Is Mario Super Sluggers a Good Game? Should there be a Sequel?

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Mario Super Sluggers for Wii is a follow-up of Mario Superstar Baseball for the GameCube. 

A mix of sports action and the trademark Mario spice we love, it borrowed a lot of elements from its predecessor. However, it also included some new additions, such as different gameplay controls like using the Wii Remote’s motion sensor to its advantage. 

A lot of Mario fans were pretty impressed with the follow-up’s new elements. The in-depth and narrative-driven Challenge Mode in this 2008 Wii installment was also a sweet touch. Having all this in mind, is Mario Super Mario Sluggers a good game? And should there be a Mario Super Sluggers 2? 

Super Mario Sluggers


Mario Super Sluggers – Gameplay and Reception

The gameplay of this 2008 Wii follow-up is quite similar to Mario Superstar Baseball. The main difference is the controls. In Mario Super Slugger, you’ll find 3 control options – the Wii Remote on its own, Wii Remote held sideways, and Wii Remote and Nunchuk. 

Aside from Exhibition, Challenge, and other game modes in Mario Super Sluggers, there’s also a wide range of minigames to play. In fact, there are nine minigames in total, so you’ll always have your hands full with Mario Super Sluggers. 

There are different styles of game mechanics, but one feature really stands out in Mario Super Sluggers. This feature is also known as chemistry. Basically, it gives any team of Mario Super Sluggers’ characters a chance to earn items, rob home runs, and catch opponents in the base path. Additionally, it also increases the teams’ odds of winning. 

Although Mario Super Sluggers was a US-only Wii sequel, it still won over enough hearts to receive generally favorable reviews. Mario-esque and charming from its head down to its toes, Mario Super Sluggers is certainly up to Nintendo’s software standards. What’s more, Mario Super Sluggers was also a nominee for the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Video Game, but unfortunately, it lost to Guitar Hero World Tour. 

How popular was Mario Baseball?

Sluggers’ 2005 predecessor, Mario Superstar Baseball was the starting point of the Mario Baseball series. Here, players take on the roles of various Mario characters and challenge opposing teams in the Challenge Mode, and engage in baseball matches to win the mode’s Cup.

Overall, Mario Superstar Baseball racked up positive reviews. Superstar Baseball managed to blend Nintendo’s signature charm with America’s favorite pastime, resulting in an incredibly fun and incredibly arcade-like baseball experience

Fandom requests for Mario Super Sluggers 2 on Switch

The fans of Mario Super Sluggers are pretty much unanimous when it comes to requesting a Mario Super Sluggers 2 for Switch. In fact, a lot of fans enjoyed playing Mario Super Sluggers for Wii so much that they’re now downright demanding a sequel. Either way, it’s safe to say Mario Super Sluggers is one of the most wanted Mario sports games. We’d be happy to get a Mario Super Sluggers 2 for Switch, but that decision is not up to us. Hopefully, the developers will take the hint and finally give us what we want – more Mario baseball action. 

So, What’s the Final Verdict of Mario Super Sluggers? 

If you’re an avid baseball fan, and you’re looking for a true baseball experience, you might be better off skipping Super Sluggers. The focus of games like Mario Sluggers, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis is the ‘anyone can play’ design. Meaning, the game is more concerned with presenting the sports world in a more approachable and generally enjoyable format. 

On the other hand, those looking for a fun baseball game will definitely fall in love with Mario Super Sluggers. Pick your preferred game mode, or enjoy a minigame or two – the possibilities are endless. Don’t be fooled by Super Mario Sluggers’ simple controls though, the game is still a neat little robust package. 

All and all, Mario Super Sluggers definitely earned its place in the Mario Baseball series. Super Sluggers is second in line in order of release. Nonetheless, the game is in no way lacking from its predecessor. With various game modes and nine minigames, Mario Super Sluggers will keep you hooked for hours. As for Mario Super Sluggers 2, we think it would be neat if the game got a Switch follow-up. After all, Mario Super Sluggers only managed to curb our appetite for some Mario-flavored sports action. To be honest, it would be a terrible shame to leave our Mario baseball appetite unsated.

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