The Shy Guy Mask – What’s underneath it?

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Masked enemies are not exactly uncommon in video games. In fact, Mario and Yoshi have their very own Shy Guy, commonly known for their shyness. Naturally, Shy Guy piqued our curiosity, so we conducted a thorough investigation to figure out what lies behind the Shy Guy Mask. So, let’s take a look at what’s behind the Shy Guy Mask, shall we? 

the shy guy mask

Why does Shy Guy wear a mask?

Well, the answer to this should be quite obvious. Since they’re very shy, Shy Guys prefer to hide their face behind a Shy Guy Mask.

How many Shy Guy colors are there?

Just like Yoshis and Birdos, there are many Shy Guys in different colors. So far, there are Red, Yellow, Green, Gray, Brown, Orange, White, Black, Pink, Light Blue, and Blue Shy Guys.

Is there a Shy Gal? Or are Shy Gals just fanfiction?

Unfortunately, Shy Gals only exist in Shy Guys’ imagination. The concept itself was created back in 2014, by a user that goes by the name of minus8. The Shy Gals are based on the dancing Shy Guys. 

What is a Shy Guy? Are Shy Guys Enemy NPCs?

Our favorite masked munchkins made their first Mario appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2 as Wart’s minions. Later on, Shy Guys are members of the Koopa Troop.

Generally speaking, Shy Guys don’t really seem to have a true allegiance with anyone, and are pretty much neutral individuals. Some of them work for villains like Smithy, one Shy Guy is even Yoshi’s ally. While commonly NPCs, you can play as Shy Guy in Mario Party 9.

Where do Shy Guys appear outside of the Super Mario Lore

It turns out that Shy Guys aren’t really that shy after all. In fact, they’re extroverted enough to appear in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Sonic Lost World, and even Minecraft. 

The shy guy mask super mario lore

What’s behind Shy Guy’s Mask?

Without actually seeing Shy Guy’s face, we can only make speculations about what’s behind the Shy Guy Mask. For instance, when the Shy Guy Mask falls off sometimes, the mask strap stays in place, which is pretty weird.

Another peculiar moment happened in Luigi’s Mansion. You see, Luigi has the ability to pull a mask off a Ghost Guy via the Poltergust 3000. Consequently, we know that Ghost Guys don’t have eyes on their masks and that their faces are pitch black with two yellow, glowing eyes. Now, we’re not sure whether or not a Shy Guy’s face looks this way while they’re alive. 

The Shy Guy Mask is a Face? 

But wait, there’s more. Paper Mario: Color Splash captured an extremely weird interaction between Shy Guy and Mario in the Golden Coliseum, where he says that Mario would make a terrible Shy Guy. As for why, well simply because he has a face, thus suggesting that Shy Guys have no face. Weird, right? 

The following speculation is by far the creepiest one – the Shy Guy mask is not a mask at all, but a face. Let’s elaborate on that. You see, in Yoshi’s Island DS, the sleeping Shy Guy’s mask has his eye holes closed, which solidifies this claim. The Bandit Shy Guy variant can also change their ‘facial expressions’ on their masks, like when Shy Guy sticks out his tongue in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Mini-Battles. 

Furthermore, Shy Guy’s eye holes in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars have the ability to spin comically, sort of like those cartoon gags. And, to match their shy personality, Shy Guys in Super Mario RPG Shy Guys can also blush. Wildly disturbing, but still cute. Moreover, in Mario Strikers Charged, Shy Guys have the ability to change their ‘facial expressions’ once again. 

All in all, there’s plenty of speculation regarding the Shy Guy mask and what’s behind it. The truth is, we don’t know, since we haven’t seen Shy Guy’s face. All of these theories are pretty plausible, but is there any truth behind them? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Has anyone ever seen Shy Guy’s face?

The question on everyone’s mind is if anyone has seen Shy Guy without a mask. In Shy Guy’s trophy celebration movie in Mario Power Tennis, Shy Guy trips on the steps. As a result, his mask comes off revealing his Shy Guy face. But what many of us don’t remember is that Luigi saw his face without a mask. Furthermore, Luigi looked downright stunned at the sight. What Luigi saw remains a mystery, as Shy Guy quickly puts the Shy Guy mask back into place, and picks up the trophy. 

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