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Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough

It’s no secret that gamers think the world of horror games is not the same anymore. Since the cancellation of PT and the poor performance of several other horror games, fans of this genre are understandably disappointed. This has also created an itch few games have been able to scratch. 

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel is one of those games. With an interesting resemblance to games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Fobia St Dinfna Hotel has done a great job of captivating its audience with a classic horror experience.

While some fans may say the game doesn’t include that many jumpscares, everyone knows a good horror game doesn’t really need jumpscares to be scary. The feeling of tension one often gets from expecting the jumpscare is where the real horror lies.

Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel is a game that follows amateur journalist Roberto Leite Lopes on a trip to the hotel. However, during his stay, he discovers a camera that reveals different timelines and a fanatical cult involved in the story. It’s up to him to uncover the truth and stop the cult’s plans and experiments.

The game has many interesting gameplay features that players will need to utilize to solve the mystery of the hotel. However, some players might get lost along the way. This is why we’ve made a Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough to help you get through all those tricky parts of the game! We’ll also provide short guides to help you earn achievements specific to each chapter. However, keep in mind there are also trophies you can earn throughout the whole game, mainly by gathering collectibles.

Keep reading to get all the information you need from our Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough!

How many chapters are in Fobia St Dinfna Hotel?

There are seven chapters in the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough:

  • Prologue
  • The Hotel
  • The House in the Woods
  • The Great Hall
  • The Forest
  • The Underground
  • The Mine

The whole game takes up a little over 10 hours in the end. This means you’ll need more than an hour to get through each chapter if you already know what you’re doing. Luckily, our Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough is here to get you through all the hardest parts of the game with no issues.

In this walkthrough, we’ll provide a short description of what to do in each chapter and we’ll also give a trophy guide. This way, you’ll be able to get all the achievements in the game in no time!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Prologue Walkthrough

Once you’ve completed the intro to Fobia St Dinfna, you’ll find yourself in the cell. Once you’re there, grab the Metal Key and read the note, which should be fairly obvious. Now you can exit the cell.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Cell

You will soon realize you’re in the prison. Go to the desk and grab Key IV and the diary. There are also 2 notes you need to read. Once you’ve read them, open cell 4 and place the diary on the bricks. Now exit the cell.

Back in the prison, press the lever next to the gate to enter the corridor. Once you’re in the corridor, you will see a cutscene. After it ends, run and turn right to get another cutscene. After this, you’ll be in the hotel.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Prologue Trophy Guide

There are no trophies to collect in the Prologue chapter of the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Hotel Walkthrough

The Hotel is a pretty self-explanatory chapter in the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough. You’ll have to explore the hotel and grab pretty much every item you see. You have to go through rooms 610, 611, 608, and 606, among others. There are also several combination codes you’ll need to know to get through this part of the game.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough

The following is a list of all combination codes in this chapter:

  • The numbers on the Metal Object in room 610 open the suitcase on the floor
  • The safe in room 610: 37251
  • The safe in room 608: 6749
  • 6th floor center: 67352 (along with the Red Card)
  • Box on 6th floor center: 164 871
  • Box in room 603: 30 Right, 10 Left, 5 Right

There will be several puzzles you’ll need to solve throughout the chapter, but they’re not too hard to get through. 

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Hotel Trophy Guide

There are three trophies you can earn in this part of the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough. You can also earn some of them later on, but if you’re achievement hunting, you should get them out of the way as soon as possible:

  • Cautious – save the game 3 times on the clock inside your hotel room
  • Pulsatrix – use the night vision camera for 15 minutes
  • Nicthophobia – use the flashlight for 15 minutes
  • Executioner – kill 10 enemies
  • Natural born journalist – collect 12 specific documents, some of which are also in ‘The Great Hall’ chapter
  • Jonisvaldo – find the drawing of Jonisvaldo on the bottom right of the investigation board in room 610

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The House in The Woods Walkthrough

The next chapter of the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough is The House in The Woods. Enter the bedroom in the house. Read the note then go to the wardrobe to grab the 2nd Memory, a Pocket Watch. Go back downstairs to the living room. Go to the right of the stairs and read the note.

In the bathroom, grab the Kitchen Door Key. In the kitchen, grab the Office Key and go upstairs again. Unlock the office and go inside. Open the box you find inside to grab 4 items. Then, open your inventory to combine them in numerical order. Read the notebook in the office and go back downstairs.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Notebook

In the living room, open the gun cabinet to grab Metal Piece 4. Combine the Modular Key with Metal Piece 4. Go back upstairs to the bedroom.

Open the box and grab the Sphere. Go downstairs then save your game before exiting the house through the door next to the bathroom.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The House in The Woods Trophy Guide

Although you can’t earn any trophies in this part of the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough specifically, you’ll have to collect a few memories in The House in The Woods to earn achievements.

Grab the Pocket Watch memory inside the house. Go behind the house where you get the 4th Metal Piece and the Pliers and crouch through the broken wall. Pass the metal bunk beds and open the bottom part of the nightstand between the last beds, where you’ll find the memory.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Great Hall Walkthrough

The Great Hall is the longest chapter of the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough. However, just like the Hotel chapter, it’s not too hard to get through. Regardless, there are several codes you may need to complete the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough you may not be able to find. In that case, use the list below:

  • Library safe: 012345679
  • Library floor safe: 32 Right, 16 Left, 4 Right
  • 6th floor center: 775492 (along with the Red Card)
  • Gate on 5th floor center: 645820 (along with the Blue Card)
  • 5th floor center safe in black cabinet: 19 Right, 17 Left, 24 Right
  • Room 303 box in the closet: SIMAO
  • Room 604 cabinet safe: 251
  • Backstage 8th floor door: 9568 (along with White Card)
  • Piano room door: 5527 (along with White Card)
  • 8th floor center on the left: 1102 (along with White Card)
  • 8th floor center safe: 1649
  • Administration room safe: 35 Right, 5 Left, 30 Right
  • Administration room box on table: 784
  • Library locked drawer: 25 Right, 15 Left, 20 Right
  • Library locked safe on top of table: 012345679
  • Piano room piano combination: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-1-3-2-1-3-4-5-5
  • 7th floor center: 400233 (along with Black Card)
Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough

Make sure to save as often as you can throughout this chapter as it is the longest one and losing progress could be devastating.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Great Hall Trophy Guide

The following trophies can be found in The Great Hall:

  • Pianist – defeat the Piano Monster
  • Arachnophobia – defeat the Spider Mother
  • Check out – at the very end of the chapter, move the giant statue on the 8th floor and head down the stairs. Find the elevator to escape the hotel. Keep in mind you cannot come back to the Hotel.
  • Natural born journalist – find more documents in this part of the game to earn this trophy
  • Mechanic – assemble the 3 gears on the 5th floor in the room connecting Block B to Block A.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Forest Walkthrough

In the forest, you’ll come to an intersection. Go left and grab Sphere Fragment 1. Walk back and go right where you’ll follow the image up to the windmill. Grab the Sphere Fragment 2 from there and go back. 

Enter the building to the left through the center door. Open the box to grab the Administration Warehouse Key, after which you’ll get a cutscene. Once you’re done with the cutscene, read the note. Open the door to the left as you’re leaving to grab Sphere Fragment 3.

Fobia St Dinfna Forest walkthrough

Resume your path to see the door open and close. Go there and read the note, then keep going. Reach the gate and enter the building to the right. The chapel will be to your left. Just follow the path until the tree falls.

Once it does, enter the building and open the toolbox with the code 35 Right, 15 Left, 10 Right and grab the Pliers. In the closet, grab the Sphere Fragment 4.

Run back to open the gate near the chapel. Enter the right-most building to grab the 12th Memory. Exit and unlock the gate to your right. Go to the second building and read the note. Exit the building and go back to see a water tower. Head towards it until the windmill falls.

Water Tower Walkthrough

Unlock the gate near the water tower and another one next to a house which should be on your right. Go back, climb the water tower and go back down. Follow the path until you get a cutscene, then grab the Chapel Key.

In front of the chapel, you’ll get a cutscene. Upon entering ti, you’ll get another one. Once it’s over, open the box to grab Sphere Fragment 5.

Exit the chapel and walk through the other gate. After the windmill, enter the house to your right to get a cutscene. Afterward, grab Sphere Fragment 6 and read the note. Save the game before going out.

Follow the rest of the path to get Sphere Fragment 7.

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Forest Trophy Guide

The following trophy is in The Forest:

  • Boy Scout – survive the Forest

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Underground Walkthrough

The Underground is yet another long chapter in the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough that isn’t too difficult to get through. However, make sure to refer to the map so you don’t get lost. Use the following codes if you can’t figure them out:

  • Lab 02 safe: 25 Right, 8 Left, 36 Right
  • Universal Transporter safe: 39 Right, 31 Left, 19 Right
  • Cells corridor door: 852369 (along with Card Level 3)
  • Universal Transporter computer puzzle: 499
  • Bottom room panels: 30, 20, 50 and 80, 15, 5
The Underground Walkthrough

This is the chapter where you’ll be doing the most fighting, so make sure to save often! 

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Underground Trophy Guide

The following trophies are in the Underground section of the game:

  • Violator – defeat the Red Light (Aquiles)
  • Miner – survive the Underground

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel The Mine Walkthrough

The Mine is the final chapter of the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough. The chapter starts with a cutscene.

The Mine Walkthrough

Once the cutscene is over, grab the Gas Mask and read the note. Go left and grab the final Memory. You’ll get a lot of cutscenes and a section where you should walk forward. Once you get the choice, select “HAND” to get two achievements.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Fobia St Dinfna Hotel walkthrough. Enjoy the game’s ending!

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