The mastercrafted Ursine steel sword also requires the superior version of the sword. Apart from this, you need 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, 1 vial of monster saliva, and 1 monster tooth. Hopefully, these ingredients shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The diagram for this Witcher sword is located in the cave west of The Pellar’s hut. However, the “Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams – Part 4” treasure hunt should take you straight to the area you need to be in.

The mastercrafted Ursine sword is great because of it’s 20% Adrenaline Point gain, 75% critical hit damage bonus, and, of course, the 5% bonus experience from humans and nonhumans.

#6: Bloodsword

Completing the “Inheritance” treasure hunt will net you this Witcher sword.

The Bloodsword gives you a 5-20% critical hit damage bonus, 1-4% critical hit chance, 9% chance to cause bleeding, and a 1-2% chance to dismember. However, it also shows off an impressive 95-105 base damage with an additional 10 damage per level.

#5: Iris – Olgierd’s Sword

Finally, a sword originating from a different expansion! You can thank the Hearts of Stone expansion for that.

This Witcher sword is special because you can completely miss obtaining it due to quest choices. The choice involves saving Olgierd von Everec’s soul at the end of the main quest line. As a token of gratitude, he gives you the Iris sword.

Iris is one of the more unique Witcher 3 swords. This steel sword flashes red during combat as a result of charging up energy. When it does flash red, all you have to do is use a strong attack. The sword releases all the energy it charged up in an extra powerful strike, albeit for a price. It takes a part of the attacker’s Vitality, as a result.

#4: Feline Silver Sword (Mastercrafted)

It wouldn’t be a great Witcher sword if it weren’t a silver sword, would it? The silver version of the Feline school sword gives you 15% Aard sign intensity, 10% critical hit chance, 15% chance to cause bleeding, 10% chance to dismember, and a whopping 20% bonus experience from monsters.

Obviously, you need the superior version of the sword. You’ll also need 2 pieces of cured leather, 2 dimeritium ingots, 1 flawless ruby, and 1 powdered monster tissue.

Once you’ve completed the crafting, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Cat school in one Witcher sword.

#3: Ursine Silver Sword (Mastercrafted)

The silver version of the mastercrafted Ursine sword gives you a 20% Adrenaline Point gain, 75% critical hit damage bonus, 5% critical hit chance, 14% chance to dismember, and 20% bonus XP from monsters.

To craft it, you need 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, 1 rebis, and 1 monster essence. Of course, you’ll also need the superior version of the sword to transform.

It’s safe to say that the mastercrafted Ursine silver sword is a big step up from the steel version. That is, if you’re looking at all the bonus stats and attributes.

#2: Griffin Silver Sword (Mastercrafted)

We reach the creme de la creme when it comes to the Witcher school swords, the mastercrafted Griffin silver sword. This sword is particularly notable for its attributes.

Namely, it’s useful for its additional 20% sign intensity, 25% critical hit damage bonus, 5% critical hit chance, 10% chance to dismember, and 20% bonus experience from monsters. This Witcher sword is a dream come true for crit lovers.

To craft it, you require 2 leather scraps, 2 dimeritium ingots, 1 monster feather, 1 monster heart, and the superior version of the sword.

It’s worth noting that you can upgrade all of the mastercrafted Witcher swords to their grandmaster version. However, you should weigh out whether or not the additional attributes are worth it.

#1: Aerondight

Finally, our countdown ends with the best Witcher sword you can obtain in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – Aerondight. This sword is so good, it has appeared in all 3 Witcher games. Although we should mention you need the Blood and Wine expansion to obtain it in this game.

You can obtain this Witcher sword by completing the quest “There Can Be Only One”. To encompass how useful this sword is, we’ll point out that this is the only piece of equipment in the game whose strength grows with use. 

This is because of its effect where each blow generates charges which increase sword damage by 10%. Once it’s fully charged, Aerondight will always deal critical hit damage.

However, to balance it out a little, the charges are lost over time or when Geralt receives damage. If you manage to kill an enemy with Aerondight fully charged up, the weapon’s damage permanently increases. Of course, you then start over with charging the sword up. You can get a maximum of 10 damage increase, along with your character level.

Needless to say, Aerondight is the best sword you can find in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When handled properly, the damage of this sword will far surpass the damage of any other sword in the game. Yes, this even includes New Game+.

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