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Best Kids PS5 Games: To try and play right now

The vast capabilities of the PS5 allow it to be a console that anyone can utilize including kids. The console has many different kids’ PS5 games available to purchase and play. Many parents praise the console for the security of the content that entertains their children intrigued by gaming. Furthermore, the console can serve as a great learning tool through most titles on the console. No matter the game, kids can pick up on concepts and nuances that are implemented into farming and platforming games.

Each title has something it can teach kids, be it an insight into how physics works from a technical standpoint to how crops function. All this is just a bonus aside from entertaining your children and taking them through exciting adventures that expand their imaginations. Furthermore, kids can play most of these games with siblings or friends on the same console or online. These are all the highlights of the PS5 for families with one or multiple children.

What are the best kids’ PS5 Games – Our Pick

Among many kids’ PS5 games, it is quite difficult to pick out the best but here we have selected a few that easily stand out. From the games selected, they cover many different genres and offer unique experiences to their players.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley kids PS5 games

Our first pick for the best kids’ PS5 games is Disney Dreamlight Valley, a life simulation adventure game. The game, developed and published by Gameloft, serves as an insight into a magical valley populated by Disney and Pixar characters. As you play through the game you assist these beloved characters in curing a curse that caused their memories to disappear. Besides these plot layers learn how to decorate and create a stunning home and backyard.

As a kid’s game, Disney Dreamlight Valley stands out thanks to its great and replayable gameplay that teaches them a lot. The many concepts and elements of real life the game teachers can prove valuable to kids and their imagination.

How does Disney Dreamlight Valley Gameplay Look for PS5?

The gameplay of Disney Dreamlight Valley features a nonlinear gameplay loop very similar to Animal Crossing. Players take control of a customizable human character living in the valley as they gather resources and use their magic. The game’s time is synced to the time set in the player’s console, offering immersion within it. From the start of the game, players see they can cook various foods, customize their homes, explore, and interact with iconic characters. 

Armed with a pickaxe, shovel, fishing rod, and a watering can there is never nothing left to do in a day. Every crop you grow you must tend to and pick as well as every ore mined. There is an overall goal of the game as you aim to grant everyone’s memories back but there is no set path to the end. Players can do whatever they like and set their own pace. Ultimately, the game serves as one of the best on the console, especially in the life simulation genre.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale kids PS5 games

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is an adventure indie video game released on the PS5. The game takes place in The Picnic Province, a land devoid of color. The player takes responsibility as the wielder of the magic brush to bring color to the world. The story takes you through a cute adventure as you color in everything that was lost. This all happens as you encounter interesting characters and help them see the beauty of the world again. Ultimately, the corruption is destroyed and color is made available to all. 

This title is one of the best for artistic kids and those with a wild imagination. Chicory: A Colorful Tale has also received universal acclaim from many critics who were impressed by the unique gameplay and emotionally uplifting themes. Both factors are important for kids to experience and learn early on. 

How does Chicory: A Colorful Tale Gameplay Look for PS5?

The gameplay of Chicory: A Colorful Tale takes you through a world full of small anthropomorphic animals. Players take control of one, a dog named Pizza, or the name of the player’s favorite food. From the start, you traverse a dull and black and white world that can be painted by The Brush, a large paintbrush. This paintbrush is used to bring color back to the world and solve many environmental puzzles. As the game goes on players gain access to new abilities such as jumping and swimming.

While the game has puzzles and platforming surprisingly there are also boss fights. In these ‘’fights’’ the game features its only combat mechanics. These involve the player dodging projectiles in a bullet hell while you use the brush to damage the boss. For those who don’t like boss battles, there are also options to skip them entirely.

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series is a video game bundle that features remasters of the platform games Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and Klonoa 2: Lunetea’s Veil. The two titles were originally released on PlayStation 2 and now grace the PS5 as amazing kids’ games.

The games are made to perfectly run at 60 FPS and 4k resolution on the PS5. Upon the bundles release the games received generally positive reviews and stand as some of the best kids games on the console.

How does Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series Gameplay Look for PS5?

The remastered versions of the platformers play perfectly on the PS5 with improved visuals and sound effects. Through the games, players take control of Klonoa, whose attack involves grabbing enemies with a Wind Ring. The Wind Ring can fire small bursts of air forward to inflate and pull enemies back to him to carry. From here you can throw them forward or use them to perform a double jump and reach new areas. This serves as part of the puzzle system in the game, the remaster also features a difficulty increase on some levels. 

Additionally, players have access to a two-player cooperative mode perfect for siblings or friends. Both games are quite fun to play alone or with someone else and serve as faithful and good remasters of the original titles.

5D Platformer: Ayo The Clown

5D Platformer: Ayo The Clown

Ayo The Clown is a very cute and incredibly fun scrolling platformer kids’ game for the PS5. The title reminds me of the 90’s and it is a perfect blend of platforming and a memorable story. Ayo the Clon’s unique and charming gameplay and art style are beloved and open up the imagination. The world is a blend of Super Mario Bros.m Yoshi, Kirby, and Little Big Planet.

The story follows Ayo as he goes on an adventure to find his lost circus dog, Bo. The mysterious disappearance of the beloved and talented god sets you on an incredible adventure full of interesting characters. The world full of love and friendly people will see many interesting creatures lend you a helping hand. Ayo The Clown is a title with a face of courage, love, friendship, and the joy of never giving up. The game is perfect for kids because of the values it teaches through its story and riveting gameplay.

How does 5D Platformer: Ayo The Clown Gameplay Look for PS5?

Ayo The Clown lets players take control of Ayo the Clown as they navigate the side-scrolling world. The stunning settings will take you across many different obstacles as you collect coins along your journey. However, the levels are not so easy since there will be many dangerous obstacles such as jumping sharks and creatures on the ground. To reach higher areas Ayo can soar the skies with the help of balloons, or slide quickly across icy surfaces to reach checkpoints quickly. 

Alongside a myriad of items Ayo can pick up to assist him in surviving the great outdoors balloon swords, toy hammers, dinosaurs, helicopters, and tanks stand out. Furthermore, you will encounter many characters that will grant you side quests that will grant you amazing rewards and help your journey to find Bo.

Action: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Action: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is an amazing kids’ PS5 game since it teaches kids about physics. The setting of the game is fairly simple, you control a monkey located in a hamster ball. The ultimate goal is to collect as many bananas as possible and reach the finish line. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania features recreations of all 300 stages from the previous Super Monkey Ball games. Each stage has undergone some change, from rebalances to completely new versions. Furthermore, the story from previous games has been remastered alongside completely new missions and levels.

Players who were fans of the previous Super Monkey Ball games will find this title to be the definitive way to play the game, especially thanks to the capabilities of the PS5 and its DualSense controllers.

How does Action: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Gameplay Look for PS5?

The gameplay of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania lets the player navigate a monkey in a ball across a series of suspended platforms. The unique mechanic of the game is that you do not directly control the monkey or the ball but the stage itself. By tilting the stage you can direct the ball movement and utilize the game’s physics to clear obstacles and reach the end.

This makes the game a crucial learning experience for any kids playing it. The many levels teach many different ways to approach the finish line, from slow and meticulous movements to ones where you need to go fast. Super Monkey Ball is a great game especially when you consider its replayability thanks to its many game modes. Some of these can increase the difficulty by a lot so much so that some levels are nearly unbeatable. As it is a game that is difficult to master just remember to keep at it until you beat it without getting too frustrated at any inevitable fails.

Are there PS5 VR games for kids?

The PlayStation 5 virtual reality game market is very wide and it in fact does feature games intended for kids to play. Titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss are ones that stand out as kid-friendly VR adventures. These titles are both fun and safe, whilst not putting anyone playing them in stressful or uncomfortable situations. While these VR titles are safe for kids to play it is important to always check before letting your child play. All VR games have an age-appropriate rating that should be followed in order to avoid potential discomfort or health issues.

Should Kids Use VR Games?

While it is completely safe for kids to utilize VR games on the PlayStation 5 there are some factors to keep in mind. It is heavily advised that parents make extra effort to ensure that the virtual reality experiences their kids explore are age-appropriate and in a safe environment. This means that parents should monitor these gaming sessions and act according to ensure their child’s safety and health. It is also important to take regular breaks to prevent motion sickness and eye strain. If any of these factors becomes a prominent issue it might be best to steer away from VR in the future.

What is the difference between Family Games and Kids’ Games?

Family games and kid’s games on the PS5 can be quite similar and not at the same time. Ultimately it all depends on the title being played. To determine the difference it is important to look at three key factors:

  • Audience
  • Gameplay
  • Complexity

Each of these factors is important when deciding which game to play with your family taking into account children. Family games are designed to be enjoyed by all players but can range in complexity and gameplay that can be too advanced for kids. A good example of this would be something like a complicated fighting game. Kids games and family games aimed to be played with kids feature simpler gameplay that is meant for all ages. Overall, it completely depends on the age of the child in question and the level of complexity the game brings to the table.

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