How to play Subway Surfers on Poki and Is it Worth It?

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Every now and then we see a resurgence of nostalgic old games that remind us of our childhood. In the past few years, it’s hard to deny that Subway Surfers has definitely been one of those games.

It’s not too hard to pinpoint the exact generation and timeline when Subway Surfers was a thing. Back in the early 2010’s during the boom of smartphones, pretty much everyone has played or at least seen Subway Surfers. Still, it seems the generation that spent the most time perfecting it was Gen Z.

If you’re looking for a way to try your luck on Subway Surfers again, look no further. In this article, we’ll talk a little bit about the game as well as show you where to find Subway Surfers nowadays. Let’s get started!

subway surfers poki

How to play Subway Surfers on PC

Playing Subway Surfers on PC is easy. All you have to do is find Poki Games, a little website offering pretty much all your childhood games. A quick Google search will take you to the website in no time.

Once you’re there, finding Subway Surfers is easy. It should be somewhere in the middle of the main page. However, if you still can’t seem to find it, just use the search bar. 

Just like in Temple Run, you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to play. The game offers you a quick guide on how to move and use your power-ups. Still, you should be able to find those while running in the game. After that, you’re ready to surf!

What is the high score for Subway Surfers?

The current high score in Subway Surfers on Poki is held by Yutani at 999,999 points. However, we’re pretty sure that’s just the upper limit you can achieve on this version of Subway Surfers.

The actual top three highest scores for Subway Surfers are as follows:

  • Harshal Gavali – 2,147,483,647 points
  • Karim Mayur – 2,000,001,660 points
  • Ruhanul I – 1,706,059,214 points

There have been reports of players achieving even higher scores. However, it’s very possible that those scores are results of hacks. Surprisingly, it’s not that hard to hack these games.

subway surfer high score

Does Poki Offer the Same Subway Surfers as Mobile?

At its core, it seems like the Subway Surfers you can find on Poki is pretty much the same as the one we’ve all played on our mobile phones.

Difference between mobile Subway Surfers and PC

There is virtually no difference between mobile Subway Surfers and on the PC. The only real difference is the controls. You’ll have to use your keyboard if you want to play Subway Surfers on PC and you’ll have to use your fingers to control your character on mobile Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers on PC has a higher resolution, though. You’ll be able to see your character’s surroundings better as opposed to mobile Subway Surfers.

When did Subway Surfers Come Out?

In the world of endless running games, Subway Surfers is one of the earlier iterations. It was released in May 2012 and received regular updates since then. 

These updates come in “World Tour” themes, although they used to be based on seasonal holidays. This has been the case since January 2013, and the last update was the Rio World Tour update. It’s the 169th World Tour and the 174th update overall.

It came out on August 7th, 2023 and you can still play it for a little while. However, we’ll have to see what the next update will be.

Can I find Subway Surfers on Poki Games?

Subway Surfers is easy to find on Poki games! It appears almost in the center of the main page and if you can’t find it, you can just search it up.

Is Subway Surfers Free to Play on Poki

Subway Surfers, like pretty much every other Poki game, is completely free to play. All you have to do is load it up on your browser, pick a game, and start playing.

Can I download Subway Surfers on My PC?

If you really want to have Subway Surfers on your PC, you can. All it takes is finding the APK file of the version you want and figuring out a way to run it. You’ll also need an Android emulator to be able to run this APK.

After downloading, just follow the instructions from your APK to set Subway Surfers up on your app.

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