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12 Best Games Like Valorant

The current state of gaming lends many benefits to many game genres and types of games. One of the most prominent benefits is the rise of popularity for games in a certain genre thanks to others in it. This is happening because many immensely popular games of one genre assist others by granting them attention. A great example of this is Valorant, a tactical shooter game. The game has sparked interest in the genre through its precise gameplay and unique mechanics. Ever since its release it has been in the spotlight as a game and eSport as well. Here we will explore the game and some of our top picks for hames that Valorant players will enjoy.

In the era of eSports and competitive shooters, Valorant is one of the newest yet most popular games in the space. Which is expected considering its developer and loyal fanbase. Ever since its release it was a competitor to veterans in the eSports scene. Even now a few years after its initial release the game is thriving and expanding its horizons with each coming season. One of its biggest strengths is the ease of access because it is free and a great anti-cheat ensuring fair play. These factors make it one of the best and easiest ways to experience a tactical shooter in the modern gaming world.

What is Valorant and what does it offer?

games like Valorant

Valorant is a team-based first-person tactical shooter set in the future and takes a unique spin on the genre. The futuristic setting is paired with agents and player characters that each have unique abilities to assist them in combat. Players upon starting a match can choose characters from different groups including Controllers, Duelists, Initiators, and Sentinels. Each class plays a unique role in utilizing their toolkits:

  • Controllers: Agents that block off certain areas of the map and disrupt lines of sight to give their team an advantage. These are agents like Brimstone, Viper, Omen, and Astra.
  • Duelists: Agents that specialize in offense and excel in killing as their goal is to break through the defense and win duels. These are agents like Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Yoru, Neon, and Reyna
  • Initiators: These agents are supportive ones who specialize in aiding their teammates or disrupting enemies to create an opening. These are agents like Sova, Breach, Skye, KAY/O, and Fade
  • Sentinels: Finally we have the defensive class that utilizes their kit to slow down, stall, and stop pushes on certain areas of the map. These are agents like  Killjoy, Cypher, Sage, and Chamber

Each team can choose whichever character they want as long as there is no copy. In a 5v5 match, both teams can have an Omen but two Omen’s can’t be on the same team. The primary mode that is played in the eSport and ranked matches is Spike. This game mode has one defending and one attacking team. The attacking team must plant the spike and detonate it or eliminate the whole enemy team to win the round. The same applies to the defenders but only preventing the spike plant or defusing it wins the round. Each team must manage their economy and purchase their guns at the start of each round. Games are a best of 13 and they leave a lot of room to strategize your team’s economy and gameplan.

This type of gameplay is very common in the tactical shooting genre and is nothing revolutionary. However, Valorant does have a unique mechanic in which you can save your progress on the defuse at the halfway mark. Now that you are familiar with Valorant and its core gameplay let’s take a look at some of our top picks for games like Valorant.

#1 League Of Legends

League of Legends

The first on the list of games like Valorant is League Of Legends, a game made by the same company Riot Games. League Of Legends is a MOBA that has one of the largest eSports in history. The game while being a different genre shares many similarities to Valorant. These can be seen mostly through the champions and how their abilities and kits work.

Furthermore, just like Valorant, League Of Legends is a 5v5 player-versus-player competitive game. Both games require critical thinking and immense skill to be good at especially now that they are both mature. This simply means that the skill ceiling has risen as players have more time to adapt and learn how to play better.

League Of Legends Gameplay

League Of Legends features gameplay from a top-down perspective where players control their characters with their mouse. Each character has four abilities and a basic attack aside from it. The core gameplay loop focuses on learning to collect gold and build up items for the mid and late-game. You do this to get stronger so you can ultimately destroy the enemy team’s Nexus, base building while defending your own. The team whose Nexus falls first loses and the game ends immediately. 

While this sounds incredibly simple the sheer amount of items, champions, builds, and strategies make each game unique. Rarely ever will you have two games that are too similar.

#2 Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 is one of the games like Valornat we chose to put here as it is the game’s most similar game and biggest competitor. Ever since Valorant’s announcement and release the two communities have been comparing the two games. While there are many differences it is undeniable that the two games are incredibly similar and that there is a lot of skill transfer. Counter-Strike 2 features a more realistic gameplay loop without agents, making every player effectively the same. The only difference between players is which weapons and utility they will buy.

Just like in Valorant, there is an overall story as to why the events of the game are happening. However here they are a bit more self-explanatory.

Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay

Meanwhile, the gameplay of Counter-Strike 2 while very similar has one huge change. There are no exclusive abilities everyone has the same utility available. The recent update from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2 introduced one massive update to the smoke grenade. What was once an impenetrable cloud just like the smokes in Valorant, can be cleared for a second with heavy grenades and shot through to reveal the other side. These changes have massive implications as well as the fact that the utility is now volumetric.

Despite the utility differences, the guns are fairly similar and even the main game mode is exactly the same.

#3 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter that is extremely realistic. The game emphasizes destructible environments and very precise and strategic gameplay. It is one of the games like Valorant not just because of the genre but just like Counter-Strike 2, it shares the defusing game mode. Additionally, R6 also features operators that have unique abilities similar to agents from Valorant. 

One of the biggest differences that separates the game from Valorant and others in the genre is the prep time. Each round of Rainbow Six is like a unique tactical puzzle as defenders set up and attackers try to execute a successful action. These factors paired with the game’s destructible environments create many creative strategies and intense moments.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

The gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege focuses a lot on strategy and making the right and calculated decisions. This is done by making weapons extremely lethal compared to other games. By making this small change information becomes crucial to both sides during a match. Luckily for both, they have ways to gain it. Defenders have access to cameras spread across the map while attackers have drones they can send out to look for enemies.

These mechanics make the game very unique and extremely fun once you get the hang of everything. While it is true that beginners can struggle we encourage you to climb over the mountain as you will surely enjoy the game.

#4 Escape From Tarkov

games like Valorant escape from tarkov

Escape From Tarkov offers a different take on the tactical shooter genre by combining it with first-person shooting survival game elements. Because of its intense gunfights and loyal fans, it truly belongs as one of the games like Valorant. Tarkov puts players in a setting where they drop onto a map with nothing and loot up to make their way to the extraction zone. As you get closer to extraction the tension rises as you know the chances of meeting someone increase.

The game is truly a thrill to play especially if you do so with friends. While it may take you a few hours to get a hang of the visuals and gameplay. We assure you that it is well worth it as it is some of the most fun the tactical shooter genre can offer.

Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

The gameplay of Escape From Tarkov is quite unique as it embraces realism more than most games. This can be seen through the lack of GUIs and outlines around players. No matter where you are, someone could be hiding in a bush or dark room and you probably can’t see them. This is part of the thrill of Tarkov, the realistic visuals that don’t assist players in seeing other people. 

#5 Apex Legends

apex legends intro

The next pick four games like Valorant we have Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale. Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe and features fast-paced mechanics and an intuitive battle royale system. Players can immediately tell the biggest similarity to colorant is the unique legends players can choose to play as.

Each Legend has not only unique abilities but also characteristics, including height and speed. This makes picking the perfect fit for you an interesting debacle, especially when you consider how many awesome ones there are. Apex Legends is an excellent title that almost anyone can pick up and enjoy especially Valorant players. Especially those with incredible aim.

Apex Legends Gameplay

Apex Legends features a very fast-paced combat system with a lot of emphasis on movement and mastery over it. Most players utilize movement to dodge bullets and remain slippery while shooting their enemies. This is possible thanks to the intricate movements and physics system of the game. As a beginner seeing some of the best players move and fight can be a shocking spectacle. To add to the stellar movement, the shooting is incredibly responsive and feels amazing to master.

#6 Fortnite: Save The World

Fortnite is our next pick for games like Valortant, although not the battle royale, but the cooperative PvE environment. Fortnite: Save the World was the original game before the addition of the battle royale. The game sees the player team up with others to defend against waves of zombies. Through this mode, players can experience a thrilling campaign as they recover the earth piece by piece.

Fortnite: Save The World Gameplay

Fortnite: Save The World’s gameplay focuses on base building and resource management in the apocalypse. Players team go in alone or team up with friends and strangers to complete cooperative missions. Through these missions, you will collect loot and upgrade your base and loadout. The gameplay loop of Fortnite: Save The World is quite enjoyable and can serve as a great experience for anyone interested.

#7 Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is another one of the games like Valorant and is an immensely popular objective-based title. The game has many similarities to Valorant through its heroes, objectives, and even format. While ultimately Overwatch 2 does occupy its own space it is a game that Valorant players can appreciate. 

In Overwatch 2 you join a team of heroes all of which have unique abilities to participate in objective-based modes against other players. The game is set to receive a story mode sometime in the future which will expand its universe. We highly recommend the game especially if you have a few friends to bring along on the journey.

Overwatch 2 Gameplay

Overwatch 2 gameplay features players selecting different heroes from select role groups to make functioning teams. The whole strategy of each match is to adjust your team composition according to the map, objective, and enemy team. This cycle can get interesting quite fast as you adapt to your opponent’s strategies while employing your very own.

The game features an incredibly high skill ceiling and is very fun to pick up and play. Intense moments are inevitable and offer some of the largest moments of excitement in gaming.

#8 Quake Champions

Quake Champions

Our next pick for games like Valorant is Quake Champions a legendary first-person shooter. This title is one of the first spirits of the franchise and is synonymous with fast-paced action and competitive gaming. The modern rendition of the classic Quake series serves as an incredible adrenaline-pumping experience that captivates anyone who plays it.

The combination of classic gameplay with modern gaming standards makes the gameplay look amazing. To further improve the game the addition of champion abilities has happened adding a new layer of strategy. Players have the option to choose from a roster of diverse champions to alter their gameplay in many ways.

Quake Champions Gameplay

The Fast-Paced Action of classic Quake games is emphasized here with some of the abilities such as teleporting. The game also expands the map roster introducing new gems and intel spawn locations to freshen up old maps. Additionally, each weapon is not only responsive but very lethal allowing anyone to master their favorite weapons.

Thanks to these factors Quake Champions ends up one of the best first-person shooter experiences you can have. Players can easily take this even further if put in a competitive environment amongst friends or online. 

#9 Borderlands 3 

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter that features a compelling and comedic story. The plot centers around a group of people called the Vault Hunters, and their quest to stop the sinister Calypso Twins. The game features most of the beloved characters from previous installments and expands the universe through its story. Borderlands 3 has many elements of humor, chaos, and an incredible cast of characters.

Through the story, you take down the Calypso Twins and prevent unimaginable chaos from being released into the universe. Borderlands 3 is a very enjoyable experience and deserves its spot as one of the best games like Valorant.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

The gameplay of Borderlands 3 features everything the series has built up so far. From the thousands of unique guns to the satisfying shooting mechanics. Players also have the joy of utilizing their Vault Hunter’s abilities to the fullest. Each Hunter has a unique skill set, just like the agents in Valorant.

Based on the player’s choice you can have different builds and power levels. Ultimately, no matter what you choose you will have a good time as you make your way through the game.

#10 Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders is a classic Tower Defense action RPG where you defend the land of Etheria from evil. While the game is not traditionally a first-person shooter it does have some similarities to games like Valorant. These similarities do come down to the teamwork required to play the game optimally. 

However, Dungeon Defenders is a simple game with an even simpler story. Despite this, it is a great game many love to play through again and again.

Dungeon Defenders Gameplay

Dungeon Defenders was a pioneer in the tower defense genre alongside games like Orcs Must Die. The game while not rich in story features a very deep combat system through the heroes and towers you have in the game. Even with its age it still holds up as an amazing Tower Defense title to this day.

#11 Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals is a first-person shooter and real-time strategy game. The title is set in World War II and has a focus on teamwork and the duties of different roles. Its similarities to games like Valorant come from the tactical shooter aspect of the game. Furthermore, many tactical shooter players gravitate toward the game as it is fun and simple to pick up.

Heroes and Generals is best played among friends as you navigate the map strategically. The game combines infantry combat with vehicular warfare offering a unique model compared to other tactical shooters.

Heroes and Generals Gameplay

As far as the gameplay is concerned Heroes and Generals has four main game modes. These are assault, skirmish, first encounter, and specialist versus specialist. Each mode has its unique rules and settings. The most players is assault, a mode where one team defends against another. The offensive team’s goal i to seize the control points while the other must opposite this. The offensive team wins if it captures all the main points but loses if it cannot before the timer runs out. The game is quite fun and the timer brings in many clutch and exciting moments at the last stretch.

#12 Combat Arms: Reloaded

For our final pick for games like Valorant we have Combat Arms: Reloaded, a multiplayer first-person-shooter. The game has a strong emphasis on fast-paced action and teamwork. With a lack of a proper story, most of the development focused on multiplayer and gameplay. This shines through as the game is still well received fifteen years in the future.

Combat Arms: Reloaded Gameplay

The gameplay of Combat Arms Reloaded is a definite highlight as it introduced many mechanics for a game from that time. These mechanics were not only implemented they were well made and polished. This let the game shine and last for as long as it did.

Fans of the game know the highlight was the teamplay through the various combat skills paired with the wide variety of weapons. These factors allowed players to think of many different plans to seize the dynamic maps. Combat Arms Reloaded also had a variety of game modes, from deathmatch and capture the flag to unique community-made modes. If you ever get the chance we highly recommend that you at least try this game. Simply because it was an inspiration to many of the massive successes we have today.

Final Thoughts On Games Like Valorant

The tactical shooting genre has many different games for players to choose from. It does not matter how realistic or simple you like your games there are always those that can suit your needs. This is true for games like Valorant including all of the ones we talked about here. As gaming evolves and keeps improving we will surely see even more realistic games as well as new powerhouse eSports in the next few years. Until then explore any of these titles that you haven’t, who knows you might just find the perfect game for you.

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