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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophies – Guide + Achievements

For the past 46 years since the first Star Wars movie came out, we think there has been no better time to enjoy the series than now. With all the different sources of media to enjoy and different stories to tell, Star Wars fans truly are thriving right now. In 2023, we have been blessed with yet another Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This action-adventure soulslike game is one of the first of its kind in the franchise.

Its soul-like elements make it different from its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The events in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor take place five years after the events of the previous game. Because of this, we get to see many familiar characters reappear to take the main roles. Naturally, the most prominent of these characters is Cal Kestis, a young Jedi knight rebelling against the Empire.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies

The game offers so much in terms of both story and gameplay. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has had four years of development to adapt and build upon the mechanics of the previous game. The result is a massive improvement in gameplay that has garnered positive attention from fans and critics alike. 

However, one of the most entertaining parts of the game has to be collecting the trophies. With a total of 54 Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies to collect, players will be able to enjoy the game for a long time. Still, if you’re someone who likes to breeze through the game and you prefer to get all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies done with, we’ve got you.

We’ve compiled a list of all the trophies and achievements you can get in the game. We’re also going to provide you with short guides on how to get these trophies. Let’s get started!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor All Trophies List

We’ve already mentioned that there are 54 Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies to earn throughout the game. The following is a table of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies in alphabetical order, how to get them, and their grade:

A Place You Could Call HomeComplete the storyGold
A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since…Wear an old wardrobe stapleBronze
Among the MastersMeet the Jedi MastersBronze
At the PrecipiceSurvive Nova GaronBronze
Blood, Sweat, and TearsComplete all Force TearsGold
Caij MatchGain the attention of a mysterious strangerSilver
Can You Pet the Bogling?You can pet the boglingBronze
Catch!Hit 3 enemies with a single roller mineBronze
Cleaning UpRefresh the RefresherBronze
Cobra CalTrain with your weapons while wearing a headbandBronze
For Saw GerreraBreak free from the grasp of the EmpireBronze
For the PathProtect Pilgrim’s SanctuaryBronze
GamblerWin all holotactics matchesSilver
Get Down From ThereAttack 20 Lifted enemiesBronze
Grab Some SeatChat with the owner of the Koboh cantinaBronze
Greezy MoneyTrade 25 collected itemsBronze
Growth SpurtFind space for a full gardenBronze
Han SlowloDefeat 50 enemies under the effect of SlowBronze
Hey, Luke At UsEquip a new cosmetic in every Cal slotBronze
I’m a Living LegendDefeat all legendary adversariesSilver
Intergalactic GeographicScan every type of enemy to fill out the Tactical GuideSilver
Into the AbyssDiscover the route to TanalorrBronze
It’s a TrapExplore the Phon’Qi CavernsBronze
King of the WorldReach the highest point of Harvest RidgeBronze
Kitted OutCustomize BD-1, the blaster, and Cal’s lightsaber with new partsBronze
Max CapacityHave a packed cantinaBronze
Mirror MatchA confused enemy defeats an enemy of the same typeBronze
Now, This Isn’t PodracingTravel 500m of distance while riding creaturesBronze
One With the ForceAvoid 50 attacks using Focus SightBronze
Out of BedlamRescue a friend from the Bedlam RaidersBronze
Perk of the JobEquip Perks in all slotsSilver
PinpointExecute 10 perfectly timed precision releasesBronze
ReconnaissanceUse BD-1 to investigate a target in the distanceBronze
RiposteParry a Force Pull resisting enemyBronze
Road HouseDropkick an enemy while wearing a mulletBronze
Rooftop DuelDefeat an InquisitorBronze
Skoova DivingFill the aquarium in the cantinaSilver
SkywalkerKeep your feet off the ground and walls for 60 secondsBronze
Slam DunkSlam 5 enemies with a single use of SlamBronze
So UncivilizedDefeat 10 enemies with shots using the Point Blank skillBronze
SplurglePurchase all of Doma’s merchandiseBronze
Star ToursDiscover and complete all Jedi ChambersSilver
Survivors, We AdaptTravel together with a NightsisterBronze
Tanalorr BoundCollect the Abyss CompassBronze
The Jedi PathFully upgrade 3 skill treesBronze
The Jedi SurvivorUnlock all TrophiesPlatinum
The Past Made PresentRelease the Jedi from the bacta tankBronze
There Is No TryHelp lift a ship out of the tar pitsBronze
They Never Saw It ComingStrike an unaware enemy 20 timesBronze
They’re Probably FineDrop your mount into the great unknownBronze
This Is CanonPush an enemy into the Shattered Moon mining cannonBronze
TragedyDefend the ArchiveBronze
Who Gives a PuckObtain your first bountryBronze
You’ve Got A FriendDirect your companions to assist in combat 10 times eachBronze

As you can see, most of the trophies are bronze. With only 7 silver trophies, 2 gold trophies, and 1 platinum trophy, it’s easy to keep track of the one you’re missing. The only platinum trophy is the one you get for getting all other Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to do to finally get platinum!

The good thing about these trophies is that they aren’t too hard to get if you know what you’re looking for. But that’s probably why you’re using our guide, right?

Trophies Difficulty List

A trophy’s grade doesn’t say much about the trophy, except for the platinum trophy. We’re not sure who decides the grade of the trophy, but they can be wildly inaccurate.

A more telling aspect of how difficult a trophy really is is its rarity. You can check the rarity of any trophy thanks to most platforms’ achievement settings. They’ll show you how many players have earned a certain trophy, which indicates its rarity.

The following is a list of all Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies from rarest to most common. It also details the percentage of players who have earned these trophies. The data is pulled from the PlayStation Network:

  • The Jedi Survivor – UItra Rare (4.5%)
  • Splurgle – Very Rare (5.7%)
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears – Very Rare (6.1%)
  • Pinpoint – Very Rare (6.6%)
  • One With the Force – Very Rare (6.7%)
  • Intergalactic Geographic – Very Rare (7.5%)
  • So Uncivilized – Very Rare (8.1%)
  • Skoova Diving – Very Rare (9.4%)
  • Perk of the Job – Very Rare (9.4%)
  • I’m a Living Legend – Very Rare (9.6%)
  • Cobra Cal – Very Rare (9.6%)
  • Get Down From There – Very Rare (9.7%)
  • Growth Spurt – Very Rare (11.8%)
  • Road House – Very Rare (11.8%)
  • Star Tours – Very Rare (13.4%)
  • Caij Match – Very Rare (13.6%)
  • Gambler – Very Rare (14.1%)
  • Slam Dunk – Rare (15.5%)
  • King of the World – Rare (18.0%)
  • A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since… – Rare (18.2%)
  • Max Capacity – Rare (18.3%)
  • Reconnaissance – Rare (18.9%)
  • It’s a Trap – Rare (30.0%)
  • The Jedi Path – Rare (30.9%)
  • This Is Canon – Rare (31.9%)
  • You’ve Got A Friend – Rare (32.1%)
  • There Is No Try – Rare (38.3%)
  • They’re Probably Fine – Rare (39.3%)
  • Catch! – Rare (41.2%)
  • Riposte – Rare (44.2%)
  • Han Slowlo – Rare (44.6%)
  • Greezy Money – Rare (49.0%)
  • Hey, Luke At Us – Common (51.0%)
  • A Place You Could Call Home – Common (54.0%)
  • Kitted Out – Common (54.4%)
  • Cleaning Up – Common (55.2%)
  • Into the Abyss – Common (55.7%)
  • At the Precipice – Common (56.4%)
  • Tragedy – Common (57.2%)
  • Tanalorr Bound – Common (58.6%)
  • Mirror Match – Common (63.1%)
  • Out of Bedlam – Common (63.6%)
  • Now, This Isn’t Podracing – Common (64.2%)
  • Skywalker – Common (64.4%)
  • For the Path – Common (66.4%)
  • Who Gives a Puck – Common (71.3%)
  • Among the Masters – Common (73.8%)
  • They Never Saw It Coming – Common (74.2%)
  • Survivors, We Adapt – Common (74.7%)
  • The Past Made Present – Common (77.4%)
  • Can You Pet the Bogling? – Common (79.6%)
  • Grab Some Seat – Common (82.9%)
  • For Saw Gerrera – Common (88.1%)
  • Rooftop Duel – Common (88.9%)

How to Achieve Trophies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Getting all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies isn’t all that hard, so you don’t need to worry. One of the saving graces of this game is the fact that you can achieve all these trophies on the easiest difficulty. So unless you’re some kind of masochist who likes to challenge themselves by completing all the trophies on the hardest difficulty, you’re good.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll get a decent amount of these trophies simply by playing the game and doing the story. In fact, if you know what trophies you’re looking for, you can get all the trophies on a single playthrough!

However, even if you don’t manage to get all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies in one playthrough, you can still go back and free-roam after the story. This will help you pick up what you’ve missed and complete all the trophies in the game.

Overall, you can expect to spend around 40 to 50 hours playing the game to receive all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies. This number only gets higher as the difficulty increases.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy Guide – Top 3

If you’re only missing the three rarest trophies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll give you a little more information on how to earn the three hardest trophies in the game. Without further ado, let’s get started.


The Splurgle trophy requires the player to purchase all of Doma’s merchandise. Doma is a Waluna female you encounter as the owner of Dendra’s Antiquities. You’ll need to get to planet Koboh to be able to buy her merchandise, which is something you’ll get to in Chapter 2.

Once you rescue Zee from the Jedi Chamber of Duality and get back to the Cantina, you’ll see Doma’s shop right next to the Cantina. Walk up to the shop and interact with the trinket on the table to gain access to Doma’s goods. However, if you don’t have enough Priorite Shards, you won’t be able to buy any items from her. 

You can find Priorite Shards around Koboh and Coruscant. They will also drop as loot from Scavenger Droids. Keep farming until you get 100 Priorite Shards, as this is the total amount you’ll need to purchase all of Doma’s merchandise.

Once you’ve collected all the Priorite Shards, which is a trickier task, all you have to do is go back to Doma’s shop and buy everything she has to offer!

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

To earn the Blood, Sweat, and Tears trophy you’ll need to complete all Force Tears. Force Tears are glowing purple collectibles you can find all around different locations on different planets. Once you find these Force Tears you’ll have to complete one of two challenges. You’ll either have to fight off some enemies or do some timed platforming.

There are 15 Force Tears to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can find them on the following planets:

  • Coruscant
  • Koboh
  • Jedha
  • Shattered Moon

You’ll find most of these Force Tears on Koboh.


To get the Pinpoint trophy you have to execute 10 perfectly timed Precision Releases. While this may seem hard to do at first, all it takes is a bit of practice to learn the timing. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to do way more than just 10 perfectly timed precision releases.

However, if you’re confused about what a precision release is, it’s an ability you can get from putting points in the Dual Wield Lightsaber tree. The only prerequisite to getting this skill is to have Focused Parry. This is easy to do as it’s the first skill you can purchase in the Dual Wield skill tree. The key to timing your Precision Releases perfectly is to press and release it at the exact moment an enemy is about to hit you. Cal’s special flashing animation of quick lightsaber attacks is a sign that you’re on the right path. Your best bet is to let melee enemies attack you so you can make sure to time it right. Ranged enemies will be a bit trickier to predict. Repeat this ten times to get the achievement!

How to find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Hidden Trophies?

There are 23 Secret Trophies to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The following trophies are hidden:

  • Splurgle
  • Skoova Diving
  • Caij Match
  • A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since…
  • Max Capacity
  • It’s A Trap
  • They’re Probably Fine
  • A Place You Could Call Home
  • Cleaning Up
  • Into the Abyss
  • At the Precipice
  • Tragedy
  • Tanalorr Bound
  • Out of Bedlam
  • For the Path
  • Who Gives a Puck
  • Among the Masters
  • Survivors, We Adapt
  • The Past Made Present
  • Can You Pet the Bogling?
  • Grab Some Seat
  • For Saw Gerrera
  • Rooftop Duel

If you don’t want to just reveal the Trophies on platforms like PlayStation, then you’ll have to try out different things in the game. Alternatively, you can also follow a guide like this one to check out which Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies are hidden as well as how to get them.

How to find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Missable Trophies?

There is only one single missable trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This is the bronze trophy, You’ve Got a Friend, which is to direct your companions to assist in combat 10 times each. Without getting into too much detail at the risk of spoiling your gameplay experience, this is because they are only available in certain parts of the story.

If you’re not sure how to direct your companions to assist in combat, check out the video below for a short guide:

Achievement Guide and How to Get Them All?

To get all of the achievements in the game, we first recommend that you play through the game. You’ll get most of the achievements this way as only one of them is missable. Once you’ve completed the game and you can free-roam, you can focus on achievement hunting.

Go back and revisit all the areas you’ve missed and do what you have to do to get the trophies. Then, once you’ve gone through all those, focus on the hidden trophies. You can earn them by spending time doing random things in the game. However, if you don’t want to lose any more time hunting Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies, you’re free to check out the hidden trophies and chase them individually.

Overall, you should also try to enjoy the gameplay while trying to get all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies!

Koboh – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Walkthrough

While some players may breeze through all parts of the game, others may have trouble with them. If you’re a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player who’s having trouble getting through Koboh, you’re in luck. We’ll provide a quick guide for certain missions in Koboh!

But first, let’s talk about the planet itself. Koboh is a rugged and rocky planet the player will return to throughout the game. This is because the planet is a hub for several quests, Legendary Enemies, and Rumors. 

Several important parts of the story take place on this planet, too. For example, Cal must rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk, confront Dagan, and research Tanalorr on this planet. If you’re having trouble completing these quests, check out our guide below!

How to Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk in Koboh

Star Wars Jedi Survivor zee

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Use the Meditation Point in Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh to fast travel to the Devastated Settlement Meditation Point.
  • Grapple up and follow the wall, riding a Relter over a broken bridge and be prepared to fight Gorocco.
  • Dash through a green forcefield and mark two points on your visor with beacons.
  • Follow the path, ride a Relter over the swamp, and reach a small island with a faint red glow.
  • Navigate the flooded path under the island, avoiding sludge.
  • Activate a zipline and reach a climbing wall.
  • Continue climbing and use a zipline to reach another island.
  • Deal with B1 Droids, B2 Droids, and Bedlam Raiders.
  • Rest at the Loading Gantry Meditation Point and proceed into the Lucrehulk.
  • Fight B1 Droids, a B2 Droid, and a Bedlam Raider.
  • Deal with two BX Droids and use Bode’s ability to knock down a crate for crossing the swamp.
  • Fight more enemies, including B1 Droids and Bedlam Raiders.
  • Reach a set of climbing walls and continue forward.
  • Use the pole to cross a gap and face B2 Droids and B1 Droids.
  • Use the stairs on the left and grapple across another gap.
  • Continue to a Meditation Point in the Hangar Rafters.
  • Battle a Bedlam Raider and two BX Droids.
  • Force Push a climbing wall and proceed through the green forcefield.
  • Navigate through more green forcefields and reach a shortcut back to the Meditation Point.
  • Fight a Magnaguard blocking a door.
  • Use your Force Pull to clear rubble and grapple to a wall.
  • Follow the climbing path, ambushing a Bedlam Raider and two BX Droids.
  • Head down the ramp and jump through a hole in the wall.
  • Use a climbing wall and dash through a green forcefield.
  • Battle B2 Droids, Bedlam Raiders, and use BD-1 to splice a door.
  • Unlock a shortcut back to the Meditation Point before proceeding.
  • Encounter a Destroyer Droid.
  • Use your visor to spot droids, Bode leaves you, and continue through green forcefields.
  • Use crates to drop down on enemies and take them down.
  • Reach the Lucrehulk Core Meditation Point.
  • Jump across a broken bridge and follow the path.
  • Avoid a droid shooting from above and use cover.
  • Jump to a ledge and go through a green forcefield to fight B1 Droids.
  • Navigate through a dark hallway, defeat a Bedlam Smasher, and splice the locked door.
  • Use cargo crates as walls and climb up to ambush more enemies.
  • Fight Bedlam Raiders and use Force Slam on an elevator.
  • Head to the Lucrehulk Core Meditation Point.
  • Use Force Slam on an elevator, ride it up, and follow a grapple point.
  • Face a boss, Dagan Gera, and be prepared for his attacks.
  • Deal with Dagan Gera’s combos and watch out for his lightsaber throws.
  • Enter a quicktime event when the boss reaches half health.
  • In the second phase, Dagan Gera becomes more aggressive and chains combos.
  • Be defensive, conserve Stims, and use Slow ability strategically.
  • Dagan Gera escapes, but you receive a Health essence.
  • Use a grapple point to exit the arena, meet up with Bode and Zee, and follow them to escape pods.
  • In the Viscid Bog, use Force Lift on a rock formation and climb it to reach the Viscid Bog Meditation Point.

How to Defeat Dagan Gera

dagen gera

On your third visit to Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you confront Dagan Gera once again. This battle has multiple phases. However, you are accompanied by Bode, which offers some unique combat opportunities.

First Phase

Dagan Gera’s attacks are familiar, so you can use the same methods you used in the second fight against him. However, there is a new combo attack in this phase which allows you to perform a combo attack with Bode by breaking Dagan’s stun gauge. This combo attack deals significant damage. Utilize Bode’s ability to damage Dagan’s stun gauge and seize opportunities to play defensively while conserving your Stims.

first phase sjds

After you deplete a quarter of Dagan’s health, a cutscene triggers, and Bode leaves your side. This marks the start of the real battle with Dagan. Note that cutscenes do not act as checkpoints, so if you die in this phase, you restart from the beginning.

Second Phase

Dagan retains his previous attacks with no new moves. The main difference is that you cannot perform the powerful combo attack with Bode. Dagan’s unblockable slam attack now also comes with a shield, so you need to adapt your strategy. Use Force Push at a distance and employ your Crossguard stance up close. Don’t overcommit to combos, instead focus on gradually breaking Dagan’s stun gauge. There’s an opportunity to break Dagan’s stun gauge in a quicktime event if you successfully block his attack and parry his subsequent attack.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Second Phase

When Dagan’s health approaches the halfway mark, you initiate another quicktime event by blocking Dagan’s attack. A successful block allows you to damage Dagan’s stun gauge and push him into the third phase.

Third Phase

In the third phase, Dagan will split into three clones that attack simultaneously. The clones have no health, only a stun gauge. Break the stun gauge of each clone with a single swipe. Dagan introduces a new slam attack where he charges energy and creates a shockwave upon landing. Jump to avoid the shockwave and counterattack while Dagan is crouched.

Another new attack involves Dagan jumping and landing with a damaging shield. This attack is blockable. Parry it on the way up to stun Dagan and follow up with an attack. Dagan can summon orbs and shoot them at you. Avoid the orbs by strafing to the side to prevent being knocked down. Dagan retains his previous attacks in this phase, so maintain a defensive playstyle, conserve Stims, and focus on breaking his stun gauge.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor trophies

Once Dagan’s health is down to the final quarter, you enter another block sequence. Winning this sequence allows you to follow up with a parry to potentially break Dagan’s stun gauge. After an opening combo, Dagan summons his clones again. Take advantage of this opportunity to attack Dagan while he’s summoning the clones, as he is vulnerable during this sequence. If Dagan stands up, deal with the clones to prevent being overwhelmed, and then close in on Dagan to finish him.

After defeating Dagan, ride the elevator down in the middle of the room and acquire the Perplexity perk. Take another elevator past the perk and descend through the Koboh Observatory. Open a door at the bottom to create a shortcut back to the Observatory Understructure Meditation Point.

How to Research Tanalorr on Koboh

Reach the Igneous Fissure by grabbing the Relter and riding it under the cave in front of you.

Platform your way up the short cave system to reach the Meditation Point for the area.

After the Meditation Point, hook onto grapple points to access another platform, then use the Relter to fly down through the cave system into the Devastated Settlement. During your flight, Korej Lim, a bounty hunter, will grab you and initiate a battle. 

Mini Boss: Korej Lim

Mini Boss: Korej Lim

To defeat Korej Lim, focus on getting him out of the sky where he’s most vulnerable. On the ground, he is defenseless, so capitalize on direct attacks. Use Force Push to throw Lim’s cluster bombs back at him, temporarily stunning him and bringing him to the ground for additional damage. 

You can also parry Lim’s blaster bolts to deal damage and momentarily ground him, but be cautious of unblockable blaster shots in the sequence. Watch out for Korej Lim’s unblockable kick attack when he descends from the sky. Stun Korej Lim with grenades and attacks, and close the gap to deal damage when he’s on the ground. Beware of his cluster bombs when you approach, and use your lightsaber throw and Blaster stance to damage him while he’s in flight. 

Meeting Caij

Meeting Caij

After defeating Korej Lim, you’ll meet Caij, who can provide you with bounties back at Pyloon’s Saloon. Use the grapple point next to Caij and access a room that leads to a dead-end. Use the wall next to the door to platform up to another level. Ignore the enemies on the upper level, as they won’t attack you. Loop around the left side of the arena to reach the broken bridge. Use the Relter to cross it. 

Rest at the Meditation Point on the other side of the broken bridge. Do not ride the nearby Relter yet. Instead, look left and use the grapple point to climb up to another ledge. Jump across to the right and enter a cave where you’ll face a BX Droid. Squeeze through the gap in the center of the room. Use Force Pull to move the block blocking the Orb beam. 

Return to the other side and use Force Push to turn the lever in the middle of the room. Pass through the gap again and use the cube you knocked down to climb up to the Orb. Grab it with your Force Pull and place it in the Coupler on the right wall. Go back through the gap for the final time and activate the zipline to access a new area.

Orb Puzzles

Orb Puzzles

On the other side, interact with a chest in the far corner to unlock BD-1’s ability to shoot Koboh matter. Use BD-1 to shoot Koboh matter from the beam on the wall to set the branches of Koboh matter on fire. Shoot the Orb beam to catch the branches on fire, then grab the Orb and place it in the Coupler. 

Ride the Relter to the platform using the boost, and clear the B1 Droid patrol in the area. Enter the cave on the right and face two B1 Droids across the gap. Be cautious when jumping over to avoid falling into the room below with two enemies. You can use the broken rocks to throw at the enemies for decent damage. 

After defeating them, use Force Pull to reveal an Orb Coupler on the wall. Place the Orb in the Coupler you can see on the right side and climb through the opened door.

Interact with the chest in the far corner to unlock BD-1’s ability to shoot Koboh matter. Use BD-1’s Koboh matter shooter to extend Orb beams and ignite Koboh matter branches. Activate it and shoot the beam to catch Koboh matter branches on fire. 

Grab the Orb and place it in the Coupler outside. Aim the beam at the purple rock below to destroy it and reveal a boost for the Relter. Ride the Relter to the platform on your right. Rest at the Grand Courtyard Meditation Point before entering a room where you’ll face a boss, Tague Louesh.

Boss Fight: Tague Louesh

Boss Fight: Tague Louesh

Tague Louesh is a formidable boss who wields a lightsaber. He is aggressive and has substantial health, so approach this battle cautiously. Tague Louesh begins the fight with an unblockable shot from his grapple hook, which can deal massive damage. Focus on breaking Tague Louesh’s stun gauge by using the Crossguard stance. 

Beware of the boss’s lightsaber combo, which typically consists of three hits. After the combo finishes, you have a brief window for counter-attacks. Occasionally, Tague Louesh will follow up the combo with an unblockable kick, so be ready to dodge. Parry the lightsaber attacks to damage the stun gauge. 

When the boss is staggered, you have a few seconds to deal damage quickly. Parries won’t break the combo, so be prepared to parry several attacks in succession. Save your Slow ability for either direct damage or healing with a Stim. 

Tague Louesh can be a challenging boss, so prioritize avoiding his unblockable attacks and focus on breaking his stun gauge to defeat him. Once Tague Louesh is defeated, splice the door using BD-1 and proceed through it.

Use your grapple hook to cross over the boss arena. At the end of this area, you will obtain the Marksmanship perk.

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