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Ultimate Visage Walkthrough and Guide

Visage is one of the best psychological horror games released in the last few years. The title takes players on a chilling journey through a haunted house crawling with supernatural events. Visage’s mysterious narrative is improved by the gameplay that faces players with terrifying apparitions. Furthermore, the game features many complex puzzles which makes a Visage walkthrough very helpful.

Here we will dive into the most important aspects of a Visage walkthrough and help you beat the game. This article will include essential tips and strategies for each chapter. These will ensure that you survive the horrors that are ahead of you with the least struggle.

However, before we get into the walkthrough let’s just mention that the gameplay features a semi-open world. This is important since for some parts you will have to move around in specific ways. As long as you follow our tips you should keep your sanity high and the time spent at a minimum. 

How many chapters are in Visage?

visage walkthrough

Visage is an incredibly punishing game that can be quite difficult and take a long time to complete. Despite its short length the punishing mechanics and difficult puzzles make the game a true horror adventure. Usually, it takes players around 11 hours to complete the title which is amazing for an indie game. However, if you do choose to follow a Visage walkthrough you can cut this time down significantly. This is especially noticeable in some of the most difficult puzzles in the last few chapters.

Speaking of which the game is paced around a chapter system to mark its story progression. Visage is divided into four main chapters and each has a unique storyline. Through these unique scenarios, you will face progressively more difficult puzzles. As you uncover the story and what’s really going on the scares and intensity also get heightened. These four chapters are as follows Dolores, Rakan, Lucy, and finally the Hospital. Each has its own atmosphere and intensity that keeps players turning and on the edge as they play through each. 

Now that you are familiar with how the game and its story are structured let’s get into our Visage walkthrough. It is important to note that in this walkthrough we will try to avoid story spoilers as much as possible. Simply in an effort to not ruin the amazing story this title has to tell.

Visage Dolores Walkthrough

visage dolores walkthrough

Starting with the first chapter of the game the stage is immediately set and we know an unsettling story will unfold in front of our eyes. Players can immediately notice the psychological horror elements and unsettling atmosphere the game puts you in. Following the story revolving around Dolores you discover a troubled spirit with a haunting presence. The first chapter is the easiest and to get through it you first must explore the house. Start off the exploration by navigating the various rooms in the house looking for clues. As you come across each take note while remembering the layout of the house.

Through your exploration, you will find many key items such as the flashlight, matches, and many other collectibles. Each of these will be used to aid you in your journey, especially with the puzzles you will encounter. Dolores is a chapter filled with intricate puzzles so make sure to be observant. As you complete each puzzle you should keep an eye on your sanity and not let it get too low. To do this just avoid standing in the dark for too long or looking at events that negate your sanity.

Lastly, you will have to face some ghostly apparitions heading towards the end of the chapter so be weary of that. It is important to note that you can use some of the collectibles to keep your composure and get through these encounters easier. After all of this is complete, you will finally uncover the secrets of the story of the chapter through the hidden rooms. These rooms are unlocked through the events and the completion of puzzles.

Visage Rakan Walkthrough

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The next chapter you will have to face is Rakan, a completely new layer of horror. This chapter puts you in the shoes of a character within the haunted house. As you navigate the chapter you will see that the storyline intertwines with Dolores and reveals more about the residence. Through this chapter, you learn more about the history and have a focus on Rakan’s story. This is important because his story is crucial to the overarching plot of Visage. To get through the chapter you must explore the house and loot valuables from Rakan’s perspective. 

Just like in the previous chapter as you explore you will find the key items as well as multiple puzzles. The puzzles in this chapter are more complex and require the description of clues to progress. These clues are found all around the house so it is important that you pay close attention to any signs or markings. Additionally, make sure to be quick as you don’t want your sanity to drain quickly and prevent you from progressing.

As you reach the end of the chapter and complete all of the puzzles you will face some terrifying encounters. Luckily, you are armed with the knowledge from the first chapter and are prepared to navigate these challenges. After you do so you can dive even deeper into the many mysteries surrounding the haunted house. The chapter ends with a very interesting and important connection between the characters present in the story.

Visage Lucy Walkthrough

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The third chapter of Visage is called Lucy and is a chapter that brings a new layer of complexity to the narrative. Players are put into a child’s perspective and the tragic tale and fate of Lucy. As soon as you gain control of Lucy you should explore the house through a new perspective. By swapping to a child many elements of the gameplay will change and bring in new mechanics. You have to explore the house just like in previous chapters but only now you must focus on Lucy’s story. Because of the perspective shift, you will complete puzzles in a completely new way.

The puzzles in Visage’s third chapter are amazing as they are intricate and childlike to fit the theme. Most of these will require creative solutions which will allow you to progress the story. As you do and learn about Lucy’s emotional story you will find yourself in some unsettling moments. You must confront these fears and situations as you make your way towards the end of the chapter. Through this journey, you will piece together the story and collect information from items scattered about. Each of these will be imperative to the overall narrative as they will reveal the true story. After you have completed the chapter you will have one more piece of the puzzle which is Visage’s haunted story.

Visage Hospital Walkthrough

The fourth and final chapter in Visage is the Hospital chapter, the first to move away from the haunted house setting. This change in location is a great way to shift up the plot and gives a new immersion to the story. The eerie setting of the medical facility paired with new challenges and horrors makes it very immersive. The first step just like in other chapters is to get familiar with the area and look for clues. In the Hospital, these signs and symbols can be found everywhere as you explore.

Just like before you can collect items with the addition of medicinal supplies that will be used to survive the hospital’s horrors. Because these items are so valuable it is incredibly important to explore thoroughly and find everything you can. As you complete the medical-themed puzzles in this chapter you will progress the story. Most of the solutions are straightforward, but there are hints scattered around the area as well. 

With the completion of the puzzles, you will encounter disturbing entities that will attack you. This is where any collectibles you have found come in handy. After you overcome these challenges you will find the last piece of the story that ties it all together. The ending of the game will prove to be a great experience especially if you get into it without any spoilers.

Guide how to finish these chapters

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To reap our Visage chapter walkthrough we will list off the most important tips and strategies that will assist you in each chapter. The most important tip we can give you is to manage your sanity as you play and stay in well-lit areas. Items that you collect such as matches or flashlights can assist your sanity meter by avoiding prolonged exposure to darkness. While on the topic of items it is important to always keep an eye out as these items are incredibly important. They will not only save you but serve as crucial pieces to solving puzzles and thus progressing in Visage.

Another great tip is to pay attention to audio cues while exploring. By doing this you can not only encounter secrets but avoid many scares and bad situations in the game. So no matter what just try to keep a calm mind and not panic while paying attention to these cues. This will not only save time but also resources as well as you won’t have to pay for your mistakes. 

With this, you are completely ready to take on Visage and everything it has to offer. Just remember these tips as you navigate the game’s world and learn everything about its amazing story. 

Visage Gameplay Review and Our Thoughts

Overall, Visage and its gameplay are very satisfying as they mix the mechanics and story perfectly. By building the setting and hitting the mark on the atmosphere the title turns out as one of the best in the horror genre. The immersive nature of the chilling experience keeps you on your toes during each chapter. This is further improved by how the scares tie into the story and grow in intensity the further in you get. Additionally, as the player is incredibly vulnerable you never feel safe as a single mistake can cost you progress and result in a scare.

These are all of the reasons that make Visage a true masterclass in the psychological horror genre. We highly recommend that you play through the game with or without a Visage walkthrough. Simply because it really is a great and refreshing title in a very saturated genre.

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