12 Best Bloxburg House Layouts: Best Bloxburg houses

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Roblox is one of the largest games on the market because of the many modes it provides to its players. Bloxburg is one of the most popular modes that stands out as the best. Bloxburg allows players to work jobs and create their dream houses. Through the creation, players can get many different variations of the. Bloxburg house layout. The game has many assets that let the creativity flow and allow for thousands of house designs. 

Furthermore, the game serves as an amazing hub for players to hang out and show off their builds. These factors are the driving parts of Bloxburg’s success. If you haven’t started the mode yet, we highly advise that you do since it is one of the best.

The mode was created back in 2014 and is still one of the most successful Roblox modes. Bloxburg daily sees thousands of players daily and has more than 124 million views overall. It is important to note that Bloxburg is a paid game with a cost of just 25 Robux. This price is however easily worth it due to all of the great content it provides. Each server can have up to 15 players online at a time. This is the perfect amount for any friend group to enjoy their time together.

Bloxburg tips and tricks

As Bloxburg features a large world and multiple ways to generate funds the gameplay is quite diverse. You will need to do these jobs since money is required for the ultimate goal, building a house. The best way to earn money is through the many jobs available in the game or even role-playing. Each can provide a unique and unforgettable experience with friends or random players on the same server.

The game features two different currencies, money, and Blockbux. Money is the currency you gain from doing jobs and is the one you will primarily be working with. On the other hand, Blockbux are the paid currency obtained through Robux or Premium game passes. Everyone can also earn a few Blockbux for playing the game five days in a row. Blockbux are a great way to quickly get your house established or purchase an expensive item. Players that consistently play the game can quickly rack up enough bux to buy some nice items.

Of the 11 jobs available to earn money though, not one is like the others. Each job offers unique tasks and requires more or less of them. Depending on the job you may get a small or large amount of money. To receive a payout from any job you must finish a whole shift and then claim the paycheck. The best and one of the most requested jobs is to help Glen clean up graffiti. This job falls into the janitorial area and is amazing because it pays well and can be done quickly. Additionally, the janitorial position is one of the most fun jobs to play and is not tedious at all. Many players have also optimized the job down to a science with the many routes established for each job.

Best Bloxburg House Layouts List

Building your dream Bloxburg house and house layout has many important steps you must not skip. First, you must ensure you have an empty plot of land to build paired with a general idea of what your home will look like. The next step is to determine the type of house and theme of your build, for this, it is great to get inspiration. From here you simply enter build mode and start your new project. Make sure to first get the fundamentals built and once you are happy get into the cosmetics. To finish off your design get your preferred roof and add all the wanted furniture from your preferred catalogs.

Here are our picks for 12 of the best Bloxburg house layout and theme ideas for you to take inspiration from. Each idea can serve as a whole build or can be applied to a specific room. Remember, each house you build is yours and you can do whatever you like.

Cheap Modern House Bloxburg House Layout

Source: iSkY

If you are building your first house or just want a simple single-story house this is the design for you. Modern designs don’t ask for a lot of items which often come out cheap to make. The single-story house from the video is great as it has everything you would want. The kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom all fit with the theme and are just under 10k. That is if you wish to copy the design fully, truly you can simply take the house or neighborhood layout and edit it to your preference. Overall this build is great for anyone that likes the modern aesthetic.

Modern 2-Story House

Source: Justmano

This house is a modern two-story home with all the necessary rooms in it. The house features a dining room, kitchen, living room, garage, laundry room, and bathroom on the first floor. The bathtub is the centerpiece in the video and house as it stands right next to a large window for a stunning view. This Bloxburg house layout offers a lot for players recreating it. You can easily transform one of the four different bedrooms upstairs into dining rooms or additional bathrooms. Which easily makes it an amazing layout to choose from.

Cheap Modern Family House

Source: Arixlla

Just like the house from our previous selection, this is a two-story house with many amazing rooms. But this one does stray a bit from the modern design and leans towards the traditional contemporary build based on the lights. Because of this, the build is made much cheaper and a unique template theme-wise. As you have a couple of garage areas and many rooms you have a lot of room to work with. Our favorite part is the foyer which perfectly compliments the house’s design and makes it look more open. 

Blush Modern Mansion Bloxburg House Layout

Source: Arixlla

This design is a great take on the modern mansion theme that spares nothing when it comes to funds. The design is grand and modern with a clear pink theme stunning interior details and great decorations. Of course, you can change the colors and layout of the rooms to fit your style. We only recommend not to touch the windows since their sharp likes make the building look very modern and attractive.

Mid-Century Modern House

Source: Ayria

This house is a great two-story house that represents its theme and style perfectly. The build in the video can be looked at in great detail allowing anyone to recreate it. Both floors are crafted perfectly to give that open feel of a modern house. Furthermore, you have the option to swap around the rooms or even fill the garden with something unique.

Super Mega Modern Mansion

Source: willXR

This mansion is what many imagine when you speak about megabase Bloxburg house layout and designs. Packed with modern architecture and features many large and sharp-edged windows. The house also perfectly plays with the traditional black and white of any modern house design. But most of all the most impressive part of this build is the sheer scale and design of it.

Two-Story Modern Mansion Bloxburg House Layout

Source: Celestirah

This two-story modern mansion is compact and has a perfectly crafted house layout. The interior reminds me of other large and luxurious Bloxburg mansions but scaled down. Players that like a simple and comfy modern mansion will love this build. With the smaller but still big design, it perfectly fits in the middle ground of mansions.

Modern Zen Mansion

Source: Look_io_kas

This zen mansion has a beautiful mix of Western and Eastern architecture to achieve its tranquil environment. The mansion is very elegant and has a stunning pool that can be replicated to many other houses. What mostly differentiates this mansion from the others is the helicopter pad located right next to the pool. Not to mention the interior which has an open kitchen that perfectly meshes the outside with it. Everything about the house screams luxury and is a great build to take inspiration from.

Large Academic Mansion

Source: Zaryee

As a mansion built with students in mind, it features a vast mix of modern and traditional architectural elements. With that said it has everything you would need with a very unique aura. The build is also great for beginners since it can easily be scaled down to fit any sized house.

Modern Family Mansion Bloxburg House Layout

Source: alequia

Just like other designs inspired by modern architecture the primary colors are black and white. What keeps this house unique are its many contemporary features that are hardly found anywhere else. This makes the house great for taking inspiration from new and experienced players.

Old Dark Academia Mansion

Source: zhiluxor

A unique idea for a build is to make an older-looking build with the available materials. This mansion is grand and has everything you would need. Furthermore, the gothic-inspired look allows it to stand out in the daylight. The shading from light to dark also keeps your eyes moving and emphasizes the build’s best parts. The two floors also give a lot of room for many different layouts and designs to accommodate everything you want.

Old Family Manor House

Source: Cee_berry

To finish off our list we have selected an old family manor. This build is perfectly suited for those that want to have a unique design to show off. With clear inspiration from English architecture, this manner is a wonderful and surprisingly simple design. Of course, you can shrink it down for it to fit your needs and ideas. Overall this build stands as a testament that anything can be built in Bloxburg if you have the dedication to do so. 

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