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Valheim Wiki – Everything In One Place

Valheim is one of those games you can’t play without a wiki. There’s so much to discover in this amazing fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology that it’s almost impossible to get through it without a few pointers. 

The game, released in February 2021, is an open-world survival game by Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. The game was developed by a team of five, making its quality and critical acclaim even more impressive all things considered. Valheim’s setting is in a world where slain Vikings go to prove themselves worthy of the halls of Valhalla. This includes the player, who begins with no items or weapons and must defeat the evils of Valheim to get to Valhalla.

If you’re one such player who just can’t seem to figure out how to make the most out of Valheim and progress the game further, fear not! That’s why we’ve compiled a Valheim wiki where you can find everything in one place. With our guide, you’ll be able to breeze through the game where it has previously challenged you and come out on top!

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What is Valheim and How do you play it?

Valheim is an open-world survival game, which means the player must rely on the environment and overcome its challenges to prove themselves fit for Valhalla. You take on the role of a fallen Viking who must fight for survival by crafting tools, building shelters, and fighting enemies. 

You can play Valheim alone or with up to ten friends. After creating your character, you load into a procedurally generated world where you can find different biomes. These biomes represent various challenges throughout the game with their unique enemies, bosses, and climates you must accustom yourself to. 

valheim wiki

To progress in Valheim, you must gather and utilize natural resources throughout the world. This can include hunting, foraging, farming, and mining. The diverse skill system also ensures the player receives regular rewards for completing objectives and making progress in the game. With all the different effects the skill system has on the game’s mechanics, players are encouraged to explore and gain as many new skills as possible. 

The main objective in the game is defeating the six bosses you can find in different biomes. The player must first summon these bosses by offering them a specific item, after which they can battle against them. Upon defeating the boss, it will drop a collectible trophy the player can place at a central altar. Doing so grants you a power-up that you can use indefinitely, albeit with a cooldown.

Valheim Wiki: Items

There are hundreds of items in Valheim Wiki that we can place in five different categories. The five categories are:

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Accessories
  • Tools
  • Food


Armor helps the player reduce damage taken from all damage types, and can be further categorized into:

  • Capes
  • Helmets
  • Chest Armor
  • Leg Armor

Capes provide the least amount of armor out of any armor piece, and as such are not that worth it. Equipping a full armor set may sometimes grant the player an additional effect depending on the set type. For example, a full Troll Leather set will grant the player the Sneaky Effect, which increases the Sneak skill by 15.

You can find a full list of Armor items organized by category below.


  • Cape of Odin
  • Deer hide cape
  • Feather cape
  • Linen cape
  • Lox cape
  • Troll hide cape
  • Wolf fur cape


  • Bronze helmet
  • Carapace helmet
  • Drake helmet
  • Dverger circlet
  • Eitr-weave hood
  • Fenris hood
  • Hood of Odin
  • Iron helmet
  • Leather helmet
  • Midsummer Crown
  • Padded helmet
  • Root mask
  • Troll leather helmet
  • Yule hat

Chest Armor

  • Bronze plate cuirass
  • Carapace breastplate
  • Eitr-weave robe
  • Fenris coat
  • Iron scale mail
  • Leather tunic
  • Padded cuirass
  • Rag tunic
  • Root harnesk
  • Troll leather tunic
  • Wolf armor chest

Leg Armor

  • Bronze plate leggings
  • Carapace greaves
  • Eitr-weave trousers
  • Fenris leggings
  • Iron greaves
  • Leather pants
  • Padded greaves
  • Rag pants
  • Root leggings
  • Troll leather pants
  • Wolf armor legs


We’ll touch on the topic of Weapons in this Valheim wiki in a bit more detail later. For now, just remember that Weapons are important for dealing damage to enemies. Theoretically, you need them to complete the main objective of the game, which is killing the bosses

Weapons are categorized based on wielding (one-handed and two-handed) as well as their offensive and defensive properties, including:

  • Damage type (blunt, slash, pierce, half slash half pierce)
  • Block armor and block force
  • Parry and parry bonus
  • Backstab
  • Knockback
  • Movement speed


Accessories are smaller items that have a special slot in the player’s equipment. You can only equip one accessory at a time, and there are only three accessories in the game:

  • Megingjord – increases carry weight by 150
  • Wishbone – allows the player to find secrets
  • Wisplight – allows the player to see through the mist of the Mistlands


Tools are items in the game that help the player change interact with and change the terrain around them. Tool categories are as follows:

  • Adventuring tools
  • Building tools
  • Farming tools
  • Fishing tools
  • Logging tools
  • Mining tools


The main use of adventuring tools is to help the player with exploration. The following items are adventuring tools:

  • Tankard – provides the player with a shortcut for consuming mead
  • Horn of Celebration – provides the player with a shortcut for consuming mead
  • Dvergr tankard – provides the player with a shortcut for consuming mead
  • Torch – acts as a light source for the player. It can also deal damage, but it degrades and cannot be repaired
  • Dvergr lantern – acts as a light source for the player. It doesn’t deal any damage, but it can’t degrade either


Building tools help the player destroy and place objects around the world.

  • Hammer – lets the player place and repair objects
  • Hoe – lets the player terraform by flattening or raising the terrain and creating paths and roads


Farming tools help the player cultivate and tap into food sources in the environment around them.

  • Cultivator – lets the player plant crops and trees
  • Butcher knife – lets the player butcher tamed animals without frightening them, also bypasses the need for enabling Friendly fire in the game


Fishing tools help the player obtain fish. They consist of the fishing rod and bait. You cannot use the fishing rod without acquiring bait first.


Logging tools help the player chop down different types of trees. These can then be used as materials for crafting. 

  • Stone axe – lets the player chop down Beech, Fir, and Pine trees
  • Flint axe – lets the player chop down Beech, Fir, and Pine trees but does more damage and has more durability
  • Battleaxe – lets the player chop down Ancient, Birch, and Oak trees as well as the previous types
  • Bronze axe – lets the player chop down the same trees but is slightly more powerful than the battleaxe
  • Iron axe – lets the player chop down the same trees but does more damage and has more durability
  • Crystal battleaxe – two handed axe that’s slightly less powerful than the iron axe
  • Blackmetal axe – lets the player chop Yggdrasil trees in addition to the previous trees
  • Jotun bane – chops the same trees as the Blackmetal axe but does more damage and has more durability


Mining tools help the player harvest more minerals and other materials.

  • Antler pickaxe – lets the player mine Stone, Copper, Tin, Muddy scrap pile, and Abyssal Barnacle
  • Bronze pickaxe – lets the player mine the same things as the Antler pickaxe but does more damage and has more durability
  • Iron pickaxe – lets the player mine Obsidian, Silver, and Glowing metal, in addition to previous metals
  • Blackmetal pickaxe – lets the player mine Black marble in addition to previous metals


Food items are those the player can consume to receive health, stamina, and Eitr boosts. You can only consume up to three different types of food. This means you can combine different foods to receive different buffs. Upon consuming the food, the player character digests it. As the character is digesting, the buffs diminish and disappear once the food is digested.

It is not necessary to consume food throughout the game. However, the various buffs and benefits you can get from doing so often make it worth it in the end. This is especially true for boss fights, where a buff can help make or break the battle.

It’s important to plan the food you consume depending on the activity you want to do in the game. If you’re consuming food for boss battles, it also helps to take into consideration the type of boss you’re going up against, its strengths and weaknesses, and your play style. 

There are 45 items of food in the game to discover that give different boosts when combined. While you’re free to explore the combinations, there are a few food combinations many players consider to be the best.

What are the most common Valheim Items?

The most common Valheim items will always be the building materials you can find around, such as wood and minerals. Although these items are common, they are also incredibly useful in the early game when you have basically nothing in your inventory.

The first thing you should do is stock up on some wood. Doing this will eventually let you craft a Workbench, which is necessary for crafting further tools such as axes, pickaxes, hammers, and more. 

Although you can’t mine minerals immediately upon spawning in the game, you can pick up loose stones that will help you get on your feet. By collecting stones, you can craft the Stone pickaxe which lets you mine minerals later on.

Flint is another item that will spawn in the world naturally, making it one of the most common items. You can find flint along the water line in the ground. You can craft weapons and tools using flint.

All other items require some work to get to, which means they don’t spawn as easily and are not as common as some may think. The player must first go through the essential items they can easily pick up at the start of the game to be able to get to this level.

How do you build items in Valheim the right way?

There are two ways to build items in Valheim, by hand and using the Workbench. The menu in your inventory will allow you to hand-craft items. This is the only type of crafting that will be available to you upon spawning in the game.

This is also how you craft the Workbench, which allows you to move on to more complex items such as weapons, armor, and other tools. 

There are several crafting stations in the game:

  • Inventory – lets the player craft basic tools and weapons
  • Workbench – lets the player craft early-game items
  • Forge – lets the player craft mid-game items
  • Black Forge – lets the player craft late-game items
  • Charcoal Kiln – processes Wood into Coal
  • Smelter – lets the player smelt early game Ore into metal bars
  • Blast Furnace – lets the player smelt mid-game Ore into metal bars
  • Stonecutter – lets the player craft more items and build with stone
  • Eitr Refinery – lets the player create Eitr
  • Artisan Table – lets the player craft crafting materials
  • Windmill – processes Barley into Barley Flour
  • Spinning Wheel – processes Flax into Linen Thread
  • Galdr Table – lets the player create magical weapons, tools, and armor
  • Cooking Station – lets the player cook food
  • Iron Cooking Station – an upgraded cooking station that lets the player cook Lox meat
  • Cauldron – upgrade for the food station that also lets the player prepare Mead
  • Stone Oven – final upgrade for the food station that lets the player cook advanced Food
  • Fermenter – lets the player create Mead and Potions
  • Sap Extractor – lets the player extract Sap from Yggdrasil Roots
  • Wisp Fountain – attracts Wisps at night
  • Obliterator – destroys any items placed inside

Note that you will start at level 1 for the Workbench and the Forge. You can upgrade the levels by building improvements. These improvements will also let you repair items.

Weapons and tools in Valheim have a durability that decreases with each use of the item. To keep the item from breaking, it’s necessary to repair it every now and then using the Workbench. 

Valheim Wiki: Weapons

We’ve already talked about weapons within the Items section. However, we’ll expand on the topic more now.

There are 9 weapon types in Valheim for the player to discover and use:

  • Melee weapons
  • Bows
  • Crossbows
  • Arrows
  • Bolts
  • Missiles
  • Shields
  • Magic weapons
  • Bombs

Melee weapons

Melee weapons can be both one-handed and two-handed, and they all have a 3-hit combo. The first hit starts with the least amount of delay, and the delay amount increases with each hit, with the third being the slowest. However, the third hit also deals the most damage.

There are 8 types of melee weapons in the game:

  • Axes (including two-handed axes)
  • Clubs (including two-handed clubs)
  • Fists
  • Knives (including dual-wielded blades)
  • Pickaxes
  • Polearms
  • Spears
  • Swords (including two-handed swords)

The type of melee weapon you use will depend on the play style you are going for. Each weapon has different properties depending on the weapon you use as well as the attack type.

For example, using a primary attack with a club uses 1x Stamina with a total attack speed of 2.46 seconds. It can also deal 4x the damage depending on if the player does the 3-hit combo. The resulting knockback is 30-100.

On the other hand, using a secondary attack with the club will use up double the Stamina and give double the knockback. The attack speed will be shorter at 1.72 seconds, but the player will also deal less total damage with 2.5x damage dealt. It’s also important to note a secondary attack will stagger the opponent twice as much as it would with a primary attack.

Here are the statistics for the other weapons:


Primary attack:

  • Stamina: 1x
  • Range: 1.8m
  • Attack speed: 1.74 seconds total
  • Damage: 4x (if the player performs a 3-hit combo)
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 10

Secondary attack:

  • Stamina: 3x
  • Range: 1.8m
  • Attack speed: 1.52s
  • Damage: 3x
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 4x


Primary attack:

  • Stamina: 6-10
  • Range: 1.8m
  • Attack speed: 1.4s
  • Damage: 1x
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 50


Primary attack:

  • Stamina: 12-18
  • Range: 3.2m
  • Attack speed: 2.98 seconds total
  • Damage: 4x (if the player performs a 3-hit combo)
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 30

Secondary attack:

  • Stamina: 2x
  • Range: 3m (AoE attack)
  • Attack speed: 1.54s
  • Damage: 1x
  • Staggering: 6x
  • Knockback: 10x


Primary attack:

  • Stamina: x
  • Range: 1.9m
  • Attack speed: 0.68s
  • Damage: 1x
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 20

Secondary attack:

  • Stamina: x + 2
  • Range: Thrown
  • Attack speed: ~1.57 including picking it up
  • Damage: 1.5x
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 1.5x


Primary attack:

  • Stamina: 1x
  • Range: 2.4m
  • Attack speed: 2.46 seconds total
  • Damage: 4x (if the player performs a 3-hit combo)
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 40

Secondary attack:

  • Stamina: 2x
  • Range: 2.7m
  • Attack speed: 1.84s
  • Damage: 3x
  • Staggering: 1x
  • Knockback: 40

What is the strongest Valheim Weapon?

The type of weapon you want to use in Valheim heavily depends on your play style. If you want to maximize damage, you should definitely be collecting and crafting swords. However, if you like to have the option of fighting from afar, you should be investing more in spears.

The strongest Valheim weapon also depends on the phase of the game you’re in. In the early game, you can rely most easily on the Stagbreaker, Iron Axe, and Abyssal Razor.

The Stagbreaker is the first two-handed club you can get in the game. It only has a primary attack that knocks back everything it hits in a spherical AoE of 4 meters. Its crafting and repair levels are 2, which means it’s not too hard to get to or maintain. However, you will need 20 Core wood, 5 Deer trophy, and 2 Leather scraps to craft it. The weapon has three more quality upgrades that will require more of the base components to improve it.

The Iron axe is probably the most versatile weapon you can get in the early game. It allows you to chop down 6 different types of trees and you can also use it to fight. Like the Stagbreaker, it has 4 upgrades and crafting and repair levels of 2. To craft the item in the first place, you’ll need 4 Wood, 20 Iron, and 2 Leather scraps. Upgrading it is somewhat easier as you only need Iron and Leather scraps.

The Abyssal Razor can be a great help against enemies that aren’t aware of your presence yet, as it deals 6x the damage. It has decent damage for a weapon you can craft so early in the game, although you’ll find yourself abandoning it as soon as you get some stronger weapons as its damage is equivalent to an Iron-tier weapon. To craft it, you need 4 Fine wood, 20 Chitin, and 2 Leather scraps.

While these are the three best early-game weapons you can get, there are, of course, weapons in the game that stand out as the best overall. These are:

  • Frostner (One-handed Club)
  • Jotun Bane (One-handed Axe)
  • Skoll and Hati (Dual-wielded Daggers)
  • Mistwalker (Sword)
  • Krom (Two-handed Sword)
  • Demolisher (Two-handed Club)
  • Porcupine (One-handed Club)
  • Blackmetal Atgeir (Polearm)
  • Draugr Fang (Bow)
  • Spinesnap (Bow)
  • Staff of Embers (Magic weapon)

Although some of these weapons may be harder to craft than others, they definitely pay off with their stats. 

For example, the Krom is a two-handed sword with the third-highest max damage in the game. It also boasts 200 durability, 3x backstab, and 55 knockback.

valheim strongest weapon
Source: Kysen

On the other hand, the dual-wield knives Skoll and Hati offer 48 max damage and 10 backstab, although they boast 6x backstab and 200 durability in return.

We reiterate that the best weapon depends on what you’re trying to achieve with the game. As a result, you’ll need to try out and review each weapon style carefully.

How to get the best Valheim Weapons?

Pretty much all of the Valheim weapons are unavailable other than for crafting. The best Valheim weapons even more so as they require a wide range of materials to own. The best Valheim weapons require the following crafting materials:

  • Frostner – 10x Ancient bark, 30x Silver, 5x Ymir flesh, 5x Freeze gland
  • Jotun Bane – 5x Yggdrasil wood, 15x Iron, 3x Bilebag, 10x Refined eitr
  • Skoll and Hati – 4x Fine wood, 10x Iron, 10x Black metal
  • Mistwalker – 3x Fine wood, 15x Iron, 10x Refined eitr, 3x Wisp
  • Krom – 30x Iron, 20x Bronze, 5x Scale hide
  • Demolisher – 10x Yggdrasil wood, 20x Iron, 10x Refined eitr
  • Porcupine – 5x Fine wood, 20x Iron, 5x Needle, 10x Linen thread
  • Blackmetal Atgeir – 10x Fine wood, 30x Black metal, 5x Linen thread
  • Draugr Fang – 10x Ancient bark, 20x Silver, 2x Deer hide, 10x Guck
  • Spinesnap – 10x Fine wood, 40x Bone fragments, 10x Refined eitr
  • Staff of Embers – 20x Yggdrasil wood, 4x Surtling core, 16x Refined eitr

Keep in mind that this material list is only for the regular versions of these weapons. If you wish to upgrade the items, you’ll have to count on grabbing more materials to do so. Don’t worry, as these materials are usually the same ones you used to craft the item, so you just need to grab a little bit extra when going material-hunting.

Valheim Wiki: Enemies

Enemies are the aggressive creatures you can find all throughout Valheim, and you can learn about them here in our Valheim wiki. Once they’ve been alerted of your presence, they will immediately try to attack you. Killing them grants you loot.

These creatures will vary by level which is represented by the stars next to their name. A level 1 creature won’t have any stars, while a level 3 creature will have 2 stars next to their name. One-star creatures have double health and deal 150% damage, and two-star creatures will have triple the health and deal double damage. This is because the creature gains +50% damage per level and +100% health per level. Higher level creatures will also drop more items and the items they drop will be more rare.

The enemies will vary from biome to biome. There are 7 different biomes that spawn aggressive creatures:

  • Meadows
  • Black Forest
  • Ocean
  • Swamp
  • Mountain
  • Plains
  • Mistlands

Who are the Enemies in Valheim?

The following is a list of Valheim enemies sorted by biome.


  • Boar
  • Neck
  • Greyling

Black Forest:

  • Troll
  • Root
  • Greydward brute
  • Skeleton
  • Ghost
  • Rancid remains
  • Greydward shaman
  • Greydwarf


  • Serpent


  • Oozer
  • Blob
  • Abomination
  • Wraith
  • Draugr elite
  • Draugr
  • Leech
  • Surtling


  • Stone Golem
  • Drake
  • Fenring
  • Wolf
  • Ulv
  • Cultist
  • Bat


  • Lox
  • Fuling Berserker
  • Fulking shaman
  • Deathsquito
  • Fuling
  • Growth


  • Seeker
  • Seeker Soldier
  • Seeker Brood
  • Gjall
  • Tick
  • Dvergr rogue
  • Dvergr mage

There are different ways to beat each enemy depending on their weaknesses and resistances. For example, you won’t do much damage fighting a Lox with blunt or frost damage as they are resistant to it.  However, attacking it with fire will prove to be fruitful as fire is one of their weaknesses.

Who is the strongest Enemy in Valheim?

The Dvergr rogue is one of if not the strongest enemies in Valheim. Well, at least one that isn’t a boss or a mini-boss, anyway.

These creatures reside in the Mistlands and you’ll typically find them around Dvergr settlements along with Dvergr mages and such. They are short and blue creatures that carry Crossbows. 

They are neutral towards the player unless somehow provoked. You can provoke a Dvergr rogue by attacking them, other nearby Dvergr, or any nearby structure protected by a Ward. Upon slaying them, they may drop Coins, Black marble, Soft tissue, or a Dvergr trophy.

The average 0-star Dvergr rogue has 350 health and deals 110 Pierce damage along with 70 Blunt damage. At 2 stars, these numbers can get as high as 1050 health with 220 Pierce damage and 140 Blunt damage.

If you do decide to fight a Dvergr rogue, make sure to avoid their crossbow bolts no matter what. You also need to prepare to fight an entire group of Dvergr as other Dvergr will aggro on you upon attacking one of them. The best way to defeat a Dvergr rogue is to stock up on as much damage and as much food as possible.

Valheim Wiki: Bosses

The Valheim bosses are also called the Forsaken. You can summon these Bosses by offering specific items, for which you can find hints in the Runestones. Finding and reading these Runestones will mark the boss’s locations on your map. Each boss can spawn in multiple locations.

The following is a list of Valheim bosses:

  • Eikthyr
  • The Elder
  • Bonemass
  • Moder
  • Yagluth
  • The Queen

Who are the most interesting Bosses in Valheim?

Two of the most interesting bosses in the game are Eikthyr and Moder.

Eikthyr is the first boss you will encounter in the game. Upon facing this boss, you will come face to face with a stag with iron chains wrapped around his red antlers. Players have long named Eikthyr as one of the best bosses due to his boss music as well as the impression he leaves on players upon seeing him for the first time.

Moder is the fourth boss you can encounter in Valheim. Moder takes the form of a frost dragon with black scales, a white fur mane, and tattered wings. As her name states and as several Runestones will tell you, Moder is the mother of all Drakes. Other than simply looking cool by being a dragon, Moder will also give you a run for your money due to the difficulty of the encounter.

Who is the strongest Boss in Valheim?

The strongest boss in Valheim is the sixth boss, also known as The Queen. Her body takes a similar shape to larvae and she has four arms close to her head. Her mouth is filled with small, sharp teeth along with large mandibles. 

The Queen spawns with 12,500 damage, the most out of any boss in the game. She also has a wide range of damage coming from her many abilities. 

Is it possible to beat The Queen?

Just like any boss, The Queen can absolutely go down. All it takes is some skill, practice, and preparation for the boss fight.

valheim wiki

First, it’s important to get acquainted with the different abilities The Queen has. All of her attacks have very high damage and knockbacks, and their hitboxes are extremely large. She also moves rather quickly, making the player work harder to keep her at a distance while attacking her. The worst part about The Queen, though, is the amount of Seekers she spawns during the fight.

Second, you’ll need the following items:

  • Feather cape – the Feather fall effect the cape gives you is great for countering her knockback that may knock you off of a staircase or the higher floor of the arena.
  • Wisplight – you’ll need a Wisplight to be able to see through the mist on the ground floor.
  • Major healing mead – you’ll need this for health restoration, though you could use a Medium healing mead if you’re a ranged player.
  • Poison resistance mead – necessary for countering The Queen’s poison damage.
  • Lingering stamina mead – this mead gives you much better Stamina regeneration and lasts a long time, eliminating the need for Stamina Food.
  • Tasty mead – although the Lingering Stamina mead should be enough, you can use Tasty mead to pull yourself out of bad situations

Your strategy will depend on whether you’re a melee player or a magic user. Melee players will want to use polearms and the Demolisher to defeat The Queen and the Seeker Broods she spawns.

On the other hand, magic users can keep The Queen at a distance and attack her from afar. The Staff of Embers is the best choice of weapon as she has no Blunt or Fire damage resistance.

What is The Valheim Connection to Norse Mythology?

The entire worldbuilding of Valheim is based on Norse mythology. Some elements have been directly lifted from it while others have only been inspired by it. Either way, taking just one look at the game and its lore will tell you all you need to know.

Valheim in the game is the tenth realm of Yggdrasil, accompanying the pre-existing nine realms taken from Norse mythology. The tenth realm was created to allow the developers the freedom to construct the world as they please without having to strictly adhere to the nine realms’ descriptions.

You’ll find that many of the creatures in Valheim are based on Norse mythological creatures. For example, the draugr we know in the game is an enemy in the Swamp the player needs to destroy. In Norse mythology, a draugr is a spirit that inhabits a corpse and must be destroyed physically to allow the ghost to leave this realm. 

Perhaps the most obvious connection of Valheim to Norse mythology is the fact that your player character is fighting for a spot in the halls of Valhalla. Valhalla is the hall in Asgard where warriors who die in combat live blissfully under Odin.

Is it possible to Play Valheim Crossplay?

Yes, it’s possible to play Valheim crossplay on any of the platforms the game exists on. As of right now, those platforms are Windows, Linux, and Xbox. Still, it means that PC players get to enjoy Valheim with their friends on Xbox!

It’s possible to play Valheim with friends on different platforms by hosting dedicated servers for the game. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to play, as the crossplay feature is enabled by default in the game!

What Does Reddit Think about Valheim?

Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet and it hosts diverse groups of people coming together to talk about different topics. One of those topics, of course, is Valheim.

Valheim Reddit leaks have become a big thing over the past few years. We can usually find out a lot about what’s coming to the game soon and what we can expect from the next update through Reddit threads. Whether this is because gamers on the platform believe Valheim is a great game or not, we don’t know. 

However, Reddit’s opinion on Valheim is pretty much unanimous. Valheim is a great game that can offer hours of fun to players who like Norse mythology, epic battles, and grinding to upgrade their weapons. 

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