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5 Best Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Mods

Throughout gaming history, there has always been something gamers wanted to add to their favorite video games. Whether this means they want new outfits or a complete gameplay overhaul, these gamers won’t leave dissatisfied. Considering devs usually have no time to add new features (or they charge a pretty penny) most of them have turned to modding. If you’re looking for mods that will improve your gameplay experience but don’t know where to start, take a look at our list of the 5 best Star Wars Jedi Survivor mods!

Many video games have a modding community, including some of the more famous ones such as Skyrim and Dragon Age. The Doom modding community is one of the first to become so large and so recognizable that their existence somewhat defined the game. In recent years, more and more game developers have started to add mod support directly into their games. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one such game where players can unleash their imagination with the help of mods. The Nexus mods community for this game is lively considering the game’s recent release. There are new Star Wars Jedi Survivor mods popping up every day. 

But what are the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor mods out there? If you’re looking for mods that will improve your gameplay experience but don’t know where to start, take a look at our list of the 5 best Star Wars Jedi Survivor mods!

#1: Galaxy Of Jedi Survivor For A More Detailed Texture Experience By Scottyus

Star Wars Jedi Survivor mods

The first mod on our list is GALAXY Of Jedi Survivor for a MORE detailed texture experience by Scottyus. The mod has existed since the game’s release and has over 2000 unique downloads. This means you can enjoy the mod without any worries and even access support should you need it. 

This Star Wars Jedi Survivor mod does exactly what it says it does. It reshades scenes in the game to look more lifelike and provides a better viewing experience to the player. You’ll notice that some of the scenes in the mod’s screenshots look washed out and the colors aren’t as lively. This mod will change that and help you further enjoy your game with the shader quality you deserve.

However, it’s important to know that you need to download ReShade for this mod to work. This software works for nearly all games as a post-processing injector. This means you can access the frame color and depth information and play around with it to tweak it into the best possible version.

#2: LucasFilm Startup And Helmets And Droids Startup Loop By Detran

LucasFilm Startup And Helmets And Droids

The LucasFilm Startup and Helmets and Droids Startup Loop mod by Detran allows players to replace the game’s vanilla startup intro and loading screen with the famous LucasFilm intro. With more than 500 unique downloads, this mod is one of the more niche ones on Nexus mods. However, it’s no less useful for players who didn’t like the vanilla choice for the startup intro.

The LucasFilm intro is iconic and has stood at the beginning of Star Wars media for years now. Considering it’s been 11 years since Disney acquired the company, a new generation of fans unaware of LucasFilm is slowly coming to be. Detran’s mod aims to combat this by adding the LucasFilm intro to the loading screen of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Well, there’s that and the fact that it just looks really cool. The intro, especially without any music, is really good at building anticipation and giving veteran fans that nostalgic feeling of watching a LucasFilm production. If you’re that type of Star Wars fan, make sure to download this mod!

#3: Lightsaber Stances By R457

Lightsaber Stances By R457

The Lightsaber stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are a vast improvement from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There are five options for Lightsaber stances compared to the two from Fallen Order. Players can choose between the Single, Double-bladed, Dual wield, Crossguard, and Blaster stances. You can pick them up at different locations throughout the game.

However, some players may find it tedious that they can only have two Lightsaber stances equipped at once. That’s why R457 has kindly provided these players with a mod that lets them switch freely between all five stances. You don’t have to go and equip the one you want before you get back into action. You can do it on the fly by pressing keybinds 1-5! It seems that many players agree on the need to swap between stances on the go considering the mod has nearly 8000 unique downloads.

When downloading this mod, make sure to pay attention to R457’s instructions in the description of the mod. This will help you make sure the mod works and you don’t accidentally break the game or corrupt your save files!

#4: Darth Maul by Calluum

Darth Maul by Calluum

Have you noticed a disturbing lack of the franchise’s most recognizable characters? Do you wish there was more representation of the original movies in the Star Wars Jedi games? This Darth Maul’s Robes and Head mod will answer all your requests! The mod will do exactly as it says, enabling you to wear Darth Maul’s robes and even going the extra mile to put his head instead of Cal’s! Although other characters will still refer to Cal by his name, the visuals look pretty cool.

Per the mod’s description, you’ll have to say goodbye to the Training shirt and Survivor pants if you want to look like Darth Maul. However, we think that’s a small price to pay when you look like a cool Sith lord if that’s what you’re into.

#5: Luke Skywalker by Radii8

Luke Skywalker by Radii8

However, some fans of the franchise are not all that into the Sith lords, despite how cool they look. These gamers may be bigger fans of Luke Skywalker and his legendary role in the original movies. For those players, the Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight mod is here. Unlike the Darth Maul mod, however, you’ll have to download the Outfit Manager to make this possible.

Once you do, Cal will essentially look exactly like Luke Skywalker in the game. It doesn’t change anything about the way other characters look at him, but it sure does look cool!

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