Is Friday the 13th Crossplay In 2023? What We Know So Far

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Friday the 13th is one of the most popular survival multiplayer games out right now. The game’s popularity has led many players to wonder is Friday the 13th crossplay. Here we will give you everything you need to know about the state of crossplay for the game that comes from the widely popular movie series.

The franchise has spawned a whopping 12 movies and the game is its latest creation. 

Friday the 13th – Quick Introduction

Friday the 13th is an amazing survival horror video game set in the franchise’s universe. The game was developed by IllFonic and published by Gun Media in 2016. Due to the game’s somewhat old release, the question is Friday the 13th crossplay is quite valid. Players are put into the shoes of a survivor of the legendary killer Jason Voorhees. Through an atmospheric setting and intense gameplay, everyone gets an intense multiplayer experience. The ultimate goal of the survivors is to escape alone or together. This is easier said than done since another player is tasked to prevent you as the legendary killer. All this creates an amazing gameplay loop that will keep you and your friends entertained for dozens of games.

Furthermore, to add to the experience the map is that of the spine-chilling Camp Crystal Lake. The secluded summer camp is nestled deep within the dense woods which grants players great immersion. Throughout the map, survivors can encounter resources and work together to get their escape routes ready. On the other side players controlling Jason slowly stalk and eliminate survivors one by one. Each kill will feel well-deserved and features one of Jason’s brutal kills from his previous appearances. Thanks to this and the gameplay loop each match unfolds in a unique way where the outcome is never determined up until the end.

Another highlight of the game is the immersive audio design that adds on to the experience for both sides. Audio plays a big part in hiding and looking for survivors as everyone aims to reach their goal. With each footstep, rustle through the bushes there is strategy to your movement and decisions. 

Is Friday the 13th Crossplay? Explanation

Sadly, the answer to is Friday the 13th crossplay is no. This makes it so if you want to play with your friends you will have to be on the same console. While disappointing it makes sense that the game would not have this feature based on its time of release. On the upside, the game is featured on all major platforms right now. These include PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even the Nintendo Switch.

The developers have stated that crossplay would be one of the game’s primary goals and an implemented feature. While it is unlikely they still plan to uphold this promise we can still remain hopeful. As a community, there is not much we can do to bring crossplay closer as a fully fleshed-out feature.

Another common question is if Friday the 13th has cross-progression, as it is a great quality-of-life feature. This however is one of the game’s biggest downsides, especially for players that own multiple platforms. As the game does not support cross-progression it makes it so players must indecently level up their accounts on each platform. Furthermore, those that swap platforms entirely will be forced to lose out on all of their hard-earned progress.


Friday the 13th is a very fun and immersive survival horror game any fan of the genre needs to play. The game’s core gameplay loop and stunning visuals and audio make the experience truly a thrill. Each game player will be unique and pull you deeper into the intricacies and strategy of the game. Many devoted fans have played the game ever since its release and enjoyed it every day. If you are thinking of picking the game up we highly recommend it especially if it is on sale.

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