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The Best Singleplayer PS5 Games To Try and Play Right Now

Video games are a great way to connect with your friends, relax, and unwind after a long day. And some prefer for it to stay that way. However, some other gamers see the potential video games have in telling a captivating story and delivering a satisfying singleplayer experience. The PlayStation 5 makes all this possible with the best singleplayer PS5 games.

Now, it’s no secret that the PlayStation 5 is currently the pinnacle of gaming. Its capabilities and performance have given way to some of the best singleplayer experiences of all time. Whether you enjoy these games for their story, the characters, or the combat system, you’ll agree with this fact.

You may be a mainly multiplayer gamer looking to see what the other side of gaming has to offer. Alternatively, you may be a seasoned singleplayer gamer who wants to discover more of what the PlayStation 5 has to offer. Regardless, we’re sure you’ll love our list of the best singleplayer PS5 games you can try out right now!

What are the best Single-Player PS5 Games? – Our Pick

Although it was hard to choose from so many amazing singleplayer PS5 games that have come out over the years, we managed to do it. In fact, some of these games have even made our list of the best PS5 games of all time! You can find below a list of what we think are the best singleplayer PS5 games out there:

  • Final Fantasy 16
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Elden Ring

Whether or not you agree with our complete list, you’ll find at least one game you think is a worthy addition. Without further ado, let’s explain why we ranked these 5 games at the top of the board!

Final Fantasy 16

singleplayer PS5 games final fantasy 16

The newly released Final Fantasy 16 has proven to be one of the best installments in the franchise yet. Considering the fact that it’s competing with giants such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IV. The story follows Clive Rosfield, the firstborn son of the Roasria ruling family. He becomes increasingly involved in the conflict between two of Valisthea’s nations.

While some have criticized the game’s lack of immersion, others have commented the game is a big improvement from Final Fantasy XV, which didn’t garner much attention. Overall, the game’s characters, storyline, and combat system have made Final Fantasy 16 one of the most popular Final Fantasy games yet.

How does Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Look for PS5?

Final Fantasy 16 runs very smoothly on the PlayStation 5, and we can only hope that the same will be true for the PC port. However, if your console is having trouble running the game at the highest setting, consider using the graphics mode. While the textures won’t be as detailed, you’ll still get a lot out of the game performance-wise.

Because the game is an action role-playing game, it also has a lot of versatility in terms of gameplay. Final Fantasy 16 brings back all the beloved elements of Final Fantasy games we have been experiencing for years now. This includes Chocobo mounts, familiar monsters, and terminology such as Limit Break, Eikons, and more. All this makes the game feel like coming back to a childhood friend.

Horizon Forbidden West

singleplayer PS5 games horizon forbbiden west

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn was only released in February of 2022 but has since then received a lot of praise for several aspects. Players who have gone through Horizon Zero Dawn will also notice that Horizon Forbidden West boasts improved PlayStation 5 graphics. This is because the game was released natively on the PS5 rather than being playable due to backward compatibility like its predecessor.

In Horizon Forbidden West, we meet with a familiar character, Aloy. This time, however, she is on a quest to find the source of a mysterious and deadly plague. This installment of the Horizon franchise brings us new areas to explore, enemies to fight, and amazing vocal performances by Aloy’s voice actor, Ashly Burch. Pairing all this with stunning visuals and a compelling story makes it easy to see why Horizon Forbidden West is currently one of the best singleplayer PS5 games to play right now.

How does Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay look for PS5?

The open-world gameplay that Horizon Forbidden West offers the player is inarguably better than the one we’ve seen in Horizon Zero Dawn. This post-apocalyptic version of the Western United States really brings home the feeling of a plague that has come and gone, leaving destruction in its wake. The map is also a lot bigger than in the prequel, making exploration more versatile and fun for players.

The Valor Surge system will help players progress the game against tough-to-beat enemies such as the Stormbird. You’ll also feel a bit more compelled to do side-quests and optional content thanks to the improved rewards the game offers compared to its predecessor.

Thankfully, you can choose how you want the game to run, as it offers a resolution mode and a performance mode. The resolution mode runs in native 4K but sacrifices FPS for a maximum of 30FPS. On the other hand, performance mode prioritizes FPS to give you a smooth-running 60FPS but runs on checkerboarded 1800p. Regardless, the game will look amazing just because it’s the PS5, so don’t worry too much about it.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

ghost's of tsushima director's cut

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is a step above the base game, though we’re sure you won’t be disappointed just playing Ghost of Tsushima itself. The Director’s Cut, however, contains the following:

  • Full game
  • Iki Island expansion
  • Legends online co-op mode
  • Digital mini art book
  • Director’s commentary
  • One Technique Point
  • Charm of Hachiman’s Favor
  • Hero of Tsushima Skin Set

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is a great choice for those who already know they want to get the full Ghost of Tsushima experience. It also helps you get ahead using the one technique point you’ll get by buying it. The Iki Island expansion will also keep you playing for longer with new stories, mini-games, and enemies to defeat.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you play as Jin Sakai, a samurai who is tasked with protecting Tsushima Island from the Mongolian invasion. Along the way, he comes to realize there are two paths he can take: an honorable path that follows the warrior code, or the practical path that strays from it. Of course, this decision is in your hands, so you must choose wisely and weigh your options to get the ending you want.

How does Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Gameplay Look for PS5?

Ghost of Tsushima allows for versatility and dynamics in combat thanks to the different combat stances: stone, water, wind, and moon. This allows you to face off against a range of enemies, and your katana is only there to help. If you’re not into melee combat, you will also find ranged weapons such as bows that can help you take down enemies from a distance. Players may choose to pair this with stealth to get the ultimate assassin build.

The game itself will run smoothly on your PlayStation 5 thanks to the two graphics modes. One of them prioritizes frame rate while the other prioritizes a higher resolution. However, unless your PS5 is really having issues loading the higher resolution mode, the frame rate mode becomes pointless as you get 60FPS no matter which mode you’re playing on.

The controls feel smooth and familiar to those who have played the game on PS4. The PS5’s performance capabilities make combat and exploration an even more satisfying experience, and those who’ve played the game on both will feel the difference.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It goes without saying that The Witcher is one of the most legendary franchises out there with the most legendary game adaptations. CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is up there on the list of the best video games of all time. Honestly, we don’t think this is a stretch by any means.

The story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt follows Geralt of Rivia, a character we all know and love, on the search for his adopted daughter, Ciri, who has disappeared in her attempts to escape the Wild Hunt. Throughout the game, you will get to make decisions that affect which ending you get as well as some minor plot points along the way. 

There’s a reason The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has received critical acclaim. Its story, worldbuilding, open-world elements, and amazing exploration speak for themselves. If you haven’t embarked on this adventure with Geralt, what are you waiting for?

How does The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay Look for PS5?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s gameplay is rather similar to that of the PlayStation 4 version, seeing as it’s backward-compatible. However, one thing that players will find differs from its previous version is the fact that the PS5 version of The Witcher 3 is able to consistently push out 60FPS to provide a better experience.

This is all possible thanks to the next-gen update for the game, which also helps the game feel more stable. Overall, it pushes out impressive gameplay for a game that came out in 2015.

As for the gameplay itself, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s gameplay revolves mostly around min-maxing your combat stats, using the proper weapons, and making choices that usually affect the rest of the game. Players will also find the combat to be much more dynamic in comparison to the first two games in The Witcher franchise.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Ah, Elden Ring. We can still remember the hype generated around this new FromSoftware soulslike game. Every news portal, every gaming content creator, and every Soulsborne series fan was buzzing about Elden Ring for weeks to come. With the dream combination of FromSoftware’s notoriously hard but satisfying games and the worldbuilding of George R. R. Martin, it was hard to let fans down with Elden Ring.

This genre of gaming is probably the best fit for masochists who prefer their gaming sessions to be full of suffering. However, we think even casual gamers with enough patience can learn and have fun with a game like Elden Ring.

In the story of Elden Ring, the player character is a member of the Tarnished. They embark on a journey to restore the Elden Ring and become the next Elden Lord. Though we can go into much more detail when it comes to the story, we think the joy of this game comes from the gameplay itself. 

How does Elden Ring Gameplay Look for PS5?

We’ve said it once before and we’ll say it again, Elden Ring is a notoriously difficult game to beat. However, this doesn’t mean the controls are hard to pick up. As a matter of fact, they’re fairly simple as they offer the player dodge, parry, and attack buttons as well as the standard move buttons. 

Nevertheless, the complexity of the game lies in mastering these techniques and defeating the bosses you encounter. You’ll probably spend a lot of time learning about the bosses, their moves, and their attack patterns. Then, you’ll need to find a way to work around the information you’ve collected. To sum up, Elden Ring gameplay is very satisfying, albeit tough.

As for the game’s performance, you have the option to prioritize frame rate or prioritize resolution. Unlike a few of the previous games we’ve mentioned, these make a big difference, as when you prioritize resolution you’ll only receive about 35 to 45FPS. In games like these, where it’s important to get the timing right for every single move, you’re probably better off prioritizing frame rate.

Can I play single-player games offline on PS5?

Whether or not you can play singleplayer PS5 games offline depends on the version of the PlayStation 5 you have. As you may know, there are two versions: a digital version and a disc version.

The disc version of the console allows you to insert discs made for the PlayStation 5. This is also the version that allows you to play the game offline as the disc drive verifies the ownership of the game. However, you will need to be online for the game to download and update.

If you own a digital version of the PlayStation 5, you won’t be so happy to hear the news. Unfortunately, with this version of the console, you can’t play singleplayer PS5 games offline. This is because the digital-only version uses the internet to verify the games on the console belong to your account, thereby allowing you to play them. 

Can you play on the PS5 alone?

Theoretically, it’s possible to play singleplayer PS5 games alone. You could also play them while streaming the game to your friend or loved one on a streaming platform or instant messaging service such as Discord.

However, if you’re not too fond of playing on the PS5 alone, there’s an abundance of amazing multiplayer PS5 games you can check out. There are even some great free-to-play options that can keep you and your friends entertained for hours!

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