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Bowser x Peach – why did Bowser kidnap Peach?

If you’ve ever played a Super Mario Bros. video game, you know a few facts about life. Water is wet, grass is green, and Bowser kidnaps Peach. It’s almost a rule of life. Really, at this point, we’d be offended if he didn’t kidnap Peach. But has anyone asked themselves why Bowser kidnaps Peach? What’s so special about her? Is there some sort of surreal Bowser x Peach action going on here? Well, if you haven’t, at least we have. And because we have, we’ve also done some research. We think you’ll find our results on the Peach x Bowser love story interesting. Keep reading to find out!

Why does Bowser kidnap Peach?

Every kidnapper needs a motive. Whether it be an obsession, a political reason, or leverage in a certain situation, there must be a reason why Peach gets kidnapped so often.

We reckon it’s political affairs. Princess Peach is, after all, a princess. More importantly, Bowser wants to take control of the Mushroom kingdom. This kinda makes the whole Bowser and Peach situation seemingly non-romantic.

Still, every king needs a queen, right? Is it possible that there’s more to the constant Peach kidnappings than Bowser will let on? Is Bowser x Peach real? Does he love Peach? So many questions, but the answers are right in front of our noses.

Does Bowser love Peach? Why is Bowser obsessed with Peach?

Supposedly, Bowser does in fact love Peach. After kidnapping her so many times, it would be surprising if he didn’t love her. He has even asked for the princess’s hand in marriage, and Bowser has hoped time and time again this would make her reciprocate his feelings.

However, Bowser seems to have missed a crucial detail. He can’t really keep kidnapping someone against their will and expect them to fall in love with him. You can’t crush a guy’s dreams like that, though, right? Maybe there is still a chance for Peach to catch feelings for Bowser. Maybe she feels the same way. Who knows? We know.

Is Peach in love with Bowser?

Unfortunately, for Peach, it seems like Bowser and Peach are never happening. There’s no hidden meaning behind Peach essentially letting herself get kidnapped every time. I mean seriously, how do you even get kidnapped so often without actually meaning to?

Much to Bowser’s despair, Peach is in love with Mario. Although we can’t really see why, Peach seems to be crazy about Mario. So crazy, in fact, that this also drives Bowser crazy. 

However, this isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last time we’ve seen something like this happen in a video game. There are many stories of unrequited love ending in tragedy and suffering for one party as the other finds their true love. This may remind you of a few other video game romances that were never meant to be. Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong are just one example of many.

Sometimes we need a bit of unrequited love to remind us that we’re able to love in the first place. With that, we think Bowser’s broken heart will heal soon if he doesn’t break Mario’s face first.

Did Bowser and Peach get married in Paper Mario?

Despite everything we’ve said so far, yes, Bowser and Peach have gotten married in Paper Mario. The Bowser and Peach wedding took place thanks to Count Bleck, who married the (un)lucky couple. 

However, this event is followed by something many fans think is a clear sign that Bowser x Peach was never meant to be a thing. As Count Bleck married Bowser and Peach, he summons the Chaos Heart. This dark source of power then created a Void which would eventually engulf all dimensions.

The Chaos Heart represents a twisted and evil Pure Heart brought about by an abnormal distortion of loving. If we take into account how obsessed Bowser is with Peach, it all starts to make sense there.

Who is Bowser Jr’s Mom? Is it Peach?

Super Mario Sunshine brings about many memories for original fans of the franchise, but it also brings about the question of the identity of Bowser Jr’s Mom. Bowser Jr claims at the start that his mother is, in fact, Peach. However, as players progress through the game and learn more about the story, we, along with Bowser Jr, learn that Peach isn’t actually Bowser Jr’s mom.

Since then, the identity of Bowser Jr’s mom remains unknown. This, of course, has let fans make several speculations about her identity. While they mostly seem outlandish, Clawdia Kopa is a solid candidate for the role.

Luckily, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario series, found this mystery amusing enough to comment on it himself! In a video about Mario myths, Miyamoto mentions the topic playfully. When asked about the identity of Bowser Jr’s mom, Miyamoto makes a shocking revelation. He points to himself, insinuating he is Bowser Jr’s mom in the end.

Of course, this inside joke alludes to the fact that Miyamoto is Bowser Jr’s creator and therefore can take on the role of his mother. Still, this answer came as a source of frustration for fans who have been itching to find out the identity of Bowser Jr’s mom.

Who is Bowsette? Is she canon? 

Unfortunately for many of us, Bowsette is not canon. The fandom joke came about after discovering that Toadette turns into a Princess Peach version of a toad by using a magic crown. This led to some speculations about the magic crown being able to turn anyone into some form of Peach.

This joke is referenced by Twitter user ayyk92, who posted a comic where Peach romantically rejects Mario. After the heartbreaking rejection, Mario turns to Bowser, who is holding a magic crown. In the last panel, we see an interesting mixture of Peach and Bowser dressed in edgy clothes and sporting Bowser’s jewelry. This Princess Peach x Bowser crossover spawned rumors of Bowsette.

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