Top 10 Games like Little Nightmares

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Fans of survival horror games are no strangers to Little Nightmares. The ever-present suspense makes Little Nightmares’ gameplay exactly its namesake, a freaking nightmare. On top of that, the audio design, paired with the atmosphere just adds to the creepy horror vibes we love so much. So, if you find yourself mesmerized by this horror puzzle, and you’re looking for games like Little Nightmares, you’re in the right place!

What Makes Little Nightmares’ gameplay so unique?

When it comes to the Little Nightmares gameplay, it’s hard to pinpoint one single thing that makes it unique. The game has an almost dreamy, fairytale-like setting. Except instead of cute little critters wandering around, you find the stuff of nightmares, quite literally so: creatures like The Lady, The Guests, and The Janitor. 

Anyways, our tale begins in a mysterious world and follows a little girl named Six. This little munchkin is on a journey, trying to escape the Maw, a vessel inhabited by twisted, corrupted souls searching for their new meal. In a weird way, Little Nightmares helps you reconnect with your inner child and lets you face some of your childhood demons. Furthermore, such a dark place is no room for a little girl like Six. Meaning, you could at least lend a helping hand and accompany her on this dark and mysterious journey. 

List of games like Little Nightmares you’ll enjoy

Having in mind Little Nightmares’ gameplay and engaging story, it’s really no wonder why horror fans can’t get enough of it. However, some variety is always a good idea. 

You’re a fan of horror puzzle-platformer games and you don’t know where to start? No problem! We made a list of top 10 games like Little Nightmares to help you find your next dose of horror. Enjoy!

Among the Sleep 

You’ve got some tiny shoes to fill, as in Among the Sleep, you take on the role of a small toddler named David. Among the Sleep brilliantly makes use of color, lighting, and sound to deliver this freakishly good, yet eerie masterpiece. Furthermore, the game uses implication rather than jump-scares, making it all the more haunting. 


Detention is no ordinary ghost story. Creepy through and through, our story is set during Taiwan’s White Terror period of the 1960s. Playing the game may feel like torture at times, but learning the history of the cursed school and nearing the end make it worth your time. The player takes on the role of Ray’s soul, as she goes through purgatory, unwilling to accept her guilt. In case this doesn’t make you quake in your boots, the abnormally high level of suspense and unsettling atmosphere definitely will.  

little nightmares




Much like Little Nightmares, Limbo is a dark puzzle platformer with its own set of obstacles. Limbo takes place in a forest, where the player takes control of a young boy solving puzzles, each one harder than the last. Its art style is very simplistic, but don’t let it fool you – you’ll practically be glued to the edge of your seat. Just be careful, or you might find yourself falling into the abyss of the dark forest. 


Unravel is basically Little Nightmares without the horror elements. Consequently, this makes it a great option for those who enjoy a little mystery without being freaked out. Take control of Yarny, a small critter made out of yarn, and adventure through as you explore an elderly woman’s memories. Some of these memories are good, some bad, but combined with the perfectly fitting soundtrack, Unravel offers a strong gameplay experience

Hello Neighbor 

Although the title sounds innocent enough, Hello Neighbor is anything but. A young boy sees his neighbor acting strange and suspicious, so naturally, curiosity gets the best of him. He sneaks into the neighbor’s house and gets so much more than he bargained for. The neighbor’s house is a maze of mystery, with plenty of room to explore. But, darker, more sinister things lurk in the maze, leaving just enough room for fear without the jump scares.


Toby Fox, also known as the creator of Undertale, is essentially a one-man-band. Everything including the touching writing, the design, even the game’s soundtrack, is his creation. In terms of the story, the game is about a human which falls below the surface of the Earth. The human also meets monsters on their way back home. On their adventure, they learn about the relationship between them through events that took place long before the beginning of the game.

Bendy and the Ink Machine 

Bendy and the Ink Machine is set in Joey Drew Studios, where you’ll find cartoon characters like Alice, Boris, and the devil darling. Henry, the man that worked there and created them, comes back years later. He soon realizes that his creations have come to life. Moreover, they’re gone completely off the rails and are doing their best to murder him. Players take on the role of Henry as they try to fight off the animated characters and survive. 


Players who enjoy run and gun games will love Cuphead. Join Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they run for their lives after making a deal with the Devil. In order to make it out alive, Cuphead and Mugman must face off against a series of bosses and take their souls. Cuphead might not be that scary, but it has a certain charm to it. 

We Happy Few 

We Happy Few takes place after World War 2 but in an alternate reality. The game lets you take control of these three characters: Sally, Ollie, and Arthur. Honoring the game’s namesake, a drug named Joy is used to erase bad memories and only lets people see the world in a positive light. Over the course of the game, the characters slowly start to unveil the truth regarding the history of the world. As they say, the truth will set you free, or in this case, get the dice rolling.

Hollow Knight 

Hollow Knight follows the quest of a titular knight to Hallownest, a kingdom filled with different insects. Due to this, the player will need all of the knight’s combat skills to make it out alive. Furthermore, Hallownest is hauntingly eerie, yet beautiful, and throughout the game, players get to explore it and learn the interesting and tragic history of the world.

On Games like Little Nightmares 

Now, Little Nightmares is pretty hard to top. Its gameplay, narrative, graphics, and art style make it one of a kind. Unfortunately, it’s way too short, so having some backups to play is always a good idea. This way, even if you do end up trying something new from this list, at least you’ll know it’s right up your alley. 

To sum up, any one of these 10 horror puzzle games is a great option. Nonetheless, your choice should be based on your preferences in terms of gameplay, jumpscares, length, overall experience, etc. What we’re saying is don’t pick something too scary if you’re faint of heart. Something like Cuphead or Unravel might be a better match for you. Make sure you keep that in mind, and of course, have fun! 

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