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Fire Emblem Three Houses As Nintendo Switch Game

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the most recognizable tactical role-playing games. Intelligent Systems developed the game and released it for the Nintendo Switch. In the title, players choose one of two characters and start their journey. Based on the player’s choices the many story-battles change and affect the narrative differently. The story spans a few periods and has a mechanic that tracks the days as they pass. All of this serves as a great mechanic as it gives players a sense of urgency.

How Does Fire Emblem Three Houses Gameplay Feel

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The gameplay of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is seamlessly ported onto the new console and is a great game to play. Balancing the strategy, character development, and storytelling the game truly offers something for everyone. As you go through the game and get more familiar with the deep mechanics and combat skills the possibilities open up. Through the many different mechanics, you will learn that every choice can have a profound impact on the battlefield and story. As the emotionally engaging story unfolds you will feel the weight of each decision and choice. This also makes the game replayable as you can experience many different adventures.

Overall the game is amazing and we highly advise you to play through it any chance you get.

How long is Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game that on average takes players about 50 hours to complete on the first playthrough. Depending on some choices the player makes this time can vary. However, the fact that this game is very replayable with multiple story paths expats its playtime a lot. If you wish to see everything, complete every challenge, and grasp the full story it could take you over 150 hours. Which makes the game very worth it for anyone looking for a lot of unique content.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Guide

One of the common challenges for players of the game is navigation, especially if you are new to the series. Because of this, it is important to pay attention to the guides at the beginning of the game and learn each mechanic you come across. While you can look up the best characters to recruit, optimal classes, best strategies and abilities, or even shortcuts to building relationships we highly advise you to avoid doing so. The beauty of the game is experiencing all of this for the very first time and mastering each unique mechanic. Following a guide can be very effective and make the game a breeze but it can also ruin the experience on your first playthrough so choose wisely. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Limited edition

Dedicated fans of the series were appalled to see their favorite franchise get an amazing limited edition upon release. Players who opted for this edition of the title received multiple exclusive collectibles. These included aside from the game a steel book, an art book, a soundtrack CD, intricate figurines, and other goodies. For a long-time fan of the series, this petition is one of the best editions you can add to your collection.

Is Fire Emblem: Three Houses still good?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Even if Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released back in 2019 it stands out as one of the best examples of its genre on the Nintendo Switch. Aside from the compelling narrative, interesting characters, and beautiful world, the gameplay stands out even more. Its meticulously crafted mechanics have earned the title a dedicated and passionate fanbase, one that praises it to this day. Even critics have praised the title and its ability to keep up with newer titles in the genre even years after its release.

Is it worth to buy Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

If you ask us buying Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a very smart choice as the game is a must-play on the Nintendo Switch. This is even further emphasized if you come across the game at a discounted price, physically or digitally. This title is truly great and you will get a lot out of what you pay for.

Can you play Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Switch?

The game just like all other Nintendo Switch titles is completely exclusive to the platform and will not come to others anytime soon. The only new platform this title will move on to will be the successor of the Nintendo Switch if it features backward compatibility. But the game is great on the console and it is great to play handheld or while docked anywhere you are.

Which Fire Emblem game is the best for Switch?

While Fire Emblem: Three Houses was the best game from the series on the platform the newest entry to the series Fire Emblem Engage takes the cake here. The sequel, released in 2023 is stunning and follows the tropes of its predecessors. Just by looking at the visuals and gameplay, you can immediately see the many upgrades the title offers. We highly recommend that you play through Fire Emblem Engage especially if you are a fan of the series.

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