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Portal Companion Collection Review

The Portal Companion Collection is a collection that contains the two Portal games and was released on the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2022. The two games lead are an amazing experience that everyone should experience at least once. The gameplay of both games is quite similar as they feature the same principal mechanics. As the name suggests you utilize portals to complete puzzles and move forward. 

In the first game, the motivation to do these puzzles is a cake promised to you by an AI. However, as you go through the game you quickly realize the cake was a lie and there is something else going on here. Through the second game, you awaken in the same lab, only in a degraded state from which you try to escape. On your journey, you are forced into more testing, and as you agree to do so you keep an eye out for a way out. The game’s mysterious story is told through small hints scattered around leaving a lot up for your imagination. This paired with the game’s connection to Half-Life continuity also brings some interesting easter eggs. However, above all else players love the game due to its wonderful dark humor and enthralling gameplay.

What is the Portal Companion Collection

Portal Companion Collection

The Portal Companion Collection is a surprising bundle that features the two portal games and ports them onto the Nintendo Switch. The ports are very well done and even include a few improvements to the classic games, as well as a lot of extra content unavailable elsewhere. Both titles from the pack have withstood the test of time and to this day are very fun to play through. Which further solidifies their status as some of the essential titles in the puzzle gaming genre.

Where can I Buy the Portal Companion Collection?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the Portal Companion Collection and where you can buy it. Here we will go across where exactly you can get this bundle and cover the alternatives for other platforms besides the Nintendo Switch. Without further ado let’s take a look into where you can buy the collection.

Can I buy the Portal Companion Collection for Nintendo Switch?

The Portal Companion Collection is exclusively available on Nintendo Switch and it is not feature on any other platform. The collection is one of the Nintendo Switch Games available on the eShop for 19.99$ and it is often on sale. We highly recommend that you get the collection on sale as it is so much fun to play.

Is the Portal Companion Collection available on Steam?

The collection is not available on Steam as it is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. However, Steam does have the Portal Bundle which is essentially the same as the Portal Companion Collection. The only difference is that there is no gyro support and there is a lack of bonus content in the form of 14 chambers from Portal: Still Alive. However, on Steam you can get a much better deal since the game has in the past gone on sale for up to 90%. If you like the fast-paced nature and platforming of the game you might want to take a look at Celeste.

Is the Portal Companion Collection Available on Amazon for Nintendo?

Sadly, the Portal Companion Collection does not have a physical edition and is only available on the Nintendo eShop. This means that you can’t find it on Amazon for your Nintendo Switch.

Portal Companion Collection Gameplay

Portal Companion Collection

The Portal Companion Collection is a set of 3D puzzle games that primarily utilize Portal guns. These guns allow you to do a plethora of creative things along your journey through the facility. By utilizing physics and neat tricks you can progress through the levels towards freedom. The Nintendo Switch editions of the games have amazing perks through the gyro motion controls thanks to the Joy-Con’s. Furthermore, Portal 2 has local and online Co-Op making it perfect to play with friends.

Both games have excellent physics with great emphasis on momentum, timing, and planning. Many puzzles will have you looking around the room trying to think of a solution. While some are straightforward and some complicated there are dozens of ways to go about completing one level. As you play through the games you will encounter new challenges and mechanics that will completely change how you approach each issue. Another great aspect of the game is the replayability of it through speedrunning and the many challenge levels made available in the Nintendo Switch versions. Overall, we highly recommend that you play through these titles if you ever get the chance.

How Long to Beat Portal Companion Collection Gameplay

The Portal Companion Collection takes about 15 hours to beat, with the majority of time spent on the second title, Portal 2. This however is just for the single-player experience on your first go. If you take into account the Co-Op experience of Portal 2 you can expect to add another 5-10 hours to the total time to beat. When you consider the price the amount of quality content you get is very worth it, especially if you picked the game up on sale.

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