What is Stickman Hook Game and Can I Play it on Poki?

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One of the most interesting tiles to hit the mobile gaming scene was Stickman Hook. A very simple game with its visuals and mechanics surprised many with its immense popularity. This is because Stickman Hook is the best game to pass the time as you can lose yourself while playing it. Many players have passed hundreds of levels and worked hard to become some of the best. 

The game was developed by the French studio Madbox as a new and fresh physics platformer. With great early reception, the game quickly amassed over 20 million downloads on all devices. Furthermore, the game could always be found near the top of the most popular games on app stores. We highly advise fans of platformers or those that need something to pass the time to get this game on their mobile device or try it out on Poki. 

How to Play Stickman Hook on Poki?

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is quite a simple game which is what makes it so beautiful and enjoyable. The whole goal is to beat the set level by racing to the finish line. This can be done by swinging over to it using the hooking mechanic. The mechanics and physics of the game make hooking very satisfying and realistic. Players will quickly get a grasp on how to generate and maintain momentum to reach the finish line as fast as possible. Thie level of mastery here is quite high since even one hook can mess up a run completely.

To play the game on Poki simply launch the game and start playing. Stickman Hook on Poki performs very well and is comparable to the mobile version. However, some do prefer this platform because of the easier and more precise controls.

How does Stickman Hook Gameplay Look on Poki?

Stickman Hook Poki Gameplay

Stickman Hook and its gameplay are seamlessly ported over to Poki making the gameplay experience quite smooth. The only caveat with this is that the game does look a bit worse due to the difference in resolution of a computer screen compared to a phone. This while not too bad is ultimately noticeable enough to be worth bringing up as a negative.

Where Can I Play Online Games for Free?

Online games are nowadays and always have been a great way to pass the time in class or at work. Just like before there are many websites that offer rich libraries of titles for users to play. Poki is currently one of the best services out there, and best of all it is completely free. However, you may run into the issue of not locating your favorite game on this site. Luckily there are other sites such as Kongregate that offer the same service for free. Players should choose their preferred website, but most likely the library will guide you from one to another.

Is Stickman Hook a Free Game

Stickman Hook is a completely free game to paly on iOS, Android, and PC. While there are some microtransactions on the mobile versions they are purely cosmetic and do not impact the gameplay whatsoever.

Who is the Best Stickman Hook Player?

Defining the best Stickman Hook player is no easy task since there are many factors to the game. The easiest form of this is to look at the Stickman Hook Leaderboard and take the first ranked player which is currently NyanPigTwitch. You can also look at other factors such as speed and skill not taking into account the progress on the leaderboard.

Can I Find More Free Stickman Games on Poki?

One of the best aspects of Poki is that it offers many games in niche genres that players love. Stickman games have been a true staple since the beginning of the internet and there are many amazing titles you have to play. From the Escape The series to the many stickman titles that span every genre of gaming there is a stickman game for everyone. 

What are the most popular Stickman Games on Poki?

Among the sea of Stickman Games on Poki we have picked our top three picks that you should try if you like the genre. Each offers a unique genre and gameplay to the player as it introduces you to the Stickman Genre. Let’s get into the top three games for the genre:

1. Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook on Poki

Stickman Hook a title we already covered here is currently the best and most recognizable stickman game on the market. The game has endless replayability and a high skill ceiling offering up a lot of space to learn. These factors make it incredibly fun to play and master as you climb up the global leaderboard.

2. Stick Fighter

Stickman Fighter

Stick Fighter is a fighting game that allows you to control one of six characters. Each character comes with a unique moveset, strengths, and weaknesses. The goal of the game is to knock out the stickman enemies you face to ultimately win the game. Overall this title is a great experience that is quite fun during the whole playthrough.

3. Stickman Go

Stickman Go

One of our favorite games in the Stickman series has to be Stickman Go. This action RPG puts you in the place of a brave stickman that traverses dungeons. The medieval fantasy setting puts you up against mythical creatures and is full of secrets and exciting quests. Players can gather valuable loot to assist their journey as they fend off monsters, and defeat bosses.

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