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Valheim Crossplay – Is it Possible to play on Xbox and PC?

Valeheim is a game that rose to fame shockingly quickly during the last few years. The game offers players a captivating open-world survival experience full of content. One of the most appealing aspects of this game is the Viking and Nord-inspired adventure it offers. However, another large selling point to many players is the games reach multiple platforms. No matter if you own a PC or Xbox you can access the game and even enjoy one of the best features, the multiplayer. By joining a few friends you can have a much better time playing this immersive title for a long time.

These facts paired with the game being on many platforms have many wondering if Valheim features crossplay. This is exactly what we will be looking into today, learning does Valheim has crossplay and how players can make the most out of it.

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Is Valheim Crossplay?

valheim crossplay

In the current state of the gaming industry, many games are expected to have a plethora of features on release. One of the most popular features is overwhelmingly crossplay no matter the title, if it has multiplayer most gamers expect crossplay. This is simply because many friends own different platforms and wish to play games together. Furthermore, the feature is no longer a new and rare thing but rather a core feature games must have.

To this end, Valheim does have cross-play support across all of its platforms which is amazing. So no matter if you’re on a high-end gaming PC or playing from your Xbox you can experience the game with friends. The Valeheim crossplay and multiplayer experience have a few options on how they can be done. There are two main differentiators and those include the type of server you are playing on. Players can join each other with no issues as the crossplay option is enabled by default. The other way you can play Valeheim with friends and other people is through a dedicated server. These can be set up from your PC or acquired through server hosting sites.

Overall the crossplay of Valheim covers the bare essentials over the two platforms the game is available on. Players can freely enjoy the full gameplay experience with their friends as long as they can establish a connection. However, there will come little ticks that must be fixed depending on the situation and platform but we will get into that a bit later on.

Can people play Valheim on Xbox and PC?

Since Valheim features complete crossplay support players on PC can play with those on Xbox and vice versa. This beautiful inclusivity will let you play with your friends in the same virtual realm no matter what. Furthermore, the two platforms are integrated incredibly well with minimum difficulties playing together through crossplay. As a player, you have the option to simply join your friend or run a dedicated server through Steam. To do the latter you must enable crossplay as it is not enabled immediately like on Xbox. To do this you must navigate to your library and visit the Properties of Valheim. Here, you must implement the launch option ‘-crossplay’ to enable the feature. 

Once you have done this you can play with your Xbox friends with no issue. To check if you have done this correctly simply refresh the server list. If you see new servers amongst your favorites the trick worked. Now the next step is to join your friend or start the server you will be playing on. At this step, it is important to take note of the version you are playing on as they must match. If there is a mismatch the connection will likely fail. To check which version you are running head to the main menu screen and look for the information in the bottom right corner. Lastly, if you are on Xbox check if somehow the default setting for cross-platform play has been switched to off. With this, you are finally ready to play multiplayer with your friends.

Can people can play Valheim on PS4 and PC?

Sadly people cannot play Valheim on PS4 and PC through crossplay because the game never came out on PlayStation. While there have been some rumors through the years they can only be choked up as fans spreading theories around. This does not mean that we will never get a port of Valheim to PlayStation. There have been many games that have joined the platform years after their initial release, this might happen to Valheim eventually. If this would occur there is no doubt that the game would support crossplay.

While there is nothing we can base a precise date on a possible port towards the Play Station console we can speculate a few situations. The likeliest scenario is if Valheim gets a large update that revitalizes its popularity the platform might pick it up and allow players to experience its stunning world and intriguing gameplay. The other scenario might be just a sudden drop after some negotiations between the two firms. Overall the port to PlayStation would be very exciting and we are hoping to see it in the near future.

Can people play Valheim on PC and Nintendo?

Sadly players cannot play Valheim crossplay on PC and Nintendo simply because the game has never come out on any Nintendo console. By taking a look at Nintendo’s latest console we can speculate as to why we have not seen this. The biggest and most detrimental factor of the Nintendo Switch is its poor performance in comparison to same-gen consoles. This lack of power is the reason Valheim cannot reach the platform. Even if the title went through significant changes to match the load the Nintendo Switch could handle it would not look the same. 

The only way players can expect to see Valheim on a Nintendo console is through the inevitable release of the Nintendo Switch’s successor. From leaks and rumors, the Nintendo Switch 2 might be coming out soon so we might very well get the chance to see the title in action. It would surely be amazing to have this amazing game available no matter where you go through the portability of the Switch. Just like the potential PlayStation port, we can expect to see crossplay with other platforms if the game runs well enough. However, as nothing is confirmed this remains to be completely speculatory.

Is it possible to disable crossplay in Valheim?

Crossplay just like in many other games is an option in Valheim that players can choose to disable. Crossplay comes enabled automatically on Xbox once you buy the game. While the feature comes disabled on the PC upon purchase. Xbox can change this setting by opening Settings and heading into Online Safety and Family under General. From here you choose Privacy and online safety, then Xbox privacy, and then view details and customize. Here you can spot the Communication and multiplayer where you can turn crossplay on or off.

On the other hand, PC players have the option off from the start and must turn it on through various means. If you are on Steam simply visit the library, right-click Valheim, and enter Properties. From here you can scroll down and input launch options, the one you need is ‘-crossplay’. With this, you have enabled the feature, and if you wish to ever disable it simply go back and delete the launch option.

Why does my crossplay doesn’t work?

There are many reasons why your Valheim crossplay might not be working. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to troubleshoot your game to fix any issues quickly. The first method is checking if you have disabled crossplay through your settings or launch options depending on your platform. This should fix everything since now crossplay should be enabled. With the feature on you can simply join a server or your friend’s realm with no issues regardless of the platform. If there are still issues you might be encountering the failed to connect issue.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can fix this tedious issue that you might encounter during your game sessions.

Valheim failed to connect issue

The Valheim failed-to-connect issue is quite an annoying one as it can have many different causes. The issue is more prominent on PC compared to Xbox simply because there are many more factors in play. Players facing this issue should first check if they are running the correct version of the game compared to the server they are joining. To find out which version you are running go to the Home screen and you will see it at the bottom right in white text. If the version matches on PC try to whitelist the game in your antivirus and allow it through the Windows Firewall.  Furthermore, you can reinstall the game, Release IP, Flush DNS, Reset Winsock, update drivers, and try many different fixes. Ultimately, one will work out and make your game run properly in the end even with crossplay on.

While on Xbox you shouldn’t have many issues, if you do try restarting the game or updating it. These actions should fix most mistakes on the console version of the game. Furthermore, if you encounter a unique problem the Valheim Reddit is a great source of information and help that can save you in times of need.

Is Valheim crossplay reddit talks

The Valeheim Reddit is a very vocal place where players can express their feelings and thoughts about the game. You will also find many cool builds, clips, and tricks about the game here as well. But most of all you will encounter many players asking about crossplay and its many factors. Some might complain about a few issues or ask for advice which many players respond to. Generally, the view on crossplay for Valheim players on Reddit is positive albeit with some caveats when you consider the issues you encounter whilst playing the game.

Are there issues with Valheim Crossplay?

While crossplay is generally good and players are happy to have it there are some scenarios that make players annoyed. This mainly refers to players who participate in PvP as there is a disparity in controls between PC and Xbox. Obviously, players utilizing a keyboard and mouse have an advantage over controller players simply because it is easier to use. Not saying that it is impossible for controller players to win but on average it is unlikely and much more difficult. 

Another consensus that has players frustrated is the ping issues that the game can have sometimes when crossplay is implemented. While this is a rare occurrence it can prove to be quite annoying as it can result in many precious materials being lost.

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