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Ultimate Ender Lilies Walkthrough

Ender Lilies is an amazing action RPG and one of the most successful releases in past years. The game has captivated players with its atmospheric world and compelling yet challenging gameplay. Due to this difficulty, many players look for an Ender Lilies walkthrough which is what we are providing for you here. 

The game’s story follows Lilly, the last surviving priestess in this world devastated by an endless and oppressive rain. This has caused nearly all living things to dement and transform into the undead. The game offers a unique story with many interesting characters and plot points that aid the gameplay. Ender Lilies utilizes a 2D side-scrolling world for its gameplay and is full of combat and puzzle-solving. These two mechanics are crafted perfectly and are a true highlight of the title. All of this has helped the title be well-received and a great addition to the action RPG genre.

How many chapters are in Ender Lilies?

ender lilies walkthrough

Ender Lilies is a game comprised of nine amazing chapters that tell the haunting narrative of the game’s world. Furthermore, each chapter provides a challenging balance of platforming and combat. As you navigate these challenging environments and meet new enemies and challenges you will see how diverse and immersive the experience truly is. We have ensured to not spoil much of the story in this walkthrough as it is truly deserving of a clean experience. Without further ado let’s get into our Ender Lilies chapter walkthrough starting from the beginning.  

1# Ender Lilies – Begining

At the start of the game, you embark on your journey as the priestess as you wake up in a mysterious and desolate land. The first chapter serves as an introduction to the game’s mechanics and controls. It does this wonderfully by allowing players to familiarize themselves with the basics. If you explore this area thoroughly you can find some bonus items that will help you on your journey. Once you have explored everything you can move on with the story.

2# Ender Lilies – White Parish

The White Parish is the second chapter and it introduces players to the first set of challenges. These challenges combine all of the game elements and mechanics to create a foundation. Most of the encounters you will have further build off of this chapter fundamentally. As you play you uncover the secrets of the White Parish and even come across a few puzzles. Through this chapter, you will see a large growth in difficulty that sets the stage for the rest of this very difficult title. 

3# Ender Lilies -Witch Ticket

ender lilies walkthrough witch Ticket

The third chapter in our Ender Lilies walkthrough is Witch Ticker, a chapter that deepens the narrative. Furthermore, in this chapter, a few important gameplay elements are introduced. Players follow the story and learn about the priestess and her connection to this haunting world. With the many intricate levels, puzzles, and thrilling battles it is a very fun chapter to play through. 

4# Ender Lilies – Catacombs

Following the story you will find yourself descending into the Catacombs, the next chapter in Ender Lilies. This chapter develops the platforming elements of the game and makes them akin to puzzles. By playing through these you can test your combat skills and agility as you prepare for more difficult challenges. As for the story you learn about the lore that binds the priestess to the world, and the haunting tales surrounding that. 

5# Ender Lilies – Twin Spires

After the Catacombs our Ender Lilies walkthrough will lead you to the Twin Spires. The Twin Spires are a chapter that covers a large portion of the worldbuilding. Additionally, this is the first chapter where the enemies become incredibly difficult. As you face these formidable challenges you will ascend the towers and hone your skills. Through each battle, you will learn more about the tower, its inhabitants, and its history.

6# Ender Lilies – Ruined Castle

ender lilies ruined castle

The sixth chapter in Ender Lilies is The Ruined Castle, a chapter that is focused on the darker aspects of the narrative. In the castle, you will face many difficult foes who guard the secrets of the priestess’s past. In terms of gameplay, this is one of our favorite chapters thanks to the amazing blend of visuals and gameplay.  The engaging and difficult boss battles are a highlight worth noting.

7# Ender Lilies – Stockade

The Stockade is the next chapter in order and will introduce a completely new and unique set of challenges and enemies. These combatants will require you to adapt your strategy and even avoid them at times. The Stockade also features a stunning platforming section full of intricate puzzles you must complete to progress. Based on your luck you might spend a long time in this area due to its design. However, this is not too bad as it is a chapter with many pivotal parts of the story.

8# Ender Lilies – Verboten Domain

In our Ender Lilies walkthrough, we have reached the Verboten Domain chapter. This chapter is the ultimate test of your skill and determination before the endgame. The challenges in this chapter will push you to your limits with its difficulty. Behind the intricate level design and incredibly difficult foes, you will uncover some key parts of the story. Furthermore, this is when you will face the darkest antagonist that Ender Lilies has in store.

9# Ender Lilies – The Abyss

ender lilies wthe abyss

Following the story you will reach the Abyss, the final chapter in Ender Lilies. Following this Ender Lilies walkthrough you will have to confront the ultimate challenges. By doing this you will unveil the truth that lies beneath the darkness and complete the story. In this chapter, you will encounter the toughest encounters and most difficult puzzles. Additionally, you will face the culmination of the amazing story and see how it is brought full circle. The ending brings a satisfying conclusion to the difficult journey you had up until it.

Ender Lilies Guide and Valuable Information

Since Ender Lilies is a very large game with many elements we have included answers to some of the most common questions in our walkthrough. Each of these answers will help you during your playthrough especially if you are a newcomer. Here are all of these in no particular order:

How to level up on Ender Lilies Guide?

The leveling system in Ender Lilies is incredibly important to survive the difficult challenges and enemies of each chapter. If you are under-leveled you will have an incredibly difficult time playing through any chapter. Luckily to level up it is fairly easy if you put in some dedicated effort. To level up you need to collect experience points by defeating enemies. As you collect experience points you will gain levels and through this more health, damage, and new abilities.

The best part about the leveling in Ender Lilies is that it is possible to farm experience points at any point. Additionally, you can gather experience points from exploration in hidden areas. This can give you a substantial power boost and make each chapter flow smoother.

What are the all findings that you can get on Ender Lilies?

Through your exploration of the world, you will find many valuables scattered around. The most common loot you will find will be items and lore tablets. However, you can also find two other very important types of loot:

  • Relics – Powerfull items that enhance the priestess’s abilities and give you an advantage in combat
  • Spirit Skills – Completely new skills that diversify your combat based on their effect

If you explore everything you will not only gain all of these benefits but also get closer to 100% of Ender Lilies. While a total completion will need an Ender Lilies walkthrough doing this before you start will help out in the long run. 

List of All Boss Fights in Ender Lilies Explained

Boss Fight Dark Witch Eleine

Ender Lilies has a lot of bosses who are incredibly difficult but fun to fight. Each chapter has at least one boss at some point. The best part about each boss is that they advance the story significantly and grant your character amazing loot. For most players, the challenge of these bosses and the mastery of their encounters is the highlight. Especially if you try to do them without getting hit or another fun challenge. These are all of the bosses in Ender Lilies in order:

  1. Guardian Siegrid
  2. Cliffside Hamlet Youth
  3. Western Merchant
  4. Headless Defender
  5. Gerrod, the Elder Warrior
  6. Fungal Sorcerer
  7. Floral Sorceress
  8. Dark Witch Eleine
  9. Fallen Archer
  10. Ancient Crypt Keeper
  11. Guardian Silva
  12. Fallen Sentinel
  13. Ulv, the Mad Knight
  14. Cliffside Hamlet Elder
  15. Chief Guardian
  16. Castle Town Maiden
  17. Knight Captain Julius
  18. Forsaken Fellwyrm
  19. Secret Experiment
  20. Heonir, Keeper of the Abyss
  21. Dark Executioner
  22. One-Eyed Royal Aegis
  23. Incompetent Sinner
  24. Miriel, the Beloved
  25. Verboten Champion
  26. Blighted Lord

With a total of 26 bosses, the Ender Lilies has a lot of interesting and unique combat encounters for you to engage with. All of these bosses are also exceptionally designed as they get progressively more difficult. This gives players a great experience and learning curve.

How to Complete Map in Ender Lilies? Guide

To complete the map in Ender Lilies you simply have to visit each area that is accessible. To do this optimally it is important that you explore every corner as you check your map frequently. If you do this from the start you won’t have to backtrack as you would have explored everything,

There are some areas that require certain abilities or relics to uncover the secrets, but these are easily recognizable. To find all of them just check the map to see if there are any gaps in its completion.

How to obtain all relics in Ender Lilies?

Since relics play a significant role in the enhancement of your character and survivability they are very important. To obtain each of these valuable items simply be diligent when it comes to exploring, doing side quests, and trading with NPCs. If you do this you will collect every relic in the game with little effort.

What Spirit Skills can you get? Easy Guide

Spirit Skills are abilities that improve your character’s combat capabilities. These abilities can be unlocked and equipped on a whim, with the only requirement being spirit orbs. To get this valuable resource make sure to defeat enemies and locate any areas where you can acquire them. Once you have collected these orbs simply locate a Spirit Well and go to it to spend all of your collected Spirit Orbs to unlock and upgrade Spirit Skills.

Each of the skills available provides a unique combat style especially when combined. The highlight of this system is the many combos you can create by intertwining these skills. Make sure to experiment with these various combinations to discover the best combination for your play style. 

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