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8 Games Like Royal Match To Try

Simply by taking a look at the current state of mobile gaming, we can see a couple of clear trends present. One of the most popular ones is one that has been prevalent for long, and these are puzzle games. One of the most popular puzzle games is a title like Royal Match, a match-3 puzzle game. While this popularity can be attributed due to the game let’s first look at the genre as a whole. Puzzle games are some of the most enjoyable games fit for mobile gaming because of their nature. Mobile games aren’t those that you will play for long due to battery life and comfort. This is why games that you can pick up for a bit and then just as fast drop are perfect for the platform.

This is where puzzle games come into play, no matter where you are, on the bus, in line, school you might want to speed up time. Not only can you do this through these games you can also utilize them to improve your cognitive abilities. This really makes them perfect for the role, especially in match-3 games. The simple rules of match-3 make the format a great template for building games on introducing unique mechanics. Whether you are looking to try out your first match-3 game or are already a fan of Royal Match the games we picked here have something to offer to you. But before we get into the list let’s first take a closer look at Royal Match and what makes it stand out in a sea of other puzzle games. 

What is Royal Match?

games like Royal Match

Royal Match is a very engaging and entertaining 3-match game thanks to the many elements it utilizes. Firstly, the game has very polished mechanics and interesting levels that work off of the fundamentals of match-3. The title features nearly every mechanic you can imagine that is prominent in the match-3 formula. To improve upon the mechanics the game’s visuals have a unique and charming style that is easy on the eyes. Royal Match also matches its levels to the theme and task it is currently doing. This helps it tie in with the overarching story it portrays right next to its gameplay.

Royal Match follows King Robert as he decorates and rules his castle. To do this successfully he requires your help through the many match puzzles you complete within the game. For example, the king might find himself in difficult situations and will need assistance. No matter the task, if he is drowning or in danger, the board will represent that. It will even take it a step further and incorporate elements of the situation into your match-3 gameplay.

This paired with the heartwarming storyline is exactly why it is one of the best puzzle games on the market with a massive fan base. However, as it is a new game many are looking for something to play similar to it. Here we have prepared a comprehensive list of games like Royal Match, ensuring there is a title for everyone to like.

#1 Town Matters

games like Royal Match

Town Matters is a wonderful match-3 game that is set in a fantasy world. The game takes elements from games like Royal Match and combines them with a town building and management system. As you play through the match-3 levels you will earn materials and progress your town, building it up as you play. 

Eventually, you will fully revitalize the town to its former glory, and this is when you can continue the engaging storyline with your citizens. Ultimately the journey will take you on a massive hunt as you uncover the mysteries of what happened to the town and more mysteries about this world. Another prominent aspect of the title is the visuals as they perfectly match the style of the fantasy world. Furthermore, levels are made to resemble the areas you play at and which materials you gather from them.   

Town Matters Guide

As for the gameplay Town Matters features everything you would want in a match-3 puzzle game but expands upon this through the town mechanics. To be efficient players must learn to balance the two and optimize their resources. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the many events, special abilities, and collections to optimize your gameplay. 

Lastly, players should strategically plan out their town layout not only to look good but maximize efficiency through the systems in place.

#2 Puzzle Breakers

games like Royal Match Puzzle Breakers

Puzzle Breakers is also one of the games like Royal Match that takes you on an epic adventure. In this world full of magic and mystery you will encounter many creatures from Egyptian mythology. This match-3 game also features many u role-playing elements that are perfectly blended with the mechanics of the genre.

The story sees you join a group of adventurers as their leader on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the world. On your journey, you must solve puzzles to get closer to the truth as you combat anyone and anything in your way. The story while it does start slow becomes quite engaging later on. But one thing that is present from the very start is the wonderful art style that lends itself greatly to the game.

Puzzle Breakers Guide

Puzzle Breakers has a unique way of handling its levels because of its role-playing elements. The gameplay features the same match-3 you are familiar with but introduces combat through your haro party and an enemy. By matching corresponding colors to your heroes, they can utilize their abilities in battle. Through this, the stakes rise, as you fight waves of creatures and massive bosses on the field. To further improve the gameplay there are over 100 unique heroes to choose from. Each of these can be upgraded and equipped with items to bring out their power.

Players have a lot to do in this game, from creating teams to optimizing them giving the game a true RPG feel. This is why we have chosen this title to be one of the best games like Royal Match.

#3 Homescapes

Homescapes is another great game that encompasses the match-3 genre and again with a unique spin. The story of the game has you following a protagonist, Austin, who renovates his childhood home. As you complete one task more pop-up as Austin faces new tasks and challenges that require your help.

The storyline is heartwarming and even allows you to have a pick at how the interior decorating will look. The title is so good simply thanks to the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment it gives from transforming a neglected mansion.

Homescapes Guide

Homescapes is a game where you will complete traditional match-3 puzzles to complete certain tasks around the house. However, the depth of the game comes not only from the match levels but from the choices you must make. Not all tasks are created equal and some require specific choices to be made and might even be timed. These mechanics offer a refreshing touch to the match-3 genre and are incredibly fun.

Homescapes also has a feature to help out those who are struggling and that is the power-up mechanic. Through decorating and completing rooms you gain powerful abilities that can help you tackle challenging puzzles. Furthermore, you can also play minigames if you want to take a break from the main story and have some quick fun.

#4 Toon Blast 

Toon Blast is a charming title that brings a cartoonish twist to the standard match-3 format. In the game, you follow Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear on an adventure through their world. You will help them as they complete tasks and complete challenges.

The story stands out for its charming characters and the tasks they navigate the world and its wonders. Through each journey, you might unlock power-ups and combos that can help you clear more difficult levels. Furthermore, a fun part is coming across secrets and solving them as you encounter them.

Toon Blast Guide

Toon Blast is a fairly simple game and that is exactly what makes it so good. The title perfectly blends the task your furry friends must complete with the level. This is done either through a timer, a special mechanic, or one of many other ways. Because of this Toon Blast serves as one of the best introductory games for the genre and is great for a younger audience thanks to its visuals.

#5 Royal Blast 

royal blast

Royal Blast is one of the most similar games to Royal Match but it differs in one way. While it does still offer the match-3 gameplay it isn’t the one you are thinking of. Royal Blast’s gameplay resembles that of Zuma as you must shoot out tiles to match with the moving line of tiles. The story follows a butler and his adorable pet as you help them restore and decorate a royal castle. The many areas you can unlock and repair make the game very enjoyable and engaging to play.

Royal Blast Guide

Royal Blast is a fairly simple game and is one of the best tile-matching games on the market. With its shooting mechanics, it gives a breath of fresh air to match-3 players. This medium not only makes the gameplay more engaging it can also be more difficult, especially in the later levels.

However, you still have an assortment of power-ups to help you out on your journey. You can earn these as you repair areas of the Kingdom and bring them back to their former glory. 

#6 Pirates & Puzzles

pirates and puzzles

Pirates & Puzzles is our next pick for games like Royal Match you should try it because of its story, and art style. The title puts the player in the shoes of a captain on a thrilling journey with their crew. Through your adventures, you will encounter treasure, puzzles, and battles.

In Pirates & Puzzles, you will not encounter a grand pirate story but work on collecting all the legendary pirates to increase your power. You can join clans and even compete with friends through the amazing battle mode.

Pirates & Puzzles Guide

Pirates & Puzzles is a game that has a very well-thought-out combat system that works wonderfully with the match-3 mechanics. The combat not only depends on your matching prowess and decisions but how you prepare your ship and crew beforehand. This gives the game an RPG feel as you prepare your crew and equip them and your ship with the best gear you have.

What makes the game even more fun are the exciting in-game events that grant you amazing loot. Furthermore, you can compete with friends through progress or directly through battles. 

#7 Gunspell 2

The next pick for games like Royal Match is Gunspell 2, a match-3 RPG. This title is interesting as it combines the usually lighthearted genre with a dark and supernatural narrative. This makes it one of the best choices for those who want something similar but quite different in the genre. 

The story also stands out as a shocking contrast to others in the genre as it involves many paranormal topics. The Universe offers a lot of content to anyone interested and is one of the best multiplayer match-3 games with a compelling story. The two main groups feature characters that utilize spells and abilities in contrast to those that utilize guns. Through the story, you follow the role of the supernatural agents tasked to hunt down the supernatural. We recommend this title simply for the story and premise as it is incredibly unique.

Gunspell 2 Guide

Gunspell 2 changes up the gameplay of the usual match-3 by making the board hexagonal and introducing abilities. Since the game is an RPG match title whenever you are matching you are in combat. During these instances, you can not only match but utilize special abilities that are unique to your hero. These can be customized to great detail before each battle to give you the best chance of victory. For us, a great highlight of the game aside from the story is the responsive and well-thought-out multiplayer PvP game mode.

#8 Legendary Game of Heroes

Legendary Game of Heroes is another match-3 game that stands out amongst others. This is because unlike other games like Royal Match we mentioned already it blends card game elements with itself. The game allows you to be strategic and utilize your collected cards to battle and unleash powerful combos and devastating attacks.

A definite highlight of the title is the many beautifully designed cards and heroes. While you can collect them all you can also meet them through the rich story. These factors make it one of the most popular and downloaded games in the match-3 space.

Legendary Game of Heroes Guide

The gameplay of Legendary Game of Heroes depends a lot on your card collection and their application. As they are an integral part of the combat you must strategize and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Luckily these cards are plentiful and can be earned through the story mode, events, and even guild activities.

The gameplay loop of this title is very satisfying and lends itself beautifully to the match-3 genre. We highly recommend that you at least try out this amazing title as it really is in a league of its own.

Final Thoughts On Games Like Royal Match

The popularity of match-3 games comes with very good reason and is completely justified. Games like Royal Match are among the best sources of entertainment on the mobile platform and we don’t see any genre changing that in the near future. If you are thinking of or have of trying these types of games we encourage you as you are sure to find one that you will enjoy.

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