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Complete Star Ocean Divine Force Walkthrough 

One of the more interesting titles to come to the gaming world is Star Ocean: The Divine Force, a title that takes players on a thrilling journey. The game is set in a vast and immersive universe that allows fans to dive into the Star Ocean Series eagerly. This also has many players wanting a comprehensive Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough as it is a valuable asset to have. The series might be new to you so it is important that you learn a bit about it before we get into the walkthrough.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an action role-playing game and the sixth installment of the Star Ocean series. The title can be played on PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox. For fans of the series, it is a title that keeps true to its roots and serves as a faithful part of the series. While newcomers can see it as a gateway into this wonderful part of the gaming industry. 

Star Ocean The Divine Force Guide

star ocean divine force walkthrough

For the first part of our Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough, we will talk about the gameplay and core mechanics of the title. In the game, you navigate the world from a third-person perspective as you follow the protagonist. As you explore you can interact with characters and combat with hostels all over the world. The combat is action-packed and done in real-time compared to other traditional RPGs. Players also have multiple characters in their party to utilize during combat. This paired with the many available characters gives the game lots of options and lets creativity flow.

The party system is integral to the game just like the upgrading, loot, and skill systems. Each character will have large skill trees that you can level as you play, increasing that character’s strengths. As you explore the game and move on further you will encounter many different types of enemies. Each will have a unique way of fighting which will force you to adapt, especially on higher difficulties.

In fashion of its genre and previous titles Star Ocean: Divine Force will take about 31 hours to beat. If you follow a Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough you will most likely shorten this length down significantly. This is ultimately your choice but not to worry even after you complete the main game there are many side quests and challenges to complete. These include collecting ultimate weapons and reaching 100% completion. To do the latter it will take you anywhere from 80 to 100 hours. This depends if you follow a Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Characters And Skills

The Divine Force Characters And Skills

Star Ocean The Divine Force has a total of nine playable characters players can recruit to be in their party. These characters are in no particular order Albird, Theo, JJ, Malkya, Nina, Elena, Raymond, Laeticia, and Marielle. Each character is unique and has their own personality and diverse and compelling combat style. This is determined by their weapon, stats, and most importantly skills and abilities Aside from combat applications each character fits an important piece in the overarching narrative puzzle. They do this by contributing their own stories and interacting with key players in the main quest of the game. 

Because each character has a unique skill and moveset their combos and synergies differ greatly. One of the best parts of the game and one that is highlighted in many Star Ocean Divine Force walkthroughs is the party-building system. Since you can combo and switch between characters choosing your party means a lot. This high degree of customization is incredible and allows players to play the game tailored to their preferred playstyle. Players can dig deeper into this system through the skills of each character and the builds they choose for them.

Since each character has a plethora of skills they can work in many different ways depending on how you set them up. This is an amazing feature as you can focus your party on a few synergies and combos. These can be incredibly powerful and serve as the winning condition for your party in all situations. Certain skills complement each other and this can be easily noticed as you play through the game. Players quickly master these synergies and can utilize them to overcome the toughest bosses and challenges the game has to throw at them. If you are lost you can always find a Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough for these.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Leaks

Leading up to the release of Star Ocean The Divine Force many fans were looking forward to seeing the first trialer. The long wait led many to hope for some leaks to get an insight into the upcoming title. Sadly, there were not many direct leaks before the release of the trailer. Although there were many speculations and rumors with also many fake leaks from anonymous sources.

This want for leaks just drove the excitement for the game even higher and culminated in an amazing trailer. Immediately upon its release players were incredibly excited and soon after got the full release. Star Ocean Divine Force was quickly determined a great success and was well received by the public. This immense popularity grew the need for Star Ocean Divine Force walkthroughs, especially among newcomers.

Star Ocean The Divine Force – A Long-awaited Message Walkthrough

A Long-awaited Message Walkthrough

Now we will give you a walkthrough of one of the many side-quests in the game. This Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough will take you through the long-awaited message side-quest. This quest begins when you talk to a kid outside of the Royal Capital. He will urge you to pick up a letter from his mom. It is important to note that you have to complete a quest to heal the kid’s mother. This can be done in the Seaport of Rythal. Once you reach the mother again you will pick up the letter, from here you have to go back to the kid to hand over the letter. 

For your efforts, you will gain some funds and a very useful item for your playthrough. When you consider how quickly you can complete this quest the rewards are quite nice. So make sure not to miss out on this great opportunity.

Star Ocean The Divine Force’s Ultimate Weapons

The Divine Force's Ultimate Weapons

This part of the Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough will go through the ultimate weapons in the game. These weapons are the best ones you can attain and are craftable for each character. Aside from these weapons each character also has ultimate armor that can be crafted. To craft each of these you will need a specific set of items and a substantial amount of Fol. While it will take a few tries to get your ultimate weapon with enough special items and Fol you will get every one for your characters. 

It is important to note that some characters have other ways of receiving their best weapons such as purchasing them from vendors. Another way to get an easy ultimate weapon is to clear the revisit of Floor 10 after completing the tower once already. This method can grant you more than 1 ultimate weapon pretty easily. 

These ultimate weapons and armor are surprisingly easy to attain once you reach a certain point in the game. However, they can be rushed in the mid to early game if you floor a Star Ocean Divine Force walkthrough. By doing this you can dramatically bring down the difficulty for most of the campaign. At least until you reach the postgame where you will unlock new ways to improve your gear.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Side Quests

Just like many other RPGs Star Ocean, The Divine Force has a plethora of side-quests ready for the player to complete. As many RPG fans like to attain 100% completion and wish to see everything the game has to offer this is a common goal. Luckily Star Ocean offers players many unique experiences on their journey towards this goal. Each side-quest in this game serves as a way to explore the world further and improve the immersion. As you complete each you will learn about the towns and the people of this rich world. Through some of the hunting side-quests, you will learn how to gain better loot and skills. 

All of this makes each side quest a very fulfilling experience that does not leave you feeling as if you wasted time. Just by doing all of these side-quests even as you play the main story, you will have a much easier time. This is thanks to the rewards and experience you will gain. Since the game’s max level is 255 there is a long way to go until each max level. Because of this, every side quest is great due to the high EXP yield. Overall, doing all of the side-quests in the early or late game is a great experience and will take you one step closer to 100% completion. We recommend that you follow a Star Ocean Divine Force side-quest walkthrough as you enjoy the wonders of this world. 

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