20+ Pieces of Genshin Impact Fanart that will make you Simp

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The past few years have been a wild ride for the gaming community. However, one game, in particular, left a particularly good first impression – Genship Impact. The game’s anime-style open world environment and its action-based battle system with elemental magic, along with character-switching, make it downright addictive. Furthermore, Genshin’s gacha game mechanics allow players to obtain new weapons, characters, as well as resources. Genshin Impact heavily draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Except the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Breath of the Wild and games like Days Gone are replaced with a magical, downright stunning open world free to explore. Those who have entered the world of Teyvat spent hours marveling at its stunning art design. Truth is, Genshin Impact is a beautifully packaged anime adventure, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. Needless to say that Genshin Impact is beloved in both the gaming and art community. In light of this, we’ve gathered some terrific pieces of Genshin Impact fanart to pay homage to its beautiful world and characters. 

Kazuha and a Totally Unspecific Cat

This terrific piece shows Kaedehara Kazuha just minding his business albeit he’s not alone. A small white furry friend is keeping him company. Seems like even a wandering samurai has a weak spot for little critters.

The greens in this Genshin fanart piece work well together, and make for a great contrast with Kazuha’s dark attire. Light play is always a good option, but this piece looks almost ethereal.

Yae Miko 

Don’t be fooled by this sweet-looking shrine maiden. Foxy Yae is a certified damage dealer. And she’ll obliterate you with lightning while dancing around and weaving her Sesshou Sakura. 

Yae’s color scheme for this Genshin fanart piece fits her perfectly. From her bright pink hair swaying in the wind, down to her puzzled, serene expression, she looks every bit the shrine maiden she is. On top of that, the sakura blossoms are a wonderful touch, reminiscent of a Monet watercolor painting. 


Shenhe the cryo polearm user comes from a family of exorcists. Following a traumatic incident during her childhood, Shenhe was taken on as a disciple by the Cloud Retainer. 

Speaking of Shenhe, her icy personality really comes through in this Genshin Impact fanart piece. The colors blend together nicely as well. Even the brush strokes for each strand of Shenhe’s icy hair seem extremely detailed. 

Ayato and Ayaka Casually Enjoying Their Drinks

In this Genshin Impact fanart piece, we have Ayato and Ayaka casually enjoying their drinks. Well one of them is, while the other one aggressively slurps on their boba.

Overall, this Genshin art piece is a perfect portrayal of an everyday moment. In other words, it’s as casual as the style used to portray it. The strokes almost seem effortless, even though we know they’re anything but. 

Ayato and Pastels 

Although pastels might be more befitting for Yae, we have to say they fit Ayato really well. 

If you look closely, you also notice some water droplets wrapped around Ayato’s finger, and some on his right side. Essentially, the droplets signify Ayato’s Burst and affinity to water. 

Kokomi in the Dark 

Frankly, we can’t get over how good Kokomi looks surrounded by these dark yet vibrant colors. The descendant of the Sangonomiya Clan looks every bit the ethereal divine priestess she is. 

Kokomi’s vibrant hair, paired with the different hues of blue and neon blue complement each other very well. Furthermore, you might also notice the artist’s use of lines in various types and forms – the branches, the sky, even the ground. The little pops of neon blue help add a nice pop of color and pull the whole thing together. 

Conqueror of Demons 

The name is very fitting indeed. Xiao’s name literally translates to ‘Mountain Demon’. What’s more, Xiao is also the only remaining member of the five Yakshas tasked to subdue Liyue’s demonic spirits. 

Green is definitely Xiao’s color. But what really brings the whole Genshin fanart piece together is the little details. His mesmerizing eye color, the shard of his mask, and the necklace around his neck – all these details play a significant role in this fanart piece. 


If you think Fischl’s full name (Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort) is a mouthful, wait till you get a load of this. Accompanied by her night raven Oz, the investigator allegedly hails from a world beyond Teyvat. The Electro character is also quite good with a bow, making her a formidable opponent. 

Fischl is donned in her usual purple attire in this Genshin art piece, guarded by her raven. Also, you’ll notice her trademark eyepatch. Did you know Fischl wears it just because she thinks it’s cool? Either way, she looks great – the artist did a really good job showcasing her signature colors and her long blonde hair. 

Raiden Shogun

The following Genshin Impact art piece presents Raiden Shogun. The Electro Archon of Inazuma and vessel of Beelzebul, Raiden Shogun has every right to look as unbothered as she does here. 

Beelzebul’s vessel is dressed in her usual colors, her purple hair also tied in its usual braid. The color combos used for Raiden Shogun’s attire and her hair aren’t overwhelmingly bright, thus making her electrifying purple eyes stand out. 

Abiding Memory of Sharing Tofu Under the Sakura

The first Genshin Impact fanart piece reveals a nostalgic, sad and heartwarming moment between Yae Miko and Kitsune Saiguu. It’s even more heartbreaking once you see Yae sitting all alone without the kitsune goddess.

The moment portrayed weighs heavy on our hearts, yet it’s sharply in contrast with the bright colors. The sky is blue and bright, tainted only by several clouds, and abiding memory. 

Miko Yae 

While the first Genshin Impact art piece portrays Yae as an ethereal being, this one is a bit more focused on her feisty side. Her casual stance, a coy almost-there style, her bold pink hair swaying behind her – all this greatly differs from the Yae we’ve seen in the first Genshin Impact fanart piece. 

Moreover, even the colors are a bolder shade. Notice the pink hue of her braid and the stark red and white of her clothes.  

Valentine’s Quartet

Valentine’s Day might be over, but we can’t get enough of Genshin Impact art. Seriously, how cute are these four munchkins? 

Hu Tao, Yan Fei, Xingqiu, and Chongyun make for a great Valentine’s Quartet. Overall, the red, pink, and the two baby blue hues, the added details, and their arms creating a heart make for a really cute homage to Valentine’s Day.

Eula Making Chocolates 

Although we’re a few days late with celebrating Valentine’s Day, we still enjoy this cute Genshin Impact fanart of Eula making chocolates. 

Eula is a descendant of the tyrannical and infamous Lawrence Clan, which makes this piece all the more precious. Frankly, we love everything about this, especially Eula’s startled face and her detailed outfit. Just imagine her actually chocolates. 


It’s almost a crime to see Xiao without any green in the picture. Nonetheless, this Genshin Impact fanart piece is almost too pretty to look at. The various hues of blue make Xiao look more pensive than usual. 

More Yae Miko

In case you couldn’t tell, Yae Miko is one of our favorites. And judging by the look of things, we’re not alone on this one. 

Frankly, the pink-haired priestess is so sweet and feisty which makes her inherently likable. This art style mimics that very well. A little coy, a bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice make for a cute drawing of Yae.  

Ganyu Glam

The half-qilin Adeptus is probably one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters out there. Her Cryo abilities make her a formidable opponent, but it’s her serene personality that won us over. 

Considering the fact that Ganyu really likes fashion, this artist did a great job dressing her up in casual glam attire. Ganyu’s hair is a very pretty shade of blue, and it really makes her red horns stand out.

A Little Birdie Told Me

Zhongli is the current vessel of Morax (the Geo Archon), who made the decision to experience the world as a mortal. What better way to do so than by enjoying the company of the many little critters inhabiting it?

Such as birds, for instance. The soft, muted browns of Zhongli’s clothes are brought to life by the pop of yellow and white. All in all, this Genshin Impact art piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very endearing.

Kazuha and the Sea 

Here, we have another picture of Kazuha just minding his business, enjoying the sunset, surrounded by a flock of seagulls. The sea is painted a beautiful azure hue which almost makes it look like the real thing. Foam is swishing all over the place, seagulls mewing high  – you can almost hear it if you try hard enough. 

Electro Women 

Electro women doesn’t even begin to cover it. Priestess, vessel, sweet, feisty, and, most importantly, formidable and dangerous – Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko are all that and so much more. 

Both Ei’s signature braid and Yae’s pink locks are very bold, almost neon. The background of this Genshin art piece is a mix of both muted and stark purples, lilac, and pinks, which are, in fact, their signature colors. 

Water Boys 

We’re graced with the fantastic water boy trio – Ayato, Tartaglia, and Xingqiu. Bountiful in looks and power, these three would definitely make one hell of a team. Childe seems like a magnet for trouble and doesn’t back down from a challenge, and the other water boys are no different. 

Also, yes, Tartaglia is holding a fish in his mouth. The other two decided to do a cool pose, and apparently, Childe didn’t get the memo. Even if we disregard the fish, his fiery red ginger hair makes him stand out in the whole icy blue color scheme thing they had going on.

Ayato and Shiba Inu 

There’s only one way to describe this – cuteness overload. The Kamisato clan leader apparently has a soft spot for dogs, or more particularly Shiba Inus. Can’t say we blame him though, the puppy is pretty adorable. 

The artist used soft, muted colors for Ayato’s hair, eyes, and even Shiba Inu’s fur. Furthermore, Ayato’s jacket is a bit more detailed, with added texture. Simple, minimalistic, yet it meshes really well. 

Shehne but Add Sparkles 

Adding a bit of sparkle here and there really does wonders, wouldn’t you agree? Shehne’s eyes were always a striking shade, but they’re way more opalescent here. They almost look like actual gemstones. 

For this drawing, the artist decided to ditch Shehne’s signature braid. As a result, some of her long, white icy hair strands spill partially over her shoulder. If you look closely, even her hair has a certain opalescent sheen to it. Additionally, her clothes stayed the same, but the colors are much more vibrant and bold. 

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