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PlayStation State of Play – September 2023 Everything We Know

This September has proven to be quite an exciting one thanks to the PlayStation State of Play Showcase. During the event, Sony’s gaming department released thrilling information about upcoming third-party and indie games on the way. Aside from some amazing titles that fans have longed for we also got an insight into the PlayStation VR2 headset.

 In our opinion, this was one of the best states of play in 2023. In case you missed the incredibly exciting news we here have covered every announcement made. Without further ado let’s get right into one of the biggest reveals of the event.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

PlayStation State of Play

What was the last but biggest announcement in the PlayStation State of Play was the release date for the second part of Final Fantasy VII remake. This came out alongside a stunning trailer that many fans of the series including us loved. From what we know on the technical side is that the game will be released as a PS5 exclusive. Furthermore, we were given an exact date, February 29 2024 to be exact. 

The trailer also announced the collector’s edition which is available for pre-order now. The game regardless of edition will be nostalgic as it will be on two discs for physical buyers. The collector’s edition will include art books, a steel book for the game, digital content, and finally a stunning statue of Sephiroth. 

As for interesting visuals from the trailer we can see some iconic areas of the game and get a first look at three characters from the original. These include Cait Sith, Red, and last but not least Vincent. Each showcase of these iconic characters made fans incredibly hyped especially now that Vincent will presumably be more integrated into the story. From the looks of it, the game will cover a large chink of remaining content but not the entirety of the story. This is not bad since it means that we will receive another title and more side content as the developers are focusing more on it. Lastly, this title will be the first where we will get to play as Sephiroth in the remake, which is a very exciting prospect.

Spider-Man 2 New Gameplay Trailer

PlayStation State of Play

Insomniac Games during the PlayStation State of Play released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title. The PS5 exclusive is very close to its launch and the excitement of the fanbase can be seen and heard. During this newest trailer, we got a glimpse into some of the gameplay and the evolution of the open-world experience. The two first notable features are the expanded map through Queens and Brooklyn alongside the web-wings. This will open up the world and allow for a change of pace as you go from area to area at blazing speeds.

Players can now also quickly swap between the two protagonists no matter where in the world they are. This will come in handy as the trailer has revealed a brand-new villain to the game as Mysterio joins the fun. The game will also introduce many upgrades from the original ranging from activities to upgrades for your heroes. Lastly, the biggest takeaway from the event was that there will be over 65 unique suits from comics, movies, and original designs. This paired with the all-new suit style system you will have over 200 options to choose from for Spider-Man.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC

PlayStation State of Play

Adding to the excitement for the State of Play Capcom has brought back some of the cut content from the original game. The expansion launching this week will bring back some of the memorable bosses and moments from the original game. Separate Ways will follow Ada Wong as the protagonist as she does what Leion didn’t in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. From the trailer, we can see that Ramon Salazar will be a prominent character through the DLC. We can also spot a clawed hand that nods toward a very exciting boss battle.

As for the gameplay, Ada and her Hookshot will without a doubt be a core mechanic. Just from the trailer, we can see traversal and even combat applications of the signature item. Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways comes out on September 21. 2023. The DLC will cost just $9.99 and will be on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Story Trailer

PlayStation State of Play

The new trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world title Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was an exciting reveal. From what we can see players will control a Na’vi that was abducted by the RDA and taught the ‘’human ways’’. The first-person setting looks pretty cool especially while combating the RDA’s mechs. More highlights from the trailer are the stunning flying and riding segments throughout the game.

Players will surely enjoy the satisfying combat as they will not only use primitive weapons but also RDA equipment. The story looks to be a great action adventure as you protect Pandora from the newfound invaders. Avatar: Frontliners of Pandora is set to release on December 7. 2023.

New Faceplates and DualSense Colors for PlayStation 5

One of the more interesting and unexpected news to come from the PlayStation State of Play are the new options for personalization. The new Deep Earth Collection features a new line of accessories through three new colors:

  • Volcanic Red
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Sterling Silver

Each offers a unique look for the console and controller as these covers are available for those products. The Volcanic Red and Cobalt blue faceplates and DualSense controllers are set to arrive on November 3. 2023. While the Silver color for both will be available later on January 26. 2024.

Baby Steps Out Next Summer

PlayStation State of Play

A game developed by Bennet Fody, the developer of the widely popular game Getting Over It has announced his next big title. The game is set to arrive summer of 2024 and will come out on PlayStation, however, it is unknown if it’s an exclusive as of right now. Baby Steps will be published by Devolver Digital and we can gather from the trailer that it will be a lot like a walking simulator. 

The gameplay will have players control Nate, the player character one step at a time on his journey whatever it might be. Many fans are very excited to see the release of the game due to the sheer impact of Getting Over It. Who knows 2024 might be the year of walking simulators from the impact of this game.

Roblox Gets A PS4 Release Date

PlayStation State of Play

One of the shorter announcements from the State of Play was that Roblox was coming to PlayStation consoles. One of the biggest takeaways from here is that the game will feature crossplay with its other platforms. With the release, PlayStation owners will gain access to the full catalog of Roblox experiences. Based on the statements of the company we can guess that there will be cross-progression and maybe even some new unique experiences.

The release date for the game is October 10. 2023 which will be a wonderful edition to the PlayStation game catalogue. 

Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord Release Date

PlayStation State of Play

After a long wait from its initial announcement Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord developers nDreams have officially announced a release date. The release is set for October 26. 2023 and will come just in time for Halloween. The virtual reality horror game will allow players to run their own ghost-hunting business. One of the best features of the game is that it is multiplayer which means you can play with up to three friends at a time.

The general gameplay loop seems to focus on growing your business as you try to stop the powerful Ghost Lord. You do this by taking on jobs and slowly dismantling his band of malevolent ghosts as you prevent them from causing chaos. This title will be a warm welcome on the PlayStation VR2 especially for the spooky season.

Helldivers 2 New Gameplay Trailer

PlayStation State of Play

The sequel to one of the most popular shooter games to come from Arrowhead received a new trailer during the State of Play. From what we can gather the co-op works perfectly with included voice chat. Furthermore, we could see a few mechanics at work as players took on a massive bug-like monster in the game. The game looked absolutely stunning and is supposed to have a very successful release.

The game will release on PlayStation 5 and PC on February 8. 2024 if there are no further delays. Players will have the option to choose between two editions which vary in goodies received. We are very excited about the release of this title as it is sure to stir up the market a bit.

Foamstars Open Beta Announcement

PlayStation State of Play

One of the games that highlighted the May PlayStation State of Play has this month announced the release of an open beta. The beta will be made available on September 29. And last one month exclusively on the PS5. From what we can gather the beta will feature two game modes and eight characters. This will be a great time to check out what the developers have managed to accomplish and how the game will work. All beta testers will get an exclusive skin for participating in it once the game is released.

While the beta is not out yet some have gotten exclusive access and stated that the game is quite unique and fun. Albeit at its current state quite similar to other titles so it might take some time for Foamstars to contrast itself.

Tales of Arise New Expansion

PlayStation State of Play

Lastly, Bandai Namco Studios made quite a shocking statement, announcing that Tales of Arise will receive a new expansion. This expansion will be tilted Beyond the Dawn and arrive on November 9.

This came as a shock to many because the game is already two years old. Despite its age, it is still a great game that holds up to today’s titles. The expansion seems to include a large chunk of content and will be set after the game’s story.

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