How does Genshin Impact Art Inspire and Engage the Fan Community?

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Genshin Impact is a game with stunning character design, in-game scenery, and artwork. This artwork has served to keep fans coming back for more with its whimsical, anime-like art style. Of course, something must be working in this formula, because Genshin Impact’s playerbase has only kept rising since its release in September 2020. 

Of course, we also recognize the difference between official art and fan art. Certain websites such as Genshin Global offer an art gallery where you can look at a collection of official Genshin Impact artwork. On the other hand, Genshin Impact fan art can be found almost anywhere. 

While the art style may differ, both types of art have one goal, which is to bring the Genshin Impact community together in enjoying their experience of the game.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the formula itself. We’ll find out what exactly about Genshin Impact’s art keeps fans coming back and inspires them to engage with the characters and the game in general. Keep reading to find out!

When Was the First Genshin Impact Official Art Released?

While there is no definitive answer on the first Genshin Impact official art ever released, there are a few guesses. Unsurprisingly, the most popular guess is the official art for Ayaka, who has been a character since the very beginning, all the way back in 2019 during version 0.0.1. 

However, Ayaka was only made available to players in version 2.0, a little over 2 years after the Closed Beta Test 1 which is referred to as version 0.0.1.

So, theoretically, the first Genshin Impact official art was released at the same time as Ayaka was announced, sometime near the end of June 2019.

What is the difference between Genshin Impact Official Art and Fanart?

The main difference between Genshin Impact’s official art and fan art is the source, of course. HoYoverse is the source for all official Genshin Impact art, while fan art may come from anyone on the internet (or offline) who was inspired by the game enough to draw some art.

Naturally, this pulls in many other differences, such as the art style. While HoYoverse’s art style is consistent across all characters to maintain continuity within the game, various artists from around the world may retain their own art style while bringing Genshin Impact characters to life.

Despite all these differences, it’s important to remember the common goal they share, which is to promote and express love for Genshin Impact as a game as well as its characters.

Who creates Genshin Impact Fanart?

The short answer is anyone. Anyone who has some way to express their feelings of admiration or who has gained inspiration from Genshin Impact can create fan art for the game.

However, as with any other intellectual property, Genshin Impact is subject to a few rules. For example, fan art used for unofficial merchandise cannot violate any relevant laws or infringe on miHoYo’s copyright. 

Fans who create fan art that serves a commercial purpose need authorization from HoYoverse to sell fan merchandise based on Genshin Impact. The authorization is given on a per-character basis, meaning you’ll have to apply multiple times for each character you want to create merchandise for.

There are, however, exemptions to this rule. This exemption applies to written works such as fan fiction based on the game, unless they have illustrations. In that case, players still need to declare comics to HoYoverse.

Fans will need to provide some information using a guide that the company has generously put up on their website.

6 Genshin Impact Fanart Examples

In the spirit of appreciating fans and their love for the game, we’ve collected 6 examples of Genshin Impact fan art that showcases their amazing skills through the creation of amazing art for the game.

Check out these 6 characters with beautiful Genshin Impact fan art!

Jean Genshin Impact Fanart

Jean Genshin Impact art

Artist: Megasapien2008

Jean is one of the fandom’s many favorites due to being a 5-star character in the regular pool. This makes her easier to obtain than other 5-star characters. She’s especially a hit with new players who may not have any good characters yet. Her being an anemo sword opens up her kit to interesting abilities and situations. 

In this image, Jean is depicted in a different art style from official Genshin Impact art, walking through a snowy landscape. Absolutely gorgeous work!

Xiao Genshin impact fanart

Xiao Genshin impact art

Artist: Doopliss

One of the five Yaksha and a classic character in Genshin Impact, Xiao is incredibly fun to play due to his unique abilities. He’s the only character that allows the player to experience a wide range of mobility while not sacrificing any damage. He has a raging fan base that loves his character and lore, thanks to which this fan art came to be.

The picture depicts his calm and collected demeanor with the wind behind him, due to him being an anemo character.

Aether Genshin Impact Fanart

Aether Fanart

Artist: Hanapen

The Traveler is the main protagonist in Genshin Impact. In this case,  he is depicted as Aether, the male version of the Traveler. Aether is a sword user with a unique ability to take on multiple elements. This allows beginner players to get more acquainted with the elements, though they must unlock the different elements through gameplay.

Here, Aether is depicted enjoying a sunny day among some cherry blossoms.

Venti Genshin Impact Fanart

Venti Genshin Impact art

Artist: miyumi

Venti is the anemo archon and a friendly bard that cares for nearly everyone he encounters. However, don’t let the kind exterior fool you, as he is very powerful due to being an archon. In fact, he is the first archon the player encounters in the game. His playstyle has established him as one of the best grouping and combo characters in the game since the beginning.

Here we can see Venti soaring through the skies and enjoying playing his lyre with one of his best friends, Dvalin.

Noelle Genshin Impact Fanart

Noelle Fanart

Artist: Artofkuzu

For most newcomers to Genshin Impact, Noelle is one of the first characters they unlock to play. She is a knight of Mondstadt and a geo claymore user. At the very beginning of the game she is rather powerful due to her naturally high offense and defense.

In this Artofkuzu fan art, Noelle is depicted with a charming smiling face in Mondstadt.

Lisa Genshin Impact Fanart

Lisa Fanart

Artist: AyyaSAP

The Wicked Witch of Mondstadt herself, Lisa is a character the player can freely unlock during the first couple of missions in the game. She is an electro catalyst user that specializes in off-field damage and debuffs. This makes her the perfect character for beginners that want to get a hang of the game.

In this fan art, we see Lisa in her iconic original outfit that makes her one of the most recognizable characters in Genshin Impact.

Which Characters Were Redesigned Through Time?

No Genshin Impact character has gotten a redesign that was too drastic. However, many characters have gotten skins and outfits that have refreshed their look.

The Wanderer redesign in particular has caught the attention of fans due to the change in his color scheme. However, some fans simply consider this a different outfit for the Wanderer, whose name was Scaramouche.

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