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13 Best Horror Games Like Until Dawn To Explore – Skilfulgamer

The current state of gaming lends many benefits to many game genres and types of games. One of the most prominent benefits is the rise of popularity for games in a certain genre thanks to others in it. This is happening because many immensely popular games of one genre assist others by granting them attention. A great example of this is Until Dawn, an interactive horror drama video game. This title has sparked interest in the genre through its story and unique way of telling the story. This has caused many games like Until Dawn, regardless of how similar they are to rise in popularity. Here we will explore the game and some of our top picks for games that players of Until Dawn will enjoy.

If you are unfamiliar Until Dawn is a very unique horror game that follows the story of eight young adults that survive on Blackwood Mountain. Through the events of the game, players will have to make many decisions that will determine the outcome of the story. Players can experience a thrilling sequence of events as a cruel prank culminates in a horrifying discovery that threatens everyone’s lives. As the title suggests you play through one faithful night that dwells on dark horror themes and sees the party struggle to survive. Furthermore, the many mysteries present within the story are perfectly unfolded as you play through for the first time. For those who appreciate traditional media, you might be surprised to see Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere portray two integral characters in the game. Ultimately the game serves as a thrilling experience that can be enjoyed alone or with a companion.

What do we think about Until Dawn?

games like Until Dawn

Until Dawn is truly one of the best games to come out in the interactive horror drama genre. Its influence can be seen even to this day. The tile has had such a  profound impact on the genre thanks to its excellently written story and amazing butterfly effect mechanic. Of the two we would credit most of the success of the title to the in-depth and well-thought-out scenarios depending on the player’s choices. This makes it so that players can have drastically different endings on their first playthrough from everyone surviving to your characters never reaching the sunrise.

Of course, you can always go back and try to make the correct choices to change up the story and ultimately get the best ending. However, this is not as easy as it might seem since the Butterfly Effect is as mentioned before designed very well. This makes every fix and the correct steps towards the best ending somewhat of a puzzle. Players will find much enjoyment in figuring out the correct sequence of events as they play through the game multiple times. Furthermore, if you wish to go the completionist route you will have to explore all of the seemingly infinite scenarios of the game.

What makes the game shine the most for us is that no matter what you decide the characters act as they would. This makes each branch of the story even if it’s a bad one interesting and serves a purpose. Through some, we might learn important and nowhere else seen reasons for some of the character’s actions. All of this truly does make the game a real masterpiece and one that is deserving of its status. Now that you are familiar with the game and what makes it shine let’s take a look at some of the best games like Until Dawn. We have made sure to cover a  wide range so that there is one for everyone to try. Lastly, if you have played one of these and not Until Dawn, we highly recommend that you pick up this great title and play through it.

#1 The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is our first pick for the games like Until Dawn you should try out. This is because this interactive drama and survival horror game has many amazing qualities that make it shine. As the first installment of a promising eight-part series named The Dark Pictures Anthology, it starts the series off with a bang. Players are set with a crew preparing for a diving expedition to uncover details of an American warship in Manchuria overrun by ghostly apparitions. The stellar crew of characters offers an interesting dynamic as we get to meet them before they are ambushed by fishermen. While under their captivity the party joins the crew on their mission to find the hidden treasure called the Manchurian Gold.

Eventually, the ship faces a crash and gives our protagonists the chance to escape. This however splits up the group as they navigate unknown threats and try to meet up. What follows is a thrilling story that sees the development of the stunning world for the series.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Gameplay

As for the gameplay, this title is a horror video game that plays from a third-person perspective. One of its unique qualities is that your friends can join you through multiplayer as you assume control of five different characters. Throughout the story, each character and player will be faced with decisions that will affect the story. The choices will always follow a template where you can follow the character’s head, and heart or simply have them do nothing. These choices will change the character’s moral compass and the narrative as a whole.

If you make enough choices that steer the compass in one way the characters will change personality. This will open new decisions but lock others out. To serve as an assistance or a red herring players will encounter many different Dark Pictures on their playthroughs. These will show premonitions of the future but can they truly be trusted? Overall the gameplay of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is thrilling and enjoyable. Especially when you play with friends through the Shared Story and Movie Night modes.

#2 The Inpatient 

games like Until Dawn The Inpatient 

The Inpatient is another one of the games like Until Dawn and is a psychological horror video game. This title was made for Virtual Reality where it is exclusive. Players control a character that awakens in a restraining chair, greeted by what we think is a doctor. He tells us that our memory is weak and that we should try to remember the last thing we saw. Despite all efforts, the only memory that comes to mind is us hiding in a small closet and being found by a mystery man. Following this an employee takes us out of the room and we learn that we are a patient in the Blackwood Sanitarium.

During our stay, we get a new roommate and slowly see that their sanity is starting to decrease. As chaos is heard outside we get the chance to break free and explore the barren and rundown sanitarium. On our journey, we meet some employees and a priest who have discovered that the chaos is caused by the Wendigon. As the player tries to escape from the mountain with their roommate. Here there’s an important choice that can be made, as you discover to have consumed flesh during your stay in the sanitarium. With your last moment of humanity, you may choose to stay behind and save your companions or go rogue and kill the others. This choice impacts the ending and the fate of your companions while you ultimately remain up on the mountain as a monster.

The Inpatient VR Gameplay

The gameplay of Inpatient is similar to that of many other games utilizing Virtual Reality technology. Players look through the headset and control their player with a controller. The game is a great and thrilling experience with many scares and interesting choices to be made. The simple controls add to the scary atmosphere as there is not much you can do but experience the thrilling situations. We highly recommend this title for those who want a short but good horror experience.

#3 Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a single-player adventure video game that follows a young woman named Mae Borowski. As one of the games like Until Dawn, it features a compelling story and was very well received. Margaret Borowski is a college dropout who comes back home and begins to explore and hang out with old friends. During her stay, she starts to have strange and vivid dreams. The haunting events continue as she witnesses the kidnapping of a teenager by a mysterious figure. As the protagonist’s mental health deteriorates from these events she encounters a group of cloaked figures. Once they see her a chase ensures that sets Mae into a coma.

This sets the interesting premise of this horrifying game as you explore the mysterious cult. Ultimately it is up to the choices of the player if Mae is successful in her efforts to stop the cult and all the things happening in her hometown.

Night in the Woods Gameplay

The gameplay of Bight in the Woods follows Mae’s story as she is forced to confront the horrible secret of the town. By navigating the world we learn about what is truly happening in the city. Through this, we can make the proper decisions to do the right thing. The game has a good playtime that will give you an interesting story through it. We highly recommend this title as while it is similar to Until Dawn it does have some lighter tones and elements as the mystery of Possum Springs is told.

#4 The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

House of Ashes games like until dawn

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is the third installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology series and continues its premise. As one of the best games like Until Dawn this title stands out just like its predecessors. The story this time unfolds the plot of the former territory of the ancient Akkadian Empire. In the timeline of the world, this empire was sat at a crash-landing of a spaceship. This spaceship carried thousands of bat-like aliens that descended onto Earth. These aliens were controlled by parasites that gestated within the host’s body. Through these parasites, the hosts mutated into vampires and became vulnerable to UV rays.

Through the prologue, we take a peek into the ancient history of Akkad and the tragedy that unfolds thanks to a Solar Eclipse. As the aliens slaughter both forces two survivors remain Akkadian general Balathu and Gutian soldier Kurum. They ignore their differences and work together to survive, however, we do not learn anything about their fates. Many players were also happy to see two actors portray characters in the game, of course referring to Nich Tarabay and Ashley Tisdale.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Gameplay

The gameplay of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes features the same mechanics as the previous installments. The decision-making and pictures system remains prevalent throughout the game. However, there is more focus placed on the delicate relationships between the characters. Furthermore, the title expands the use of quick time events on important events especially in the prologue. 

The multiplayer modes named Movie Night and Shared Story also make a return allowing you to play with friends. Overall the title is a great addition to the series thanks to its great story and insights as well as the gameplay.

#5 State of Decay 2

State of decay games like until dawn

Our next pick for games like Until Dawn is State of Decay 2, a zombie survival video game. The title boasts an open world in which players must establish a group of survivors and try their best to survive. As you play and rebuild society you learn clear Trumbull Valley and work towards building a safe heaven. On your journey, you encounter many factions and characters with their own stories and objectives. However, not all are friendly as some turn out to be antagonistic and can change your plans drastically.

The game also has expansions through DLC that further improve the story and gameplay of the title. One of the best elements of State of Decay 2 is its realistic portrayal of characters and their decisions. This makes the story compelling and worth going through multiple times.

State of Decay 2 Gameplay

State of Decay 2 has some sandbox elements as you work through surviving the zombie-infested valley. The many elements and mechanics that go into setting up and keeping your haven safe are very fun to interact with. Players rarely feel like there is nothing to do. Especially in the early stages of the game when nothing is certain. The many areas, characters, and situations made possible by the mechanics are what make the game replayable and enjoyable whenever you boot it up.

A highlight to us is the attention to detail of how each decision can make survivors and neighboring factions act. Additionally, the player-driven storytelling is implemented perfectly as it allows you to make your unique narrative in this world filled with zombies.

#6 Detroit: Become Human

Detroid: Become Human is one of the games like Until Dawn due to its compelling story and similar gameplay. While the title is newer it has expanded some gameplay elements but also sets itself apart through its setting. Detroit: Become Human is set in the future where androids have become a normal occurrence. Furthermore, they have reached a point where they are no longer machines and are seeking their own rights. The story that ensues is that which explores many difficult topics from a few select androids.

Each story expands the world and shows the struggles the androids had to put up with. With your decisions determining not only the fate of the select few, but all android kind. Detroit: Become Human is one of the best thought-provoking titles to come out and has been very well-received ever since its release.

Detroit: Become Human Gameplay

The gameplay of Detroit: Become Human is akin to that of Until Dawn and games like it. While you explore the world and do tasks your characters must you are faced with many important decisions. The different settings for each character give players unique gameplay elements as they learn about this futuristic world. 

There are three main storylines players follow and they all intertwine with the protests for android rights. Based on the decisions in each character’s story others will feel the consequences up until the ending. The game has a staggering 85 endings with overlap, but there are about 40 of those that are more unique. This makes the game very replayable and lets it stand out as one of the best in the genre.

#7 Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered

fahrenheit indigo prophecy remastered

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered is one of the most recognizable action-adventure games like Until Dawn. The game follows the protagonist, Lucas Kane, a cursed man who commits murder while possesed. Through the story, we see how based on the player’s decisions the story unfolds as two police detectives investigate the case. While on the run we learn about the possessions and the inner workings of this universe. The story culminates based on the player’s decisions with the police and the Oracle.

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered Gameplay

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered features both a third and first-person perspective while playing the game. As you control Lucas Kane you will encounter many decisions that will affect your state of mind and the overall story. It is important to make the right ones as Lucas’ state of mind is crucial to the gameplay and story. This is because these states can summon Lucas’s paranormal abilities or distort the world as he sees it. On your first playthrough you will get an ending based on your choices. Naturally, once you beat the game you can go back and replay chapters to see the other endings.

#8 Life is Strange

life is strange games like until dawn

Our next pick for games like Until Dawn is Life is Strange, a series of narrative adventure games. The series follows one coherent story that revolves around Max Caulfield, a high school senior. Through the story, Max discovers she can rewind time and returns to her hometown to reunite with a childhood friend. With her new abilities, she finds herself in an embroiled and very complex narrative driven by emotion and consequence.

As the games progress the choices you make not only change your life in the future but the lives of everyone MAx cares for. In the center of the story is the disappearance of a fellow student and the dark secrets surrounding it. Throughout the story, some many different scenarios and timelines differ quite a lot, which makes the games a great experience to play.

Life is Strange Gameplay

The gameplay of life is strange and focuses on Max’s ability to go back in time to rewind and replay events. With this mechanic comes the butterfly effect that creates many different timelines based on the player’s choices. As you explore the world and lead Max through an incredibly emotional and difficult story you can never decide without thinking about it. Especially once you realize that even the smallest changes make a huge difference in the future. 

We highly recommend that you play Life is Strange because of its storytelling, memorable characters, moral dilemmas, and of course immersive gameplay.

#9 Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a survival horror game set in the universe based on the Alien film series. The story follows engineer Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the first few movie’s main protagonist. Players take control of Amanda looking for her mother on the sight of her disappearance. Once there she discovers why the space station is in disarray. And what’s worse that there is an alien creature on the loose.

The story follows Amandas’ journey to avoid, outsmart, and defeat enemies that she encounters. The game is a thrilling horror game that shows the horror of the Alien universe.

Alien: Isolation VR Gameplay

While Alien: Isolation did not support virtual reality upon its release due to the technology not being as advanced some have created mods that integrate the system into the game. This mod makes the game a fantastic addition to any VR library. It is also easily one of the scariest games on the system. The mod is very easy to install and works perfectly giving players the ultimate experience for minimum effort.

We highly recommend that try this classic game through the lens of your virtual reality headset.

#10 Remothered: Tormented Fathers 

 Remothered: Tormented Fathers 

Remothered: Tormented Feathers is our next pick for games like Until Dawn and is a stunning survival horror game. Remothered takes some of its elements from many Japanese survival horror series and implements them beautifully. The plot follows Rosemary Reed, a woman who visits the Felton estate to uncover the truth about a disappearance. Set in 1992, we follow Rosemary as she finds herself trapped in the mansion slowly uncovering its secrets.

The game is a great and incredibly frightening experience through a compelling narrative. Players who enjoy truly scary horror games will love this one, especially during the suspenseful moments. 

Remothered: Tormented Fathers Gameplay

The gameplay in Remothered: Tormented Feathers has a large emphasis on stealth and puzzle solving. In the game, players must avoid and outwit the hostile characters in the mansion while exploring its depths. The tension is very apparent and further emphasized through the incredible sound design.

Furthermore,  the third-person view paired with the dark areas lit only by Rosemary’s flashlight paints an unsettling picture. This feeling hardly ever leaves the player during their playthrough which adds to the horror of the title.

#11 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The next pick for games like Until Dawn is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a horror adventure game set in an open-world environment. The story follows a paranormal investigator Paul Prospero after he receives a fan letter from a young boy. This letter inspires him to journey to his hometown of Red Creek Valley. Upon arriving at the town he finds himself in an unsettling and paranormal situation as he looks for the now missing boy. 

As the investigation progresses the family secret of the boy is uncovered and a malevolent spirit is noted. Paul works toward saving the young boy all while trying to remain alive himself. Ultimately the case is concluded and Paul is left with his experience and a newfound view of the world he inhabits. 

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Gameplay

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter features an open-world environment that allows players to freely roam around and explore. The best part of the gameplay is that it leaves the player to figure nearly everything out by themselves. This can be quite confusing at the beginning but it adds to the horror elements later on. Furthermore, for those that enjoyed the main story the game laso has additional sequences that expand the world. However, these contain more stealth elements as players enter a permadeath mode.

#12 Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Our next entry for games like Until Dawn is a classic tile coming from the Nintendo DS, Hotel Dusk: Room 215. The game takes place at Hotel Dusk and follows a former N.Y.P.D. detective as he arrives to search for his partner. There is a known story that Room 215 can grant wishes which interest our protagonist. However, he soon realizes the hotel has many mysteries as well as connections to the past. How we discover these secrets and see them unfold depends completely on the choices we make.

It is up to us to find the chronological order of the larger story and see what is truly going on in this rundown motel. The game is quite unique due to its original console and its book-like format. Most of the horror comes from the grueling story that relies on a deep sense of tension and intrigue. These elements are what make it stand out as one of the best mystery-adventure games in the genre.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Gameplay

The gameplay of the title lets players move around and interact with the environment through the Nintendo DS’s touchpad. With the help of it, the console’s microphone, and the closable cover you must solve many puzzles. The way the game utilizes the many elements of the DS is truly remarkable and adds to the horror of the title. Simply because these methods increase the immersiveness of the game. 

Furthermore, players must pay close attention to the relationships with the hotel’s patrons. If any become confused, frightened, or angered you may prematurely end the detective’s mission. We highly recommend that you try this game out if you own a Nintendo DS.

#13 Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is an open-world survival horror video game that has landed its place on our list of the best games like Until Dawn. This is because of its amazing story that follows a detective as he investigates the murder of a woman. What seems like an easy case for the detective soon becomes a rabbit hole full of bizarre mysteries. The case takes him into a world full of strange and otherworldly phenomena. As the story continues we learn a lot about the universe and about the characters that inhabit it.

Deadly Premonition is a great title thanks to its narrative through the surreal situations. As the game draws inspiration from classic horror and mysteries it has a chilling sense behind it. This exactly is what makes it stand out as a memorable horror video game experience.

Deadly Premonition Gameplay

The gameplay features an open world where you navigate this survival horror game. Players view the world through a third-person perspective as they try to uncover the identity of the killer. The exploration paired with the otherworldly aspects makes the world feel alive, especially thanks to the day-night cycles. Deadly Premonition features combat that is unconventional and has some clunky mechanics. Despite this, it has remained one of the best horror survival experiences to this day. 

Final Thoughts On Games Like Until Dawn

The horror genre of the gaming industry is a rich and plentiful one that is best paired with some elements. Until Dawn just like most games we have picked blends these elements with exceptional stories to make the best horror experiences. Rare are games in any genre where you can’t see inspiration from others that came before it. The same stays true even with Until Dawn. Some games we picked here are predecessors that might have inspired the game’s developers.

For fans of any game here the rest are a perfect fit and will serve to entertain and frighten you just like Until Dawn.

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