Fortnite Rule Book Explained [2023]: 12, 13, 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 63, 64 & 69

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Fortnite is easily the most recognizable name in the battle royale genre. As one of the titans, it features unique and easily distinguishable gameplay. But what most don’t know is that there are some niche rules within the community. This so-called Fortnite rule book features some genuine rules amongst players and hints to media like the rule 34.

Ever since its release the community has following each expansion of the game further developed its niches. This includes more and more rules that help players keep in touch and have a laugh. While not all rules are touched up on here, we have picked out some of the most interesting ones.

Fortnite Rules Explained

Fortnite Rules Explained

Fortnite rules while not a legitimate thing if you don’t count the official terms of service for the game. The official rules touch upon the legitimacy of the game which condemns cheating and helps keep the game running. While these are important we will not be touching up on them but only the Fortnite rule book that includes numbered rules such as rule 34.

All of these rules are somewhat accepted by the community and have their special place for each player. As a veteran of the game, you might already be familiar with some, but we are sure that at least one will surprise you.

Fortnite Rule 12

The 12th rule of Fortnite says that players should be mindful of their words. This is because any unacceptable language will result in a punishment. Players should comply with this rule and be wary of what they are saying while playing the game. This rule ensures that Fortnite stays a great environment for people of all shapes and sizes.

Fortnite Rule 13

Just like its predecessor Fornite rule 13 has something to do with what a player says and does. This rule refers to the common phenomenon of things said and done becoming viral clips. Be it through your own form of media or your teammates anything you say and do can become a popular catchphrase or trend within the game. Who knows depending on the popularity you may even get a feature within the game.

Fortnite Rule 23

Rule 23 is one of the most essential ones since it has everything to do with your squad. As one of the biggest factors of the game squads are important and need to be taken care of. Anyone can have a bad day and want to get some of the negative emotions out but your squad is not the place to do so. Be it through your actions or words players should always try to remain friendly with their squad. Furthermore, playing with your teammates by landing at the same spot and moving together is key to victory.

Fortnite Rule 24

Fortnite Rule Book 34

The Fortnite rule 24 says that players are allowed to intervene and do what they want. While this sort of circumvents the previous rule it is important to have your own playstyle. Mixing these two rules perfectly will make you the best player on your squad. The decisions you make in a game depending on the rule you follow closer determine your playstyle.

Fortnite Rule 30

This rule is the first meme rule on our list and it is a reference to a common joke within the game. The joke is that women don’t play online matches and anyone that sounds like one is using a voice changer. While obviously not true it is a common occurrence for anyone queuing solo in squads.

Fortnite Rule 31

Fortnite’s 31st rule is a legitimate one since it states that players are required to be at least 13 years old to participate in competitive events. This does not refer to the competitive mode within the game, the arena. But it refers to events organized by third parties and Epic Games, those like the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite Rule 32

This rule of Fortnite states that bragging rights are reserved only for those with evidence. So if you wish to brag about your plays and snipes you better have the videos and images to back them up.

Fortnite Rule 33

Rule 33 further adds to rule 12 as it encourages players to always think before they speak. This is all in an effort to keep the player experience positive for everyone playing.

Fortnite Rule 34

The Fortnite rule book 34 rule refers to the very popular internet meme. This meme claims that if a medium exists there must be ‘’not safe for work’’ media of it online. The rule 34 media comes in many shapes with some of the most common ones being writings, animations, and images.

Fortnite Rule 35

Rule 35 adds to rule 34 by stating that if there is no ‘’not safe for work’’ media of a medium it is just temporary. The rule essentially states that rule 34 is inevitable and will happen one day if it already hasn’t.

Fortnite Rule 37

Fortnite just like many other games takes a lot of skill and focus to succeed. This means that players can have bad games and lose near immediately. On the other hand, players can have 30-kill games that are deserving of a montage. Rule 37 refers to this relationship since the latter could have killed the former. Furthermore, just in the next game, the roles can be reversed. So no matter what never give up, and take a break if you feel discouraged.

Fortnite Rule 63

Fortnite Rule 63

Since Fortnite is a game with hundreds of characters many fans have put in the effort to make gender-swapped versions. This fan art of Fortnite characters is what created rule 63.

Fortnite Rule 64

Rule 64  refers to the story of Fortnite and the theory of alternate universe versions of the game. This rule is not only speculatory since the developers have tested the limits and hinted toward the multiverse. The biggest proof of this is the many characters from different universes that are within Fortnite.

Fortnite Rule 69

For the last rule on our list, we had to choose a meme and we have aptly chosen rule 69. Anyone that has been online for a while is familiar with this infamous number and its meaning. The rule states that whenever players come across the number within the game, they are obliged to respond with ‘’nice’’.

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