The 10 most Overrated Games ever (and what to play instead)

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With the vast library of games in the video game industry, there are bound to be some overrated games. Some have been around for decades and kept their status for many while others argue against it. Here we have prepared commonly overrated games and their counterparts you should try out. We have made sure to include titles that are truly great and deserve more love and attention. Maybe some of the underdogs we have listed may very well become overrated one day.

On this list, there is at least one game for anyone and some may very well catch your eye as your next game to play. This can be especially true if you have played one of the overrated games you may very well like our play instead pick.

Overrated: BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is the third game in the series and was highly anticipated. The first-person shooter developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K had a divide with its fanbase. A part considers it to be the best in the series while others look at it as an overrated game. Even aside from the stunning visuals and great gunplay, many considered it just a slight improvement on previous installments. The fact that the characters were hit or miss for players helped establish its status as an overrated game. 

It is important to note that the game is not all bad, since it has a legitimate story with dimensional characters. As players go through the game and explore the relationships and character arcs they can easily fall in love with the script. Following the success of the game, a fourth installment is confirmed to be in development and if we are lucky we may hear more information about it this year.

Play instead: Mad Max

Mad Max

Mad Max is an action-adventure game that sets the player in the mad max universe. The game is developed by Avalance Studios and published by Warner Bros. Players follow the story of Max Rockatansky as he progresses through the desolate land. He utilizes his vehicle, the ‘’Magnum Opus’’ to fight off waves of raiders as he looks for the ‘’Plains of Silence’’. Mad Max focuses on vehicular combat in a unique way by allowing players to decide their fighting style as they build up their vehicles. As the game goes on players encounter more parts to scavenge and expand their arsenal.

Most people have doubts about the game at first due to it being a movie adaptation that does not have a great track record. This has led to a quite underrated status for the game, which is disappointing since the game is so good. Many, even those that were hesitant, have had a great time with the game during their first playthrough. We hope that this will inspire you to give the game a chance and see for yourself how good it is.

Overrated: League of Legends

League of Legends

One of the most popular MOBAs on the market is bound to be one of the overrated games. League of Legends is a very successful game with a giant eSports scene and a massive player base. The team-based game thrives on bringing out the competitive nature of its players as they aim to become the best. But what many do not know is that the game is not quite like it is portrayed in the media. Most players not enjoying the gameplay due to some of the systems in place.

Furthermore, for those that do not enjoy the highly competitive nature of the game, there isn’t much room for them. But above all else when you get into it it can be fun to compete and play with friends. Lastly, best of all the game is completely free with a surprisingly good monetization model. New players can slowly collect paid skins by just playing the game, although it takes a while it is nice to have.

Play instead: Dota 2

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the other half of the coin when it comes to MOBAs and League of Legends. The game hails from the original Dota which was the revolutionary mod that invented the genre. Just like League of Legends, the game is free to play and developed by Valve. The gameplay is more calculated and meticulous which suits a different audience. Furthermore, Dota 2 aside from the competitive and casual modes has many modded game modes. These game modes provide a wide library of games some even completely different than a MOBA. 

Dota 2 is underrated due to it being overshadowed by League of Legends but is great fun despite it. Any League fan and player would instantly click with the game and get used to its mechanics. Especially, since experiencing a new roster and mechanics can freshen up your skills and serve as a good break from League.

Overrated: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Of all the games from the Final Fantasy series the seventh incarnation is one everyone no matter what they play has heard of. The sheer popularity of the game has not only sparked many different remakes and spinoffs. This is the main reason for the game’s status as one of the series most overrated games. While the story is incredible and has touched the hearts of many, this title overshadows the other games in the series. Above the story and impact, what stands out most are the iconic characters that have gone on to be in nearly all media. Sephiroth and Cloud, the antagonist and protagonist have appeared in many other games and movies. 

Of course, this overrated game stays as a must-play for anyone not familiar with the series. Especially going with the original version that keeps the classic combat style.

Play instead: Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX

If you have already played Final Fantasy VII or wish to avoid it due to its reputation, Final Fantasy IX is the perfect choice for you. The intriguing and touching story is something everyone should experience at least once. Additionally to top it off the gameplay is challenging and fun to master with unique playable characters. The game also features great minigames to keep you entertained during your adventures. Most prominently the Chocobo minigame and the integrated card game you can play throughout. 

The steam version of the game also has interesting modes that you can enable which can change the difficulty of your game and make the experience unique.

Overrated: Octopath Traveler 

Octopath Traveler

A game that revolutionized the HD-2D graphics with its stunning looks and compelling stories. Square Enix’s trademark art style has continued to spread to other titles since the release of Octopath Traveler. The game quickly became an overrated game due to the traction it was getting. Although it is an amazing game worth getting all the praise thanks to most of its systems. From the unique revamp of turn-based combat to the special actions of each of the characters in the world. The game leaves much to do since it is really eight stories in one. The player can take their pick at which story they want to do first and recruit the other members to help as they go on. Which makes for a unique experience like no other. 

The game’s success is very apparent since a sequel has already been released, improving nearly every aspect of the original. From the looks of it this could very well be Squares’ next big series.

Play instead: Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy

A tactical strategy game co-developed by Square Enix and Artdink is created for the Nintendo Switch. The game is definitely worth your time as it is an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre. Triangle Strategy is very approachable and even for newcomers to tactical games. Sporting a beautiful art style it has made many pick it up for its looks alone. Many Octopath Traveler fans will immediately feel right at home and enjoy the new challenges the game will throw at you.

Luckily, the game has also been released on other platforms rather than staying exclusive on the Nintendo Switch. Right now you can pick it up on Steam for PC with no information for releases on other platforms.

Overrated: Fortnite


A game that once dominated the industry and set new records in nearly all areas has quickly dulled down and stalemated. Fortnite at its peak was the most popular game in the world and had millions of eyes on it. This not only quickly gave it its overrated games status but also produced a new eSport. For many fans, the first Fortnite World Cup is something they fondly remember. But as time went on the developers slowly began to struggle with keeping the game interesting all the time. Exchanging the often regularly occurring updates for sporadic ones with little content compared to before.

This gradual shift towards rarer updates and longer seasons has led to many believing Fortnite is an overrated game. Especially when there are other titles that seem friendlier toward their player base.

Play instead: Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

 Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is the highly anticipated sequel of the original warzone from Infinity Ward. The game is on all the major platforms and supports crossplay making it a great game for everyone. The Battle Royale game is free-to-play and only monetizes on skins while pushing out constant updates. Most people are at least familiar with the Call of Duty series and Warzone might be the first chance to get into it due to the game being free. Any shooter and battle royale fan will easily find the gameplay enjoyable and gunplay satisfying. This is with good reason since Call of Duty has dealt with competitive and realistic shooters for decades.

Furthermore, the game is not only great for those with competitive spirit but for casual players looking to play a game with friends. The low-skill entry level makes it so anyone can just pick the game up and play. Most likely not to the extent of winning every game but enjoyment nonetheless. All thanks to the great matchmaking and mechanic of the gulag, a place where players can earn a second chance per game.

Overrated: Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game

Horror fans love nothing more than a good scare on the big screen or a tense situation with the protagonist and killer. What better game than Friday the 13th: The Game for them, a game where you put yourself in the shoes of either a survivor or Jason Voorhees himself. The game has this near cult-like following which makes it seem like one of the overrated games in the eyes of many. When you add the fact that the voice chat mechanic can break the immersion you quickly realize the faults of the game. Not to say that it is not enjoyable, but hopping in with your friends and getting deep into it can grant players an amazing experience.

Another reason for the overrated status is the fact that the servers have been shut down since November 2020 due to licensing issues. Luckily, the game can still be played online through peer-to-peer matchmaking.

Play instead: Dead by Daylight

 Dead by Daylight

An underrated game due to its rough start and upon its release has never really gotten the attention it deserves. Dead by Daylight is a game that puts up four survivors against one killer, with the goal to escape their predicament. The killer has to work toward sacrificing the survivors and preventing their escape. The game has an amazing gameplay loop that gives great fun to both survivors and killers alike. Chases and mind games are the most fun, and they all change depending on which killer you are up against. The game has a wide library of killers ranging from originals created by the developers to icons such as Michael Mayers and Freddy.  

Furthermore, the game receives regular updates and new characters every three months. Each update revitalizes the game and gives players new tools to try out and mix with the previous ones. Such as the latest chapter ”Tools of Torment”.

Overrated: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is hailed as the ultimate cozy farming simulator game available on all the most popular platforms. It supports multiplayer and a wide range of activities to do and keeps you busy. The gameplay loop goes around you tending to your farm, meeting new people, and going out on adventures. All while experiencing a realistic time simulation with seasons, nights, days, and years passing as you play. The goal is ultimately up to the player to decide, although there are some common goals players gravitate towards. Most commonly these are either completing the community bundles or maxing out all your skills. The sheer popularity and reputation of the game make it one of the overrated games in the genre.

The free-form nature of the game makes it one with great replayability and no proper ending. Making it so that you can keep playing for as long as you can put goals for yourself.

Play instead: Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper

A very underrated game that is quickly shut down as a Stardew Valley clone is Graveyard Keeper. But what most don’t know is that the games although similar are in fact nothing alike. The game puts you in a position of a man sent to another dimension trying to find his way back home. This leads you to a convoluted story in the town where you help everyone out as you find the pieces for the portal to take you home. In an interesting turn of events, you experience many fun and weird storylines that make you fall in love with this foreign world.

Ultimately the game sprinkles in many mechanics relevant to the world such as reanimating bodies to hire as workers. Just like Stardew Valley, the game can go on for as long as you please and there is so much to do. From finishing out your chapel to making the ultimate farm, you also have the many DLCs to experience and complete. Making Graveyard Keeper a great and surprisingly cozy game to play through.

Overrated: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is a staple name in the tactical shooting genre and is one of the first eSports in the gaming industry. Many consider Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an overrated game due to its age. Anyone familiar with the game knows how much people cherish the game and strive to become better. There are even third-party matchmaking systems dedicated to players who wish to improve and hopefully become professionals. This is just one of the innovative ways the community has improved upon the base game. Throughout the game’s history, many legends of eSports have risen to fame and moved on to other games. 

A big reason for people considering the game to be overrated is simply because it takes some time to get used to. The outdated and complicated movement and gunplay are what makes the game amazing for seasoned veterans and hinder the enjoyment of newcomers. Players need to invest a good chunk of time to be able to play at a decent level. Not even mentioning positioning and advanced tactics such as lineups. Overall the game is in a great spot albeit not too friendly to newcomers which hinders its reputation a bit.

Play instead: Valorant


Compared to our underrated game Valorant is made to be very beginner friendly with payoffs for experienced veterans. This not only makes for a better overall user experience, but the intricate designs set up exciting plays. Valorant has had eSports in mind since the first stages of development and has blended it perfectly into the game through the agents and their abilities. These abilities serve as easy and interesting tools for beginners and are key components for many strategies for professionals. Even if the game is quite young it has grown to be a giant eSport with no sign of slowing down. 

Valorant due to its similarities with Counter-Strike has become home to many professionals from the game. All while opening up slots for new and young talent that is just starting out their careers. Furthermore, just recently eSport has started franchising and this year is looking like the best for casual and professional players.

Overrated: Black Desert Online

 Black Desert Online

Black desert online is a game revered for its stunning graphics and great combat system. But really these are the only two factors complimented often, while many point out the flaws such as the lack of optimization or the amount of grind required for most things. While this was true at one point the game has evolved in many positive ways which makes it more accessible to newcomers. The developers did this by giving out valuables such as pets and strong gear without the need of going through painstaking luck-based mechanics.

All this has improved the state of the game but it still remains overrated due to the lacking story and worldbuilding. Additionally, some quests within the game are needlessly difficult and complicated, which staggers the experience of new players. Albeit, long-time players have a great time since they already got through the rough bits.

Play instead: Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

As a very underrated MMORP that just recently flourished in popularity Final Fantasy XIV is a must-try for anyone. The game features dynamic combat that keeps the style of the classics. Paired with a beautiful and compelling story that can hook anyone. Apart from that the game has a lot of replayability and side stuff to do besides the main story. No matter if you are a hardcore raider, pvp enjoyer, or even there simply to fish there is something for everyone. The best part of all of this is that you can experience the first two expansions completely for free through the free trial. During which you have no time limit as to how long you can play, some players have hundreds if not thousands of hours on it alone.

With the four playable expansions and one on its way, there is a lot of content to sink your teeth in. Lastly, one of the biggest benefits is the amazing community that can be found within the game.

Honorable mentions of overrated games

Here are some overrated games in their series that just don’t cut it out as the rest do. Even if they are good games on their own we can’t look over the fact that they are outliers and overrated games. 



The first game in the Borderlands series Borderlands serves as the game that set the pace for the series. It introduced some of the most important mechanics and themes as well as introducing some key characters. But for all the game has done it falls short on storytelling and character variety. 

Sims 4 

Sims 4 

Of all the Sims titles Sims 4 remains the newest yet the most disappointing due to the lack of content. When you include all of the DLCs it turns out to be the game with the most content. But considering the absurd prices, especially for how little each DLC adds we easily say the game is overrated. 

Dark souls II

Dark souls II

Of all the soulsborne games Dark souls II stands as an overrated game in the franchise. It’s a disconnected story paired with the unusual look that players can’t decide if they love or hate all adds up to its title. Furthermore, another gripe people have with the game is that Miyazaki did not participate in the creation of the game. This makes many fans belittle the game almost immediately even though despite everything it is a good game. While playing through it will not be the greatest experience at the end of the day it is still a soul game worthy of the title. 

What’s the most overrated game of all time? 

One of the most overrated games of all time has to be Back 4 Blood due to its poor release and overall bad execution. The game is stuck with its flawed initial release ending up as a chaotic and complete shooter rather than a survival game. Furthermore, the gameplay loop ended up being very repetitive and annoying with enemies becoming bullet sponges. Even the main selling points which were the gunplay and movement ended up being slow and sluggish. At the higher difficulties especially when players start to feel their guns are useless.

What was a promising project ended up being a disappointment waiting to be fixed. With time the product may well improve but the state of the release has easily made this one of the most overrated games of all time.

Here’s a game that was less hyped but is much better than Back 4 Blood 

The main appeal of Bakc 4 Blood is that it is a zombie survival shooter, since it lacks in doing so it leaves many players yearning for what they missed out on. Here comes a game that has always had a dedicated and loyal fanbase. A game that despite its age proves to be an amazing product, referring to of course Left 4 Dead. The direct inspiration to the aforementioned title Left 4 Dead does everything simply better. From the gunplay and movement to the special infected and bosses. It all simply feels so much better to play no matter if you are alone or with friends.

The only thing lacking in Left 4 Dead is the stunning graphics of Back 4 Blood. If you can get over that it might be a good idea to play through the game while the developers iron out the issues with Back 4 Blood.

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