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Valheim Creatures – All Types That You Could Face In-Game

Valheim is an extensive game that provides hours of fun for players who are interested in Norse mythology. The game itself boasts an impressive amount of content and puts the player in an open-world survival setting. Despite this, its story can be fairly interesting given the time to understand it.

Another great aspect of Valheim is its sprawling cast of Valheim creatures that appear in the game. From farm creatures to the final boss of the game, Valheim has paid attention to detail and done quite a bit of justice to pretty much every Valheim creature in the game. That’s why going through the game and meeting all the different mobs that spawn is one of the best experiences a beginner can have in the game. This is especially true when you summon your first boss, as you’ll leave the encounter full of positive impressions of the game.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know all the types of creatures you can encounter all too well in Valheim, look no further. Our Valheim creatures guide is here to help you familiarize yourself with the enemies, neutral mobs, and bosses you’ll eventually come face to face with in Valheim.

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What are the most known creatures in Valheim?

To find out which Valheim creatures are the most well-known we first have to consider what type of content most players do. With this, we also have to think about what point in the game most players come to. 

Because Valheim’s achievements aren’t available yet, we can’t look at the achievements to see global player progress. However, because the game is still in Early Access, we can assume most players will open the game, run around for a bit, and close it back down.

Because of this, it’s natural to assume most players will have met the passive creatures. Passive creatures are mobs the player can approach without getting attacked as they are peaceful. However, most of these creatures will also run away at the sight of the player and they are hard to catch.

valheim creatures

Eventually, you’ll have to hunt the passive creatures in the game for survival as they drop meat when you kill them. This meat can then become food that will fuel your character throughout the game, giving them strong buffs.

Valheim Passive Creatures

Passive creatures are:

  • Crow: Spawns in the Black Forest. Flies away when the player tries to approach.
  • Deer: Spawns in the Meadows and Black Forest. Flees when the player tries to approach.
  • Fish: Spawns in Oceans. The player can pick them up if they are above water and close enough.
  • Gull: Spawns in the Meadows, Black Forests, and Plains. Flies away when the player tries to approach.
  • Leviathan: Spawns in the Oceans. Has Abyssal barnacles the player can harvest.
  • Hare: Spawns in the Mistlands. Flees when the player tries to approach.
  • Chicken: Only spawns by hatching an Egg, which is dropped by the Hen. You can also purchase it from Haldor
  • Hen: Becomes the adult version of a chicken.

Upon attacking any of these creatures, they will not fight back. Additionally, Valheim’s passive creatures have little to no HP. The Crow is the passive creature with the least HP of 1, while the Hen has the most HP of 80. 

valheim creatures

Leviathans are interesting passive creatures as they don’t have any HP themselves. Instead, they have abyssal barnacles the player can harvest from them. Each abyssal barnacle has 40 HP to get through before obtaining it. Theoretically, this could make the Leviathan the creature with the most HP, depending on the number of abyssal barnacles you can find on them.

You can tame some of these creatures, such as chickens. Later on, you can harvest eggs from the chickens to hatch more chickens, and so on. You can also butcher the chickens for meat with the Butcher’s knife.

Valheim Agressive Creatures

Valheim’s aggressive creatures can range from the weakest enemies you encounter in the game to the strongest. This is usually indicated by enemy type, spawn point, and the amount of stars they have.

An aggressive creature can have between 0 and 2 stars, which correspond to levels 1-3. Every creature has a health and damage stat. They also spawn with certain drop rates for each item they can drop. 

With each level, creatures gain +50% health, +100% damage, and their drops increase 2x per level. Knowing this, we can conclude that a 2 star aggressive creature can have a total of 200% health, 300% damage, and they can drop up to up to 4x more loot. 

The following is a list of aggressive creatures in Valheim separated by biome.


  • Boar – 10 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Neck – 5 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Greyling – 20 base HP, weak to Fire

Black Forest:

  • Troll – 600 base HP, weak to Pierce
  • Root – 20 base HP, spawns from The Elder
  • Greydwarf brute – 150 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Skeleton – 40 base HP, weak to Blunt and Fire
  • Ghost – 60 base HP, weak to Spirit
  • Rancid Remains – 100 base HP, weak to Blunt and Fire
  • Greydwarf shaman – 60 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Greydwarf – 40 base HP, weak to Fire


  • Serpent – 400 base HP, weak to Frost, only spawns at night


  • Oozer – 150 base HP, weak to Blunt, Frost, and Lightning
  • Blob – 50 base HP, weak to Blunt, Frost, and Lightning
  • Abomination – 800 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Wraith – 100 base HP, weak to Fire and Spirit
  • Draugr elite – 200 base HP, resistant to Fire
  • Draugr – 100 base HP, resistant to Fire
  • Leech – 60 base HP, resistant to Poison
  • Surtling – 20 base HP, weak to Frost


  • Stone Golem – 800 base HP, weak to Pickaxe
  • Drake – 100 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Fenring – 300 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Wolf – 80 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Ulv – 50 base HP, weak to Poison
  • Cultist – 200 base HP, weak to Poison
  • Bat – 10 base HP, weak to Fire and Spirit


  • Lox – 1000 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Fuling Berserker – 800 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Fulking shaman – 100 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Deathsquito – 20 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Fuling – 175 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Growth – 100 base HP, no weakness or resistance


  • Seeker – 200 base HP, resistant to Blunt, Pierce, and Slash
  • Seeker Soldier – 1500 base HP, resistant to Blunt, Pierce, and Slash
  • Seeker Brood – 20 base HP, resistant to Blunt, Pierce, and Slash
  • Gjall – 1500 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Tick – 50 base HP, weak to Pierce
  • Dvergr rogue – 350 base HP, no weakness or resistance
  • Dvergr mage – 350 base HP, no weakness or resistance

Mistlands Creatures

The Mistlands are home to a host of creatures including hostile, neutral, and passive creatures.

The hostile creatures are, most notably, the Seekers, Gjall, and Tick. They will attack the player as soon as they are aware of the player’s presence.

Neutral creatures, on the other hand, will mostly ignore the player. You can provoke them by attacking them, one of their kind, or damaging one of their structures. These creatures are the Dvergr mages and rogues.

valheim creatures bridge
Source: Serroh

The passive creature of the Mistlands is the Hare. The Hare is most similar to the Deer in behavior, which is timid and frightful. As a result, it is very hard to approach the Hare without it fleeing from you. This makes it harder to hunt if you only have melee weapons. Players may want to invest in obtaining an Arbalest, as it makes hare hunting a lot easier. It fires quickly and from a distance, helping you catch the Hare by surprise.

Swamp Creatures

The Swamp creatures are mainly hostile, and include all the aggressive creatures we listed above.

The Draugr and Draugr elite are the most notable hostile creatures, as they are the strongest enemies in the swamp. They can be rather hard to kill thanks to having no weakness or resistance. However, they mostly don’t have a lot of HP so the player doesn’t need to worry about dying to regular Draugr. Draugr elite, on the other hand, can boast up to 600 HP and 116 Slash damage.

valheim creatures

Another interesting Swamp creature is the Wraith. Although you can’t encounter them during the day, Wraiths become hostile at night. This can make them difficult to deal with in the early game when players don’t have the best gear. You can easily bypass this difficulty by avoiding entering the Swamp at night and leaving as soon as night comes around.

Ocean Creatures

The only three creatures that spawn in the Ocean are the Serpent, Fish, and Leviathan. Otherwise, the ocean is completely harmless for players to enter. Of course, you always have to watch your Stamina levels as you can accidentally drown if you run out of Stamina.

The most notable creature in the Ocean is the Serpent, who is also the only aggressive creature that can spawn in the biome as of right now. They resemble serpents in other media, snake-like reptilian creatures with sharp teeth and quick swimming skills.

valheim creatures serpent

However, the player can only encounter the Serpent during nighttime, rain, or a thunderstorm. This means you can easily avoid them if you’re afraid you don’t have enough damage or health to face them by simply not going into the water during these times. However, you should also be aware that Serpents cannot spawn as soon as you enter the Ocean. You need to be in the Middle of the Ocean to encounter one. 

It’s also worth noting that players are not safe to explore the Ocean at night on a Raft. This will still result in the Serpent attacking and even destroying your Raft, leaving you defenseless in the middle of the Ocean. You will need at least a Karve to be able to explore the Ocean at any point safely.

Valheim Boss Creatures

Valheim bosses, or the Forsaken, are extremely powerful hostile creatures you can spawn by offering certain items at their certain spawn sites. They also boast unique abilities and special attacks as well as lots of HP.

The game’s main objective is to kill the boss creatures and obtain their Forsaken powers. In this way, the player proves themselves worthy of entering the halls of Valhalla.

The Forsaken are:

  • Eikthyr – 500 base HP, 2 Deer trophies to summon
  • The Elder – 2500 base HP, 3 Ancient seeds to summon
  • Bonemass – 5000 base HP, 10 Withered bones to summon
  • Moder – 7500 base HP, 3 Dragon eggs to summon
  • Yagluth – 10000 base HP, 5 Fuling totems to summon
  • The Queen – 12500 base HP, 3 Seeker soldier trophies or Sealbreaker to summon

The player can discover specific spawn sites for each boss by reading their Runestones. You can find them in the following spots:

  • Eikthyr – Meadows, on the stone formations surrounding the spawn location
  • The Elder – Black Forest, in Burial Chambers or next to ruined towers
  • Bonemass – Swamp, in Sunken Crypts or next to ruined towers
  • Moder – Mountain, in Frost Caves or next to ruined towers
  • Yagluth – Plains, near Fuling Villages or next to rock formations
  • The Queen – Mistlands, in the Infested Mines

If you’re planning on facing a Valheim boss, it’s important to prepare for the encounter. Reading up on how to beat the boss, their special abilities, and which items you need can go a long way. Good luck!

Valheim Mini Boss Creatures

Mini bosses are Valheim creatures that are not as powerful as the Forsaken. However, they still have a lot of HP and can be difficult to kill without proper preparation. Defeating them is worth it, as they grant Hildir’s chests. You can find mini-bosses in specific dungeons by talking to Hildir, who we’ll mention later.

The mini bosses of Valheim are:

  • Brenna – 1200 base HP, resistant to Blunt and Frost
  • Geirrhafa – 3700 base HP, weak to Fire
  • Zil & Thungr – 4200 and 2100 base HP, no weakness or resistance

Valheim NPC Creatures

Throughout your journey in discovering Valheim creatures, you may encounter NPCs. These are friendly characters that have names. You can also talk to them to get quests, buy items, and more.

The following NPC characters feature in Valheim:

  • Valkyrie – appears when starting as a new character
  • Hugin – spawns anywhere in Valheim
  • Munin – spawns in the Mistlands
  • Haldor – spawns in certain Black Forest locations
  • Halstein – spawns beside Haldor in Black Forests
  • Hildir – spawns in certain Meadows locations
  • Odin – spawns anywhere in Valheim at a distance from players

You will encounter a Valkyrie in Valheim when starting out as a new character because, in Valheim, Valkyries have been tasked by Odin to scour the battlefields to find the greatest deceased warriors. A Valkyrie will transport you into Valheim, the Tenth World.

Hugin is a large raven NPC who can help new players in their journey through Valheim. He can spontaneously appear and disappear in various locations throughout the game. Hugin essentially acts as a tutorial character in Valheim. Upon interacting with him, he will provide the player with certain tips and introductions. For example, Hugin will instruct the player to prove themselves by slaying Eikthyr.

Munin is another talking raven NPC that helps players, although he only appears in the Mistlands. He can spontaneously appear and disappear anywhere throughout the game. In Norse mythology, Hugin and Munin are ravens who bring information to Odin. Although we can assume they serve the same purpose in Valheim, we can’t confirm this. 

Haldor is a Dwarf character that resides in the Black Forest. He can sell different unique items to the player, but only if they have enough world progression. These items will cost Coins, which you can obtain by killing trolls as well as looting chests and dungeons. Note that, unlike NPCs in other video games, Haldor will not necessarily buy everything in the player’s inventory. 

Below is a list of all the items Haldor will sell and buy to and from the player.


  • Yule Hat – 100 coins
  • Dverger circlet – 620 coins
  • Megingjord – 950 coins
  • Ymir Flesh – 120 coins
  • Fishing Rod – 350 coins
  • Fishing Bait (20) – 10 coins
  • Thunder Stone – 50 coins
  • Egg – 1500 coins


  • Amber – 5 coins for 1, 100 for a stack
  • Amber Pearl – 10 coins for one, 500 for a stack
  • Ruby – 20 coins for one, 400 for a stack
  • Silver necklace – 30 coins for one, 600 for a stack

Halstein is the Lox companion of Haldor. He feeds from a bowl and pulls Haldor’s wagon to help him transport his goods. He does not have much of a role in the game aside from this.

The player will find Hildir in the Meadows. You may also be surprised to find out she is the sister of Haldor. Like Haldir, Hildir will also sell items to the player for Coins. She also has two Loxes, Blåbär and Hallon, who accompany her throughout her travels. 

Approaching any location Hildir can spawn in will result in her permanent placement in this area. This means you’ll always be able to find Hildir once you’ve found her the first time. You will also have a shirt icon on your map that helps you find Hildir.

Hildir will buy the same items from the player as Haldir for the same prices. However, she will sell other unique items:

  • Shawl dresses in brown, blue, and yellow for 450 coins,
  • Beaded dresses in brown, blue, and yellow for 550 coins
  • Simple dress natural for 250 coins
  • Cape tunics in blue, red, and yellow for 450 coins
  • Beaded tunic in blue, red, and yellow for 550 coins
  • Simple tunic in natural for 250 coins
  • Simple dress in brown, blue, and yellow for 350 coins
  • Simple tunic in blue, red, and yellow for 350 coins
  • Tied headscarf blue for 200 coins
  • Twisted headscarf green for 250 coins
  • Fur cap brown for 200 coins
  • Extravagant cap green for 250 coins
  • Simple cap red and purple for 150 coins
  • Tied headscarf yellow for 250 coins
  • Twisted headscarf red for 300 coins
  • Extravagant cap orange for 300 coins
  • Basic firework for 50 coins
  • Sparkler for 150 coins
  • Iron pit for 75 coins
  • Barber kit for 600 coins

These items become available upon returning Hildir’s chests. This makes Hildir the only one of all the Valheim creatures in the game to give the player quests.

You can find these quests by looking at the map table in front of Hildir. There, you’ll find locations to special dungeons where you can fight the mini bosses. Interact with the table to put these locations on your own map.

Once you clear these dungeons and defeat the minibosses, they will drop:

  • Brenna: Hildir’s brass chest
  • Geirrhafa: Hildir’s silver chest
  • Zil: Hildir’s bronze chest

You only need one of each type of chest to unlock the new items from Hildir. Note that you cannot teleport these chests and will need to carry them back to Hildir on foot. 

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