Is Battlefield 1 dead in 2022? Here’s what the community says…

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The Battlefield franchise has always been good at giving the fans exactly what they want. Battlefield 1 wasn’t any different, and it provides us with a WWI anthology with stories of different men and women throughout the war. As a result, Battlefield 1’s multi-part narrative offers Battlefield fans some breathing room from the modern settings of the other Battlefield games. 

Despite the fact that Battlefield 1 came out a while ago, there’s no denying how good it is. But there are some burning questions surrounding the popular instalment: Do people still play Battlefield 1 after all this time? Is Battlefield 1 dead? 

Is Battlefield 1 dead? Do People still play Battlefield 1? 

The game came out in 2016, and ever since then, Battlefield 1 offered a steady stream of content. On top of that, Battlefield 1 still managed to maintain an active player base after all this time. Much like in previous Battlefield entries, EA created an impressive roadmap including post-launch expansions, with some additional updates. 

Furthermore, EA also set the groundwork for a more profound Battlefield 1 multiplayer with five versus five “Incursions” game mode. But these are just some of the new things fans got to see in Battlefield 1’s expansions. We also got to see tons of new maps, weapons and vehicles. Basically, the game gave us a taste of the brutal Battlefield 1 multiplayer, with all of its twists and tweaks, and kept us coming back for more. 

Battlefield 1 dead


BF1 player count: PS, Xbox, PC

Although Battlefield 2042 might have been the most played Battlefield game this January, its dwindling fanbase led to its fall from grace. Or more precisely, its concession to Battlefield V. However, Battlefield V didn’t hold the number one spot for too long either, having been replaced by Battlefield 1. 

According to Steam’s chart, the BF1 player count for the last 30 days secured around 4,600 players daily. The peak number of players rounds up to 11,100. But these numbers aren’t anything new for Battlefield 1. 

As a matter of fact, the BF1 total player count for October 2019 exceeded 23,000. Of that, over 6,200 users played BF1 on Xbox, and around 8,200 played it on the PS4. In other words, if you’re wondering do people still play Battlefield 1, these numbers do the talking. 

Battlefield 1 multiplayer – How and where to find Servers

So, is Battlefield 1 dead or not? BF1 fans everywhere have been asking that very same question because they’re unable to find BF1 servers anywhere.

When it comes to finding BF1 servers, battlefieldtracker might just be your best bet. And here’s how to better your chances of finding an active BF1 server. 

BF1 population and BF1 game modes  

Battlefieldtracker will also give you insight on the BF1 population, every day and within a set hour. As such, you can use it to check what days of the week have the biggest BF1 population, or the BF1 player count within a set period. 

Also, make sure you check out some of the most popular game modes, such as Infantry combat: Team Deathmatch, or Large scale “All out Warfare”: Conquest. Quitmatch is a good option when the BF1 player count is at its peak. Usually, that’s Friday nights or the weekends. 

How do I use the BF1 in-game Server Browser? 

While using the BF1 Server Browser, it’s important to use the right filters in order for it to work. You’ll find 9 options to choose from, and these are our suggestions to maximize the number of populated servers. 

Which BF1 game mode should I pick?

Choose whichever game mode you like, but make sure to only put one mode at a time. If you do this, the server browser might not work the way it’s supposed to. For instance, the BF1 server browser might show less servers than there really are, or even none at all. 

What about BF1 Maps? 

Those who have BF1’s Revolution Edition, or the Premium Pass, should select all the maps. However, those who have the base game should only select these 13 maps: 

  • Argonne Forest
  • Amiens
  • Ballroom Blitz
  • Fao Fortress
  • Empire’s Edge
  • Giant’s Shadow 
  • Nivelle Nights
  • Monte Grappa
  • Rupture
  • Sinai Desert
  • Suez
  • St. Quentin Scar 
  • Prise de Tahure 

What’s my next step in the BF1 server browser? 

After you’ve selected the maps, leave the following categories blank in order to maximize the number of populated BF1 servers: 

  • Classes/ Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Advanced 
  • Rules 

Region and Slots 

In terms of Slots, you’ll need to select all of these options: NONE, 1-5, and to 6-10 to some degree. And remember not to use ALL, because if you do only empty servers show up. 

Select your region. In case you can’t seem to find any servers, pick the closest region next to you. 

To the Battlefield! 

Leave the name blank, and voila! You’re all set to go find you some populated servers and enjoy some Battlefield 1 action! 

Final Verdict – Is Battlefield 1 dead or not? 

Bttlefield 1 is not dead by a long shot. Having in mind that BF1 is six years old, it’s done pretty well for itself. Taking up the number one spot after so long, and beating Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield V to get there is no easy feat. When it comes to Battlefield 1, the proof really is in the pudding. 

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