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Supraland Six Inches Under Walkthrough and Guide

Metroidvania games are becoming more and more popular nowadays despite having existed for nearly 40 years. The best games in this genre include Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, games we’re sure many gamers are familiar with.

However, it’s interesting to find out that a lot of Metroidvania games end up as side-scrollers. This means the camera angle is at a side view and provides a very good view of the player character and everything around them. It’s a rare sight to see a Metroidvania-type game offer different points of view and even a first-person view of your surroundings. This is where Supraland Six Inches Under steps in.

Supraland Six Inches Under is one in a series of games by Supra Games UG, all of which are Metroidvanias. However, it’s important to note the game has little correlation to the rest of the series. This means players can play it whenever they please and don’t have to worry about not understanding crucial parts of the story.

The game’s story is fairly simple and aims to engage younger audiences. However, the gameplay is what really stands out in Supraland Six Inches Under.

However, the game consists of around 55% exploration according to the developers. This large portion of time spent exploring is one of the highlights of the game for most players, albeit difficult. If you’re one such player, our Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough will help you out. We’ll cover all the most interesting parts of the game and help you complete them while playing in no time! Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Cave | Supraland Six Inches Under

The Cave is one of the easiest areas you can enter in the Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough. This is partly because there are several entrances to the cave. It’s also worth noting the Cave is not the area’s official name. In fact, it doesn’t even have a specific name.

You can enter the cave by turning left before entering Cagetown. Note that you’ll need the highest-tier pickaxe to be able to enter the cave as you need to destroy some bricks. Once you’ve entered, you’ll find yourself in the lava area of the cave. This is the area you’ll first find yourself in no matter what entrance you use.

Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough

There are some pipes you can use to leave this area and explore the rest of the cave. There are many secret areas to explore, so make sure to check every nook and cranny to find them. Additionally, there is an abundance of puzzles to solve.

As far as tools go, make sure to use the matchbox, force cube, green ball, lever, purple pipe, jump point, and buckle. All of them are essential for progressing through the cave and discovering all the treasures, such as chests, and secrets.

To exit the cave, simply find the green pipe and teleport back to the outside world.

Guide: How to get to Cagetown in Supraland

After exiting the Mines, the next part in the Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough is getting to Cagetown. To get to Cagetown from the Mines, you’ll need to cross the river.

Unfortunately, crossing the river has left you with an entirely different problem. You are now smelly and can’t enter Cagetown without solving this issue. You’re going to have to take a shower. Make your way to the left side of the map and you’ll see a shower room. 

However, the room is occupied and it seems like the guy inside is just getting started. To the right of the shower room is a matchbox, a candle, and a trash bag. Pick up the trash bag and drag it to the top of the shower room where you’ll place it between the pipes. This will make the guy inside the shower room run outside. After removing the trash bag, you can now go inside.

It’s worth noting that there are a few small treasures to pick up outside of Cagetown. Go around to the outcast’s side on the left part to find some bricks. Break them open to find gold coins inside. Once you get those, you can head back to the entrance and see the cinematic that plays upon entering Cagetown.

How to return to the village to the left of Cagetown

The village to the left of Cagetown is the one where you found the shower room. Once you’ve entered Cagetown, you may or may not find it tricky to get back to it.

Village to the left of Cagetown

To find this village, simply exit Cagetown and head to the right. You’ll have to cross a few obstacles, but you should overall be fine. However, note that there is no particular reason to return to this village once you’ve taken a shower and entered Cagetown.

What can you do in Cagetown?

Cagetown is full of secrets and treasures you can discover, just like the cave. It’s worth noting that Cagetown holds the key to other abilities and tools which will, in turn, help you explore the map further.


There’s also a shop where you can buy upgrades for your tools in Cagetown. To find it, head to the middle of the lower level of the town until you see the statue of the Mayor. To the left of the statue is where the shop should be. You can easily identify it thanks to the sign on the front door. The most important upgrade you should get in this shop is the Stone Pickaxe.

Strone Pickaxe

Force Beam

Cagetown is where you can find Force Beam, an incredibly useful tool. With Force Beam, you can create bridges between wooden objects. This gives you another way to deal with certain puzzles and platforming you’ll have to do throughout the game. The Force Beam is inside the well in front of the Mayor’s statue. Break the brick on top of it and go down into the room. Pick up all the treasure you can find along the way, but notice the space between the boxes to your right. Destroy the bricks and grab the green key to drag it to the lock. Go into that room to find the chest containing Force Beam.

Float Buckle

If you talked to the NPC in the alleyway who asked you to light 4 candles for him in exchange for loot, you’re in luck. You’ve just found the way to get the Float Buckle! The Float Buckle is a gadget that attracts small metallic objects and lets you float around big ones. Find the 4 candles by exploring around the town and light them. You’ll eventually find a chest containing the Float Buckle in one of the rooms.

Find a way to Factory Town

To get to Factory Town, you’ll need to complete the quest to find the Float Buckle. Once you’ve acquired it, use the Float Buckle to get out of the room and into the magnetization coil. Get back to the room with the lava and climb onto the structure on your right. Once you’ve gotten all the treasure from this room, find the yellow pipe in the middle of the room.

Float around the pipe and then crouch to get to the left side, where you’ll be able to cross to the other side of the cliff. Once you’ve dispatched all the enemies there, find a piece of wood with a pointy end and destroy the bricks behind it. Float around the pillar and pull the wooden piece on the wall. Then, create a bridge between that wood and the plank in front. Cross the bridge you just made to drop into the next room.

Destroy the bricks on the right and pull the level, then light up the matchbox. Go towards the door in front, but turn right just before reaching it. This is where you’ll burn the paper and get another match, but light up the matchbox.

Use it as a lever on the mechanism down in the hole. Pull it and float back up to find the door is open. Go through the door to enter Factory Town.

Magnet and Missing Lever | Supraland Six Inches Under

On your way to the next city, you will see a noticeable yellow pipe on the right. Once you see it you must soar along it with a magnet and kill any enemies you encounter. As you do this you will notice a wooden block with a metal spike on the bottom. Simply make your way down to the block to collect the spike and use it instead of the lever and switch. This will open up the gate and allow you to keep progressing through the game. 

Magnet and Missing Lever

The only other part worth mentioning from this segment that is not straightforward is that you can collect a walkie-talkie. You can find the item on the left side of the path near a red pipe this time. The process to acquire it is the same as the spike so you should be fine.

How to find a Magnetic Repellent

After a bit of following the linear progression, you will come to the area where you will need to locate the Magnetic Repellent. This part can be tricky since it is missable if you are going quickly. You will know that you are in the right area once you notice a worker in a yellow helmet on the roof. Simply follow his instructions to reach the next building where the magnetic repellent is located. This item is crucial as it is a story item so you have to make sure to collect it as soon as possible.

Furthermore, once you collect the magnetic repellent you can find a secret room behind the chest. This is where a Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough comes in hand as the hidden room holds a great prize. The item in question is a critical damage increase that boosts the stat by 5%.

How to get into the Jungle | Supraland Six Inches Under

A little after in the game’s linear progression comes the next fork that is worth noting. The entrance to the Jungle can be quite tricky on the first playthrough. This is why a Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough is incredibly useful as it can save you a lot of time in this segment. To get into the Jungle you need to complete three important tasks to start off with. These tasks will have you pressing three individual buttons scattered around the area.

Starting from the first button located inside the building at the ramp leading to the bank you will move onto the second. The second will be located just behind the same bank on the ceiling. This one is quite tricky as the button is small and can be missed easily, so pay close attention. Finally, the last button to open up the Jungle entrance is behind the building the previous two buttons will open.

How to get into the Jungle

With that, you have unlocked all the doors in this area and gotten access to the Jungle.

How to Return to the City | Supraland Six Inches Under

Now that you have completed most of the game and moved quite far from the City you must find a way back. Luckily in this area, there is a very convenient teleporter found in a chest. The teleporter can be found near the black non-working trampoline and is hard to miss. Simply use it to return to the city as you prepare to start the last chapter of the Supraland SIx Inches Under walkthrough.

Last Part: The Castle

To start off the last chapter of Supraland Six Inches Under walkthrough you have to make your way towards the castle. To reach this area you must throw a ball from the teleporter there and teleport to it. This will be the fastest and easiest way to reach this endgame area. While here simply follow the linear progression of it up until you reach the area with 3 locks. You will need to open up everything here by searching for keys. Doing so will require you to fight bosses that protect them. 

Each fight here is very fun and satisfying to complete just make sure to pay close attention to the telegraphed attacks. Once you complete all of this you can start the end credit scene on the thief floor of Cagetown. To do this simply follow the mayor and enter the elevator to get out of the cave and start the final cutscene.

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