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When Cyberpunk launched in late 2020, not everything went as expected for fans who have been waiting for the game to release for nearly 9 years. The release came with countless bugs and what felt like an unfinished product hitting the market. No one expected the game to last for that long, despite the hype it received.

However, a little over a year later, it seems like CDPR is still going strong with Cyberpunk. With all the Cyberpunk news and updates, fans can start expecting some quality content from CDPR soon. The recent patch 1.5 from February 15th shows promise, and we think we can finally see the game head in a good direction. Let’s see why!

What do we know about the Cyberpunk 2077 DLC – 1.5 Patch – quick recap

Patch 1.5 of Cyberpunk arrived on February 15th with several new features in the game. CDPR kindly uploaded a quick overview of the patch notes, which you can see below.

the cyberpunk

If you’re not satisfied with a picture, you can check out the next-gen trailer here:

Cyberpunk 2077 — Next-Gen Update Launch Trailer

There’s also a cool trailer featuring some Xbox Series X gameplay:

Cyberpunk 2077 — Next-Gen Gameplay | Xbox Series X

Basically, the game has received new weapons, apartments, a hairdressing mirror, and some balancing changes on every platform. Considering this Cyberpunk news also saw the game debut its next-gen version on the PS5, it’s no surprise that there are some PS5-exclusive features. Well, it wouldn’t really make sense to have DualSense controller features on the Xbox, anyway, so it’s not a condemnable action.

Other next-gen exclusives include ray-traced local light shadows and native achievement support. PlayStation 4 players who upgraded to the PS5 will be disappointed to learn that they will need to earn back all the achievements they worked so hard on. As a consolation prize, CDPR offers two graphics modes on the PS5 and Xbox Series X: performance mode and ray tracing mode.

New apartments are available in Watson, Westbrook, Heywood, and City Center. Additionally, we finally have a use for the showers and coffee machines! After using these (and other available interactions) players will get a temporary buff such as energized and rested! The mirrors in V’s apartment now also offer appearance customization – for free!

When it comes to perks, all of them have been reset, so make sure to reassign all your points next time you play. Don’t worry, it’s free! However, upon reassigning your points, you may find there are new perks – as well as some changes to the older ones.

As far as bugs, balance changes, and UI improvements go, we can be sure that CDPR is delivering on their promise to fix the game. Of course, this is the piece of Cyberpunk news that gives us the most joy!

The DLC content that devs have promised is also here, at no cost to the players. Three new DLCs are available in the game. The first one offers extra weapons and attachments in shops. The second one enables players to change their physical appearance anywhere in the game. Finally, the third one gives you the option to customize your apartment. There are six options to choose from, so you can get creative with your hard-earned money!

All of these 1.5 patch notes let players enjoy the game a bit more than they did at launch. However, what does all of this mean for the future of Cyberpunk 2077? Is the game on the road to redemption?

What are our expectations after the 1.5 Patch launch?

When it comes to the expectations of players after the 1.5 patch launch, there are things we have yet to see in Cyberpunk news.

Datamines have shown 17 installments of Cyberpunk 2077 DLC. Considering we only saw about 11 or 12, we still have expectations for the remaining six. While it may be possible that CDPR will simply release them as part of an expansion, we still have our hopes up for this news!

The game devs have made a commitment to quality at the beginning of 2021, which gets regular updates. The February 18th update promises further optimization of the game. This means further bug fixes and resolving issues that are popping up and will inevitably in the future. Other than that, we have no specific news when it comes to the game. However, this doesn’t stop us from hoping for the best.

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