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15 Games Like Omori To Explore and Play – Skilfulgamer

With the diverse state of the gaming industry, we can see many unique games rise to popularity and bring in new people into gaming. For most gamers, it takes just one video game to get into the hobby as it can be a gateway to the industry at large. One of the games that has done this perfectly is Omori a role-playing video game released in 2020. Omori has caused many to get into gaming simply by playing games like Omori. From the initial announcement and through the development that lasted six and a half years the game was quite popular. This gave it enough hype to have an incredibly successful release.

Omori received largely positive critical reviews with many gaming publications praising it for its depiction of depression and anxiety. Many admired the way these overused themes in the genre were utilized to create a memorable experience. Here we will take a look into the wonder that is this game and which games you can play like it. Without further ado lets first take a look at what is Omori before we get into our top picks.

What is Omori?

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Omori as mentioned before is a role-playing video game that was published in 2020 by studio Omocat. As one of the most popular and successful titles of the year it quickly gained its cult-like following. Furthermore, the spark of popularity with the game expanded the interest of the whole role-playing video game genre. Omori puts the player in control of a teenage boy named Sunny, and his alter ego from the dream world Omori. Players experience both the real world and Sunny’s surreal dreams through Omori. Each of these has a significant purpose in the story as they involve overcoming or suppressing fears and forgotten secrets.

This game is quite thought-provoking as it explores many deep concepts such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and suicide. These elements give the game a psychological horror aspect that sticks with players ever since first starting it up. From the start of the story through the end you explore a barren void and the vibrant world of the headspace. Based on your decisions through the game you will experience a unique story as well as ultimately changing the end to one of two.

As for the gameplay it is very inspired by Japanese role-playing games and their turn-based combat. The two settings of the world, the headspace, and the real world offer two different parties to play with. Each party member has unique skills that aid them in battle and overworld traversal. The gameplay is very rich with great and strategic combat that reflects the story. While the exploration is rich and interesting as you learn about the world and its many characters. These elements aside from the story are what many fans of Omori look for in games like it.

#1 Little Misfortune

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Our first pick for games like Omori is Little Misfortune, a 2019 adventure game that was very well received. The game was immediately praised for its unique art style and theme. Players follow the game’s titular character, Misfortune, a young girl with childlike naivety and a dark sense of humor. This ‘’little lady’’ is guided by a voice in her head which she nicknames Mr. Voice. The voice takes the little lady on a journey to find eternal happiness for her mother. Throughout the story, you encounter a fox that the voice advises you to avoid.

This opens up an interesting dynamic that makes you wonder if you should trust the voice inside your head or not. While the game may seem child-friendly at first it quickly delves deep into some difficult topics such as death, alcoholism, substance use, nudity, profanity, and so much more. Little Misfortune does this in a peculiar and charming way that introduces many shock-humor elements. Overall the story is a great experience for anyone who is a fan of adventure games with dark themes.

Little Misfortune Gameplay

The gameplay of Little Misfortune is set in a 2.5D perspective that lets players move across the screen from one side to the other. But this is expanded from the 2D to 2.5D through special animated cutscenes. These cutscenes appear once players make important decisions that heavily impact the story. Players will also encounter many minigames that are a nice break from the usually monotone gameplay. While the gameplay might be lacking the story easily makes up for it in the long run.

#2 Little Nightmares

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Little Nightmares is another great game like Omori that offers a unique spin on the puzzle-platforming genre. The horror adventure elements of the game paired with the amazing plot set in a mysterious world make the game stand out. The game follows the journey of a nine-year-old girl in a yellow raincoat, named Six. In the beginning, she awakens from a dream in a scary and mysterious world with only a lighter. As you sneak through the massive underwater vessel you find yourself in your encounter with many Nomes. These Nomes are skittish creatures that either run away or observe from a distance. 

While there are friendly creatures there are also those you must avoid to make your way through the vessel. The story is quite open-ended and leaves a lot for the player to interpret during the journey. Little Nightmares serves as a great title to play especially if you are a fan of Omori.

Little Nightmares Gameplay

The gameplay of Little Nightmares is also set in a 2.5D world as you control Six. Players traverse the world and interact with a plethora of platforming elements. These are expanded further as some are blocked by puzzles that must be solved to proceed. Each puzzle offers a unique experience and introduces new mechanics as you get further in. Furthermore, players also must rely on stealth and the environment to hide from non-friendly creatures. This is because effectively you are unarmed and lack any combat abilities throughout the game. However, there are a few exceptions where the player is given tools to fend off some foes.

#3 Psychonauts

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Psychonauts is another game like Omori but is one of the older titles we will mention here. The game is a  platformer that incorporates various adventure elements. Coming from 2005 players control the main character Raz through a 3D world. The story takes the player on a journey to uncover mysteries of the Psychonauts training camp. As you play through the game and uncover the story you gain new powers to utilize. Psychonauts explores the psychological aspect of the creatures and their baggage. 

Overall the game is an interesting title that is a classic in the genre and a must-play for anyone new to it.

Psychonauts Gameplay

The gameplay takes players through a third-person view as you control Raz on his journey. From the basic running and jumping as you play through the game you unlock more powers to utilize. Some of these include telekinesis, levitation, invisibility, and pyrokinesis. All of these allow the player to explore more of the camp and reach new areas as you unlock each one. This offers a great progression system, especially through the combat options each ability opens. Most of these powers are granted by completing story missions, but some can be purchased with hidden collectibles.

As you play through the many worlds on your way to uncover the story you might miss some hidden treasure. This is where the replay mechanic comes in as you can revisit any world to collect everything at a later date. Most worlds culminate in a unique and thrilling boss battle that reveals a large chunk of the story and advances the overall plot.

#4 Oneshot

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Another game like Omori is Oneshot, a puzzle-adventure game from 2014 and is a really charming game. The game follows Niko, a cat-like child found in a dark and unfamiliar setting. Players assist the child back to their homeworld through the dark setting as they discover the world’s sun. As you make your way out you encounter many residents of this space that open up the story further. Eventually, you realize you need three phosphoric items to reach the tower and win. Once there you get in contact with a mysterious figure,’’ The Author’’, an entity set only to destroy. Here you are faced with a choice, to free Niko to their world but doom this one or trap Niko in this world. This decision is ultimately down to the player and it determines which ending you receive.

Oneshot Gameplay

This single-player puzzle game has pretty basic controls that are easy to pick up. As you play you exclusively experience Niko’s viewpoint from a top-down perspective. You can influence Niko in many ways throughout the game such as putting Niko to sleep which triggers the dream sequences. 

Here and in the world you encounter puzzles that involve items that can be combined to create new items. Each of these has its unique use that advances the story. A unique aspect of the game is how it interacts with the player’s operating system. This mechanic makes you play the game outside of it as you gain clues from the desktop wallpaper it sets and many other interesting ways. Oneshot is a great puzzle title that makes you think outside of the box as you navigate its enticing story.

#5 Lisa: The Painful

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Lisa: The Painful is a post-apocalyptic title set in a wasteland called Olathe. What was once a normal town is now a barren wasteland rid of women. All of them have perished during a cataclysm referred to as ‘’The Flash’’, an event that left humanity with no way to reproduce. The remaining survivors have turned to drugs that make them feel nothing to deny the reality. However, this drug also makes anyone who consumes it become a Joy Mutant, a mindless and deformed creature.

The story follows the player character on a journey as they navigate this barren world and try to survive with their family. There are many interesting twists as the story unfolds and we get to know more about the inhabitants of this world. The title is a unique spin on games like Omori and serves as a great game to expand your horizons.

Lisa: The Painful Gameplay

The gameplay of Lisa: The Painful is that of a traditional turn-based RPG in combat with a 2D view in the overworld. One of the main mechanics that affects the combat is the drug Joy. Through consuming it you can dramatically increase the power of your attacks but at a cost. Players have the option to create a party of four and can choose from over thirty unique characters sprinkled around the world.

Each character is valuable since the game also features permanent death for its characters. This mechanic makes some enemies you encounter incredibly dangerous and every fight means something. This spin on the genre makes for a very difficult experience, especially for those unfamiliar with it. However, this is quite a refreshing spin especially if you up the difficulty for yourself through traditional or custom ways.

#6 Earthbound

Source: chuggaconroy

Earthbound is a role-playing game initially released in Japan, and through its success received a global port. This Nintendo title takes place several years after the events of Mother, the first game in the series. Players start as a young boy named Ness and investigate a meteorite crash. Here they find an alien force that has enveloped and consumed the world in hatred. Everything these aliens touch has turned into malicious creatures. The story follows Ness on his journey to return life to normal and save anyone he encounters.

During the story, the aliens put up a good effort against Ness all while he battles his personal dark side. The game has had a great influence on Omori and it can be seen as if you have played both titles. As for games like Omori, it is one of the best you can experience.

Earthbound Gameplay

EarthBound has many traditional RPG game elements such as the party system and 2D world you navigate. A highlight form any is the experience system that pseudo-randomly increases each character’s attributes. This effectively makes each playthrough unique.

As one of the pioneers in the genre, the game did establish some unique mechanics that we can see in todays RPG’s. But above all else, the title stands out thanks to its incredibly refined combat and memorable areas.

#7 Rakuen

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Rakuen is a unique adventure video game that is like Omori in many different ways. The game follows a boy laid up in a hospital and visited by his mother each day. Through these visits, the mother reads a book to him, a book called Rakuen. This story about a diverse and magical land covered by creatures is our game’s setting. As the world the book speaks of is real. The journey takes us through this world as the boy looks for the Guardian of the Forest to grant him one wish. 

To do this you help the boy collect pieces of music for the many friends he makes throughout the game. Overall the title is a wholesome experience that in the end has a great ending.

Rakuen Gameplay

Just like many other games Omori Rakuen’s gameplay features some similarities such as the 2D world setting. However, this title separates itself from others thanks to its simple gameplay that features more conversations and friendship mechanics with NPCs. 

#8 Child of Light

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Child of Light is a platforming video game like Omori set in the fictional land of Lemuria. The main character is Aurora, a child who wakes up after dying from a mysterious illness. Armed with one goal, to bring back the sun, moon, and stars to return home. As you play through the story and navigate this wonderful world you help Aurora on her journey. Eventually, this culminates with Aurora learning a lot about the world and rescuing all of the people in the kingdom from the flood.

Child of Light Gameplay

Child of Light is a game that features attributes from side-scrollers and role-playing games. The battle system utilizes a turn-based system similar to games in the Final Fantasy series. Players can control up to two characters during these battles and swap between two waiting characters from their party. There are many mechanics that give depth to the combat such as ‘’Suprise Strike’’ and ‘’Ambush’’. These offer some great ways to change up the gameplay as you make your way through the story.

#9 Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

Source: Nitro

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is an indie role-playing that is part of the collection of games like Omori available to fans of the title.. The title takes elements from EarthBound and Omori to make a unique title full of fantastical things. Players control Jimmy, a boy who dreams of a plethora of things. He is joined by his family as they go on an adventure to collect some honey for cake. This journey takes him and the player through many surreal and vibrant worlds. Each of these helps Jimmy confront his inner demons and uncover more about his personality.

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Gameplay

The gameplay of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is that of many turn-based RPGs, most similar to EarthBound. Players assemble a party of Jimmy and his family members, each with a unique ability kit and mechanics to pair. Through these abilities, you battle bizarre and imaginative creatures. The combat despite its look has very strategic depth and is designed to be enjoyed by experts and newcomers alike. For many, this is one of the best and most balanced examples of RPG combat done right.

#10 Undertale

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As one of the games like Omori and a title that has had a profound impact on culture, we must mention Undetale. This 2D RPG is one of the best and most recognizable games in the genre by far. Undertale is a game set in the Underground, a realm full of banished monsters. You follow a human child that falls into the Underground and everything they experience from there. Each character you meet offers an interesting insight into the world and gives the player a piece of the puzzle. 

As to not spoil the story we won’t get into it much but it is one of the highlights of the title. We highly recommend you play this game if you are a fan of RPGs.

Undertale Gameplay

The gameplay features a top-down perspective as you navigate the game’s world. As you explore you will encounter many puzzles that will pick your brain. These are essential to progress the story and are great mechanics. However, the combat takes a unique spin as it gives players the choice to kill, flee, or befriend any foe. Each fight and the choices you make in it will determine the outcome of the game. This is because morality is one of the biggest mechanics that determines which ending you get.

Furthermore, these three decisions have unique minigames attached to them that change depending on the character. Each of these serves as a great way to improve the narrative-driven experience of Undertale.

#11 West of Loathing

Source: Northernlion

West of Loathing is a unique game that is like Omori but takes a more comedic turn to the genre. One of the most unique games takes a fantasy Western-themed setting. What makes the game stand out is its sense of humor and art style made up of stick figure drawings. The lighthearted and humorous take on the Western genre allows the title to explore many interesting and funny concepts. Furthermore, the world is rich and has many fleshed-out characters that are a joy to interact with.

West of Loathing Gameplay

The gameplay of West of Loathing is set apart by the comedic narrative that is very prominent in it. Upon starting the game players immediately see RPG elements as they can pick a comedic class. Each class offers a unique playthrough as some options are unique to them. The combat is set on a grid and has a great deal of depth to it. 

Exploration is set through a 2.5D perspective and has a large world for players to view. Another large part of the gameplay is the communication between characters as it can serve as the main tool if you pick your words right.

#12 Monster Garden

games like omori

Monster Garden is a great edition to the list of games that is like Omori and shows great promise to fans of the title. The weird and unique setting of the RPG makes it a mystery at first glance you want to uncover. The dream-like world it explores is quite interesting and gives players a fun story to experience.

Monster Garden Gameplay

The game features many classic gameplay mechanics of the role-playing genre such as parties and turn-based combat.

#13 OFF

games like omori

OFF is another one of the games like Omori as it not only resembles it visually but from a gameplay standpoint as well. This title lets the player assume the control of the Batter, a man on a mission to purify the world. The Batter has received guidance from a talking cat called the Judge to make his way through four zones and kill any specters. While you do this you purify each zone but once complete you uncover your journey has just begun. What follows is a long and interesting RPG story full of unique characters.

The story also branches out in the end through many different endings depending on the player’s choices in the game. OFF is a great game that explores interesting themes and before anything gives players a fun experience through its intriguing story.

OFF Gameplay

The gameplay of OFF like most games on this list is akin to the many classic RPGs. The Batter as you play levels up and can acquire new party members all while collecting new special abilities. Unlike the standard turn-based system OFF utilizes a cooldown-based system. This makes each attack have a cooldown and once it is up you can use it again. Through this mechanic, players have to make fast decisions as enemies and players can attack at the same time.

OFF’s gameplay offers great depth and mastery through this mechanic. Furthermore, it deepens the mechanics through elements but with a unique twist. Instead of fire, ice, water, and such OFF uses materials like smoke, metal, plastic, meat, and sugar instead of the classic elements. Players have a lot to learn to master the combat which makes it quite fun as it is very similar to other popular RPGs but very unique at the same time.

#14 Slimes

Source: scitydreamer

Slimes is a simple RPG that incorporates dungeon-crawler elements into its story and mechanics. Players assume control of Julius Anderson, a crusader on a journey to eradicate one of the many slime dens. Despite slimes being seemingly weak nobody has succeeded in one of these dungeons since their appearance. Through the story, we learn exactly why this is as Julius and his party set out on a grand mission.  As you navigate the floors you learn more about the world and each of your party members. Overall the game is quite fun for what it is.

Slimes Gameplay

As Slimes is one of the games like Omori it features many similar mechanics to it through the classic RPG system. The gameplay follows the classic turn-based battles that feature engaging combat with unique mechanics. One of the best parts of the game is the well-designed synergies between the characters and slimes. We highly recommend trying this title out if you have the chance, especially since it is not too long.

#15 Lucah Born of a Dream

games like omori

Lucah Born of a Dream is a game like Omori that also has a unique art style that makes it stand out amongst other RPGs. The game is visually striking thanks to its hand-drawn art style with dark and surreal elements. This aesthetic is the perfect blend between dark fantasy and horror and it suits the story. The abstract and symbolic narrative explores ideas of identity, self-discovery, and inner turmoil. Players follow Lucah as they uncover the cryptic story of themselves and the world around them.

The game’s interesting story paired with a haunting and atmospheric soundtrack makes it a great title to play through. It truly is one of the most underplayed masterpieces on the RPG market. So we recommend that you try it out if you find it on sale or deem it interesting enough.

Lucah Born of a Dream Gameplay

The gameplay of Lucah Born of a Dream features a set of challenging action fights that require precise timing and strategy. Many have compared the combat to soulborne games due to its unforgiving nature. Players will rarely breeze through an area, especially in the early stages of the game. Aside from the combat the game offers great replayability through the many unique endings and the sigil system. These sigils are essentially magical tattoos that provide players with different abilities and effects. All of this culminates in a very special way to create a combat system.

Final Thoughts On Games Like Omori

Of all the games like Omori we have chosen here we believe there is something for everyone depending on your tastes. From games that are very close in story or gameplay to games that can simply remind of Omori and stand on their own. We highly recommend that you take the time to play any of the titles that may interest you here as we ensure they are nothing but the best.

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