Can you play Temple Run on Poki Games and How to be the best?

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Many Gen Z kids will remember playing Temple Run on the earliest smartphones and the hold this game had on them. If you weren’t playing Subway Surfers, you were probably a Temple Run type of person.

The Temple Run franchise is a series of 3D endless running video games where the player character is chased by an enemy. You try to avoid obstacles by jumping, ducking, and sliding from side to side. This is also how you collect coins which you can use for power-ups and cosmetic items. 

Although it’s been many years and many people are unsure if Temple Run even exists on smartphones anymore, we’ll get to the bottom of it. In this article, we’ll cover a little bit more information about Temple Run and if you can find it on the online game site Poki!

Temple Run on Poki Games

To those who are missing the old nostalgic days of the iPhone 3, we bring good news. You can find Temple Run on Poki Games

If you’re looking to play a few rounds of Temple Run, it’s very simple. All you have to do is search up Poki Games, go to the website, and find Temple Run in the list of games. If you can’t find it on the main page, you can also search it up using the search bar on the website.


Unfortunately, the original Temple Run is not available on Poki. However, you have a variety of versions of the game to choose from. The game will take a while to load but when it does, you’ll be met with a starting menu that tells you how to play. It also offers four choices other than starting: stats, settings, challenges, and abilities. 

You’ll get a little intro to how the game works if you don’t already know, and you’re off!

Can you compare Temple Run Gameplay to Subway Surfers?

When you look at it, Temple Run seems pretty similar to Subway Surfers. They fall under the same genre of game, endless runner games.

These games are designed to let the player character run for an infinite amount of time while avoiding obstacles. While there’s not much of a story to tell in these games, they offer a lot of replayability. Any kid in the 2010’s can attest to that fact.

The only difference between Subway Surfers and Temple Run is the thematics, really. In Temple Run you play a character seemingly escaping a temple monster. However, in Subway Surfers you just play a kid who’s trying to escape from the police after getting caught putting graffiti on the wall.

When Did Temple Run Come Out

Although some people may think Temple Run is quite an old game, it’s really only about 12 years old. Yes, that’s right! Temple Run came out in August, 2011 thanks to Imangi Studios, an independent video game company. Well, that’s the release date for the App Store, anyway. 

The Android version would come 7 months later, in March, 2012. Just a year later, Windows Phone 8 also featured Temple Run among its extensive list of playable games.

The game originally cost 99 cents to play, but the developers later repurposed the game into a freemium game. This meant that the base game was free, but extra coins and additional features cost money.

It didn’t take long for Temple Run to become the number one free iOS app in the App Store. Unfortunately, its Android launch did not go over so well. Because of the Unity engine, the game crashed a lot, caused overheating, and shortened battery life. As a result, the game had generally unfavorable reviews on Google Play.

What are the most known temple run characters?

In the original Temple Run, there are 7 characters to choose from. Temple Run fans will be well acquainted with them, but we’ll list them here anyway.

  • Guy Dangerous – an average explorer,
  • Scarlett Fox – an escape artist,
  • Barry Bones – a city cop, 
  • Karma Lee – the fastest runner in the Far East,
  • Montana Smith – the “second greatest explorer ever” and a nod to Indiana Jones,
  • Francisco Montoya – a spanish conquistador,
  • Zack Wonder – a football star

What is the temple run high Score

Considering Temple Run is an endless game, the high score is theoretically infinite. However, most players will lose after a few minutes of starting the round, and that’s if they’re playing well.

But there are always those who rise above the rest. They hone their skills and dedicate their free time to mastering the specifics of playing Temple Run. One such player is Дамдинхүү Дашзэвэг, who has set the record for the highest known score in Temple Run as of yet on February 4, 2013.

This player posted a video of themselves achieving 136,358,478 points in the game on what seems to be an Android device. However, the video is only around 2 minutes long, and it seems the player already had a pretty high score before starting the recording. This could lead to some doubting the validity of this high score.

Can I play Temple Run in PC?

Temple Run has never seen a PC release date as it was mainly a mobile game. However, a port of Temple Run is available to play on many websites including Poki Games.

Is Temple Run free?

Only the very first version of Temple Run, the one that released way back in August 2011, had a price. We’ve already mentioned the $0.99 price tag that the developers soon removed in favor of a freemium system.

Other than that, Temple Run has always been and always will be a free-to-play game!

Is there a level 15 in Temple Run?

While the later versions of Temple Run seemed more advanced in terms of gameplay, objectives, and more, the original is more simple.

In Temple Run: Classic, the gameplay is pretty simple. There was nothing else to focus on except avoiding obstacles and collecting coins to buy upgrades. 

However, pretty much every other version of Temple Run since then has had some sort of leveling system. Higher levels mean more objectives and higher difficulty.

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